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									APICS                                                                                                803bfc14-b9b7-4c92-8789-4f9110e7b056.xls
Region XIII                                                                                                          Current

              Speaker                 Topic                                                                                Email                                Phone Number             Date Added   Comments
Alan R. Wyne                         Strategic Planning issues/'RFID - A Reprise One Year Later                                                               Jan-09
Anne Haberkorn                       Lean Office/Supply Chain Mgt                                                                    920-996-2897             Jan-09
Bernard T. Smith                     Power Logistics/'Role of the Logistics Gatekeeper                                                724-586-2200             Jan-09
Bob Beck and Jeff Buchanan           At the Intersection of Fun and Learning                                                                                                             Jan-09
Bob Collins, CFPIM, CIRM             APICS - WIIFM                                                                                                                                       Jan-09
Bob Engel                            Sabarnes Oxley Impact on Supply Chain                                                  713-403-1979             Jan-09
Bob Gwozdz                           The Joys of Standard Work                                                                      217-475-6495             Jan-09
Bob Montgomery, CPIM                 Value Stream Mapping                                                                                                     Jan-09
Brad Meseck                          Providing a Positive Work Environment                                                                             Jan-09
Brian Hancock                        Customer-Centric Supply Chain Strategy                                                                                     269-923-5000             Jan-09
Brian Long, Ph.D., C.P.M.            What Every Supply Manager MUST Know About Economic                                                 616-323-1531             Jan-09
Bruce Shown, CPIM, CmfgE, CQE        Changing Shop Scheduling Techniques To Improve Cash Flows                                                                                           Jan-09
Carol Ptak                           Metrics for Lean Operations                                                                  253-279-3291             Jan-09
Carrie A. Van Daele                  Capture Human Capital to Stay in Business                                                   260-482-1744             Jan-09
Chandis Digby                        Improving your Supply Chain                                                                                     Jan-09
Charles Popik, CFPIM                 'Until Chapter 11 Do Us Part'                                                                                                                       Jan-09
Charlie Rupert                       Focus on Customer Needs                                                                                                    269-327-3121             Jan-09
Christine Corum                      Lean Intro to Health Care Culture                                                                                        Jan-09
Clay Prickette                       ShopKo DC/Transportation Network                                                                                 Jan-09
Clem Goebel                          Management Systems Analysis                                                                                                810-599-6188             Jan-09
Craig MacNab                         Status of the Hummer H2 Assembly Plant and Video Tour                                                                                               Jan-09
Dale Billet, CPIM, CIRM              Lean/Six Sigma                                                                               574-296-3718             Jan-09
Dan Ariens                           Culture of Continuous Improvement                                                                                          920-756-2141             Jan-09
Dan Pilon                            Demand Flow Technology-a type of Lean Manf.                                                                            Jan-09
Dave Hodorff                         Creating Rapid Continuous Improvement                                                  920-922-4530 x3105       Jan-09
David Robinson, CPIM, CIRM, CPM      Implementing the Buyer Planner at Harley Davidson                                                                                                   Jan-09
David S Coen                         Lean Team Campaigns                                                                                                                                 Jan-09
David Victor                         Doing Business with Poland                                                                                                                          Jan-09
Debra Smith, CFPIM, CIRM             Inventory Transactions in a JIT Environment                                                                                                         Jan-09
Denise Schirmann                     Economic Outlook for 2010                                                                               Mar-10
Denny Larson                         Lean                                                                                                                       563-290-7801             Jan-09
Diane Miderski                       Motivation - How to keep yourself and your employees motivated in these tough times                  414-803-9851             Aug-09
Diane Roundy                         Would You Like to Be Served by You?                                                                           Jan-09
Dick Knapinski                       Welcoming the World, Organizing the World’s Largest Fly In Event                               920-426-6523             Jan-09
Dick Ling                            S&OP                                                                                   919-304-3950             Jan-09
Don Foley                            Lean                                                                                      317-635-3058 x281        Jan-09
