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									                        The Ford Family Foundation

                           Executive Opportunity Profile
                                  February 2008

                                   The Foundation

The Ford Family Foundation is a private, non-profit Foundation located in Roseburg, OR.
Established in 1957 by Kenneth and Hallie Ford, the Foundation’s mission is “Successful
Citizens and Vital Rural Communities.”

In 1936 Kenneth Ford built a single sawmill in Roseburg, and from that beginning came
what today is known as Roseburg Forest Products. RFP is an integrated timberlands and
wood products manufacturing company, operating in southern Oregon, Northern
California, Montana and several southern states. Mr. Ford led RFP and the Foundation
until the late 1990’s. Following his death in 1997, the Foundation increased its level and
scope of activities. Kenneth and Hallie Ford established the Foundation to give back to
the rural communities of the type in which RFP operates. Recent strategic planning is
expanding on that history.

The Foundation is fully independent of Roseburg Forest Products, and is governed by a
board of directors with seven members. Two directors are Ford family members, and
five are independent outsiders. The Board recruited the President & CEO in early 1997,
and since then he has built the staff and programs to meet the Foundation’s mission.

Today, the Foundation manages assets in excess of $700 million, which will increase as
the planned transfer of family member assets into the Foundation occur. In its early
years, the Foundation made grants primarily in Douglas and Coos Counties (Oregon), and
Siskiyou County in Northern California. In recent years the geography served has
expanded to include smaller, rural communities throughout Oregon.

The Foundation’s staff is located in its headquarters facility in Roseburg, and in Eugene,
Oregon. There are 16 staff members in Roseburg, including President Norm Smith, and
five in Eugene. The Eugene staff is fully committed to work on the Foundation’s
scholarship Initiative (see below).

The Foundation is guided by its mission statement in making grants and in developing
strong internal initiatives designed and managed by the Foundation in collaboration with
others. Initiatives include Scholarship Programs and The Ford Institute for Community
The Foundation is launching an executive search for a Director of Scholarship Programs.
The incumbent recently announced her planned retirement, effective about May 31, 2008.
Details about the position and selection criteria appear later in this document.

The Ford Family Scholarship Programs include five primary elements, described below:

        Ford Scholars Program: Open to graduating high school students and
         continuing community college students who seek to obtain baccalaureate
         degrees. Each year this program receives over 3,000 applications, from which
         100 need-based Oregon applicants and 20 Siskiyou County, California
         applicants are selected.

        Ford Opportunity Program: Designed for single parents who are heads-of-
         household pursuing bachelors degrees. This program, conceived by Hallie
         Ford, is for Oregon and Northern California residents. Up to 55 need-based
         scholarships are granted each year.

        Ford ReStart Program: Supports non-traditional, adult students, e.g., people
         in need of re-training/education. Approximately 50 need-based scholarships
         are granted each year to Oregon and Northern California recipients.

        Sons/Daughters of RFP Employees: Each year this program can award up
         to 10% of eligible dependents. In 2008, 781 dependents were eligible. The
         scholarship awards are not exclusively need-based, and vary in amount
         depending on the school to be attended.

        JumpStart Program: Now in its fourth year, this pilot program each year
         provides 45 scholarships to students who will attend community colleges in
         Douglas, Coos and Siskiyou counties.

Four of the undergraduate programs afford recipients the opportunity to attend college,
public or private, within their home state of Oregon or California. Two of the programs
offer limited, competitive support for graduate degrees anywhere in the United States.
Relationships with over 107 institutions of higher education and more than 1,000 active
recipients are a challenging and rewarding aspect of this Foundation initiative.

Several of the scholarship programs provide more than just financial aid. There are
strong supportive and personal development components to assure individual success.
The selected students usually have high financial need, have dealt with some adversity,
respect the value of work, and are often the first in their families to experience higher
education. They have shown a propensity to “give back” to others.

