BSB20107 Certificate II in Business Studies Competency Register

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					                                                              BSB20107 Certificate II in Business Studies
                                                                       Competency Register
    School                                                         Report Date                dd/mm/yyyy
     Class                                                           Teacher
                                                                            Evidence Code:
       O            Direct Observation                                  Q        Written or Oral Questions                 NYC    Not Yet Competent
       P            Project or Practical Activity                       S        Simulation                                 C     Competent
                                                                                                           Student Name

              Student Identification Number

                           First Name


      Unit                   Elements of Competency                            For Elements of Competency enter date achieved and Evidence Code
                    Work safely

                    Implement workplace safety requirements

 Participate in Participate in OHS consultative processes
OHS processes
                    Follow safety procedures

                    All elements achieved

                    Establish contact with customers

Deliver a service
 to customers
                  Identify customer needs
Deliver a service
                  Deliver service to customers
 to customers
                  Process customer feedback

                 All elements achieved

                 Work within organisational requirements

Work effectively Work in a team
 in a business
  environment Develop effective work habits

                 All elements achieved

                 Collect information
  Process and
    maintain     Process workplace information
                 Maintain information systems
                 All elements achieved

                 Receive and distribute incoming mail

                 Collect and despatch outgoing mail
  Handle Mail
                 Organise urgent and same day deliveries

                 All elements achieved

                 Identify opportunities to do things better
 Contribute to   Discuss and develop ideas with others
  innovation     Address the practicalities of change
 Contribute to

                  All elements achieved

                  Gather, convey and receive information and ideas
               Complete workplace documentation and
Communicate in correspondence
 the workplace Communicate in a way that responds
                  positively to individual differences

                  All elements achieved

                  Prepare to produce documents

               Produce documents
Produce simple
word processed Finalise documents
                  All elements achieved

                  Select and prepare resources
               Create simple spreadsheets
Create and use
               Produce simple charts
               Finalise spreadsheets
                  All elements achieved

                  Implement procedures to send and
                  receive electronic mail
 Communicate      Manage electronic mail
                  Collaborate online

                  All elements achieved
                   Explore potential business ideas

                     Compare personal skills and aspirations
Identify suitability with micro business opportunities
    for micro
    business         Access business learning opportunities,
                     mentoring and advice

                   All elements achieved

                   Identify current resource use
  Participate in Comply with environmental regulations
sustainable work Seek opportunities to improve resource
    practices    efficiency

                   All elements achieved

                   Organise work schedule
 Organise and      Complete work tasks
 complete daily
 work activities   Review work performance

                   All elements achieved
                   Develop effective workplace relationships

                 Contribute to workgroup activities
Work effectively
 with others     Deal effectively with issues, problems and

                   All elements achieved

                   Select and use technology

 Use business
               Process and organise data
Use business
 technology    Maintain technology

               All elements achieved

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