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									                   THE DOMESTIC CHURCH:                                       Courageous Bible Study series
                                                                              for Women by Stacy Mitch
                        FAMILY AND FAITH                                      Intended for individual or group study,
                                                                              the Courageous series examines the
“To maintain a joyful family requires much from both the parents              teaching of Sacred Scripture on
and the children. Each member of the family has to become, in a               women and the feminine pursuit of
special way, the servant of the others.”                                      holiness for women of all ages and
-John Paul II                                                                 walks of life. Each book includes a
 An experienced mother once said that homeschooling will magnify your         leader’s guide and study questions to
family’s strengths and weaknesses. Focus first on building a healthy          help promote and direct discussion.
family life and a solid foundation for your educational efforts. The seeds
of faith, hope and love will yield an abundant harvest whatever your
educational choices may be.
                                                                              Courageous Love : A Bible Study on Holiness for Women takes
                                                                              seriously the fact that everyone is called to holiness, and offers sound,
                                                                              spiritual guidance to women of all ages and backgrounds.              $9.95
The Domestic Church: Room by                                                  Courageous Virtue: A Bible Study on Moral Excellence for
Room: A Study Guide for                                                       Women explores how virtue can help women in their daily walks with the
Mothers                                                                       Lord and in everyday life. She focuses on the cardinal virtues (fortitude,
by Donna-Marie Cooper O'Boyle                                                 temperance, justice, and prudence) and the theological virtues (faith, hope,
Don t cry over spilled milk. Transcend                                        and love).                                                           $8.95
it. Pope John Paul II wrote that the                                          Courageous Women: A Study on the Heroines of Biblical
little domestic Church, like the greater                                      History uses the stories of Sarah, Esther, Judith, the Blessed Mother,
Church, needs to be constantly and                                            and other heroines of Scripture to help readers see how they can follow
intensely evangelized: hence its duty regarding permanent education in the    these examples in their daily lives. Divided into nine sections, this book is
faith. That’s a tall order for busy Catholic mothers. You might even say it   ideal for individual or group study.                                  $11.95
s as big as a house. You wouldn’t want to clean the whole thing in one fell
swoop, but if you take it one room at a time you’ll get the job done. In a
systematic course that’s equally useful for groups as for individuals, this
                                                                              Please Don’t Drink the Holy
talented author shows how to remodel a home and form a family after the
spiritual design of Holy Mother Church.                              $18.95   Water! by Susie Lloyd
                                                                              Come along for a ride in Susie’s full
                                                                              size van as she faces the trials of
                                                                              Family Rosary and tangles with snide
                                                                              education experts, gruff confessors,
                                                                              and relatives who tell her it’s time to
                                       Grace Cafe
                                                                              wake up and join the “real world.” But
                                       by Donna-Marie Cooper O'Boyle
                                                                              Susie’s already in the Real World: a
                                        Ever wish you had a cookbook for
                                                                              happy Catholic family on its way to
                                        life as a Catholic wife and
                                                                              heaven! Warning: this book kept me up
                                        mother … a step-by-step guide
                                                                              laughing all night!          $14.95
                                        for various “domestic church”
                                        situations? Consider your prayers
                                        answered. The recipe theme may        Bless Me, Father, For I
                                        be lighthearted, fun even, but        Have Kids by Susie Lloyd
                                        there’s real nourishment to be        The uninterrupted life is not worth
 had in this wonderful dish too. Inspiriting entrees — practical ways         living. Got questions about Catholic
 Catholic women can live out their familial vocation — are seasoned with      family life? You’ve come to the
 simple suggestions for answering Christ’s universal call to holiness.        right place! As a lifelong Catholic,
 Lovely poems conclude each chapter on a note of warmth that will lift        devoted wife, diligent
 hearts beyond the kitchen and up the path toward heaven.           $14.95    homeschooler, and mother of
                                                                              seven, Susie Lloyd knows lots of
                                                                              people who just might have the answers for you. As she did in her beloved
                                                                              first book, Please Don’t Drink the Holy Water, in these pages Susie Lloyd
The Amazing Grace Series                                                      will charm and edify you with her offbeat — but always pitch-perfect —
                                                                              take on the joys and challenges of raising a Catholic family in today’s
by Jeff Cavins, Matthew Pinto and Patti Armstrong:
                                                                              world.                                                               $14.95
Amazing Grace is a series of stories concerning Faith, Hope, Healing,
Inspiration and Humor. These are real stories that will strengthen your
spirit and nourish your soul.
                                                                              A Mother’s Rule of Life by Holly Pierlot
Amazing   Grace   for   Mother                                                The life of a homeschooling mother can be overwhelming. All the duties of
Amazing   Grace   for   Fathers                                               life blend together and daily life can quickly become chaotic. A Mother’s
                                                                              Rule of Life proposes a system which can bring peace and joy back into
Amazing   Grace   for   Married Couples
                                                                              your life. By helping you order and prioritize your roles and duties you can
Amazing   Grace   for   Families                                              ease the burdens of daily life and balance your roles as woman wife
Amazing   Grace   for   the Catholic Heart                                    mother and teacher. Learn from Holly Pierlot how to craft a Rule that’s
                                                                              right for you and your family. Then use that Rule to help God draw you
                                                         $13.99 each          your husband and each of your children into Heaven!                  $14.95
                                            The Restoration of                                           HOME EDUCATION:
                                            Christian Culture
                                            by John Senior
                                                                                           TEACHING METHODS AND INSPIRATION
                                             Dr. John Senior presents           Each person is unique and each family is made up of a combination of
                                            solutions for restoring             unique individuals. As home educators many of us are constantly searching
                                            Christian culture which is dying    for the perfect “recipe” for our family. But that recipe can’t be found in
                                            around us. We can play a role in    someone else’s cookbook. Like master chefs we experiment and taste the
                                            preserving our 2000 year            results until we get the combination that pleases our own family’s personal
                                            legacy of faith family and          tastes and fills our needs. The ingredients in your homeschool recipe are
                                            civilization. One home and          made up of your own natural or preferred teaching style, the individual
                                            family at a time we can rekindle    learning styles of each child, the lifestyle of your family and the
                                            the light which has been            curriculum you use to achieve your goals. The following resources have
                                            growing dim in our time. This       been chosen specifically to provide a base of experience and wisdom from
                                            has been one of my most             which to learn and glean ingredients. Stir them into the perfect
                                            treasured and inspiring books!      combination for your family and season with love and joy!

