Overcoming Fear of Flying by Sweetdeborah21


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									                Professional psychologists and pilots trust the
              Takeoff Today program for one reason... it works...

   Keep reading and in the next few minutes
 you’re going to learn how you CAN overcome
 your fear of flying and why I believe you only
  need to do two things to make it happen...

      What is the TRUE cost
      of being afraid to fly?
I don’t mean what does it cost in terms of dollars and cents...that’s
one of the smaller costs. I mean what does it REALLY cost you? :

  •   Do you avoid flying completely like I used to? What does it cost
      you in terms of your LIFE when you don’t have the opportunity to
      see new and different places because of your fear?
  •   What about family and friends? Are there people you would like to visit
      more often but don’t?
  •   Do you make excuses for why you can’t fly? Do you waste your
      time driving places that you could have been at in hours if only
      you could fly comfortably?
  •   How does it affect the people in your life? Does your family miss out too
      because you hate to fly? Is that fair to them?
  •   What about your self-esteem? I know all too well how depressing
      it can be to be held back by a fear about something so many
      other people take for granted. I used to be embarrassed because
      of my fear and felt like everyone else was a little ‘better’ than

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