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									                                                             26TH SEPTEMBER 2010

                       T H E               E D I F I E R

                                New New Creations
I still remember the day in 1989 when “cold fusion” became a reality. I was working
with the Blacktown congregation and was on my way to the local shops when the
announcement was made. Two American scientists, Martin Fleischmann and
Stanley Pons, had successfully produced “cold fusion” in a laboratory experiment.

The discovery promised, without the extreme heat of nuclear fusion, an endless
source of energy and was hailed as initially met with great rejoicing which was
soon replaced with silence. What went wrong? Whatever those two men had cre-
ated was just not reproducible, try as they might, they just could not make the
same thing happen again.

Paul tells the Corinthians (and us) that “ if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation;
the old has gone, the new has come!” (2 Cor.5:17) and most of us can recall a pe-
riod, usually just after our conversion, when we felt just that way, cleansed, forgiven
of our sins and ready for eternity. Unfortunately that utopian state didn’t last being
overwhelmed by a renewed awareness of our sins. Worse, just as in the “cold fu-
sion” experiment, we find ourselves unable to recreate that feeling again.

Fortunately the same passage which reminds us of just what we were also, if we
trace Paul’s argument back to its source, provides us with the means to feel that
way again. Two things assist us in this search, Paul’s use of the term “ministry” and
the use of the word “therefore”. Every therefore in the text links the thoughts which
follows with what came before and if we follow the word back we find the “trail”
leads us back to chapter 3 where Paul begins his discussion of his ministry. We
have our source!!

    5 Not that we are competent in ourselves to claim anything for ourselves,
    but our competence comes from God. 6 He has made us competent as
    ministers of a new covenant- — not of the letter but of the Spirit; for the
    letter kills, but the Spirit gives life. 7 Now if the ministry that brought death,
    which was engraved in letters on stone, came with glory, so that the Isra-
    elites could not look steadily at the face of Moses because of its glory,
    fading though it was, 8 will not the ministry of the Spirit be even more glo-
    rious? (2 Cor 3:5-8)

How do we recreate the sensation and reality of being a “new
creation” despite our inability to live up to the description?
(continued inside…)
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                  Welcome                                               us into new creations
We welcome you this morning and hope              is well within our grasp.
and pray that your time with us will be spiri-    Stuart
tually uplifting and fulfilling. We look for-
                                                              Revive 2010 Camp
ward to seeing you again.
                                                  There is a large gathering of youths across
                                                  Australia at the camp this weekend. Many
Stuart’s article—continued from front
                                                  of our youths will be worshipping there to-
                                                  day. Pray that they have an uplifting camp.
We accept that the letter kills. The letter
here is the Law and, by extension, any sys-
tem which causes us to rely upon our-
                                                             Sermons On-Line
selves. Paul argues that such a system will
                                                  Recordings of past sermons can be viewed
kill us because all it does is put the focus
                                                  from    our     website     at   http://
back on us and our inability to be what God
wants us to be. If we would be once again
“new creations” we must accept that self
reliance is simply wrong.
                                                    Young Christian couple from Germany
We must resist the pull of the “Law”.
                                                               coming to Australia
Despite its inability to deal with sin the law
                                                                           Hello! Some of you
and the self reliance it represents is attrac-
                                                                           might still remem-
tive to us as it make us the masters of our
                                                                           ber me. Having
own lives. It ma be gelorious but it can’t
                                                                           been to Melbourne
help us feel like new creations and must be
                                                                           as a young secon-
                                                                           dary school teacher
We must replace the letter with “the                                       some years ago, I
Spirit”. The Spirit of God, says Paul is the
                                                                           am actually plan-
new standard which provides life. Paul sug-
                                                  ning to return down under together with my
gests that the Spirit achieves his purpose
                                                  husband this November until July next
when we concentrate on His glory allowing
ourselves to be filled with Him. Just what
                                                  In that regard, we are looking for an afford-
this means is made clear by 2 Corthins
                                                  able fully furnished accommodation in Mel-
3:17 where Paul tells us that we will be
                                                  bourne, a car and also a job for my hus-
transformed into Jesus likeness. In other
                                                  band, who is currently working as an engi-
words the Spirit leads us to become like
                                                  neer in the environmental sector.
Jesus. Instead of seeking to save our-
                                                  Therefore, we would very much appreciate
selves we accept the salvation offered by
                                                  if any of you could be of assistance with
God and live in the Spirit by imitating Je-
                                                  either accommodation, car or work to help
                                                  us getting settled in our new living place.
This is how the “new creation” was made in
                                                  Looking forward to meeting you soon.
the first place and this is how it will be rec-
                                                  Ania & Christian Loos
reated in us. Replicating the experiment
which produced cold fusion remains an illu-
sive goal but reproducing that which made
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              Library News                         will be back on 2nd October.
A new book, by our much loved brother            The Donnelley family are in India and will
Max Lucado, "It's Not About Me.", has              be spending time at Sathupalli Childrens’
been added to the library. An excerpt from         Home
the book cover:                                  The Rowleys are holidaying in NSW and
" If you want to shift into high gear with         QLD. They will be back on September 27
purpose, this is it: Life makes sense when
we accept our place! Our pleasures, our                           Prayers Please
problems, our gifts and talents . . . when       For Ron Tabe (David’s dad) as he under-
they're all for the One who created us, we         goes cancer treatment
suddenly gain what we have been missing          For Peter R, Chorlian and Gareth as they
and find what we've been seeking.                  seek employment
   Let Max Lucado show you how to make           Ash Crill as he accepts a new job offer
the shift of a lifetime. How to bump your life   For Mervin as he recovers from a severe
off self-center. How to be changed and ex-         flu (H1N1)
perience the meaning-changed life you            For our search for a full-time worker
were meant to have. Your discovery starts        For Hannah’s health
here."                                           For Sue (David Wilson's sister) as she is
Check out book #CL 569 and check out               not too well this week
book #CL 569.                                    For Kaleb, young son of Dave & Kristi
Leone Smith                                        (Vicki Baldwin’s brother & sister-in-
                                                   law). Kaleb has Cystic Fibrosis and is
              For the Record                       currently very unwell. Please keep Kaleb,
19th September 2010:                               his younger sister Hannah, Dave, Kristi
Contribution:$1364.00                              and their family in your prayers
Attendance: English Worship: 96                  For Brad, a friend of one of Jackie Bald-
             Chinese Worship: 16                   win’s work colleagues. He is beginning
                                                   chemo for pancreatic cancer and has a
             People Movements                      difficult road ahead. For Peter Collier
The Tabalujan family are in the US visit-        (Jean’s husband) who is recovering from
  ing with family and church brethren. They        an operation on his spine

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