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									How To Get Accepted Into Any CPA Networks


          UCHECHUKWU                                     KALU

I’ve seen some people really need a step-by-step guide on how to get
approved by CPA networks.

When I first started with affiliate marketing, I didn’t even have a
website which CPA networks “love” to see. Yet I’ve been approved by
practically every major CPA network that I have applied to.

Read and apply my steps, you shouldn’t have a problem getting approved
by most of the networks you apply to.

As a Nigerian I recommend you sign up with this network first as they are easy to get into
and they don’t discriminate against Nigerian.
Just click this link here and you will a page like this
Just fill in you personal details, there is no need to lie to them about your nationality as
they accept Nigerians so fill out the forms with your Nigerian address and phone numbers
and click continue. They will auto approve your account, and you will see this page for
you to finish your application.
This network is very very easy to apply to and they will approve your account almost
instantly. So just complete the application form and click submit. At the top of the page
you will see where they will tell you to complete your profile, but you are require to do is
simply to verify your email address and phone number. And you are done. Once you
finish with the above network and now you can start applying to other networks as well.
Visit this site

Sign up and you will have access to more than 200 networks that you can apply to. Just
select any affiliate network and use the strategy I outline here to start applying to them
and I can assure you that you will be accepted into virtually all the networks that you
apply to.
Signing Up With CPA Networks

When you fill out the affiliate application form, there is usually a field
where you can put any message for the administrators who will review
and approve your application.

Tell them you’re going to run PPC direct linking so your website isn’t
really all that applicable.

Make it sound like you’re a seasoned CPA marketer. Tell them you’re
already with a few other networks and someone said something good
about them, so you want to try out their offers

Call CPA Networks for Fast Approval

After you’ve sent in your application, you should receive their reply in
a short while.

Normally they’ll send a message to you through an autoresponder. Read
their message, find their phone number and call them immediately.

This is what you need to say over the phone:

“Hi, I’ve just signed up as an affiliate, and I want to talk to an affiliate
manager to get me approved”

When you’re on the line with an Affiliate Manager, tell him/her you’ve just
sent in your application and you would appreciate if he can get you
approved as soon as possible so that you can send them traffic.

They might ask you a few simple questions like how did you find them, how
do you drive traffic, what offers do you plan to run with them etc....

Tell them your fellow members from Warrior Forum recommend them. A
couple of members there are having some success with their offers and
you’re planning to test some of those offers with your traffic.
Tell them you’re a ppc marketer and you do direct to merchant pay per clicks.

Action Step 3: Apply to the Networks

When I started out (not too long ago) I planned to apply to 5 networks every day for a
week. I ended up applying to 15 networks in 3 hours and ever since I never applied again.
I got accepted to all of them.

Now you will have to go to the websites and fill out the form. Here are the questions
some people struggle with, and my answers.

Industry experience?

How long have you been doing affiliate marketing?
Over 1 year

Minimum monthly commissions with other networks?

Spend allotted to marketing efforts?
150 - 300

What Niches?
Health, Dating, Insurance

Promotion type? (Never choose incentive)
Article Marketing, Organic SEO, Click Per View, Email, Banners
(Choose the ones you are comfortable with)

Website URL?
you put your blog here if you have one but if you don’t have then go to and
in the search bar type .blogspot and browse through the search results and select any
blog that you like. You might be wondering why you should do that well it is simply
because with free blogger blog verifying the owner is not possible unlike self hosted sites
that one can get the details of the owner from

If there is a field where you can leave a comment, do so and write this: I build my
websites around converting offers. The above mentioned websites is not my main site, I
just don't want to reveal my current landing pages.
Unique visitors per month?
1000 - 5000

How do you drive traffic to your website?
I buy banner space and also use click per view. I also like article marketing and once I
got a winner I ramp the campaign up with PPC.

Comments? (At the bottom of a lot of the forms you will find a 'Comments' field, I
always filled that out with the following

I am doing affiliate marketing for over 1 year now. I will use different online marketing
techniques to promote your campaigns. I will be using Article marketing and organic
SEO to direct traffic to your campaigns as I've had great results with these techniques.
Other methods I will be using to drive traffics to your offers is CPV and PPC once I
found a promising campaign. I have experience in a variety of techniques when it comes
to promoting products online.

(This answer also applies to the "How do you drive traffic" question)

Action Step 4: Contact the network immediately!

This might be the most important step. Once you've submitted your application you must
contact the network right away in order to get accepted immediately. Be proactive!

Once you've submitted the application you'll either find a thank you page or a
confirmation e-mail or both. They will provide you their contact information, most of the
time they will even provide you a Number you can call or your affiliate manager's
Messenger ID.

Don't lose any time now, go ahead and contact them Right Away. This is exactly how I
got accepted immediately into all the big networks.
The good thing is that you just filled out the forms and the answers are still fresh in your
memory. They will ask you the same questions that you were asked to fill out in the form.

(Tip: I wrote all my answers on a paper and had it in front of me before I called/contacted
them via phone/messenger)

Just give them the same answers as in the forms! The Affiliate Managers all turned out to
be very cool and relaxed, you'll make them money so if you answer their 3 questions they
will be satisfied and accept you right away. That's the whole magic.

Now here are a couple of additional questions they asked me:
(Like I said, the 2 main questions remain the same: How do you drive traffic?. What
offers do you promote?)

What other networks do you use?
Clickbooth, Azoogle, Rocketprofit, Commission Junction, Clickbank

How's it going with them?
Oh I really can't complain. I was focusing on Clickbank first but ever since I started to
integrate CPA offers and combining them with my Clickbank offers my profits began to
rise. Therefore I'm looking for more alternatives now.

Are you going to promote incentivized offers?

What niches/offers are you interested in?
Health, Dating, Insurance

Do you have a list? If yes, how big is it?
Yes, I have a list of 800+ in the Health niche, it's steadily growing.

Ok guys and gals, that's exactly how I got accepted. Now I'm no guru or anything like
that and other people might choose other ways to get accepted. This Blueprint worked
extremely well for me and it will do the same for you.
Even if you get rejected once in a while, please keep in mind that there are hundreds of
Apply to 20 networks in the next 5 days using my blueprint and I promise you that you'll
get accepted to at least 15.

I really hope that I could help my fellow Nigerians and I want you to realize that it's not
that much of a big deal once you have a plan of attack.

Go and take Action, be proactive and don't hesitate.

Good Luck!

I use the above strategy to get myself into these networks
and others that I have lost count of them. Here are some
screenshots to really spur you to action
That is my account with peerfly
My account with dankcash

There are so many of them that showing you all that might
bored you, so just get to work.
If you got any question don’t hesitate to contact me

Now that you can apply to CPA networks and be accepted,
now what. Getting accepted into a CPA network is not an
end but a means to an END. What do I mean by that is
being in a CPA networks does not means that they will be
giving you money, rather you make money by sending
them leads which is very easy to do. So to ensure that you
start making money immediately I have package these
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