                                         401 Ways to Get Your Kids
                                        to Work at Home                         Discover Your Child’s Learning Style
                                                                                by Mariaemma Willis and Victoria Kindle
                                        by Bonnie Runyan McCullough
                                                                                Does your child learn best in the morning,
                                          The year I began homeschooling I
                                                                                afternoon, or evening? Does his reading
                                          attended a support group meeting
                                                                                comprehension increase or decrease when
                                          the theme of which was
                                                                                music is played in the background? Does
                                          encouraging good character in our
                                                                                she prefer to study alone or with others?
                                          children. The speaker stunned us
                                                                                According to nationally respected
                                          with a talk devoted to teaching
                                                                                educators Mariaemma Willis and Victoria
                                          children to do family chores. After
                                                                                Kindle Hodson, our children process
                                          the talk a woman raised her hand
                                                                                information in a multitude of unique ways.
and asked, "I thought this talk was about teaching character, how does
                                                                                What works best for one child is often
this apply?" The answer was that by working together as a family children
                                                                                counterproductive for others. By trying to
learn responsibility, generosity, self-discipline, a good work ethic,
                                                                                force all children into the same learning
cooperation, obedience and so much more!
                                                                                mode we unfairly short-circuit their
"401 Ways to Get Your Kids to Work at Home" is an essential book for
                                                                                education as well as their intellectual
busy parents who would like to get their kids to share the housework and
who would like a systematic program to ensure that their kids know all the
                                                                                Discover Your Child’s Learning Style shows you how to assess and nurture
basic living skills by the time they leave home at age eighteen.      $17.95
                                                                                your child’s individual learning potential based on his or her talents,
                                                                                interests, disposition, preferred environment, and more. Inside is a step-
 Bringing Up Geeks: How to                                                      by-step program of self-awareness tests that guide you to a better
Protect Your Kid's Childhood                                                    understanding of your child’s unique strengths and weaknesses, goals and
in a Grow-Up-Too-Fast                                                           interests, and inner peace. You’ll discover how to create the right
World                                                                           atmosphere for learning in the home. Most important, you’ll help your child
by Mary Beth Hicks                                                              excel not only in school but in life as well.                         $19.95
In a world of superficial values,
peer pressure, and out-of-control
consumerism, the world needs more
GEEKs: Genuine, Enthusiastic,
Empowered Kids. Today’s ‘culture
of cool’ has changed the way kids                                                                                   100 Top Picks for Homeschool
grow up. Rather than enjoying
                                                                                                                    Curriculum: Choosing the Right
innocent childhoods while
                                                                                                                    Curriculum and Approach for
developing strong, authentic
characters, today’s kids can                                                                                        Your Child’s Learning Style
become cynical—even jaded—as                                                                                        by Cathy Duffy
they absorb the dangerous                                                                                             The key to successful home education,
messages and harmful influences of                                                                                    homeschool veterans will tell you, is
a dominant popular culture that                                                                                       determining your educational philosophy
encourages materialism, high-risk                                                                                     and marrying it to your child’s learning
behaviors, and a state of pseudo-                                                                                     style. Then you can make an informed
adulthood.                                                                                                            decision in choosing the right
                                                                                                                      educational curriculum for the child.
Author and Catholic mother of four Marybeth Hicks suggests an                   This is the formula for success. In 100 Top Picks for Homeschool
alternative: bringing up geeks. In this groundbreaking book, she shows          Curriculum, homeschool guru Cathy Duffy can help you accomplish these
parents how they can help their children gain the enthusiasm to pursue          critical tasks. Cathy will give you her top choices from every subject area,
their passions, not just the latest fashions; the confidence to resist peer     approaching everything through a Christian worldview perspective. This
pressure and destructive behaviors; the love of learning that helps them        book is a critical volume for the homeschooling community.              $21.99
excel at school and in life; and the maturity to value family as well as
friends, as well as make good moral decisions. With a foundation like that,
kids will grow up to be the coolest adults.                            $14.00
For the Love of Literature                                                                        EARLY LEARNING RESOURCES
by Maureen Wittmann
You don’t have to use textbooks,                                               Laying the foundation of future academic learning begins with
workbooks and lesson plans to                                                  understanding the developmental needs of the young child and guiding
successfully educate your children. Did                                        them in practicing the skills that they need to become competent and
you know that it’s possible to teach                                           confident lifelong learners!
nearly every subject with great “real”
books! Maureen Wittmann is a well-
known Catholic speaker, writer, and
home educating mom who shares her                                              Mommy Teach Me!
experience, research, and wisdom with                                          by Barbara Curtis
others through this valuable resource.                                         In Mommy, Teach Me author
Whether you want to teach your family using only “real” books as Maureen       Barbara Curtis, a mother of twelve,
does, or just add more interest and enjoyment to your formal lessons this      shares secrets on how to turn
book will provide you with the tools to do so. Features include: grade level   everyday experiences into learning
recommendations, top five picks per subject, extensive resource lists and      opportunities for preschool
more!                                                               $12.95     children. Designed as a user-
                                                                               friendly educational program, this
                                                                               book is filled with interactive exercises for parents to implement with
                                                                               their littlest ones at home. They will discover that while playing, drawing,
                                                                               and just being a kid, children can also be practicing muscle control,
                                    Home School, High School and               concentration, orderliness, and other basic skills that will help them with
                                    Beyond                                     later education and all throughout life.                     $12.99
                                    by Beverly Adams-Gordon
                                      Home School, High School and
                                    Beyond is a time management, study         The Way They SEE It
                                    skills, and organizational how-to book     A Book for Every Parent
                                    specifically written for home schooled     about the Art Children Make
                                    teens and their parents. All the           Do you wish you could look inside
                                    information needed to organize and         your child's mind to see what is
                                    document home school experiences in        behind that artwork he just handed
                                    the high school years is provided.         to you? Do you want to learn how to
It not only shows how to translate real life experiences into high school      respond to a work you just can't
credits, it teaches how to create courses based on interest areas. Getting     decipher?
and keeping home school, high school records organized is easy using the       Learn how to help children gain
reproducible forms provided. Teens are guided through the process step-        skills without drawing for them.
by-step. Making the most out of study efforts and evaluating results are       Offer age-appropriate suggestions
detailed. Daily planning and time management is also covered. Post high        in ways that will encourage your
school education — making choices, getting in, and paying for it — is an       child to continue to be creative.
underlying theme. It is a book every home schooled teen should read!           Encourage use of fine motor and
                                                                     $19.95    sharper thinking skills in 18 project
                                                                               ideas that can be used again and
                                                                               again. This book is for any adult
                                                                               who desires to give a child of
                                                                               three, four, or five an early
Haystack Full of Needles: A                                                    experience with the processes of
Catholic Home Educator's Guide                                                 making art. make art.
                                                                               Creating art has more going for it than making pretty pictures. Making art
to Socialization
                                                                               requires children to make their own decisions about their picture and that
by Alice Gunther
                                                                               produces sharper thinking skills. Fine motor skills are developed as
Most of us at one time or another have
                                                                               children draw, which helps to improve handwriting. Communication skills
had to wrestle with the issue of
                                                                               and story sequencing skills develop as children talk about the pictures they
socialization, either when dealing with
                                                                               produce. This book will suggest ways to turn art times into real educational
friends and family members who
                                                                               experiences, resulting in enthusiastic artists who are ready to learn more,
question our decision to home educate,
                                                                               see more, and create more art!
or when in our own hearts we worry
                                                                               No previous knowledge of art concepts is required on the part of adult or
about our children's hopes for
                                                                               child. YES, you can give your child wonderful art experiences, that will
friendship. In this book Alice shows
                                                                               help him or her to progress smoothly through the natural stages of
that "Socialization is not the weakness
                                                                               artistic development, regardless of whether you can draw a stick figure
of home education—it is its strength
                                                                               or not. You will also gain a perspective that allows you to appreciate what
and joy."
                                                                               they produce at any age.
Alice chronicles her own path from skepticism about home educating's
                                                                               18 lessons include a Grown-Up Talk that will help you understand children's
ability to provide sufficient social experiences for her children, to the
                                                                               artistic development, the different approaches they use, and the reasons
flowering of a local home school group that provides its members with
                                                                               children make art. Brown boxes at the bottom of the page offer practical
meaningful social experiences within the context of home educating.
                                                                               tips when teaching art to young children.                             $42.95
Full of examples and practical suggestions, this will be an extremely
uplifting addition to your collection of home education resources.
The Three R’s                                                                                                                Explode the Code Series
by Ruth Beechick                                                                                                          Explode The Code provides a
Three homeschooling classics are now three resources in one – A Strong                                                   sequential, systematic approach to
Start in Reading, Writing and Arithmetic: The Three R’s. Learn how to                                                    phonics in which students blend
take the mystery out of teaching the early grades with this practical,                                                   sounds to build vocabulary and read
down-to-earth guidebook from Ruth Beechick. The book is divided into                                                     words, phrases, sentences, and
three sections that are tabbed for easy reference. The READING section                                                   stories. Frequent review of
tells how and when to begin phonics, and how to develop comprehension                                                    previously learned concepts helps
skills. The LANGUAGE section shows how to develop written language                                                       increase retention. Each workbook
skills naturally, in the same way children learn oral language. The                                                      in this series contains exercises
ARITHMETIC section explains how to teach understanding of math                                                           that incorporate reading, writing,
concepts with practical activities and hands-on projects.           $12.00                                               matching and copying. The
                                                                                                                         consistent format of the books
            Kumon Preschool Readiness Activity Books                                                                     helps facilitate independent work.
These are not your ordinary workbooks and definitely not just “busy work.”      This series includes primers—Get Ready for The Code, Get Set for The
Each colorful book in this series teaches a specific skill, gradually           Code, and Go for The Code—which introduce initial consonant sounds. In
increasing in difficulty until the skill is mastered. Using these books your    addition, Beyond The Code provides a comprehension component
young child will gradually increase in eye-hand coordination and small          introducing basic comprehension skills with phonetically controlled stories.
muscle control – essential tasks for learning to read and write well.           The first three books in this series introduce students to the sounds of
Recommended for ages 2-5.                                                       initial and final consonants. They also prepare students for reading and
                                                                                writing through letter formation, tracking skills, and phonemic awareness
First Steps series for ages 2 and up, who have never used a workbook            activities.
before. The colorful and easy exercises in each First Steps workbook
provide toddlers with the opportunity to become comfortable with the            Book A: Get Ready for the Code            $7.00
tools that are essential in schoolwork – scissors, glue, pencils and crayons.   Book B: Get Set for the Code              $7.00
These workbooks also teach the motor skills and problem-solving abilities       Book C: Go for the Code                   $7.00
that are a child’s First Steps towards success.
                                                                  $5.95 each    Explode the Code
Let’s Color!                                                                    Please note: BOOK NUMBERS BELOW ARE NOT GRADE LEVELS.
Let’s Cut Paper!                                                                Students progress through the series at their own pace. ½ books are for
Let’s Fold!                                                                     extra practice if needed.                                 $7.95 each
Let’s Sticker & Paste!
More Let’s Color!                                                               Explode   the   Code   Books 1 - 3.5
 More Let’s Cut Paper!                                                          Explode   the   Code   Book 1 Short vowel sounds
More Let’s Fold!                                                                Explode   the   Code   Book 1.5
More Let’s Sticker & Paste!                                                     Explode   the   Code   Book 2 Initial and final consonant blends
                                                                                Explode   the   Code   Book 2.5
Kumon Basic Skills series for Ages 3-6                                          Explode   the   Code   Book 3 y as a vowel, silent final e, vowel and
  The heart of the Kumon method of teaching is to isolate specific skills,      consonant digraphs
working toward mastery of one skill before moving on to the next. Each          Explode the Code Book 3.5
workbook focuses on teaching one specific skill from start to finish.
                              $6.95 each                                        Code Cards for use with books 1-3.5            $9.60
My Book of Coloring
My First Book of Tracing                                                        Explode the Code Books 4 - 8                                      $7.95 each
My Book of Easy Mazes
My First Book of Mazes                                                          Explode the Code Book 4 Compound words, common endings,
Amazing Mazes                                                                   syllabification
My First Book of Cutting                                                        Explode the Code Book 4.5
My Book of Pasting                                                              Explode the Code Book 5 -ed/-ey endings, word families, 3 letter
My Book of Easy Crafts                                                          blends
My Book of Amazing Crafts                                                       Explode   the   Code   Book   5.5
My Book of Number Games, 1-70                                                   Explode   the   Code   Book   6 silent letters, vowel dipthongs
My Book of Number Games, 1-120                                                  Explode   the   Code   Book   6.5
My Book of Number Games, 1-150                                                  Explode   the   Code   Book   7 soft c/g, silent letters, -ear, -ei,-eigh
                                                                                Explode   the   Code   Book   8 common suffixes and endings
                         LEARNING TO READ
                                                                                Beyond the Code is ideal for developing critical comprehension skills.
Mommy Teach Me to Read: A                                                       These books feature charmingly illustrated stories that will engage
                                                                                students and develop comprehension skills as well as critical thinking skills.
Complete and Easy-To-Use
                                                                                Writing and spelling exercises introduce new sight words and teach
Home Reading Program
                                                                                phonetic patterns.
by Barbara Curtis
Mommy, Teach Me to Read helps
                                                                                Beyond the Code Books 1-4                      $7.95 each
parents develop reading skills and a
love of books in their children at
                                                                                Beyond    the   Code   Book   1
home in the years before time with
                                                                                Beyond    the   Code   Book   2
traditional schooling begins. The easy-to-learn and fun-to-follow reading
                                                                                Beyond    the   Code   Book   3
programs and activities presented in the book offer a wonderfully
                                                                                Beyond    the   Code   Book   4
rewarding way to spend your children before they start school. A mother
of 12 children, the author developed this at-home educational resource to
help any child age 7 or younger become a better, more enthusiastic reader
in a world where reading means succeeding.                          $12.99
Teach Your Child to Read 100
Easy Lessons
Siegfried Engelmann
 Teach Your Child to Read in 100
Easy Lessons is a complete, step-by-
step program that shows patents
simply and clearly how to teach their
children to read. Twenty minutes a
day is all you need, and within 100
teaching days your child will be                                                 Phonics Pathways: Clear Steps to Easy Reading and Perfect
reading on a solid second-grade                                                  Spelling
reading level.                                                                   by Delores Hiskes
It’s a sensible, easy-to-follow, and enjoyable way to help your child gain the
                                                                                 Now in its ninth edition, Phonics Pathways (with help from Dewey the
essential skills of reading. Everything you need is here — no paste, no
                                                                                 Bookworm™) teaches students of all ages the rudiments of phonics
scissors, no flash cards, no complicated directions — just you and your child    and spelling with an efficient, practical, and foolproof method. Written in
learning together. One hundred lessons, fully illustrated and color-coded for
                                                                                 an easy-to-use format, Phonics Pathways is organized by sounds and
clarity, give your child the basic and more advanced skills needed to become     spelling patterns. The patterns are introduced one at a time and slowly
a good reader.                                                         $20.00
                                                                                 built into syllables, words, phrases, and sentences. Printed in a large 8-
                                                                                 1/2" x 11" lay-flat format for easy photocopying, Phonics Pathways is filled
                                                                                 with illustrative examples, word lists, and practice readings that are 100
                                       Reading Reflex: The                       percent decodable. While appropriate for K-2 emergent readers, this
                                       Foolproof Phono-Graphix                   award-winning book has also been used successfully with adolescent and
                                       Method for Teaching Your                  adult learners, as well as second language learners and students with
                                       Child to Read                             learning disabilities such as dyslexia.                               $29.95
                                       by Carmen Mcguiness
                                                                                 Reading Pathways: Simple Exercises to Improve Reading
                                         Reading is the single most
                                                                                 Fluency by Delores Hiskes
                                         important skill for any child to
                                                                                 Now in its fifth edition, Reading Pathways offers an easy-to-use, highly
                                         develop. And the key to learning
                                                                                 effective approach to teaching reading accuracy and fluency to students
                                         how to read effectively is
                                                                                 of all ages, using a unique pyramid format.     Reading pyramids begins
                                         recognizing the sounds that letters
                                                                                 with one word, and slowly build into phrases and sentences of gradually
                                         and words represent. With the help
                                                                                 increasing complexity. As the student moves from the pinnacle to the base
                                         of the revolutionary system known
                                                                                 of each pyramid, the phrase or sentence becomes a more interesting and
                                         as Phono-Graphix™, you and your
                                                                                 expansive, and the student’s confidence grows with each line completed.
                                         child can discover the sound-
                                                                                 Progressively building up the amount of text per line increases eye span,
                                         picture code that is the foundation
                                                                                 strengthens eye tracking, and develops reading fluency. The book also
                                         of the written English language.
                                                                                 features more challenging multi-syllable word pyramid exercises and
An effective and easy-to-understand approach, Phono-Graphix enables you
                                                                                 games to further develop fluency and vocabulary. Learning to read long
to teach your child to read in one-tenth the time of phonics with a 100
                                                                                 words by syllables removes the fear and mystique of multi-syllable words
percent success rate. In just eleven weeks, you can bring your
                                                                                 and helps students build the strong vocabulary so critical for success in
kindergartner to first-grade-level reading — even learning-disabled
                                                                                 reading and writing.                                               $24.95
children can reach grade level or higher in just twelve weeks.
Reading Reflex provides you with:
* Simple diagnostic tests to determine your child’s reading level, and a
Literacy Growth Chart so you’ll know what goals to establish
* Detailed instructions and illustrations to help your child develop strong,
consistent reading skills and to correct ineffective reading strategies
such as part-word reading and memorizing                                         Handwriting without Tears
* Fun and easy-to-follow exercises, hands-on materials, worksheets,              This series is especially great for
stories, and games that you and your child can do together                       children who have difficulties with
* Enjoyable lessons that are carefully constructed to meet the interests         eye-hand coordination as well as
and capabilities of children of all ages                           $16.00        many boys who are adept at large
                                                                                 muscle activities but find fine
 The Ordinary Parent's                                                           motor skills more challenging.
                                                                                 Handwriting Without Tears® has
 Guide to Teaching Reading
                                                                                 unique strategies that appeal to all
 by Jessie Wise
                                                                                 styles of learners.
 A plain-English guide to teaching
                                                                                 The Handwriting Without Tears® curriculum teaches the easiest skills
 phonics. Every parent can teach
                                                                                 first and then builds on prior lessons. Letters are taught in a sequence
 reading; no experts need apply!
                                                                                 that makes sense developmentally: in groups of similar formation. After
 Take charge of your child’s
                                                                                 children master the easier letters, they are ready to move on to more
 literacy with this jargon-free
                                                                                 difficult letters in both print and cursive.
 phonics guide. Too many parents
 watch their children struggle
                                                                                 Student Workbooks                             $8.99 each
 with early reading skills — and
                                                                                 Teacher Guides available for each level       $8.99 each
 don't know
 how to help. Phonics programs are too often complicated, overpriced,
                                                                                 Pre-K Student “Get Set for School”
 gimmicky, and filled with obscure educationalese. This guide cuts
                                                                                 Book K Student “Letters and Numbers for Me”
 through the confusion, giving parents a simple, direct, scripted guide
                                                                                 Book 1 Student “My Printing Book
 to teaching reading — from short vowels through
                                                                                 2 Student “Printing Power”
 supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. The Ordinary Parent's Guide to
                                                                                 3 Student “Cursive Handwriting”
 Teaching Reading is user-friendly, affordable, and easy to follow —
                                                                                 4 Student “Cursive Success”
 supplying you with everything you need to teach reading in one book.
                                                                                 5 Student “Can-do Cursive”
                                        Italic Handwriting Series                Draw-Write-Now
                                        Even if you’ve never taught              Add drawing instruction to your language arts program to inspire and
                                        handwriting, you’ll find the Italic      motivate elementary grade children. A child’s drawing provides the
                                        Handwriting Series easy to follow        perfect writing prompt and framework for a story, while drawing before
                                        and full of step-by-step guidance,       practicing handwriting helps children work more carefully and with more
                                        tips, and creative practice              purpose. Drawing can also encourage the quiet child to speak or give the
                                        materials. Each of the eight books       talkative child a fomat to focus their discussion. Elementary language arts
                                        in the series has been designed to       are strengthened with drawing instruction and it is a fun way to
                                        utilize the child’s natural curiosity    supplement the curriculum for both the teacher and the student.
and thirst for learning. The unique “Look-Plan-Practice” approach to self-       Handwriting is more that just teaching children to write pretty. A child
assessment enhances legibility while empowering the child—encouraging            who can write fluidly and neatly can also get their ideas on paper quickly
responsibility for his or her own progress. Italic writing is designed to        and can focus on content over letter formation. Children become fluent
naturally ease the transition from manuscript to cursive writing.                writers while developing the foundation of good handwriting: sitting
                                                                 $8.75 each      correctly and gripping the pencil correctly, knowing the chosen
                                                                                 handwriting style and forming the letters by memory, and developing a
                                                                                 flow to writing by keeping the pencil and the hand loose and comfortable.
Italic Handwriting Student Wkbk A                                                All of this is developed through practice, and drawing can motivate a child
Designed for the beginning student of handwriting and is recommended             to practice carefully.
for preschool, kindergarten, and/or early first grade.
Italic Handwriting Student Wkbk B
Recommended for late kindergarten, first grade, and/or early second
Italic Handwriting Student Wkbk C
Recommended for grade two, however it is also suitable for the latter part
of grade one or early grade three.
Italic Handwriting Student Wkbk D
Third grade or advanced second grade, this book begins with a thorough
review of basic italic, then presents the cursive joins in sequence. After
all the joins are learned the cursive capitals are shown.
                                                                                 Draw Write Now Texts                                      $12.99 each
 Italic Handwriting Student Wkbk E
                                                                                 These non-consumable texts do not need to be used in any specific order.
Provides further practice with cursive capitals and lowercase joins. For
                                                                                 Each text contains the copywork selections and step-by-step pictures for
the student new to italic handwriting an introduction to basic italic is
                                                                                 the child to copy into their own workbook. Select the workbooks that
provided, as well as an overview of the cursive joins.
                                                                                 correspond to your child’s interests or course of study.
Italic Handwriting Student Wkbk F
Recommended for fifth grade.
                                                                                 *Draw Write Now Book 1 Farm Life, Kids & Critters, Storybook
Italic Handwriting Student Wkbk G
For sixth grade and beyond (although older students might prefer our
book for adults “Write Now.”
                                                                                 *Draw Write Now Book 2 Christopher Columbus, Harvest Time,
Italic Handwriting Instructors Manual        $10.75
Teacher’s guide for all levels.
                                                                                 *Draw Write Now Book 3 Native Americans, North America, The

