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Mortgage Alliance Company of Canada Inc (MAC) was incorporated in August 1998 as a sister company to
Multi-Prêts Hypothèques (MPH), one of the oldest mortgage originators in Canada, based in Quebec.

With steady growth and new business initiatives, the umbrella company Groupe MAC/MPH Group was
created in 2004 to oversee subsidiaries including MPH, MAC, and Mortgage Alliance Franchising Inc.

Mortgage Alliance/MPH is proud to be viewed as one of the major contributors to the growth of the
intermediary service model in Canada’s industry.

     We are an independent team of mortgage professionals that has achieved national presence
	    through	recruitment	and	development	of	entrepreneurial	people.

     We strive to provide the optimum environment and resources, enabling our national team of
     professionals to deliver choice, convenience and counsel to Canadian mortgage consumers.

     Our objective is to deliver value to the mortgage consumer and strengthen our brand in the
     Canadian marketplace while securing a profitable future for our people, our alliances and our

Strategically, we focus on building the environment that cultivates and attracts the best mortgage
professionals. We emphasize developing partnerships with sales and service intermediaries, lenders and
selected integrated service providers to create an exceptional service experience for the consumer while
driving business to the network.


         Approachability        Enthusiasm           Empathy         Accountability       Sincere

          Every contact is an opportunity to INSPIRE people to become our AMBASSADORS!

                           This philosophy, embraced by Mortgage Alliance stakeholders,
                             will guide our organization to become a recognized brand.

At Mortgage Alliance, we realize that our business thrives on entrepreneurial people like you and therefore
we have and will continue to develop ways to help you earn more. In fact, we’ve achieved a leadership
position in the industry when it comes to delivering:
   •   Technology
   •   Administration & Events
   •   Product & Income
   •   Education & Compliance
   •   Brand & Communication!!

They support a key initiative in our mission: “providing the best possible environment, for mortgage

Now let’s get started! This guide will help introduce you to the components of the 5 Pillars that you’ll
need to set up and start using at the beginning of your journey with Mortgage Alliance.                       
              Providing Mortgage Alliance Professionals with technology that increases
                                personal productivity and income.
We recognize that the ongoing relationship you have with your clients is the most important component
of your business and not the individual deal itself and accordingly we’ve developed an entire Technology
Dashboard for Mortgage Alliance Professionals that provides you with Customer Relationship
Management, Mortgage Origination, an Information Portal, a Personal Website, and Business/Account

MortgageBOSS™ is a fully integrated web based
business solution for Mortgage Professionals. It
allows you to manage your business from start to
finish and focus on the fact that your relationship
with your client is more important than any single
deal. Your MortgageBOSS™ is everything from your
Customer Relationship Management program that
helps you manage and farm your database to your
Mortgage Origination software that sends your deals
and receives your online applications. This is where you can manage your account and track your expenses,
funding ratios, and you can also manage your activities, and create all your reports.

Your MortgageBoSS™ CuStoMer relationShip ManageMent (CrM):
Your MortgageBOSS™ is a complete CRM system with contacts, a calendar, appointments and To-Do
functions that sync with Outlook and your Blackberry. The CRM functionality of MortgageBOSS™ allows
you to mail and e-mail merge to your contact database as well as personalize your email templates
making it easy to communicate with your clients, prospects and referral sources regularly and conduct
highly targeted marketing campaigns.

Refer to the MortgageBOSS™ Tip Book available on Virtual Office >> BOSS >> Boss Tip Book for more
information on how to use MortgageBOSS™.

NOTE: You will need to have Microsoft Outlook on your notebook to be able to take full advantage of all
the MortgageBOSS™ features.


         Go to Enter your username and password provided in your welcome
         letter and start exploring the system.

mortgageboss™.support: Our MortgageBOSS™ support team is here to assist you with any questions
or concerns you might have with MortgageBOSS™ and any of the other Mortgage Alliance Technology.
You can reach BOSS Support at 1-866-581-BOSS (2677) or by email from
8 am – 10 pm E.S.T. Monday to Friday and 9 am – 5 pm E.S.T. on Saturday.

MortgageBOSS™ origination is where you
create and submit your deals to Filogix.
It includes a mortgage application that
submits data to Filogix for submission to
lenders, then updates the deal information
every 15 minutes and the entire database
every 4 hours. This way your database is
yours and always available to you.

