Natural Blood Pressure - Natural Cures For Heart Disease by lesliewaler


									                    Your heart is one of the most important
                    organs in the body. It serves the function of
                    pumping blood throughout your body. It is
                    one of the body organs that keep us alive. It
                    is therefore heartbreaking to know that heart
                    diseases account for more than one-half
                    deaths of all deaths each year in the United
                    States alone. Heart disease or cardiac disease
                    is the commonly used, catch-all phrase for a
                    number of disorders affecting both the heart
                    and blood vessels. What, now, are the natural
                    cures for heart disease?

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Number one: Monitor your body weight. You all know that being
overweight puts extra stresses and strain on your heart. You
should reduce your intake of fat by engaging in healthy eating
habits, like avoiding full-fat dairy products, cakes, cookies,
pastries, and burgers. Remember that cholesterol, trans fats, and
saturated fats clog up your arteries and force your heart to work
harder. You may replace them with monosaturated fats, though.
Examples are olive and rapeseed oil, nuts, and avocados.

Number two: Engage in physical activity. The importance of
exercising regularly cannot be emphasized enough. . Regular
exercise improves heart function and lowers your blood pressure
and blood cholesterol. Engaging in cardiovascular exercise thirty
minutes a day will provide you with long-lasting benefits to keep
your heart healthy.

Number three: Avoid salt and cigarettes. Eating too much salt has
been linked to high blood pressure. As for smoking, it narrows
down blood vessels which contribute to the development of heart
disease. To add to the list of don’t’s are alcohol, drugs, and
excess stress.

Other risk factors for heart disease include a family history of
heart disease or stroke, smoking, high serum cholesterol level,
obesity, and sedentary lifestyle. Identification of these risk factors
will help us find ways on how to prevent heart disease, as well as
identify natural cures for heart disease.

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