New American Cursive                                                             *Draw Write Now Book 4 The Polar Regions, Arctic, Antarctic
Cursive Handwriting Program for
First Grade and Up                                                               *Draw Write Now Book 5 United States, Westward Growth, Moving
by Iris Hatfield                                                                 Forward
The New American Cursive is an
easy-to-follow resource for                                                      *Draw Write Now Book 6 Animal Habitats: On Land, Ponds & Rivers,
teaching beginning cursive. It                                                   Oceans
presents simplified letter forms,
using multi-sensory methods to aid                                               *Draw Write Now Book 7 Animals of the World: Forest Animals
in the learning of motor skills
necessary to write well. Developed                                               *Draw Write Now Book 8 Animals of the World: Grassland and Desert
by Iris Hatfield, with over 35                                                   Animals
years of experience in the
handwriting field, the book
improves the process of teaching
handwriting and allows students to                                               Draw Write Now Workbook
start at a younger age.                                                          The workbook is a blank book
$22.95                                                                           designed to be used with the Draw
                                                                                 Write Now lessons, as a journal, or
Start Write Handwriting Software                                                 with any writing assignments. It
Create customized handwriting worksheets and lessons in cursive and              contains 48 smooth white pages —
manuscript with Startwrite handwriting software. Startwrite makes                enough for 24 lessons. Children can
teaching and learning penmanship skills fun and easy! No more consumable         draw their picture on the blank
workbooks, print your practice sheets as you need them. Includes                 page, then use the facing page to
D'Nealian, Italic and Traditional scripts as well as phonetic images and         write on the 5/8" guidelines. $2.99
writing lines in sizes for all levels of handwriting practice. Create your own
copywork pages and compile a notebook of you literature and poetry
selections from your other subjects. This is the best value for families
with several children!
(Choose Windows or Mac version)                                        $39.95
                                SPELLING                                                                               Spelling Power, 4th Edition
                                                                                                                         by Beverly Adams-Gordon
                                                                                                                         Your children will master the 5,000
                                          Sequential Spelling Series
                                                                                                                         most frequently used words at
                                       Sequential Spelling is the only
                                                                                                                         their own pace — in just 15 minutes
                                       method of teaching spelling that
                                                                                                                         a day. These words are divided
                                       eliminates the Study-for-the-test-
                                                                                                                         into 11 levels based on their usage.
                                       and-forget-by-Monday syndrome.
                                                                                                                         Each level of Spelling Power’s
                                       Each of the 7 levels has 180 daily
                                                                                                                         unique word list is then further
                                       tests of 21 words for a total of
                                                                                                                         organized by phonetic principles
                                       over 25,000 words! It's a real help
                                                                                                                         and spelling rules.
                                       for homeschoolers in learning
                                                                               Additional words that your students needs to master are taken from your
                                       spelling. The Sequences are not
                                                                               student’s own writing errors and added to your Spelling Power program
                                       based on grade level curriculum.
                                                                               using the provided resources. Your students continue to study each of
                                       The sequences are based on
                                                                               these words until they have spelled them correctly at least once.
                                       building from easy words to
                                                                               Then Spelling Power’s spiral curriculum approach of repeated, spaced
                                       advanced words as from all, tall,
                                                                               review assures your students will master every word they study. And your
                                       stall, install, installment,
                                                                               students will master them! Spelling Power’s six levels of built-in review
                                       installation. All students should
                                                                               guarantees that every word taught will be mastered.
                                       start with Level 1.
                                                                               Multi-sensory study steps, inductive learning activities, interesting skill-
                                       What makes this program
                                                                               building activities and games, and the incorporation of spelling into the
                                                                               rest of your curriculum are integral aspects of the Spelling Power program.
*The child doesn’t study anything (they remember the patterns used to
                                                                               Everything you need to teach each of your students spelling skills to the
spell the words—even after the test).
                                                                               college level is contained in this one easy-to-use, step-by-step curriculum
*The child is tested on patterns of the English language.
*The child corrects his own paper as he is taking the test immediately.
                                                                               You’ll even find everything you need to know to teach them proofreading
*The rules of the English language are embedded in the program, without
                                                                               and dictionary skills. Much less teacher-intensive than Spell to Read and
lengthy explanations.
                                                                               Write but a very thorough program that leads to mastery learning.
*The emphasis is on learning the patterns of spelling for mastery of the
                                                                               The new 4th edition now includes a 60-minute quick start DVD
                                                                               presentation by Spelling Power author Beverly L. Adams-Gordon which
*The emphasis is on the meanings of the words (root words, suffixes).
                                                                               focuses on the basic approach to daily spelling sessions. You’ll be guided
*The sequencing of the words is based on research and the building of
                                                                               step-by-step through the these key aspects of the Adams-Gordon Spelling
English words from the root word to expanded forms.
                                                                               Power program as you watch real moms and children:
*Children build confidence when they can spell words that they’ve never
                                                                               Determine Readiness and Placement Level
seen before without studying.
                                                                               Test using the Flow-Word-Lists
This program makes sense, is easy to use and children don't just jump
                                                                               Conduct Multi-Sensory Study Sessions
through hoops to pass a test, they truly learn to spell and carry that
                                                                               Review and Re-teach Spelling Words
learning over into their writing!
                                                                               Record Individual Student Progress
Each level includes one Teacher Book containing instructions and word lists
                                                                               Also included is a CD-ROM for the Spelling Power Program which includes:
and one FREE Student Response Book. If you are teaching more than one
                                                                               All the forms in the Book printable in Blue ink
child you will need a Student Response Book for each child.
                                                                               The activities from the Discovery Activities ready to print
Please note: Numbers do NOT correspond to grade levels. All students
                                                                               Word lists for younger students as penmanship practice
should start with level 1 and move through the levels sequentially at their
own pace.
                                                                               Book, Teacher Resources CD-ROM and Quick Start DVD              $64.95