If a prospective client decides to fill out
your online application on your personal
website and submits it, you will receive
this application in MortgageBOSS™ when
you log in. You can then continue the
application process from there.

 To login Expert after submitting your deals from MortgageBOSS™,
         you will need to set your Expert password. Log onto and click on the Product
         Login, then Filogix Expert. Hit the enter link, there will be a link on the login page called “I Forgot
My Password”. Verify your identity by providing your Expert Firm Code, Expert Login ID (provided on
your welcome letter) and your Mortgage Alliance email address*, click Submit. You will be emailed a link
to the self-serve password change/reset screen. Once you have clicked on the link supplied in the email
and entered in the required validation information you will be able to set your own password.
(* We strongly advise that you use your Mortgage Alliance email address for all your business email)

Virtual Office (or Mac-VO for short) is the Mortgage Alliance
information portal. You’ll find yourself going to Virtual Office
at least once a day, if not more. Mac-VO provides everything
from lender products and rate information to training,
events and awards information. All marketing materials
and preferred suppliers are also accessible through Virtual
office so you’ll definitely need to go there for your business
cards and to get templates or ideas for your first marketing
campaign. Mac-VO is also where you can access your
webmail and manage many of the tools available to you as
a Mortgage Alliance professional. So go ahead and explore
your Virtual Office!!


         access Virtual office: To enter Virtual Office, log into your MortgageBOSS™ and click the
         “MACVO” tab on the top right of your MortgageBOSS™ home page.
 Now that you are in Mac-VO, click on the “Preferred Suppliers” link
         on the left menu and click on “Colour Tech”. Register and follow the instruction to order your
         business cards.

         access. your. mortgage. alliance. email: On the left menu (towards the top) click on the “My
         Email” link and enter your email and your password provided in your welcome letter. This web
         account fills up fast, which means you will not be receiving important emails from lenders,
clients and Mortgage Alliance. A temporary way to prevent this from happening is to check your emails
daily and delete whatever you don’t need. It’s recommended that you install Microsoft Outlook on your
computer and forward your Mortgage Alliance email to your I.S.P. (Internet Service Provider) email i.e.
Rogers, Sympatico, Shaw etc. For instructions on setting up your email on Outlook, please visit Virtual
Office >> Virtual Office Basics >> Outlook 2003 Configuration or contact Boss Support by emailing for someone to assist you.

As a Mortgage Alliance Professional, you receive your very own Mortgage Alliance website that you can
customize through Virtual Office. Your web address is

Your website includes your online mortgage application that potential customers can fill out online and
submit to you. It also includes a link to your rate advisor so anyone browsing your website can register to
your rate advisor and start receiving weekly rate update emails from you.

To start customizing your website, log into
Virtual Office, scroll down to Admin Functions,
click on “Site Content Admin” on the left menu
(towards the bottom) where you will find the
pages that you can customize. Click on “Edit”
and start making the page your own. Don’t
forget to add your picture, as we notice more
and more that clients tend to remember the
agent’s picture more than their name.


If you already have prospects, clients, or referral sources, then you’ll definitely want to add them on
this great tool. Our Rate Advisor automatically sends an email from your Mortgage Alliance email
address to all of your contacts every week with the latest
interest rates and a customized special note from you.
It’s a great way to keep your name top-of-mind. More
than 100 000 recipients are receiving the Rate Advisor on a
weekly basis.

You can even add your picture to your rate advisor, so
go ahead and test it on yourself to see how it works and
what it looks like. Simply go to your website and click on
“Rate Advisor Contacts” and add your information there.

        Providing Mortgage Professionals with information and tools to grow their business.!
Scan and upload your documents directly to the deal on MortgageBOSS™. The initiative has an added
bonus of providing you with a digital copy of your documents as well as eliminating the need to forward
paperwork to have your file audited. Auditing is completed online and can provide you with real time
updates on the status of your deal.
As a Mortgage Alliance Professional, you have a dedicated Broker Service support person to assist you
with completing your files to ensure they pass our audit approval system and to assist you with any
questions regarding your commissions.

At Mortgage Alliance, payroll is processed daily. In fact, Mortgage Alliance is the only mortgage brokerage
with a dedicated Admin team that pays agents daily.
MortgageBOSS™ constantly tracks the status of your deals; whether it’s been audited, if we’ve received
a cheque from the lender, and when it’s paid.

