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                                GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) offers high speed data
                                services in GSM network. It uses Packet Mode Technique to
                                transfer data and provides connectivity to Internet. Users will
                                be able to browse Internet using handsets supporting
                                Internet browsing. They will also be able use their e-mail
                                accounts as is being done through landline Internet access.
                                Also browsing of Internet from Laptops and Desktop
                                computers is possible by connecting the computer with the
                                GPRS enabled mobile handset through a data cable or
                                Infrared connectivity.

                                Using GPRS you can download in your mobile the following:

                                  • Polyphonic ring tones

                                  • MP3 tones
                                  • Color logos

                                  • Wallpapers

                                  • Videos

                                  • Animations

                                  • Games

                                  • E-mails and more........

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GPRS/EDGE tariff applicable to 2G Data Card and Voice plans

You can download Polyphonic ring tones, wallpapers, Videos, animations, games etc

Moreover, GPRS enables the users to send and receive MMS (Multimedia Messages). Presently
MMS can be exchanged among CellOne numbers in Eastern Zone only. MMS is combination of

  • Text

  • Picture

  • Video

  • Speech

  • Animation
  • Music

WAP (Wireless Application Protocol)

It provides a standardized way of linking the Internet to mobile phones. WAP is an application
communication protocol. WAP is used to access services and information. It is inherited from
Internet standards. It is used for handheld devices such as mobile phones and PDAs. It is a
protocol designed for micro browsers. It enables the creating of web applications for mobile
WAP uses the mark-up language called WML instead of regular HTML.

The WAP facility is available over CSD & GPRS for the CellOne customers.

MMS ( Multimedia Messaging Service )

Mobile Messaging is evolving beyond SMS text messaging with the introduction of MMS
(Multimedia Messaging Service). MMS delivers a total communication experience, allowing
personalized multimedia content such as images, audio, text, video and combinations of

Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) is a store and forward messaging service that allows
mobile subscribers to exchange multimedia messages with other mobile subscribers. As such
it can be seen as an evolution of SMS, with MMS supporting the transmission of additional
media types:

MMS is an important emerging service, which allows the sending of multiple media in a single
message, and the ability to send a message to multiple recipients.

The originator can easily create a Multimedia Message, either using a built-in or accessory
camera, or can use images and sounds stored previously in the phone (and possibly
downloaded from a web site).

Even if the recipient phone is not switched on, the Multimedia Message will be stored and sent
to the recipient as soon as they switch on their phone. If the recipient has not subscribed to
the MMS service, still he/she can view the MMS through internet based on the SMS
notification he/she gets.

A number of Multimedia Messages can be stored in the users handset and reviewed or
forwarded at a later date.

The MMS facility is available over GPRS for the BSNL Mobile customers.

                            sms GPRS to 53733
                                    to activate your GPRS

For automatic, hassle free configuration of your handsets for GPRS services, please click
below and follow the instructions, the GPRS settings shall be automatically downloaded on
your handset.

Alternatively, for manual configuration of parameters of your handsets, please click the link
below as per your location in India. (Only limited handsets are covered.)

       East Zone
       West Zone


        North Zone

       South Zone - GPRS | WAP | MMS

GPRS/EDGE tariff applicable to 2G Data Card and Voice plans

a) Postpaid 2G Data Card tariff plans:-

  FMC of plan in          Free data usage                Additional usage
   Rs./Month*         Day/Any      Night Usage        charges with pulse rate
                     time usage                              of 10KB
        Nil              Nil             Nil                Rs.0.01/10KB
         49            300 MB           2 GB                Rs.0.01/10KB
         89             2 GB             Nil                Rs.0.01/10KB
        199             2 GB            4 GB                Rs.0.01/10KB
        249                   Unlimited                          NA

*Service tax as applicable extra.
b) Prepaid 2G Data Card tariff plans:-

 MRP of RCV in               Free data usage                        Additional usage                Validity in
     Rs.^                Day/Any      Night Usage                 charge with pulse rate              days
                        time usage                                       of 10KB
        Nil                 Nil             Nil                        Rs.0.01/10KB                      NA
          7               100 MB            Nil                        Rs.0.01/10KB                    1 day
         14               200 MB            Nil                        Rs.0.01/10KB                    3 days
         54               300 MB           2 GB                        Rs.0.01/10KB                   30 days
         98                2 GB             Nil                        Rs.0.01/10KB                   30 days
        219                2 GB            4 GB                        Rs.0.01/10KB                   30 days
        274                      Unlimited                                  NA                        30 days
        555                       10 GB                                Rs.0.01/10KB                  180 days

a)^ MRP of RCV is inclusive of Service Tax @10.30%

b)The MRP in the price band upto Rs.3 (+/-) of above price considering the technical feasibility may be
done at the circle level.

c)GPRS/Edge Services may be activated under prepaid mobile services without any minimum balance

d)The free data usage allowed is also applicable while in national roaming.

e) The usage charges beyond free usage will be same for Home LSA and roaming.

f) The base voice plan in case of postpaid 2G data plans will be Plan 99 and in case of prepaid data plans
the tariff of Saral Anant plan. No Fixed Monthly Charges (FMC) will be recovered from the data plans for the
base voice plan.

g)The RCVs mentioned above will increase both main and dedicated account validity.

2. The above, revised tariff will be allowed to all customers who want to take data plan from BSNL,
irrespective of purchasing data card from BSNL or not.

In case of Assam, JK & NR LSAs instructions of DOT/TRAI regarding validity will be complied with.

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