Level   1                                 Level 5
                                                                               Spelling Power Activity Task
Level   2                                 Level 6
Level   3                                 Level 7                              Cards
Level   4                                                                      Spelling Powe Activity Task Cards
                                          $19.95 per level includes one free   are the new, fun way to master
                                          Student Response Book                spelling words and strengthen
Extra Student Response Book             $9.95                                  language arts skills. The Activity
                                                                               Task Cards give you hundreds of
                                                                               ways to make spelling easy-to-
                                                                               teach and easy-to-learn. Just like
                                                                               Spelling Power, the Activity Task
A Spelling Dictionary for
                                                                               Cards box covers interest and
Beginning Writers                                                              ability levels and learning styles
An indispensable resources for                                                 ranging from eight years old to
writers of all ages and abilities.                                             adult level.
Based on studies of spelling and                                                You will find this box easy to use, because every card is color-coded by
vocabulary and the author’s                                                    ability-interest level. Each instructional activity requires just five to ten
research, this handy reference                                                 minutes for students to complete on their own. The Spelling Power
book contains the most frequently                                              Activity Task Cards deliver FUNdamental learning with little or no teacher
used and misspelled words. Unlike                                              involvement.
most beginning dictionaries, this is                                           There are five types of activities included in the Activity Task
designed to be useable and reliable,                                           Cards: Drill Activities,
to build research and writing skills,                                           Skill Builders,
and to promote independent                                                      Writing Prompters,
learning.                      $6.10                                            Dictionary Skill Builders, and
                                                                                Homonyms & More
                                                                               Use these cards during Spelling Power's five minute "activity time." The
                                                                               included Teacher's Guide can help you virtually eliminate lesson planning.
The Phonetic Zoo on CD                                                          Vocabulary from Classical
Institute for Excellence in Writing                                             Roots
The Phonetic Zoo allows students to work on spelling independently and          Strategic Vocabulary Instruction
consistently. The student listens to the audio CD which provides a short,       Through Latin and Greek Roots
rhyming spelling rule for each group of words followed by the word, a           Over 60% of the English language
sentence using the word and the word repeated. The student pauses the           contains words derived from Greek
CD to write the word then restarts it to hear the word spelled out              and Latin roots. How does a
correctly. There are so many benefits to this program! Good spelling            microphone aid a small voice? When
requires consistency and because Phonetic Zoo doesn’t depend on Mom             you first started school, why were
spelling doesn’t get skipped because you’re too busy to get to it. Auditory     your books called primers?
learners can wear headphones to block out distractions enabling better          Vocabulary from Classical Roots
concentration. Each word list adheres to a specific rule which provides a       goes far beyond answering
clear, logical organization to the program, encouraging success and             questions like these. Students
confidence, especially for kids who struggle with spelling. Designed for        transition from learning to read…to
students ages 9 +                                        $99.00 each level      reading to learn by developing a
                                                                                useful, transferable technique for
Phonetic Zoo Level A                                                            making sense of unfamiliar words.
(Elementary Grades Level)                     $99.00                            Vocabulary from Classical Roots
Purchase this package if this is the first time you are using the Phonetic      helps students unlock the meanings
Zoo. This package includes an introductory DVD, lesson flashcards,              of literally thousands of words, and
Spelling and the Brain DVD, three levels of spelling words and jingles, zoo     gives them the skills to do so
cards, and 5 audio CDs.                                                         throughout their lives.
Phonetic Zoo Level B
                                                                                Vocabulary   from   Classical   Roots   Grade 4
(Middle School Grades Level)                 $99.00
                                                                                Vocabulary   from   Classical   Roots   Grade 5
Includes lesson flashcards, three levels of spelling words and jingles, zoo
                                                                                Vocabulary   from   Classical   Roots   Grade 6
cards, and 5 audio CDs.
                                                                                Vocabulary   from   Classical   Roots   A (Gr.7)
Phonetic Zoo Level C
                                                                                Vocabulary   from   Classical   Roots   B (Gr.8)
(High School Level)                          $99.00
                                                                                Vocabulary   from   Classical   Roots   C (Gr.9)
Includes lesson flashcards, three levels of spelling words and jingles, zoo
                                                                                Vocabulary   from   Classical   Roots   D (Gr.10)
cards, and 5 audio CDs.
                                                                                Vocabulary   from   Classical   Roots   E (Gr.11)

                                                                                Student Workbooks Grades 4-9                   $11.25
                                                                                Student Workbooks Grades 10-11                 $12.05
                                                                                Teacher’s Guides/Answer Keys                   $19.50
                         VOCABULARY SKILLS                                      Test Booklets                                  $15.60

