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					    CertifiCate iii in fitness

     The Certificate III in Fitness qualifies you to register as a Fitness   Credits and exemptiOns
     Instructor in the fitness industry.
                                                                             recognition of Prior Learning (rPL) is an assessment process that
     The practical course aims to develop a basic theoretical
                                                                             assesses the individual’s non-accredited training and informal
     understanding of exercise science and its application to the
                                                                             learning to determine the extent to which that individual has
     fitness industry and the ability to plan and implement fitness
                                                                             achieved the required learning or competency outcomes. rPL
     programs to meet specific needs of clients. This course is a pre-
                                                                             is sometimes referred to as recognition of current competence
     requisite for Certificate IV in Fitness (Personal Trainer).

     Career OppOrtunities                                                    You can undertake a recognition assessment for individual units
                                                                             in most courses offered through south West tafe. the process
     Graduates may pursue careers in the fitness industry undertaking        requires you to be able to provide evidence of competence. for
     roles as fitness instructors.                                           information on how to apply, read our rPL Procedure available
                                                                             at www.swtafe.vic.edu.au/students or contact your course
     COurse COmmenCement date                                                coordinator.
     4 October 2009
                                                                             students with disabiLities
     COurse Length                                                           assistance is available for students with disabilities. contact the
     this course is conducted on campus over 11 sundays.                     Disability support coordinator on (03) 5564 8964. appointments
                                                                             can be made through reception.
     entry requirements
                                                                             hOw tO enrOL
     there are no formal entry requirements for this course.
                                                                             Please contact the course coordinator for an enrolment form and
     COurse COsts                                                            information on how to enrol.

     $1330.00 (includes textbook and course materials)                       COntaCt detaiLs

     timetabLes                                                              contact the course coordinator on (03) 5564 8911 or email
     sundays, 4, 11, 25 October and 1 & 8 november 2009
     9.00am - 5.00pm

     a variety of strategies are used to assess competency in
     the certificate iii fitness, including theory exam, practical
     demonstration, topic tasks and workplace readiness interview.

     praCtiCaL pLaCement
     40 hours of workplace experience.

certificate iii in fitness (srf30206)                                                                                   cOUrse infOrMatiOn PacK
     CertifiCate iii in fitness (srf30206)

     unit COde                   desCriptiOn

     bsbcMn302a                  Organise personal work priorities and development
     bsbfLM303a                  contribute to effective workplace relationships
     icaitU006c                  Operate computing packages
     srfcfP001a                  Deliver an approved community fitness program to promote wellbeing
     srfctc001a                  Plan and instruct a circuit training class
     srfetP001a                  Plan and instruct an endurance training program
     srffit001b                  Provide orientation to clients prior to undertaking a fitness program
     srffit003b                  Undertake client induction and screening
     srffit004b                  Develop basic fitness programs
     srffit005b                  apply basic exercise science to exercise instruction
     srffit006b                  Use and maintain core fitness industry equipment
                                 Provide advice to clients on the application of basic anatomy and physiology to fitness
     srffit015a                  Provide nutrition advice to clients in accordance with recommended guidelines
     srfGYM001b                  instruct fitness activity skills to a client using fitness equipment
                                 customise gym instructional skills to include specific areas of expertise current in the
                                 fitness industry
     srfOLD001b                  Plan and deliver exercise for older adults
     srfsPP002a                  Develop and apply an awareness of specific populations to exercise delivery
     srXfaD002a                  Provide advanced first aid response
     srXGcs004a                  Meet client needs and expectations
     srXGcst03a                  Process client complaints
     srXGrO001a                  facilitate a group
     srXGrO003a                  Provide leadership to groups
     srXinU002a                  apply sport and recreation law
     srXOHs001b                  follow defined occupational health and safety policies and procedures
     srXriK001a                  Undertake risk analysis of activities

    not all units in this course are offered at each campus. Please consult the course coordinator for a full list of units available at each campus.

                                                                                                                                 all information contained in this
                                                                                                                                 brochure was correct at time of printing.
                                                                                                                                 south West institute of tafe reserve the
                                                                                                                                 right to amend costs, subjects or courses
                                                                                                                                 as required without notice.

certificate iii in fitness (srf30206)                                                                                         cOUrse infOrMatiOn PacK

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