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									                 COURSE TOUR/NAVIGATION

 This course is an introduction (or, continuance of) to _______________, so prior knowledge and skills
are assumed and necessary for success in this class. There are things you can do to make the transition
easier. You should have obtained the materials and text that you need so you can look at the topics in a
way that is familiar to you. Also, you should look at the additional required text to familiarize yourself
with the topics and vocabulary as it was presented in this text. In this class we will cover chapters ___
through ___ in the textbook. As you take this class you will be required to read, write, and to study all
                               chapters and assigned course materials. As stated in our syllabus, your final
                               grade is an average of your chapter test grades, practice activity/quiz
                               grades, discussion activity grades, and the final exam. In order to
                               accomplish this we will use information from activities, our textbook and
                               other assignments.


Understanding the Course Menu Functions
As you navigate this site, use the course menu at the left of the screen. You can print a copy of this
page and learn the purpose of each of the items on the course menu. Click each item in the list to
see the content as you learn to navigate within NS Online.

My Home
This is the page shows a list of the student's courses for the semester. Each ground and online
course has a NSOnline page available with information about the course.

The calendar gives you a quick look at when assignments are due and suggests times to begin
work on the several lessons, often looking ahead to a larger assignment such as the research

Click the link below to watch a video tutorial:

Course Home
This is the page where you will find instructor contact information, help desk information, as well
as other sources of help. Also, there are new boxes below the instructor's contact information that
will show announcements for the course throughout the semester.
Mail is an internal email program to communicate only with the instructor and students in the
class. When students are added to the class roll, an email account is automatically set up.
NSOnline email is to be used for private communication between instructor and students
or between students. You can access this tool by clicking on the "New Email" icon in the top right
corner of the course home page.

Click the link below to watch a video tutorial:

Please be respectful and appropriate when emailing the instructor. You should consider all emails that
you send to the instructor as formal and important.This means you should choose your words carefully,
and you should be mindful of how you send your messages.Please allow at least a day for a response to
your email from the instructor.

If you email the instructor on the weekend (Saturday and Sunday), you will receive a
response on the following Monday, unless it is designated as a holiday. If this is the case, you will
receive a response on the day classes resume. If for any reason the NSOnline email is down, you
can email the instructor at the campus email. Check the NSOnline Tip Sheet for information on
how to send and check emails

This section has several pages--The screen you are reading now explains the Course Menu. As
guide through some the course system, use the NSOnline Tip Sheet help you. The Netiquette page
helps you understand the rules and appropriate conduct for an online course. The next screen
contains your Course Syllabus and Weekly Class Schedule.

Discussions are an area where the instructor or student can post messages to be read by others. It
is referred to as a threaded discussion because once a message has been posted, class members can
respond to the message. All students enrolled in this class are required to check in with me at least
once per WEEK. Failure to login once a week will result in a FA grade. To check in, please write a
brief response to each of the questions listed in the Discussion section of NS Online. Check the
NSOnline Tip Sheet for information on how to compose and submit discussions.

Click the link below to watch a video tutorial:

Quizzes/Tests/or Exams
A link to the quizzes, tests, or exams is provided. All work is due at specified dates and times, so
please make sure to get your work in on time. There may also be links to quizzes from Lesson
pages. Click Quizzes/Tests/ or Exams to take tests. The first time you take a test, carefully read the
instructions provided. You may want to print the instruction page for further reference. Check
the NSOnline Tip Sheet for information on how to take and submit quizzes.

Click the link below to watch a video tutorial:
There are several assignments, which are listed on the weekly schedule as well as under the
Assignments tab. Click the Lessons to see the material your instructor has provided to support
the course content, practice exercises and links to other websites. Your essays and research
assignments will be submitted to the assignment folder as attachments. Check the NSOnline Tip
Sheet for informations on how to check grades.

Click the link below to watch a video tutorial:

This link allows a student to see his or her individual score on discussion questions, quizzes, and
assignments. Most quiz and test scores are automatically posted. Items graded by the instructor
(manually) will be posted at least a week after the due date. Final grades are entered after
completion of the final exam. Check the NSOnline Tip Sheet for information on how to check

Click the link below to watch a video tutorial:

Check Your Progress
Follow these steps:

    1. Click on the Classlist link on the upper navigation bar.
    2. Click on the Students tab.
    3. Click on the icon on the same row with your name under "Actions." Click on the icon (blue circle
       made of dots." From the dropdown next to "Tool," choose the item you wish to see. A page
       with your progress will open.

This link list all of the students in the class and the instructor as well. Here you can email other
classmates as well as the instructor. Check the NSOnline Tip Sheet for information on how to


NSCC E-library
On the left side of the course homepage there are several links that will be helpful to you. Click
on “Library” to take you to the E-library, which will give you access to the resources you will need
in order to complete the assignments that you must do research for.

Student Support Services:
This link will take you to the find the resources you will need to be successful here at NSCC.
There are three main types of information listed: Information, Services, and Academic
Assistance. Please visit the site to find out more.

This link gives you general information about the bookstore and a link to buy your textbooks

Career services:
This link gives you information about the different companies and jobs that are available in and
around Nashville.

Testing Center:
This link gives you general information, such as hours the testing center is open.

Computer help: What if something goes wrong?
Computer Services sends announcements indicating when and how long D2L will be down. I will
post these announcements on the discussion page. If you are experiencing technical difficulties
call the help desk at 353-3678. If assignments are due during outages, please submit your
completed work when the system goes back up. Please remember I know when the system goes
down. If you have technical problems from your home computer or the computer you are using
to access this course, please email me or call (353-3344) as soon as possible to discuss possible

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