You have the ability to submit your invoice
checklist online. MortgageBOSS™ now allows
you to input the necessary payment information
for your file, the detailed payment distribution,
co-broke information and you can even choose
your IMPACT package for your closed deal file.

One of the most popular features of MortgageBOSS™ is the
Balance Statement. The balance statement will show you a
complete breakdown of your income and expenses.

In the Expense section >> Type, it states the type of funds due
to you (that are not deal related) as a credit.

Under the Outstanding Expenses section, you can view any
kind of fees due, ex. Equifax charges and other expenses.

You also have the option to enable a Balance Statement Password Lock on your statement, so your staff
or other team members can log into your system, work on your files and manage your data without
having access to your commissions and/or those of other company members.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact your Broker Services support
person (see the contacts page for more information).

Networking is a big part of our culture. With more than 150 events per year including training and
educational seminars, lender workshops, and agent & lender gatherings, there’s lots of opportunity to
network with other agents, lenders and realtors.

Some events include:
   • Regional workshops
   • Annual Kickoff
   • Annual MAC Golf Tournament
   • Annual August MAC/MPH Boat Cruise
   • MAC Academy
   • Annual Holiday Gala

    Visit Virtual Office >>
MAC Office Tools >> MAC Events
      for more details!!

Below is a 2009 Year at a Glance Calendar. This is also available on Virtual Office under
“MAC Events” where you will also find more information about the upcoming events and
registration forms.


At Mortgage Alliance we recognize the achievements of our mortgage professionals.

recognition levels:
President’s Club
Elite Club
Masters Club

The following award winners receive an all-expenses paid trip for two to the sunny south.
For complete Rules and Regulations, please log into Virtual Office.







habitatmortgage™.award (Sponsored by Mortgage Protection Plan (MPP))

merlin.award.(Sponsored by First National Financial)

We also recognize regional excellence every quarter. Your Regional Sales Manager will tell you more
about the regional awards.

Many lenders are reassessing their positions and making decisions on how and where their broker
business originates due to concerns regarding their closing ratios and their origination efficiencies. Some
lenders have decided to only deal with selected brokerage houses and others only want to deal with
mortgage agents that guarantee them a specific amount of business and funding ratios. The VIP Lender
Hub has been introduced as a response to current conditions in the mortgage industry to effectively
meet the needs of Mortgage Alliance Professionals and has been met with great adoption levels. The
Hub is another major differentiator for you, because we are now in an environment where brokers have
less and less access to lenders and volume restrictions imposed by some lenders.

At Mortgage Alliance we feel that access to as many lenders as possible benefits both Mortgage Alliance
Professionals and their clients. In some instances, this means funneling deals through a central contact
(VIP Lender Hub).

                             get the team Working With You!
The VIP Lender Hub is the solution for how you can continue to offer these products to your clients. The
VIP Lender Hub and its designated underwriters, offers training and support throughout the process to
ensure a smooth transaction for all parties involved.

So make sure you take advantage of all VIP Lender Hub services including:
   • Deal placement – we will find the best deal so you can focus on generating more business
   • Increased lender access
   • Access to lenders with volume requirements
   • New and improved documentation system
   • VIP Lender Hub team working on your deal
   • Detailed knowledge of lenders you may not deal with

There is no doubt that the Hub has been adopted by many Mortgage Alliance Professionals who realize
the importance of this department in today’s environment. Currently the Hub is processing 30 deals per
day and users have been giving great feedback.

For more information about the VIP Lender Hub, please visit Virtual
Office >> MAC Mortgage Tools >> VIP Lender Hub

                                                                             VIP Lender Hub Manager
        Providing differentiation and additional income for Mortgage Alliance Professionals.

                                  The RightMortgage® will give you an advantage in your local market
                                  and will help to position you as the true advocate for the consumer. You
                                  will be providing them with an enhanced level of choice, convenience
                                  and counsel.

                                   RightMortgage® is a product and a process designed to demystify
                                   mortgage pricing for consumers, which allows your clients to select
                                   features and options that they want in their mortgage and eliminate
the ones they don’t need. Using the RightMortgage® Calculator gives the client the opportunity to see
how their selections impact the rate and their mortgage payment. So make sure you get familiar with the
calculator and go over the product reference guides.