English from the Roots Up
Help for Reading, Writing, Spelling and S.A.T. Scores: Greek and
Use Greek and Latin root words to quickly build vocabulary and to unlock
the secret structure of English. Widely used for homeschooling, SAT
prep, and as a language tuneup for writers and people in business. Just as
phonics helps children figure out what words are, Latin and Greek help
them figure out what words mean. Without an early working knowledge of
these indispensable components of their language, children are
handicapped in their ability to use words well. Why do we put off until it is
almost too late, or never provide the opportunity to cultivate
understanding of the vivid, active imagery that confers power in the use
of our language.
The first time our family used this book my oldest were in 6th, 4th and         Wordly Wise 3000, 1st edition
2nd grades. I taught them all at the same time and it was one of the most       Systematic, Sequential Vocabulary Development
fun and illuminating school years we’ve ever had! I watched their faces         The Wordly Wise series has been the most widely used vocabulary
light up as they realized for the first time that things have names for a       development program used by homeschoolers. Recommended in the
reason! Their interest in language has never faded and our family               Mother of Divine Grace curriculum, we offer the first edition series.
collection of books about words has increased at a steady rate over the
years. Just a couple of weeks ago one of my sons found a copy of “The           Books A, B, C (Grades 2–4)
Bibliophile’s Dictionary” in a local bookstore. “Mom, I have to have this       Primary grade students learn 300 new words through a variety of
book!” This is a 20 year old young man whose love for words and languages       exercises. As they read the words in context, apply meanings in different
can be directly traced back to the year we began studying words together        situations, and answer comprehension questions using complete sentences,
using English from the Roots Up.                                                they make these words their own! These books are excellent for helping
English   from the Roots Up, Volume One                            $29.95       young readers build vocabulary while strengthening reading, writing, and
Volume    One Vocabulary Cards                                     $18.00       critical thinking skills.
English   from the Roots Up, Volume Two                            $29.95
Volume    Two Vocabulary Cards                                     $18.00       Wordly Wise 3000 A Gr 1                    $7.95
                                                                                Worldly Wise 3000 A Answer Key             $4.40

                                                                                Wordly Wise 3000 B Gr 2                    $7.95
                                                                                Wordly Wise 3000 B Answer Key               $4.40

                                                                                Wordly Wise 3000 C Gr 3                    $7.60
                                                                                Wordly Wise 3000 C Answer Key               $3.65
Wordly Wise 3000, 1st edition                                               Easy Grammar Plus
Books 1–9 (Grades 4–12)                                                     If your child hasn’t used Easy
This popular series teaches 3,000 carefully selected words. Each 15–word    Grammar in grade school here’s the
lesson begins with an alphabetized word list providing pronunciations,      place to start! Easy Grammar Plus
parts of speech, and concise definitions. Each word is used in a strongly   is designed for Junior High through
contextual example, with a mnemonic anchor. Exercises encourage             adult students. It works through
students to apply word meanings, think critically, and discover word        all the concepts that are included
relationships. Narrative passages in each lesson allow students to          in the lower level books, plus
experience words in context. Word histories and common verbal hidden        additional higher level concepts
hazards are provided. Crossword and hidden-word puzzles review words        such as gerunds plus the perfect
learned in previous lessons while making learning fun!                      and progressive tenses. It also
                                                                            includes more difficult
Wordly Wise 3000 1 Gr 4 $10.15                                              capitalization and punctuation
Wordly Wise 3000 1 Key   $4.40                                              rules.
                                                                            Easy Grammar Plus Workbook                                        $13.95
Wordly Wise 3000 2 Gr 5      $10.15                                         Easy Grammar Plus Teacher Edition                                 $32.95
Wordly Wise 3000 2 Key       $4.40                                          Easy Grammar Plus Tests                                            $4.95

Wordly Wise 3000 3 Gr 6      $10.15                                                                               Easy Writing
Wordly Wise 3000 3 Key        $4.40                                                                               This book teaches students how to
                                                                                                                  write higher level and varied
Wordly Wise 3000 4 Gr 7       $10.15                                                                              sentence structures. It does not
Wordly Wise 3000 4 Key        $4.40                                                                               teach paragraph composition.
                                                                                                                  Students learn in step-by-step
Wordly Wise 3000 5 Gr 8       $10.15                                                                              method, how to write:
Wordly Wise 3000 5 Key        $4.40                                                                               Two levels are included in one book.
                                                                                                                  Level one for elementary students
Wordly Wise 3000 6 Gr 9       $11.25                                                                              and level two for junior high, high
coWordly Wise 3000 6 Key      $4.40                                                                               school, and/or adult students.
                                                                            Sentences containing verbals
Wordly Wise 3000 7 Gr 10       $11.25                                       Sentences using present and past participles
Wordly Wise 3000 7 Key          $4.40                                       Appositive construction
                                                                            Sentences using semicolons for more intricate formats
Wordly Wise 3000 8 Gr 11       $11.25                                       Sentences containing relative clauses
Wordly Wise 3000 8 Key          $4.40                                       Sentences using subordinate clauses                               $28.95

Wordly Wise 3000 9 Gr 12       $11.25
Wordly Wise 3000 9 Key          $4.40

                                                                            Daily Grams
                                                                            Daily Grams: Guided Review Aiding
                                                                            Mastery Skills texts have been
The Easy Grammar System                                                     designed as a 5-10 minute, daily
By far and away our family’s favorite grammar program. Easy to use for      review to be used at the beginning
both student and teacher, its unique approach begins with the               of every lesson. Students use
“prepositional method” which means that the first concept learned is        concepts learned in capitalization,
prepositions. Why? Because prepositional phrases will never contain the     punctuation, and other areas on a
subject or verb of the sentence. Once you take out the prepositional        daily basis. This process promotes
phrases you’ve simplified the sentence and can more easily find the         mastery learning.
subject and verb in any sentence. It’s a logical approach that works!
Easy Grammar workbooks teach grammar concepts incrementally with
constant review to aid in retention and mastery of concepts. Students
                                                                            Daily Grams Grade 3 Teacher Edition        $24.95
actually remember what they’ve learned!
                                                                            Daily Grams 3 student wkbook               $12.95
This program requires only short lessons from the teacher, once or twice
per week.
                                                                            Daily Grams Grade 4 Teacher Edition        $24.95
                                                                            Daily Grams 4 student wkbook               $12.95
Easy Grammar 2 Workbook                                          $12.95
Easy Grammar 2 Teacher Edition                                   $24.95
                                                                            Daily Grams Grade 5 Teacher Edition        $24.95
                                                                            Daily Grams 5 student wkbook               $12.95
Easy Grammar 3 Workbook                                          $13.95
Easy Grammar 3 Teacher Edition                                   $27.95
                                                                            Daily Grams Grade 6 Teacher Edition        $24.95
Easy Grammar 3 Tests                                              $4.95
                                                                            Daily Grams 6 student wkbook               $12.95

Easy Grammar 4 Workbook                                           $13.95
                                                                            Daily Grams Grade 7 Teacher Edition        $24.95
Easy Grammar 4 Teacher Edition                                    $27.95
                                                                            Daily Grams 7 student wkbook               $12.95
Easy Grammar 4 Tests                                               $4.95
                                                                            Daily Grams Junior/Senior High
Easy Grammar 5 Workbook                                           $13.95
                                                                            Teacher Edition only                       $24.95
Easy Grammar 5 Teacher Edition                                    $32.95
Easy Grammar 5 Tests                                               $4.95

