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Aarkstore Enterprise Survey of Glycine in China

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					            Aarkstore Enterprise Survey of Glycine in China

As one of the key raw material in glyphosate production via AEA pathway, glycine has
been boosted in China these years, driven by the soaring demand of glyphosate across the
world due to the booming biofuel crops.

China, blessed with the relatively low production cost, has been a major glyphosate
technical supplier in the world now. As the output of glyphosate by AEA pathway
increases by 80,700 tonnes in 2008 over the previous year, the investment in glycine
industry has largely increased in the past 2 years in China.

Currently, tech-grade glycine dominates China's glycine market among all the four
grades in China, and with its largest consumption field being glyphosate industry.

To penetrate into Chinese glycine industry, CCM surveys all the four kinds of glycine in
China in this report, particularly the tech-grade related to glyphosate industry.

From this report, you will get the answers to the following questions:

What is the current status and the future trend of Chinese glycine production?

How does China's glycine production pathway differ from that in overseas countries?

What is the consumption situation of Chinese glycine?

How does glyphosate industry influence glycine industry in China?

Table of Contents :
Executive summary
•@ Introduction and methodology
I Production and market of glycine in China
I-1 Historical development of glycine in China
I-2 Current production situation
- Quality index of glycine
- Manufacturers
- Capacity & output & operating rate
- Geographical distribution
- Introduction to Sanxia Yingli•fs glycine project
- Information from site visit
I-3 Governmental policy and its influence on glycine industry
I-4 Raw material supply situation
I-4.1 Urotropine
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