Don Raack                            Careers in Supply Chain                                                                                      Mar-10
Donn J. Novotny, PhD                 Unbalancing The Balanced Scorecard & various other topics                          574-293-8500             Jan-09
Doug Canter CPIM, CIRM               Developing a Materials Management System/Inventory Mgt/Shop Floor Scheduling                                                Jan-09
Doug Kremer                          Outsourced Supply Chain Mgt                                                            317-266-3381             Jan-09
Dr. Dean M Schroeder                 Ideas Are Free                                                                     219-465-7952             Jan-09
Dr. Lee Meadows                      Review of "Good to Great" by Jim Collins                                                                                                            Jan-09
Dr. Sime Curkovic                    New Ecomomy and Supply Chain Mgt                                                          269.387.5413             Jan-09
Dwight Flaherty                      Lean/Six Sigma at Mercury Marine                                                                            Jan-09
Eric M. Gatmaitan                    Introduction to KANBAN                                                                                                                              Jan-09
Eric Schaudt                         Professionalism in the Workplace                                                             224-625-5368             Jan-09
Frank Pianci                         Soft Skills                                                                                                          Jan-09
Fred Brown                           Building Relationships                                                                                                     616-241-3122             Jan-09
Gary Kerslake                        5S                                                                                              262-751-4148             Jan-09
George Falldine                      Process to Process Transformation                                                   478-926-2183             Jan-09
Gerald Norz                          Global Economy - The Little Things That Matter                                                                            Jan-09
Greg DeSimone, C.P.M.                Maximizing Strategic Supplier Relationships                                                                       Jan-09
Greg Holly                           Leveraging Online Social Networks                                           
Greg Hottell                         TOC Education
                                     CPIM& ST: Theory of Constraints & Systems Thinking-NXT GEN Continuous                 317-277-8917              Jan-09
Gregory L. Schlegel CPIM, CSP, Jonah Improvement?                                                                                                       Mar-10
Greg Taylor, CPIM & Martha Gass, CPIMImplementing and Sustaining a Supplier Management Process                               gregory.taylor@philips.comMar-10
Gwen Spretnjak and Dorothy Cullison  How Production Control Can Hit a Home Run and Win the Game                                                                                           Jan-09
Harvey McChesney                     Soft Skills                                                                                   610-799-4756              Jan-09
Harvey McChesney                     My Learning Style is Affecting My Career                                                      610-799-4756              Jan-09
Herman Zwirn                         Change Management                                                                                                                                    Jan-09
Jack Cook                            RFID                                                                                         585-750-8203              Jan-09
James Gross, PhD, CIRM               Lean Manufacturing/Balanced Scorecard                                                            715-855-7502              Jan-09
Jan Steiner-Soukup CPIM              Cycle Counting/'Effective Use of Your Bill of Material                                    630- 606-6422             Jan-09
Jim Hall / Jim Walsh                 Lean Workshop                                                                             574-293-3209              Jan-09
Jim Noblitt CPIM, CIRM               Lean Meets ERP                                                                              260-969-2542              Jan-09

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APICS                                                                                              803bfc14-b9b7-4c92-8789-4f9110e7b056.xls
Region XIII                                                                                                        Current

Joe Aiello                       Rightsizing Inventory & Lean                                                                 201-785-0022   Jan-09
John Borza/Rick Gour             TRIZ An Inventive Approach to Problem Solving                                                                                       Jan-09
John G. Dedinsky                 Global Supply Management & Strategic Procurement                                                                     216-896-3000   Jan-09
John Layden                      US Manufacturing                                                                       317-842-6417   Jan-09
John Merriman                    Forecasting in Excel                                                            330-495-9365   Jan-09
John Pennington                  various                                                                                  317-865-3403   Jan-09
Jon Bingol, CPIM, PCD            Productivity: Key to Prosperity and Profitability/How to add 10% to Your Bottom Line                              Jan-09
Joseph F. Lorenz                 Bankruptcy                                                                                                                          Jan-09
Juergen Meyer                    Lean in Administrative Processes                                                                                                    Jan-09
Karen Alber, CFPIM Region XIII   Creating A Strategic Plan for Yourself<br>Top Management Night                                                                      Jan-09

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