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									                   Are you sleeping well

Are you getting the amount of sleep that your body system need? After a long
hectic daily routine our body systems need rest to recover whatever the losses in
energy had taken place during the day. And if you are not getting a good night
sleep things will go against nature and problems in our health will start

Sometimes we are not able to get sleep and this is the initial stage of insomnia
or can't sleep disorder. It may seem a matter of not much importance but in the
later stages of this can't sleep disorder it can really cause big problems.

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Basically insomnia is not getting a good sleep. It mainly occurs when there are
long spells of wakefulness at night. It is normally believed that the duration of
sleep is the main factor that is responsible for this but as a matter of fact the
duration does not matter but it is the quality of sleep which matters. If one is
sleeping soundly for a few hours that would be better than long hours of
interrupted sleep.

Effects of insomnia :

There are many effects and side effects of insomnia but the majors ones are

  *   Low mental efficiency
  *   Depression
  *   Forgetfulness
  *   Anger and irritability
  *   Lack of proper judgment
Causes for insomnia

The digestive disorder and constipation directly affects our sleep. Apart from this
the problem in our respiratory system which takes care of the oxygen intake is
also responsible for making us spend sleepless nights. Our relationships which
are in trouble, loss of job, financial matters, anxiety, etc also directly affect our
sleep and cause insomnia.

Simple cures for insomnia

There are many natural and herbal cures for insomnia but I will list some normal
home cures for insomnia here which will definitely help you get rid of insomnia.

Reforms in diet : One of the home cure for insomnia is the changes in your diet
which you can easily bring about. Just avoid all types of negative foods like fried
food and sweets. Avoid tea or coffee especially at night. Try to take lots of fresh
juices and coconut water. This will really help your digestive system. Honey
taken with water before going to bed is really soothing to the nerves.

Personal hygiene will also help you out of insomnia. Foot bath with hot water for
about 15/20 minutes followed with cold one before going to bed is really helpful.
A spinal bath with cold water is also helpful.

Do avoid high pillows as they causes stiffness and tension in the neck muscles
and also impede the normal flow of blood to the head area. Nigh clothing should
be light and soft.

A common insomnia panic is use of sleeping pills and sedatives which should be
completely avoided as the use such cures for insomnia is really harmful in a long
run as these mainly suppress the symptoms and not cure the causes of
insomnia. I hope these simple and natural cures for insomnia will give some

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