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					Ready to be Vegetarian?
Because of the desire for healthy, beautiful, and to reduce global warming, making the decision
to not consume animal flesh and dairy products. Such a person is usually called vegetarians. But,
did you know that there are several types of vegetarians on the basis of what is consumed? What
are the benefits and difficulties that have to undergo a diet like this?

Benefits of Being Vegetarian

Benefits of a vegetarian is good for health. Benefits include:

   * Useful for body health. We need fiber to help the digestive process to work well and are a lot
of fiber found in vegetables and fruits. Vegetables and fruits contain many antioxidants that can
prevent cancer, heart disease or diabetes.
   * Vitamins are contained in vegetables and fruit can increase the beauty, ageless skin to
consume them. Vegetables and fruits can make the body appear thinner.
   * Helps to reduce global warming disturbing the earth's population. Ranch became one of the
causes of global warming due to pollution are quite large.

Difficulty Becoming Vegetarian

In addition to the benefits, there was also a feeling of not able to try vegetarianism. Causes that
may be experienced:

   * Basically do not like vegetables and fruit but very fond of meat, making it very difficult if
you do not eat meat in a day
   * By being a vegetarian felt it would be difficult if you have to eat out because it was difficult
to find vegetarian food on the market.

Vegetarian Types

After seeing some of the benefits and difficulties, you may be interested to become a vegetarian
too. Vegetarian type consists of:

  * Vegan
    This type do not consume animal flesh whether it is red meat, poultry or fish meat and also
do not consume animal products processed from a case of eggs, milk, or cheese.
  * Lacto Vegetarian
    This type is the type of vegetarian yangTtdak consume all types of meat (red meat, poultry or
fish meat) and eggs. But still consume milk.
   * Lacto ovo vegetarian
    This type does not consume any type of meat but still allowed to eat eggs or milk.
   * Vegetarian Pesca
    This type does not consume red meat or poultry meat but still allowed to consume eggs, milk
and fish meat.
   * Flexitarian
    This type is the level of the most lax because of this type are still allowed to consume meat
and dairy products occasionally.
   * Frutarian
    This type is only eating fruits, grains and nuts that contain lots of vitamin E and is useful for
skin beauty and ageless.
   * Raw Foodist
    This type is only eating raw foods, because cooking process is considered to damage the
good substances contained in food.

The decision to become vegetarian or not is your own decisions you can think of to consider the
benefits and difficulties.

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