Some of the features and options to choose from include:
	   	Program
	   	Rate Hold
	   	Product
	   	Pre-Payment Options
	   	Amortization Period
	   	Payment Frequency Options

You could earn up to 20% more by working
with our own exclusive products.

If you need more information, please
contact Tony Bartolomeo, Product Manager at

                                               The Smart Mortgage™ is designed to show clients how
                                               to save money by paying the least amount of interest or
                                               to help them achieve their financial or lifestyle goals.

                                                Our Smart Mortgage™ Calculator will allow you to
                                                demonstrate the benefits and immediate impact of
                                                increased payments. Your client’s will be surprised as
                                                to the impact an extra $100 will have on their overall
mortgage, in terms of interest savings and paying off their mortgage sooner. As an added benefit, the
client’s mortgage payment will be adjusted at the time of the advance with no impact, in the event they
want to re-extend their payments.

With future Smart Mortgage™ products
in the works, including a savings account
component, this will allow clients to
allocate part of their increased mortgage
payment to a separate savings account.
Now you can engage your clients in terms
of future plans, whether they are long
term, planning for a child’s education,
or more immediate like a vacation. The
choice will be up the client, but the
convenience is built-in for them with our
Smart Mortgage™.

If you need more information, please
contact Tony Bartolomeo, Product Manager at


                                                   Habitat Mortgage™ will set you apart. It is recognizable
                                                   and designed to allow socially conscious consumers to
                                                   support a cause that promotes homeownership while
                                                   we provide for their home financing needs.

                                                   With each closed Habitat Mortgage™ file, Mortgage
                                                   Alliance will donate up to $50 per file. Donation to
                                                   Habitat for Humanity will be issued in the client’s

                                                   As a Mortgage Alliance Professional, the Habitat
Mortgage™ is exclusive to you, providing you the differentiation in the market, to help acquire and retain
more customers. No in-branch sign-up will help reduce the risk of loss of your client relationship.


You’ll find everything you’ll need to start using The RightMortgage®, The Smart Mortgage™ and Habitat
Mortgage™ in Virtual Office. You have access to product reference guides, the RightMortgage® and
Smart Mortgage™ calculators, and predesigned marketing templates for each of the Exclusive Mortgage
Alliance Products that you can personally customize, all of these tools are available to you right at your


As one of the largest and most respected brokerages in the industry, we benefit from strong relationships
with all lenders. We also possess the leverage needed to ensure these relationships stay strong, and
continue to be advantageous for our company. Our “Preferred Lenders” are those that have a special
relationship with Mortgage Alliance Professionals, meaning they understand our culture and the way
we do business. They may even have products or offers exclusive to Mortgage Alliance Professionals
and they participate in all our events and are present at many of our training & networking sessions.

If you need more information, please contact Tony Bartolomeo, Product Manager at

Mortgage Alliance has developed a financing program designed to complement your business clients’

By offering leasing options, you improve your customer satisfaction and have another reason for them
to come to you for all of their financing needs. Leasing will help to increase your sales, enhance your
margins as well as reduce receivables and credit risk.

Here’s how you can identify a potential lease deal. If you can say “YES” to the following statements,
you’re on the right track!

Your client is:
• acquiring new equipment from a manufacturer, dealer or retail outlet
• acquiring used equipment less than 3 years old from a manufacturer, dealer or retail outlet
• a corporation, partnership or proprietorship
• in business for more than 3 years (if less than 3 years, the owner is willing to co-sign)

Leasing Tools:
referral.form: A referral form has been created for you, which will start the lease process. To access the
referral form, select MAC Products Tab within Virtual Office. Once you have completed the form, a notice
is sent to leasing professionals who will contact your client for any additional information.
payment.calculator: The leasing calculator is located under the MAC Products Tab within Virtual Office.
Complete the required fields to obtain the payment information needed.

Home & Life Insurance Programs are currently being piloted in
British Columbia and Alberta. Stay tuned for more exciting information!

Combining the latest technology with the largest network of appraisers in Canada
including lender appraisers. You will be able to order appraisales by selecting
from a list of lender approved appraisers.