Easy Grammar 6 Workbook                                           $13.95
Easy Grammar 6 Teacher Edition                                    $26.95
Easy Grammar 6 Tests                                               $4.95
The First Whole Book of Diagrams                                                 HILLSIDE EDUCATION PRESS LANGUAGE ARTS
by Mary Daly
If the thought of diagramming sentences fills you with fear and trembling,       Primary Language Lessons -
this book is sure to change your reaction. The atmosphere is warm and
                                                                                 Hillside Education Press
inviting, not intimidating. It begins gently and slowly builds in complexity
yet is never overwhelming. The idea behind this book as stated by the
                                                                                 revised by Margot Davidson
author is to enable the student to understand complicated sentence
                                                                                 An experienced teacher of the
structure in order to comprehend complex thought. This book is designed
                                                                                 early twentieth century, Emma Serl
to teach the teacher how to diagram. You may just end up enjoying
                                                                                 recognized the two things
yourself!                                                             $26.00
                                                                                 necessary for teaching proper
                                                                                 English: capture the child's
Elementary Diagramming Worktext
                                                                                 interest and drill, drill, drill. Emma
by Mary Daly
                                                                                 Serl makes liberal use of writings
A simplified introduction to diagramming which is appropriate for fourth
                                                                                 by the likes of Robert Louis
grade and up, this worktext contains explanation of diagramming and
                                                                                 Stevenson and Samuel Taylor
plenty of opportunity for students to practice this skill. Can be used
                                                                                 Coleridge as well as fables, folklore
independently of The First Whole Book of Diagrams whether or not you
                                                                                 and maxims.
are familiar with diagramming.                                       $15.00
                                                                                 Using reproductions of prominent paintings, Miss Serl trains children in
                                                                                 observation and discussion. A unique approach to teaching oral language
                                                                                 skills, it helps train children in art appreciation as well.
Daily Language Review series                                                     Comprehensive lessons and drills in the things parents want their children
This series is loaded with focused practice exercises. Monday-Thursday           to master. The exercises here cover proper English usage, composition,
exercises include 2 sentences to edit, including corrections in punctuation,     punctuation, memorization, speaking, letter writing, dictation, reading and
capitalization, spelling, grammar, and vocabulary, and three items               etiquette in writing. This reprinting retains the charm and grace of the
practicing a variety of language and reading skills.                             original with some Hillside additions: color pictures, spiral binding for ease
Friday practice cycles through four formats: language usage, identifying         of use, updated poems, and a variety of new lessons. Recommended for
and correcting mistakes, combining sentences, and choosing reference             use with the Mother of Divine Grace third grade program.               $16.95
Perfect for sharpening skills over the summer holidays!
Daily Language Review: Grade 1                           $19.99
                                                                                 Intermediate Language Lessons - Hillside Education Press
Daily Language Review: Grade 2                           $19.99
                                                                                 Edition revised by Margot Davidson
Daily Language Review: Grade 3                           $19.99
                                                                                 This edition includes Language Arts activities (picture study, narration,
Daily Language Review: Grade 4                           $19.99
                                                                                 copywork, dictation, poetry study, writing composition) for 4th, 5th, and
Daily Language Review: Grade 5                           $19.99
                                                                                 6th grades. This edition retains all the lessons that are used in the
Daily Language Review: Grade 6+                          $19.99
                                                                                 Mother of Divine Grace syllabus for 4th and 5th grade intact in this
                                                                                 edition, so is perfectly compatible with that program. So what has been
                                                                                 changed? There are new pictures for picture study, and some of them are
                                                                                 in color and the conversation lessons have been updated from the original
                                        Grammar Songs Book and CD                by Emma Serl. This text is used in Mother of Divine Grace (MODG) 4th
                                          Studies show that music can aid in     and 5th grade.                                                     $36.99
                                          memory retention and it’s also just
                                          plain fun! Grammar Songs teaches
                                          all the parts of speech (except
                                                                                                                         Lingua Mater: Language
                                          conjunctions) and rules of
                                                                                                                         Lessons from Literature
                                          punctuation and 72 Greek and Latin
                                                                                                                         At long last - a new Catholic English
                                          roots for building vocabulary. It is
                                                                                                                         book, combining the beauty of
                                          appropriate for grades 3 - 8 or for
                                                                                                                         literature, art, and poetry with the
                                          anyone who needs help with
                                                                                                                         study of grammar and composition.
                                                                                                                         In this completely integrated
It includes a 72-page workbook with song lyrics, illustrations, drills and
                                                                                                                         program your student will study
writing exercises; a Teacher's Guide and a long-playing sound track with 16
                                                                                                                         grammar concepts within the
songs. The 16 songs cover: verbs, nouns, sentences, pronouns, compound
                                                                                                                         context of real literature and write
personal pronouns, adjectives, adverbs, apostrophes, prepositions, direct
                                                                                                                         compositions that encourage
objects, capitalization, plurals, irregular verbs, commas, quotation marks
                                                                                                                         critical thinking.
and Greek & Latin prefixes and suffixes.                              $22.95
                                                                                 The text provides daily student lessons for a 36 four-day weeks. Each
                                                                                 week features a piece of literature or a painting, one grammar concept,
                                                                                 and one student writing assignment. The student will learn and practice
                                                                                 narrative, expository, and persuasive writing as well as try his hand at
                                                                                 writing poetry. Integrated throughout the text are the thoughts of great
                                                                                 Catholic thinkers making this a uniquely Catholic book - Catholic in
                                                                                 perspective - focused on the beauty of our Faith. Literature selections
                                                                                 include pieces by St. Bernard of Clairvaux, Abraham Lincoln, Kenneth
                                                                                 Grahame, and Robert Louis Stevenson. Poetry selections include authors
                                                                                 such as Sir Walter Scott, Longfellow, John Henry Newman, and Father
                                                                                 Abram Ryan. Printed in full color, the art selections include painters such
                                                                                 as Auguste Renoir, William Liddall Armitage, Winslow Homer, and Carlo
                                                                                 Dolci. The 80 page Teacher's Guide includes a complete answer key,
                                                                                 numerous teaching tips, and scoring rubrics for assessing student writing.
                                                                                 Recommended as a one year program for 7th grade, or a two year program
                                                                                 for 6th and 7th grade. Non-consumable so you can use it year after year!
Lingua Mater 6                                                                 Stories With a View:
6th grade section only                                                         Narrative Inspirations
This 6th grade portion of Intemediate Language Lessons (ILL) is a              by Margot Davidson
duplicate of what is in the regular ILL book with some expanded directions     This beautiful book is intended for
for writing assignments. It is for those who haven't used ILL yet but need     3rd or 4th graders! It features 19
a book for 6th grade. (This way you don't have to buy the whole ILL if you     poems and 18 full-color paintings to
only need grade 6.) It is a good introduction to Lingua Mater 7. Since         inspire your young writer to write
there are only a little over 100 lessons in the book, you will need to         narratives, poems and descriptions.
supplement it with another text. We will be offering a grammar                 Each lesson has discussion
supplement for free on the website very soon. The exercises in the             questions and a writing prompt. A
grammar supplement are taken from other English books published about          separate teacher's guide includes
the same time in which Serl's original version of ILL was published. The       story starter lines and sample first
exercises can be used to reinforce the grammar concepts, providing a           lines. It can be used as a
little extra practice.                                                         supplement to your writing
Additional book suggested: Sentence Composing for Elementary School or         program, doing one lesson every
Grammar for Middle School, A Sentence Composing Approach both by Don           week or every two weeks. $24.99
and Jenny Killgallon provides an understandable introduction to clauses
which will prepare the student for the grammar in Lingua Mater 7.

