Jaipur Famous for Rajasthan Forts and Rajasthan Palaces

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					                    Jaipur Famous for Rajasthan Forts and Rajasthan Palaces

The architectural grandiose of Rajasthan Forts and Rajasthan Palaces are the identity of Rajasthan
Tourism which summons scores of tourists from several parts of the globe. Jaipur the Capital City
of Rajasthan also known as the Pink City of India is among the most visited and most enchanting
destinations of Rajasthan. It is an abode of architectural marvels like the magnificent City Palace, the
fabulous Jantar Mantar, the famous Hawa Mahal, the history laced Amer Fort, Jaigarh Fort and
Nahargarh Fort. Apart from these historical attractions it is also the centre stage of Rajasthan Fairs
and festivals which illustrates its importance from tourism prospects. This pre-modern city is just
280 years old which was founded in 1727 by the erstwhile ruler of Amber, Maharaja Sawai Jai
Singh II. Some of the popular attractions of this wonderful city are:

Hawa Mahal:
This is among the most visited and the most enchanting Rajasthan Palaces which is visited by scores
of tourists round the year. This Pink Stucco building is also known as Palace of the Breeze’ or
‘Palace of Winds’. It is among the wonderful Rajputana structure which was built during the reign of
Maharaja Sawai Pratap Singh in 1799. The architectural style of this building is like a giant
honeycomb which showcases the construction pattern of Mughal, Persian and Indian styles. It is a
five storied pyramid-shaped façade known for its 953 small windows, popularly known as
‘Jharokhas’ which are decorated with tiny lattice work. These small vents were built for the women
of the Royal Families to watch actions taking place on the streets. The complex exterior
architecture and intricate interior designs of this grand palace leaves an indelible impression on

Jaigarh Fort:
This is among the most spectacular Rajasthan Forts which is located on the top of the hill, called of
Cheel ka Teela or Hill of Eagles. It is situated at a distance of 15 kms from Jaipur and famous for its
palaces, granary, cannon foundry, temples and a tall tower. The prominent attractions of this fort
are the massive cannon ‘Jaivan’ which is believed to be the largest cannon in the World and a
museum which has remarkable collections of objects from yester years. The architecture pattern of
the former age fascinates most of the tourists during their visit to this grand structure.

Jantar Mantar:
It is the biggest among the five stone astronomical observatories in India which was built by
Maharaja Jai Singh in between 1727 and 1734. The observatory comprises of fourteen geometric
devices which are meant for measuring time, predicting eclipses, tracking stars, planetary orbits
around the sun and determining the celestial altitudes of several heavenly bodies. This is among the
most popular attractions of Jaipur which is visited in large number of tourists.

Jaipur is the heritage land which offers a wide range of heritage attractions to tourists who flock to
this city throughout the year. It has been the capital of several dynasties who ruled this historic land
for centuries. And the contributions of each dynasty make it a grand place where one can see the
legacies of audacity infused in the heritage attractions of this place. Some of the other well known
attractions of this place are City Palace, Jal Mahal, Nahargarh Fort, Amber Fort and Gaitore.

Rajasthan Forts Palaces are famous round the world for its rough exterior architects and exotic
interior decorations. These grand monuments stand proudly as living reminders of the rich history of
this heroic land.

Description: Jaipur is a land of natural beauty and great history where one can see the best of Rajasthan architectural marvels. The royal saga of Rajputana audacity can be seen in its forts and palaces which reveals the glory of yester years. Jaipur the capital city of vibrant Rajasthan is a must-visit tourist destination on the itinerary of every travel buff.