Solidifi Values™ maybe accessed at or contact Customer Support at

For a detailed description for access and use, please refer to the UserGuide on the Mortgage Alliance
dashboard at                                                            1
   Providing Mortgage Alliance Professionals with inspiration, guidance and procedures to build a
                                        profitable business.
Mortgage Alliance’s continued success and growth can be attributed to our focus on our training and
education pillar. Our MAC University has over 150 sessions per year and more than 50 CE credits to be
earned, ensuring the continued success of our agents. Programs are geared from new agents to top
producers to franchise owners and include: Orientation, CDP, Success Series, MAC Academy, and more.
MAC U is supported by our lenders, so when you attend the sessions not only do you learn, you have the
opportunity to network with lenders, insurers and other suppliers.

          orientation: Attending Orientation is mandatory for all new agents, whether you’re new
          to the industry or just new to Mortgage Alliance. It’s a one-day experience that maps out
          the services available to you and introduces the Mortgage Alliance culture, brand strategy,
products, resources and the many unique business tools available to help you build your business
and enhance your profile as a Mortgage Alliance Professional. It’s also a chance for you to meet the
entire Mortgage Alliance team and ask any questions you might have. Please see the Calendar on the
                      Administration & Events page for the next orientation date, or log into Virtual
                      Office >> Education & Compliance >> Success Series to view the schedule.
                      To register for orientation please contact Paula Needler at pneedler@
             Orientation also viewed via MAC-U Web Broadcast.

           cdp. (career. development. program): A month-long program, that guides new mortgage
           professionals step-by-step. You get the coaching and support you’ll need to start building the
foundation of your business. With a combination of classroom and field work and the mentoring of
your Support Manager, you start learning about MortgageBoss™, Mac-VO, Mortgage
Alliance’s exclusive mortgage products and the Five Diamonds - what it takes to be               Career
successful in this industry.                                                                Development

          mortgageboss™. basics: This is a great tool to use, log in and take the time to begin
          familiarizing yourself with MortgageBoss™. These online modules walk you through the basics
          of MortgageBoss™, giving you step-by-step instructions on navigating the Dashboard. To take
the course, the first thing you will do is create an account at using your Mortgage Alliance
email address.
          mortgageboss™. training: This is a session you wouldn’t want to miss and is usually fully
          booked so make sure you reserve your spot right away. MortgageBOSS™ training provides a
hands-on experience with MortgageBOSS™ to make sure you can use all the main features of the system
CRM to mortgage origination. It is also a chance for you to ask any questions you might have so explore
the system prior to attending the session. Watch for MortgageBOSS™ training (Levels 1 -3) invitations or
contact Paula Needler for information about the next MortgageBOSS™ training session.

            success.series: Success Series are sessions held live and online, they explore a range of topics
            from advertising to mortgage products to personal performance. Each session also features a
            guest speaker from various lending institutions and partner groups and is CE Credit approved.
It’s a great way to meet with lenders and get answers to any questions you might
have. Watch for Success Series invitations or visit Virtual Office >> Education &
Compliance >> Success Series for a detailed schedule. Success Series sessions
can be viewed via MAC-U Web Broadcasts.

  MAC Academy is an intensive two-day course offered 3 times
           a year to both new and experienced consultants alike. This training session is a well-balanced
blend of hands on practical sessions mixed with interactive activities as well as lender presentations.
Taught by Mortgage Alliance’s most experienced trainers, these sessions are
sculpted from real life mortgage experiences, and will provide the tools and
inspiration to master the mortgage industry.
Agents that are new to the industry are assigned to a Support Manager who offers them support and
guidance on their deals.

Your Support Manager is a mentor and coach who provides you with a training schedule that keeps
you informed of upcoming trainig sessions. There are also weekly conference calls to help keep you
up-to-date and give you the opportunity to share learning experiences with other new agents, a great
opportunity to learn more about what others are facing in the industry.
You will receive guidance and support on your first 5 deals, walking you
through the application process and helping you to gather the required
documentation. You will gain the best information on how to choose the
right lender. Once your deal is ready, your Support Manager will help you
to package the deal, submit to the lender and follow through with you the
next steps after an approval. Your Support Manager is also here to help you
with any audit issues you maybe facing.                                        Support Manager

Credit Bureau and Your responsibilities
As a Mortgage Alliance Professional you are expected to conduct your mortgage business in an ethical
and professional manner. Our corporate agreement with Equifax Canada grants you individual member
codes and passwords therefore by instrument of your agreement with Equifax you agree to maintain and
adhere to all duties and responsibilities regarding consumer protection and privacy legislation.