Sentence Composing for Elementary School: A Worktext to
                                                                                                          EDITING SKILLS
Build Better Sentences
Teachers and students will find this textbook an innovative, creative, and
                                                                               Fix-It! Grammar
enjoyable alternative to traditional grammar texts aimed at dissecting
                                                                               Grammar and Editing Made Easy with the Classics
sentences. Instead, Sentence Composing for Elementary School engages
                                                                                Fix-It! offers a delightful and effective way to teach grammar and
children in learning how to build better sentences.                $19.00
                                                                               vocabulary. Students hunt for and correct errors in Fix-It sentences that
                                                                               cumulatively tell a story. Just one sentence a day, 4 days a week makes
Sentence Composing for Middle School: A Worktext on
                                                                               editing less overwhelming than trying to find errors in a full paragraph or
Sentence Variety and Maturity                                                  story. Targeting different age groups from third grade through high
Unlike traditional grammar books that emphasize sentence analysis, this        school, the five stories incorporate multiple levels of difficulty. Fix-It!
worktext asks students to imitate the sentence styles of professional          reinforces what you teach your students through their writing. What is
writers, making the sentence composing process enjoyable and challenging.      even better is that the book contains 5 complete stories, which translates
$20.00                                                                         into five YEARS of Grammar instruction in one book! (Grades 3-12)
                                                                               The book comes with a CD from which you can print the student versions
Novel Inquiries Literature Study Guides                                        for their use. It also comes with an Appendix which explains most relevant
by Margot Davidson                                                             grammar rules and discusses IEW style for those using the Excellence in
Each volume of Novel Inquiries contains a set of guides for four novels        Writing program.
integrating composition and higher level thinking.                             Student and Teacher Book Kit with CD                                  $30.00
The first three volumes of Novel Inquiries provide a year’s course of
study for literature about ancient times at each of the three levels of        Great Editing Adventure Series
classical education: grammatical (grades 4-6), dialectical (grades 7-9), and   Students read adventure stories while searching for errors in punctuation,
rhetorical (grades 10-12). The guides are designed to integrate with           spelling, synonyms and grammar. They learn, review and have fun all in one
Connecting with History: A Guide to Salvation History, (see our History        sitting.
section). Novel Inquiries can also be used by anyone who wants to study
                                                                               Great Editing Adventure Vol. 1                                      $15.00
the ancient time period. Each guide offers vocabulary lists, chapter or
section discussion questions, follow-up activities and writing prompts.
                                                                               Great Editing Adventure Vol. 1 Student Book                         $10.00
                                                                               4th-6th Grade Skills, 7th-8th Grade Review
                                                                               Students learn and review grammar as they search for the errors in these
Novel Inquiries, Vol. 1        (Grades 5-6)                         $18.00
                                                                               exciting stories. Volume I contains three separate stories with a total of
contains guides to:
                                                                               90 lessons. Editing exercises teach and review grammar, writing mechanics,
   * The Golden Goblet by Eloise Jarvis McGraw                       $5.99
                                                                               spelling, vocabulary, finding synonyms with a thesaurus, and dictionary use.
   * Tirzah by Lucille Travis                                        $7.99
   * Hittite Warrior by Joanne Williamson                           $13.99
                                                                               Great Editing Adventure Vol. 2                                      $15.00
   *The Children’s Homer by Padraic Colum                            $9.95     Great Editing Adventure Vol. 2 Student Book                         $10.00
                                                                               4th-6th Grade Skills, 7th-8th Grade Review
Novel Inquiries, Vol. 2        (Grades 7-9)                         $21.50     Volume II includes three brand new adventure stories with a total of 90
                                                                               lessons. Editing exercises teach and review grammar, writing, spelling,
contains guides to:
                                                                               vocabulary, and more.
   * Mara, Daughter of the Nile by Eloise Jarvis McGraw              $4.99
   * Warrior Scarlet by Rosemary Sutcliff                            $7.95
   * The Tale of Troy by Roger Lancelyn Green                        $4.99     Great Explorations in Editing, Vol. 1                               $15.00
    * Caesar’s Gallic Wars by Olivia Coolidge                       $15.95     Great Explorations in Editing, Vol. 1 Student Book                  $10.00
                                                                               7th-9th Grade Skills, 10th-12th Grade Review
Novel Inquiries, Vol. 3          (Grades 10-12)                     $16.50     Since introducing the Great Editing Adventure Series, we’ve been
contains guides to:                                                            receiving requests to offer a similar program for the higher level, seventh
   * Perelandra by C.S. Lewis                                        $13.00    grade and up. This advanced series is now available, using the same
   * Mythology      BY Edith Hamiltion                                $7.50    practical, easy-to-use approach that you expect and appreciate.
   * Till We Have Faces by C.S. Lewis                               $14.00
   * The Tragedy of Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare             $5.99
                                                                                 U.S. History-Based Writing Lessons, Vol. I: Explorers to the
                            COMPOSITION                                          Gold Rush Student/Teacher Pack
                                                                                 This text covers all nine units of the IEW syllabus, integrating structure,
Institute for Excellence in Writing                                              style, grammar, and vocabulary. The student book contains all of the
I spent the first 8 years of homeschooling looking for a writing curriculum      student pages, including assignment instructions for each lesson, engaging
that worked the way I wanted it to with my children. I tried numerous            source texts, blank outlines, detailed checklists, sample student essays,
programs and had been disappointed with all of them until I found IEW’s          and vocabulary cards. The teacher's manual includes tips for creatively
Writing, Structure and Style (WSS). It fulfilled all my personal                 teaching each lesson, sample class whiteboards to ensure successful
requirements. The program is broken down into easy-to-follow, logical            brainstorming, review games, vocabulary quizzes, and answers for both the
steps - it's very concrete. It teaches simple outlining and note-taking first,   vocabulary quizzes and the grammar exercises.                       $49.00
a key skill in mental organization and preparing a coherent written work.
Then it progressively teaches the student to use their outlines to               U.S. History-Based Writing Lessons, Vol. II: Civil War to
construct a well-written paper, one paragraph at a time. By having very          Present Day Student/Teacher Pack                     $49.00
specific goals to achieve it matches the mental process of writing - taking      Intended to follow U.S. History-Based Writing Lessons, Volume 1, but may
abstract ideas and making them into a concrete written work.                     be used by any 8th-10th grade student already familiar with the basic
I had always thought that writing should be learned, not in isolation as a       IEW method. These lessons review and practice the IEW method as they
separate subject, but in the course of using it to do actual writing about       also teach more advanced writing skills such as thesis statements, MLA
topics that interest the child. WSS is designed to be incorporated with          format, persuasive writing, and more. High school students and teachers
other school subjects, particularly history, science and literature. Our         may want to choose to do Volumes 1 & 2 in the same year. The student
family used it mainly with our world history studies. Each child was             book contains all of the student pages, including assignment instructions
assigned to a particular person or event from a history unit and wrote           for each lesson, engaging source texts, blank outlines, detailed checklists,
about it at his or her own level. The younger children practiced their           sample student essays, and vocabulary cards. The teacher's manual
writing skills by making "keyword" outlines of paragraphs I selected for         includes tips for creatively teaching each lesson, sample class whiteboards
them from their history texts and then orally narrated them to myself or         to ensure successful brainstorming, review games, vocabulary quizzes, and
an older sibling. My older children wrote longer summaries from their            answers for both vocabulary quizzes and grammar exercises.
outlines and learned the various writing "dress-ups" to add to their
compositions to improve the style of their writing.                              Life Science-Based Writing Lessons
The goal for each child using WSS is to gradually achieve writing                Thirty lessons covering all nine Teaching Writing: Structure and Style
independence, choosing the source texts for their own writing and then           units, focusing on life science and biology topics including cells,
composing a well-written essay, report, critique or narrative.                   classification, botany, zoology, and ecology. Includes weekly editing
Skills taught through Writing: Structure and Style include: note taking          exercises to review grammar concepts. Provides content-area literacy
and outlines, summarizing from notes, summarizing a reference, library           skills and complete lessons with source texts, teacher's notes and
research reports, essay writing, summarizing narrative stories, writing          checklists. These lessons are written for high school students (Level C).
from pictures, creative writing, and critiques.                                                                                                       $29.00
                                                                                 Writing Trails with Men of Science
Teaching Writing: Structure and Style                                            This reproducible lesson book is useful for teaching the Unit I/II method
The format of the program is a 2 day seminar presented to the teacher on         of note taking by requiring key words from every sentence or long clause.
6 DVD's. Don’t watch the entire seminar before starting, just watch a disc       Reading level grade 3 and up. There are 17 scientists presented in 37
and begin teaching right away. The program includes a seminar notebook,          pages, spiral bound. The theme-based lessons are not intended for use as a
sample lesson plans and three bonus DVD's presenting the first lesson to         curriculum replacement but, rather, are an excellent tool for broadening
students at various grade levels. Use this program to learn to teach             subject knowledge while teaching writing.                          $15.00
writing from second grade through High School.                     $169.00
                                                                                 Writing Trails in American History           A collection of 31 reproducible
Theme-Based Writing                                                              articles of 1-3 paragraphs in length, together with a short vocabulary
for Writing: Structure and Style                                                 study and key word outline guide, ranging from Paul Revere to WWII.
Because Writing Structure and Style is based on the idea of writing from         Suitable for Unit I/II teaching. Reading level grades 3-6 and up. 45 pages,
examples IEW has developed a series of excellent resources to guide you          spiral bound.                                                       $15.00
through the writing process which can be used to incorporate history and
science studies with your writing.                                               Writing Trails with Great Composer
                                                                                 This reproducible lesson book is useful for teaching the Unit 1 & 2 method
Ancient History-Based Writing Lessons Student/Teacher                            of note-taking by requiring key words from every sentence or long clause.
Package                                                                          Reading level grade 3 and up. 19 composers in 43 pages, spiral bound.
Provides everything you need to teach progressively through all nine units                                                                           $15.00
of the IEW syllabus, plus some poetry, grammar and vocabulary. Themes            Fables, Myths, and Fairy Tales Writing Lessons
focus on six major ancient civilizations: Sumer, Egypt, Israel, Babylon,         Covering units 1-7, this resource infuses the acclaimed Teaching Writing:
Greece, and Rome. The Student Book contains lesson instructions, engaging        Structure and Style method with classic children's literature. Characters
source texts, detailed checklists, student samples, and vocabulary cards.        and adventures will capture your students' imaginations and provide rich
While it is not mandatory, the Teacher's Manual is extremely helpful. It         writing content. Students learn how to take notes, summarize narrative
includes tips for creatively teaching each lesson, sample whiteboards for        stories, summarize references, write from pictures and compose their own
successful outlining and brainstorming, vocabulary quizzes, tips for             fables, myths and fairy tales. Appropriate for 3rd-5th grade.      $29.00
grammar instruction, and more.                                       $49.00
                                                                                 Classical Rhetoric through Structure and Style:
Medieval History Based Writing Lessons                                           Writing Lessons Based on the Progymnasmata
These lesson plans allow teachers to improve student writing strength and        Progymnasmata (Greek "fore-exercises") are rhetorical exercises
depth with Medieval History content. Twenty-seven weekly lessons                 gradually leading the student to familiarity with the elements of rhetoric,
incrementally teach all the IEW models of structure and elements of style.       in preparation for their own practice speeches and ultimately their own
Easy-to-follow instructions, source texts, and checklists are included for       orations Classical Rhetoric through Structure and Style teaches the
two levels of students: elementary and junior high. Includes all teacher         student to compose essays and arguments based on the Progymnasmata,
and student materials. 144 pages plus 64 vocabulary cards.          $35.00       the most successful and enduring collection of rhetorical exercises in the
                                                                                 Western Tradition. This approach to composition emphasizes the classical
                                                                                 method of building up the student’s reasoning and articulation skills
                                                                                 through a series of interrelated, rhetorical exercises.             $29.00
             Additional Writing Resources from IEW                            Developing Linguistic Patterns
                                                                              Through Poetry Memorization
                                                                              Book and CD's
The Elegant Essay                                                             Many children today are lacking a
Piece by piece, The Elegant Essay                                             consistent source of reliably
walks students through the entire                                             correct and sophisticated language
essay-building process. From                                                  patterns. Developing Linguistic
captivating introductions, to                                                 Patterns Through Poetry
compelling descriptions and                                                   Memorization provides a system to
convincing conclusions, students                                              reintroduce you and your children
learn to bring their words and their                                          to a vital but often neglected
arguments to life. With explanation                                           source of powerful and
and practice exercises, it is an                                              sophisticated linguistic patterning
excellent extension and refinement                                            available to children: memorized
of IEW Unit VIII. Consumable.                                                 language, especially memorized
                              $25.00                                          poetry.
                                                                              This teaching tool includes a book with over 75 complete poems, plus
                                                                              speech and soliloquy recommendations, as well as all the poems read on CD
                                       High School Essay Intensive            for ease of memorization. Instructions, memory charts, certificates, and
                                       This seminar presents tools and        poet biographies are included.                                     $65.00
                                       tips for tackling the timed opinion-
                                       based essay as currently included
                                       in the SAT exam, and introduces

strategies for writing a well-crafted personal essay for a college
application. A CD-ROM containing the .pdf files for both seminar handouts,                             CREATIVE WRITING
and several bonus files (text, mp3, and Power Point) dealing with other
aspects of SAT preparation in included.                             $79.00
                                                                                                                      Wordsmith series
                                                                                                                      Wordsmith is written for young
How to Write a Story                                                                                                  people who are just beginning to
This 85-page manual is a natural extension of the IEW Unit III summary.                                               explore their experiences, feelings
How to Write a Story provides explanations and exercises for each stage                                               and responses. The purpose of the
of story construction: getting ideas, developing effective plots, creating                                            book is to develop confidence in
realistic scenes, and characters. Ideal for students who want to write                                                self-expression, first by learning
longer stories, and teachers who have to teach original fiction writing.                                              some basic techniques of effective
                                                                    $25.00    writing, and second by discovering that their own experience contains
                                                                              plenty of material to write about. Some of the topics that Wordsmith
A Word Write Now: Structured Word Lists For Stylized                          Apprentice touches upon are addressed more systematically here. Parts
Writing                                                                       One and Two contain exercises and short assignments to reinforce the
A Word Write Now brings the concept of children’s writing resources to a      principles taught. In Part Three, the student moves beyond exercises into
whole new level! Many young writers, when looking for alternate vocabulary    longer assignments, developed according to an orderly process of thinking,
will consult a thesaurus, which offers few choices, confusing or              organizing, writing, evaluating, and re-writing. Every chapter includes a
inappropriate options, or no useful synonyms. This can be frustrating for     "Just Imagine" exercise or assignment, where the student is encouraged
child and teacher alike.                                                      to apply what she has just learned to an imaginary situation.
This excellent resource is organized not by definitions or meanings—but
by character qualities and behavior traits. The author further classifies     Wordsmith                                                            $14.00
words by parts of speech. This magnificent full-color ninety page spiral-     Wordsmith Teacher's Guide                                             $5.00
bound tool makes it simple for children of all ages to find appropriate
words to use in writing. By searching for words in a meaningful way,
                                                                              Wordsmith Apprentice              (4th – 6th grades)
students begin to internalize vocabulary words and gain ownership of
                                                                              All the practicality, humor and fun of Wordsmith, but written for the
these terms.                                                       $33.00
                                                                              younger student, ages 9-12. An easy to use writing course encouraging
                                                                              students to develop their writing skills as they participate in every role on
                                                                              a newspaper staff: editor, reporter, writer, etc. Children develop a love
                                                                              for writing as they express themselves through sentence and paragraph
Windows to the World: An                                                      writing, persuasive writing, and much more.                          $16.00
Introduction to Literary
Analysis Teacher/Student                                                      Wordsmith Craftsman (10th grade & up)
Combo                                                                         The third and last of the Wordsmith series focuses on building,
Advanced Writing Literature &                                                 integrating, and polishing practical writing skills. This self-directed
Poetry                                                                        program allows students to take charge of their assignments and
Why do certain literary works have                                            schedules. Strong in preparing the student for college, Part 1 addresses
the power to move us? With step-                                              practical, everyday writing: notes, outlines, personal correspondence,
by-step instructions, Windows to                                              summaries, business letters and reports. Part 2 focuses on the power of
the World teaches students how to                                             language: paragraphs (principles, types, and organization), writing
analyze elements of literature.                                               techniques, and developing a personal writing style. Part 3 concentrates on
This reference also gives numerous examples and suggestions for helping       essay writing: descriptive, narrative, expository, and persuasive essays.
students develop Christian discernment skills. The accompanying Teacher’s     Wordsmith equips young adults for a lifetime of excellence in
Manual is suitable for both new and experienced teachers.         $49.00      communication skills.                                                  $16.00
                LITERATURE AND POETRY STUDY                                                              MATHEMATICS

