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									                  Century 21 Mike Bowman, Inc.
                   Place your Confidence in Us!
                        Serving the DFW Metroplex since 1969

                                    in the World!
                                       In closed transactions

By providing full service residential and commercial real estate sales departments, a property leasing
and management department, a relocation department, an in-house mortgage service, buyers and
sellers have the confidence and support to make good real-estate decisions. The 200+ agents and staff,
acclaimed for their high standards, take pride in the many company accomplishments. 1993 through
2009 boasted many honors including being the #1 Office in the World for Closed Transactions for 1993
through 1997, 1999, 2000, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009 out of approximately 7,700 offices world
wide. 2008 included a 2nd #1, closed transactions and closed sales production, honoring us with the
highest award overall!
           OUR HISTORY. . . A history of
           high standard and quality in real estate
                         since 1969
Mike Bowman has been a leader in the development of distinguished
 Northeast Tarrant County communities for over 40 years.

The company has had a long tradition of relocating families
  in and out of Northeast Tarrant County. In fact, Century
  21 Mike Bowman, Inc. has sold more homes in Northeast
  Tarrant County over the past 40 years than any other office.

Century 21 Mike Bowman, Inc. has received the prestigious
 honor of being the only brokerage in the history of the
 CENTURY 21 system to be named the #1 Office in the World
 14 times!

Century 21 Mike Bowman, Inc. sells a home every 3 hours,
 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year! In the
 past ten years we’ve closed over 34,000 transactions resulting
 in over $4.4 billion in sales volume.
                                                                  Mike Bowman
in the World!

      Serving the DFW-Metroplex & surrounding counties since 1969

                Setting a New Standard in Real Estate!
 Century 21
                 WE PROVIDE EXTRA
in the World!    LEVELS OF SERVICE!
   Supplying our                                   Customer
   customers and agents            Relocation &
                                                   Follow-up &
                                                  Agent Services
   with additional tools             Referral        Dept.

   and support helps in
                                                               Showing, &
   the sale or purchase of   Advertisement,
                                                             Feedback Dept.

   a home. Behind the        Marketing, Housing
                             Websites plus

   scenes our in-house        DFWmarketplace.
                                                           HUD & Multiple
                                                           Listing Service

   team works closely                           Leasing
                                              & Property

   with your agent to                        Management

   ensure a smooth and

   successful transaction.
 Century 21          SHOWING AND FEEDBACK
in the World!            DEPARTMENT

 Trained Appointment Coordinators schedule      over 2700 showing
 appointments each month on our listings.
 An   email requesting helpful comments about your property is sent out to
 the showing agent after the showing.
 Feedback   Coordinators call the showing agents that have not responded
 to the feedback email, requesting comments from them and the buyers who
 viewed your home.
 All feedback responses are automatically recorded for agents and sellers,
 with particular attention on the homes price, condition, and location.
 Agents can initiate a special account so sellers can access their property’s
 appointments and gathered feedback 24/7 via the internet.
                        Our office schedules an average
 Century 21              of 630 showing appointments
    Office                weekly, 2,733 monthly and
in the World!
                                32,790 annually.
                   5000                      2,733
                                   Weekly   Monthly      Annually
     We’ve made it easier for agents to schedule showing appointments on your property
       they can now make appointments online right from the listing page in the MLS!

 Figures are from Jan – Dec 2009
 Century 21     Professional Feedback
in the World!          Reports
appointments on your
property can be
viewed on-line 24/7
along with gathered
feedback from agents
and buyers who
viewed your home.
This report will help
guide us to a sale in a
shorter amount of
 Century 21     Our Exclusive Customer
in the World!     Service Department

            We have spent years researching and
          developing an exclusive marketing system
       which captures potential buyers. Our customer
       service department follows up with these buyers
               until they are ready to purchase.
     #1                  How Our Exclusive
 Century 21
    Office                   System
in the World!
                           Works for You
  Our   agents receive over 1200 buyer and seller calls a month.
  We   receive hundreds of leads monthly from our advertising, Lending
  Tree, other lead producing programs and through our Relocation
  Our  Customer Service Department follows up with all buyers who call
    and email our company.
  Each    customer is pre-qualified according to their specific price range,
  ability to
   purchase and housing wants and needs.
  We  continually look for new ways to expose your home to potential
   locally and worldwide through the latest technology, new programs and
  We’ve  updated our web site with property search access on nearly
  every page,
 Century 21                      Century 21 Mike Bowman, Inc.
in the World!                               OFFICE TOURS
 Weekly office tours of
 our newly listed
 homes* gives added
 exposure on your
 property to many of our
 agents who are
 currently working with
 buyers. You will
 receive feedback from
 the touring agents
 concerning the price,
 condition, and location
 of your property.

            Much of our success comes from selling our own
  * New listings in our local market area
 Century 21       Century 21 Mike Bowman, Inc.
    Office           recommends Home Debut Tours for your home’s
in the World!
                                  VIRTUAL TOUR
 Every home is different, and
 your home is special.
 Captivate the attention of the
 buyer by bringing your home
 to life with moving
 panoramas right from these

 - c21bowman.com
 - century21.com
 - realtor.com
 - tourfactory.com
 - the Multiple Listing Service
 and Gateway (the customer
 auto email service of the
 -Trulia, Zillow and many,
 many more                         Ask your agent for more details.
 Century 21
    Office           Your Home’s Website!
in the World!
                                                            And more!
                                                        Your webpage will
                                                        automatically feed to:
      Slide Virtual Tour
                               A Website just for       •elookyloo.com

                                 your property!         •Clrsearch.com
                           With it’s own web address!
                                                        •And more. . .

 Fliers, maps, schools, lead capture and more. . .

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