Identity theft, as you may be aware, is the most significant contributor to mortgage fraud.
Having access to someone’s credit file is the easiest method of acquiring personal information that can
be used to obtain fraudulent mortgage loans. Perpetrators of identity theft and mortgage fraud have
become more sophisticated and organized so as mortgage professionals we need to be more diligent.
     1. You will not pull any credit files without the proper written approval of the subject
         and/or subject.
     2. You certify that you will order consumer credit reports only for the purposes
         of mortgage financing
     3. You agree that you will obtain each consumer’s written consent(s) before pulling
         their credit report from Equifax
     4. You are responsible to reproduce such written approval if required to do so by either
         Mortgage Alliance Company of Canada, Equifax or to a legal representative if so
         required so requested

It is also against the Privacy Act and your agreement to share any personal and/or credit information with
anyone other than the individual(s) whose credit report was obtained. This means, you cannot even give
a copy to your client! They can obtain their credit report directly from Equifax Canada.

Consumers have contacted Mortgage Alliance &/or Equifax stating they have no knowledge of ever
authorizing a Mortgage Alliance representative to access their credit file. Equifax has requested the agent
to forward written proof that the consumer had provided consented to a credit check. There have been
situations where the mortgage professional was unable produce consent by the client and Equifax has
terminated their privileges. Unfortunately you are out of business if you lose access to credit information.
Equifax codes are personal and unique to you, therefore the responsibility of maintaining and protecting
your codes rest solely with you.

there are a two ways to have proper written consent from your customer:

          Printing the Privacy Agreement, found in Virtual Office, and having your customer sign it
      Your personal Mortgage Alliance website has an online application with the Privacy Agreement
including consent, so when your customer “ticks” the consent box, it provides you with the proper

Please ensure that you do not access credit files without written consent and that you do not share any
credit information with anyone other than your client. Do not accept third party applications without
speaking directly to the client and receiving their written consent to access their credit file. Never give
access to your Equifax codes to anyone. These measures should go a long way in protecting yourself from
being part of any identity theft and also maintain your privilege granted by Equifax Canada to sustain
your codes and access to consumer credit files.

In the mortgage industry it is necessary for you to protect yourself against a customer claiming that
something you did on their behalf was done incorrectly, and that this error cost them money or caused
them harm in some way.

It is therefore mandatory for all Mortgage Alliance Professionals to have Errors & Omissions (E&O)
Insurance with extended coverage for the loss from fraudulent acts. E&O insurance protects you and the
company against these claims, and provides for the legal defence to prove liability or innocence.

Each year you are required to renew your E&O insurance with Mortgage Alliance. At the time you join we
require that you pay for the portion of the year that remains, and then you will pay annually in August
each year thereafter.

You will be notified prior to these renewal charges being deducted, with the amount to be determined
on a yearly basis.

Don’t forget to log into Virutal office >> MaC office tools >> education & Compliance to view a

                  Building consumer awareness of Mortgage Alliance Professionals.

Our Vision is for you, our Mortgage Alliance Professional, is to be seen as the preferable way to get
mortgage financing. All our brand building efforts are really focused on that specific goal. The Marketing
group is continuously working on achieving maximum consumer awareness and on equipping you with
the tools and support that will help you achieve business and professional success.

Mortgage Alliance ads can be heard or seen in most major Canadian markets. The radio campaigns
run twice a year, spring and fall, and are designed to create consumer awareness and demonstrate to
consumers that you’re part of a large reputable company. For a sample of the advertising, please visit
Virtual Office >> MAC Business Tools >> Advertising Tools.

Another big differentiator for Mortgage Alliance Professionals is our national Minimize Your Mortgage
$100,000 Consumer Contest. As a Mortgage Alliance agent, all of your clients are automatically entered
into the contest ballot so you don’t need to worry about doing anything other then promoting the contest
and letting your clients know they could win up to $100,000 off their mortgage. Visit VO > 2009 Consumer
Contest for contest rules and regulations and marketing templates.
Your Marketing department offers one-on-one marketing support with campaign ideas, advertising
development, marketing assistance, etc. We suggest you send all marketing materials you are developing
on your own (anything other than the templates available on Mac-VO) to the marketing department
for review and approval. This will make sure your material is compliant with our advertising policies
and provincial regulations. To refer to the policy manual, please visit Mac-VO >>MAC Office Tools >>
MAC Policy Manual. The Marketing department can be reached by emailing

