Chapter 11 Homework Solutions 11 35 Introduction to Management Accounting

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					                                      DePaul University
                   School of Accountancy and Management Information Systems
                                      Accounting 303

Instructor:             Ed Kabialis
Phone:                  312-362-8770 (leave message with the receptionist)

Office Hours:           Appointments can be made upon request. Requests can be made
                        before/after class or via email.

Blackboard:             Blackboard will be used extensively during this class and it is
                        important that you obtain access (

Course Objectives:      Course objectives will be discussed during the first class. This
                        course is a continuation of Accounting 102. Chapter one of our
                        text repeats concepts and terminology you have already been
                        taught. Please reacquaint yourself with the material in Chapter
                        One prior to the first class.

Homework:               Homework is listed on the Syllabus. It is critical that you do
                        all homework on a timely basis. Homework will be collected
                        during the semester. Please save your homework. Even if it
                        is not collected during a given week, I may request it at a later
                        date. Please discuss problems with homework at the beginning
                        of class.

                        Although homework will not be graded, points will be subtracted
                        from your semester point total at my discretion for missed or
                        incomplete work. Only verifiable reasons for not doing homework will be
                        accepted. Homework solutions will be posted to Blackboard the day after
                        the homework is due.

Class Exercises:        We will jointly review various exercises during class. Solutions
                        will be posted to Blackboard the day after we discuss them in class.

Attendance and
Participation:          Class will begin promptly at the appointed time. If you have to
                        arrive late, leave early, or are unable to attend, please inform me
                        in advance. If you are unable to attend any portion of class, it is
                        your responsibility to obtain materials we discussed from a fellow
                        student. Participation is important for your learning and for me to
                        gauge how the class is progressing. Please participate and ask
                        questions whenever possible. Habitual tardiness, class absences,
                      and/or lack of participation may result in a reduction of the total
                       points you score during the semester, at my discretion.

Exams:                The midterm is tentatively scheduled after Chapter 5 depending on
                      our progress. The actual date for the final will be provided once
                      it has been assigned by the University.

                      I prefer not to give make-up exams. If you have an emergency
                      and cannot take either exam, please inform me in advance and
                      provide me with a verifiable reason.

                      Exam Scoring:

                      Midterm                        200
                      Final                          300
                                      Total          500

                      The final will be comprehensive but will be weighted heavily
                      toward material covered after the midterm.

Other Material:       The publisher of our textbook provides a companion website at
                      I recommend that you review it and determine how it might aid you in
                      studying the assigned material.

Academic Integrity:   Integrity is critical not only in the classroom but also in the
                      business world you will be a part of. Working together (but not
                      copying) on homework is permissible and, in fact, encouraged.
                      However, collaboration on tests is not allowed. Please see
                      for University policies on academic integrity.
                                DePaul University
             School of Accountancy and Management Information Systems
                                 Accounting 303

Text:               Cost Accounting, A Managerial Emphasis
                    Charles T. Horngren, 13th Edition

Text Companion

Week                              Topic                        Homework

 1                  Chapter 2: An Introduction to Cost    2-17, 2-25, 2-27 (parts 2&3)
                    Terms and Purposes                    2-32

 2                  Chapter 3: Cost Volume Profit         3-19, 3-37, 3-44, 3-47

 3                  Chapter 4: Job Costing                4-23, 4-31 (skip part 1), 4-34

 4                  Chapter 5: Activity Based Costing     5-20, 5-35, 5-38
                    and Activity Based Management

 5                  Midterm Exam

 6                  Chapter 17: Process Costing           17-30, 17-32, 17-33

 7                  Chapter 6: Master Budget and             6-22, 6-24, 6-26
                    Responsibility Accounting

 8                  Chapter 7: Flexible Budgets, Direct      7-18, 7-21, 7-33
                    Cost Variances and Management

 9                  Chapter 8: Flexible Budgets,         8-22, 8-27, 8-38
                    Overhead Cost Variances and Management

 10                 Chapter 11: Decision Making and          11-17, 11-25, 11-29, 11-34
                    Relevant Information

 11                 Final Exam

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