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									                    Toshiba NB250 Mini Notebook Review
Toshiba NB250 mini notebook is a netbook that has an attractive design, you can see the picture above
as an example. Maybe this could attract buyers, without having to look at in terms of features offered
therein. Design is a full-sized keyboard allows users who have big fingers to type with the Toshiba
NB250 mini notebook this.

Toshiba NB250 mini notebook screen using a 10.1-inch with diagonal LED backlit display screen area
offers more than a smartphone. And it looks great too, with an elegant finish Black Celestial.

Same with the other netbook Toshiba NB250 mini notebook is still using the Intel ® Atom ® popular as
the processor and the processor is able to provide plenty of power for everyday purposes such as
sending email, word processing and surfing the internet.

And with embedded Wireless N Wi-Fi ® makes it easy to connect to your network from home or hotspot.
A large hard drive lets you carry your important files and entertainment.

If we discuss deeper, we will discover other advantages offered by this netbook, and can not be
discussed until the end.

But we will discuss one more to convince you with this Toshiba NB250 mini notebook that is about
durability of the batteries used by the Toshiba NB250 mini notebook this. With a battery used by the
Toshiba NB250 mini notebook is arguably beneficial to consumers because it can last up to 8 hours.

And if you are one person who likes to travel, you could use Toshiba NB250 mini notebook as your
travel companions.

Once we see the advantages offered from this netbook, it's time you know the price of these netbooks.
Toshiba NB250 mini notebook price is about $ 280 - $ 300, it depends on what specifications you want
to take. If you need fairly large memory storage, then you will get a better price.

But don’t worry, because you will get 1 year warranty from Toshiba. And that you can use if there are
problems of netbooks that you buy.

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