Predesigned advertising templates that you can customize with your contact
information and franchise operating name are available on Virtual Office under
“Advertising tools” and “Business Development”. These
include: Consumer Advertising Templates such as print
ads & flyers, letters, rate sheets, publication ads, contest
marketing materials, etc. and Referral Sources Templates
such as introduction letters, ads, feature sheets, home
financing sheets, and many more.                                                                             22
You have access to the ONLY web-based initiative available to agents in the
industry right now! You have to get online every Monday at 12:00 p.m. E.S.T
to get informed, educated and entertained. You gain immediate access to new
industry news, new lender products, Top agent panels, new Mortgage Alliance
product launches and much, much more! Make sure you take advantage
of the new live chat feature, where you can log in and have questions
answered directly online. To view the live broadcast, log in every Monday at
12:00 p.m. E.S.T at
If you are ready to purchase your first ad, then you
need to check out this state-of-the-art technology.
The media dashboard is a “self-serve” media
purchasing tool which allows you to purchase your
own media online while maximizing the value of
your advertising dollars. To access the dashboard,
please log on Virtual office and click on the Ad
dashboard banner on the main page of Mac-VO.

Mortgage Alliance works with preferred
suppliers including agent packages,
stationery, business cards, promotional
items, client newsletter, car signage and
many more. In most cases you can order
online directly from Virtual Office. You
benefit from a lower cost and you are
assured that the items are consistent with
Mortgage Alliance’s national branding and
image as well as ministry advertising and
marketing policies.

Make sure you browse Virtual Office > MAC
Business Tools for more marketing tools
and services provided to you.

 Your Regional Sales Manager is here to support and encourage your growth throughout your mortgage
 career. We are here to help you reach your individual goals and assist you in reaching your full potential
 regardless of whether your aspirations are to become a top producing agent or to own your own Mortgage
 Alliance Franchise.

 You can expect the following support from your Regional Sales Manager:

     • Getting you up and running as soon as possible and helping you get familiar with all the systems,
        tools and products that can help you grow your business
     • Assist you in creating your initial business plan and an annual review of your plan,
       including advertising and marketing strategies
     • Help in familiarizing you with your Exclusive Mortgage Alliance Products
     • Providing networking opportunities and access to industry events
     • Ongoing educational seminars
     • Assisting in lender and client resolutions

     Joe.pinheiro                    david.gyurits                    tony.leung                    fabian.d’avino
  Vice President of Sales         Regional Sales Manager         Regional Sales Manager           Regional Sales Manager      Ontario Southwest             Greater Toronto Area             Greater Toronto West

                   dick.auger                      phil.mcdoWell                     sean.sullivan
              Regional Sales Manager             Regional Sales Manager            Regional Sales Manager
              Ontario North and East                    Prairies                       Atlantic Region

Executive                                                Administration & Events
Michael Beckette, President & CEO                        Melissa Rizzi, Vice President Operations                 
Melissa Rizzi, Vice President Operations                 Christa White, Executive Assistant                    
Laura MacLennan, Vice President Business Development     Janice Lander, Executive Assistant, Franchise                
Joe Pinheiro, Vice President Sales                       Audra Paul, Senior Broker Services, Franchise                 
                                                         Elina Abramyan, Assistant Controller
Brand & Communication                          
Louie Bettio, Brand Champion                             Athena Kanellos, Accounting Clerk                   
Meera Trivedi, Marketing Coordinator                     Alla Levit, Accounts Payable                  
                                                         Valeria Ponce, Franchise Accounting Clerk
Education & Compliance                         
John Gabriel, Director of Compliance and Education       Alexandra Cohan, Receptionist                  
Paula Needler, Support Manager, 866 261 4714 x1           Product & Income
                                                         Tony Bartolomeo, Product Manager
Karl Sutton, IT Specialist                               Jennifer Joynt, VIP Lender Hub Manager               
BOSS Support 1 866 581 BOSS (2677)                       Wahida Habib, Credit Assistant                      
                                                         Pat Guerriero, Mortgage Agent