                        Director, Scholarship Programs
                                    Position Profile

Position Title:       Director, Scholarship Programs

Accountable To:       President (CEO)

Direct Reports:       Scholarship Manager (Eugene)
                      Counselor/Advisor (Eugene)
                      Associates (3) (Eugene)
                      Administrative Assistant (Roseburg or Eugene)

Position Summary & Key Responsibilities:

       The Director is the senior executive accountable to the CEO for TFFF Scholarship
       Programs. The Director has three primary responsibilities, as follows:

           1. Provide direction and leadership to the Scholarship program, which is a
              mature Foundation initiative with a very active calendar cycle for which
              the Director is accountable. The Director role is a combination of
              leadership/management responsibilities, and personal involvement in the
              Initiative’s processes and with participating students, families and
              educators. The Director oversees and often participates directly in the

                  a. Outreach to potential scholarship applicants across Oregon and
                     Siskiyou County, California.
                  b. Outcomes of the selection process, including review of
                     applications, interviews and selection of recipients.
                  c. Continuing policy development and strategic implementation of
                     scholarship program and related Foundation priorities.
                  d. Providing academic counseling as a part of supporting,
                     encouraging and mentoring recipients with the goal of successful,
                     on-time graduation.
                  e. Planning and managing large summer conferences for induction,
                     graduation and personal development, and leadership symposia.
                     Each year there are two major summer conferences, each for a full
                     weekend. One is for incoming freshmen and graduating seniors,
                     and one is for the other three classes of currently enrolled Scholars.
                  f. Oversight and review of scholarship program publications
                     including scholar handbooks, policy manuals, and outreach
                  g. Continuing development and management of the Alumni

                 h. On-going refinement and enhancement of operating systems,
                    including those that are integrated with participating colleges and
                 i. Preparation and distribution of quarterly newsletters and a personal
                    “letter of advice” to scholars.
                 j. On-going program evaluations and improvement.
                 k. Work in a highly collegial, supportive and cooperative manner
                    with other Foundation programs and Initiatives.

          2. Participate as a Senior Program Team Member at the Foundation. This
             role includes:

                 a. Serving as a technical and professional resource both within and
                    outside the Foundation.
                 b. Providing advice and counsel to the CEO, staff and board of
                    directors on matters relating to education, scholarships, and related
                 c. Participation in the Foundation’s strategic planning and direction
                 d. Ensuring that Scholarship Program leadership is fully aligned with
                    the Foundation’s mission, values and operating framework.

          3. Participate in and serve as a professional resource to:

                 a. Post secondary institutions, particularly to those with currently
                    enrolled Foundation scholars.
                 b. Nexus opportunities with other state and regional philanthropies
                    and educational institutions committed to successful citizenship
                    and vital rural communities.
                 c. Foundation networks, collaborations and leverage opportunities.

      In addition, as a leadership team member, the Director works on various special
      projects and initiatives as directed by the CEO. TFFF is expanding its activities
      and special projects, and is engaged in strategic planning for development of
      TFFF’s future. The Director will be immersed in these activities.

Required Qualifications

          1. Education: Candidates must have an advanced degree(s).

          2. Experience: Candidates should offer the following:

                 a. Extensive management experience in higher education, preferably
                    in admissions, student life, housing and financial aid. Candidates
                    from related professional environments will also be considered,

             e.g., scholarship work in foundations, education lending in banks,
             education management (i.e., administrators) and management of
             corporate education/development programs.
          b. Supervisory experience.
          c. Record of values-based, mission-driven relationships with students
             and other stakeholders. Examples of work should include success
             with students and educators involving coaching, mentoring,
             supporting and developing.
          d. Life history demonstrating the value of service to others.

   3. Personal Skills and Characteristics:

          a. Record of unblemished integrity and personal conduct.
          b. Highly developed skills in public speaking, writing and general
          c. Ability to represent the Foundation externally with a wide variety
             of stakeholders, including students, educators, administrators and
          d. Proven enthusiasm for working closely with students and
             educators. This mission-driven job requires a person with true

Overall, candidates must offer successful professional histories and high
commitment to students and education. Team skills and ability to manage highly
productive relationships are essential.


          For Additional Information, Please Contact Our Search Consultant:

                                    Roger Pringle
                               The Pringle Company
                                   P.O. Box 25392
                             Portland, OR 97298-0392
                       503/221-0048 (tel) 503/789-9401 (cell)
                   Please submit resumes and related materials to:
                         Roger Pringle (


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