Region             Regional Sales Manager              Broker Services Representative
                   Joe Pinheiro                        Lynda MacLeod
British Columbia
                   Phone: 416 499 5454 x 217           Phone: 604 436 4660
                   Phil McDowell                       Aneve MacKay Lyons
                   Phone: 403 630 7952                 Phone: 403 278 2100
                   Dick Auger                          Sara Mortimer
                   Phone: 647 281 4179                 Phone: 416 499 5454 x226
                   David Gyurits                       Tanikia Walker
                   Phone: 519 500 3536                 Phone: 416 499 5454 x249
                   Fabian D’Avino                      Sara Mortimer
GTA West 
                   Phone: 416 508 5205                 Phone: 416 499 5454 x226
                   Tony Leung                          Angela Jaggernath
GTA North
                   Phone: 647 299 0040                 Phone: 416 499 5454 x211
                   Tony Leung                          Sara Mortimer
GTA South
                   Phone: 647 299 0040                 Phone: 416 499 5454 x226
                   Sean Sullivan                       Tanikia Walker
Atlantic                       2
                   Phone: 902 830 7863                 Phone: 416 499 5454 x249!
Configure my Mortgage alliance email: THIS IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT! This is how Mortgage Alliance
and lenders will communicate with you on a regular basis. You will receive lender updates, training updates,
weekly sales tips, etc. Please forward your email to your ISP account (Rogers, Shaw etc). For help please contact Log into Virtual Office via MortgageBOSS™ under MAC Business Tools >> Preferred
Suppliers >> Stationery. You can choose the style you’d like and order online through ColourTech.

login. to. mortgageboss™. business. dashboard:. . Your welcome letter will contain codes for your
MortgageBOSS™ and Expert. To login into MortgageBOSS™ go to and use your codes
to enter the system. If you have any questions or require assistance be sure to contact BOSS Support at 1-866-
581-BOSS (2677). MortgageBOSS™ has great functionality so please get familiar with inputting a mortgage
application, adding some contacts, creating a mail merge, setting up an appointment, sync your contacts
and appointments with Outlook, and explore the many other options MortgageBOSS™ offers. For a great
introduction to the system and instructions on how to use the features of MortgageBOSS™, log into Virtual
Office, go to the BOSS section and download the BOSS Tip Book. To view the MortgageBOSS™ instruction
modules, log into . They are agreat help in getting acquainted with the dashboard. If you need
any help contact the BOSS Support Desk at 1-866-581-BOSS (2677).

login to Virtual office: This intranet is your home away from home. Mac-VO offers fabulous information and
tools like the Rate Report that provides lender rates and brief criteria. It is updated daily so make sure to check
it out every day. There are also important documents to help you get started, and remember that some lenders
require you register with them before they will accept your deals. You will also find marketing and advertising
tools, such as the Rate Advisor, along with a smorgasbord of other goodies to make you successful! main website gets millions of hits from people who are looking for the right
broker and because you can be found from the main site, your customizable personal website is
the first thing the customer sees, so make sure your website is sending the messages you want. Any
applications submitted via your website go directly into your MortgageBOSS™ dashboard., There’s no better
way to get a personal message about you and your business to your friends, prospects, referral sources and
customers every week. Take advantage of it! More than 100,000 people are on our Rate Advisor system.

register for an orientation: Be sure to attend an Orientation live or online to find out who’s who and
everything that’s available for you. Make a plan using the Business Plan template in Virtual Office. Mortgage Alliance
Professionals are expected to secure 1 application per week and a minimum of $3.5 million in funding per year.
Additionally, within 6 months of joining MAC you are expected to have closed a minimum of five deals.


These 5 Diamonds are an integral part of the Mortgage Alliance Culture. As Mortgage Alliance Professionals
we need to apply them to everything we do. Whether it is in meetings with referral sources, taking calls
from prospective clients, implementing your marketing plan or even just greeting a stranger on the street,
undertaking these tasks with the 5 Diamonds in mind will definitely inspire those around you.!!
The more we as a network grow – the more leverage we gain in negotiating and forging enhanced
relationships with our Lenders, the Media and ALL suppliers! If you know someone who’s interested in
joining the mortgage industry in general or joining Mortgage Alliance specifically, AND you believe they
may be 5 Diamond candidates - please don’t hesitate to refer them to your Regional Manager or your
Franchise Owner!

If you have already referred someone,
please let us know as we are awarding
actual 5 Diamond icons to Mortgage Alliance
Professionals based on their referrals.


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