Literature Pockets                                                                               15% off all Saxon Math Kits!
Extend literature’s connection with the art and writing activities in         The most popular math program for home educators, Saxon math is a
Literature Pockets. Each book contains reading, writing, and art projects.    traditional textbook-based math with a proven spiral learning feature
Projects are displayed in easy-to-make paper pockets, creating a              which provides continuous review of previously learned skills while
comprehensive portfolio. Students will have fun completing their              incrementally adding new concepts. Homeschool Kits come with everything
literature portfolios while they increase their understanding of the          you need for a full year of school. Individual components also sold
literature or genre being presented.                                          separately.
Each pocket comes with: a reproducible label for each pocket, complete
directions for all activities, all needed patterns, photographs of the        Saxon Primary Math K-3
completed projects. Each book contains:                                       Start your children with the math curriculum most likely to help them
* a two-page reproducible retelling of a story                                succeed for a lifetime. Saxon Math for grades K-3 is a hands-on, success-
* a teacher resource page offers suggestions for sharing the tale             oriented series that emphasizes manipulatives and mental mathematics. It
* comprehension, art, and writing activities, helping the story come to       guides you in a multisensory approach to teaching your child, helps build
life for students                                                             his or her confidence, and develops a solid foundation in the language and
*two pages of evaluation forms to assess what was learned                     basic concepts of mathematics.
                                                                $14.99 each
Literature Pockets, Folk Tales and Fairytales                                 Manipulative Kits                          $69.50      $59.08
(Grades K-1)                                                                  Needed for K-3 programs
Literature Pockets: Aesop's Fables
(Grades 2-3)                                                                  Math K Homestudy Kit                       $63.50     $53.98
Literature Pockets, Tall Tales                                                Math K Meeting Book                                   $13.50
Grades 4-6+
                                                                              Math 1 Homestudy Kit                       $96.50     $82.03
Literature Pockets: Greek and Roman Myths
                                                                              Math 1 Student Workbook Fact Cards                    $25.00
(Grades 4-6+)
                                                                              Math 1 Meeting Book                                   $13.50

                                                                              Math 2 Homestudy Kit                       $96.50     $82.03
                                       Study Guide for G.K.
                                                                              Math 2 Student Workbook Fact Cards                    $25.00
                                       Chesterton’s Francis of Assisi         Math 2 Meeting Book                                   $13.50
                                       by Nancy Carpentier Brown
                                       Discover St. Francis as Chesterton     Math 3 Homestudy Kit                       $99.50     $84.58
                                       saw him! This insightful guide will    Math 3 Student Workbook Fact Cards                    $25.00
                                       help teen and adult readers unravel    Math 3 Meeting Book                                   $13.50
                                       the layers of meaning in
Chesterton’s superb biography of this enigmatic saint. The guide includes
discussion questions and writing prompts for each chapter, as well as
thoughtful notes in an answer key for teachers or facilitators.     $7.99

                                                                                          DIVE CD-ROM companions to Saxon Math
                                                                              DIVE CD’s are produced to give the added classroom explanations and
                                                                              practice that would normally accompany Saxon in a school setting.
The Blue Cross by G.K.                                                        Although Saxon texts provide explanations, examples and practice
Chesterton, Study Edition                                                     problems DIVE provides the extra teaching that you may not have time
by Nancy Carpentier Brown                                                     for.
G. K. Chesterton was one of the                                               Each DIVE Math lesson is taught along with several practice problems per
greatest Catholic writers of the                                              lesson. Lessons are short and interactive, which minimizes time spent
20th century, and more and more                                               staring at a computer screen. Each DIVE CDROM is listed under the
people today are discovering the                                              corresponding level below.
treasure in his works.                                                        System Requirements: Windows 95 or greater, Mac OS - all versions with
This guide focuses on the very first “Father Brown Mystery” that he           appropriate QuickTime player, speakers, CD drive,
wrote. Mrs. Brown has written a comprehensive study guide with
vocabulary, discussion questions, and word study. Your student will find
much food for thought while becoming acquainted with this great writer.
                                                                                                    Saxon Middle Grades 4-8

                                                                              Math 54 Homeschool Kit                       $75.50    $64.18
                                                                              Math 5/4 is an introduction to basic, mid-level math concepts such as
Into Deep Eternity                                                            whole numbers, computation algorithms, geometry, patterns, and
by Mary Daly                                                                  sequences.
An introduction to Emily Dickinson is an introduction to poetry. The first    Math 54 Student Edition                                $39.95
part of this book paraphrases each of sixteen poems, so that meaning is       Math 54 Tests and Worksheets                           $19.50
clear. Sometimes, the poet's grammar grammar is a little turned around        Math 54 Solutions Manual                               $24.50
for the sake of the "music," and the confusion this causes makes some         DIVE CD: Saxon 54                                      $50.00
turn away from poetry altogether. Having made the primary meaning of
the poem clear. When a poem becomes part of your life, you see why the        Math 65 Homeschool Kit                    $75.50      $64.18
words are just so, and not otherwise, and you will certainly come to love     Math 6/5 expands on Math 5/4 with more advanced lessons on divisibility,
this very great American poet. The second part of this book explains some     integers, prime and composite numbers, powers, roots, and probability.
things about Emily's life and friendships, and about her love for God.        Math 65 Student Edition                               $39.95
                                                                    $22.00    Math 65 Test & Worksheets                             $19.50
                                                                              Math 65 Solutions Manual                              $24.50
                                                                              DIVE CD: Saxon 65                                     $50.00
Math 76 Homeschool Set                       $84.50     $71.83              Calculus Homeschool Kit                       $74.50    $63.33
Math 7/6 helps improve preparation for high school math by introducing      Calculus Homeschool Kit w/solutions           $111.50 $94.78
concepts your child will need for upper-level algebra and geometry,         Fully treats all topics normally covered in an Advanced Placement AB-level
including circumference and pi, angles, coordinate graphing, and prime      calculus program, as well as many topics for a BC-level program. Successful
factorization.                                                              completion of Calculus has helped many students score well on Advanced
Math 76 Student Edition                                 $39.95              Placement exams.
Math 76 Tests & Worksheets                              $24.50              Calculus Teacher Packet                                 $19.50
Math 76 Solutions Manual                                $29.50              Calculus Tests Only                                     $12.50
DIVE CD: Saxon 76                                       $50.00              Calculus Solutions Manual                               $37.00
                                                                            DIVE CD: Saxon Calculus                                 $50.00
Math 87 Homeschool Set                        $84.50    $71.83
A pre-algebra program for students who have completed Math 7/6.             Physics Homeschool Kit                       $69.50     $59.08
Includes a range of upper-level skills and concepts such as scientific      Physics is ideal for both average and gifted students. Topics are gradually
notation, complex statistics, arcs, sectors, and the Pythagorean theorem.   increased in complexity and practiced every day, providing the time
Math 87 Student Edition                                 $39.95              required for concepts to become totally familiar.
Math 87 Tests & Worksheets                              $24.50              Physics Teacher Packet                                  $19.50
Math 87 Solutions Manual                                $29.50              Physics Tests Only                                      $12.50
DIVE CD: Saxon 87                                       $50.00              Physics Solutions Manual                                $30.00
                                                                            DIVE CD: Saxon Physics                                  $50.00
Algebra 1/2 Homeschool Kit                   $65.00     $55.25
Algebra 1/2 Homeschool Kit with Solutions $102.00 $86.70
Algebra ½ thoroughly prepares the student for Upper Grade Math by
building on Math 8/7 with culmination of pre-algebra mathematics and
skills, plus relevant topics from discrete mathematics (used for
                                                                                                         Singapore Math
engineering and computer sciences) and geometry.
                                                                            This program has become an increasingly popular choice for homeschooling
Algebra 1/2 Teacher Packet                              $19.50
                                                                            families. The actual math program used in Singapore, where math scores
Algebra 1/2 Tests Only                                  $12.50
                                                                            are some of the highest in the world, Singapore math has a proven track
Algebra 1/2 Solutions                                   $34.00
                                                                            record of teaching children to truly understand math concepts in a
DIVE CD: Saxon Algebra 1/2                              $50.00
                                                                            meaningful way that yields excellent results. Where Saxon teaches skills
                                                                            through practice and repetition, Singapore focuses on developing mental
                                                                            math abilities which leads to true mathematical thinking and retention.

                      Saxon Upper Grades 9-12
Saxon’s upper grades mathematics series is fully integrated, covering
algebra, geometry, trigonometry, discrete mathematics, secondary-level
pre-calculus, and mathematical analysis. When your child finishes the
three-text series Algebra 1, Algebra 2, and Advanced Mathematics, he or
she will be well prepared to study Saxon Calculus or college calculus.

Algebra 1 Homeschool Kit                       $64.50    $54.83
Algebra 1 Homeschool Kit w/Solutions           $102.00 $86.70
Algebra 1 covers all topics in a first-year algebra course, from proofs,    Kindergarten Math is a comprehensive, activity-based program designed
statistics, and probability to algebra-based, real-world problems.          to provide kindergarten students with a strong foundation in mathematics.
Algebra 1 Teacher Packet                                 $19.50             The program aims to prepare young students for subsequent stages of
Algebra 1 Tests Only                                     $12.50             mathematical thinking. In the Textbook, mathematical concepts are
Algebra 1 Solutions                                      $33.00             developed in a systematic, engaging and fun way. Hands-on tasks,
DIVE CD: Saxon Algebra 1                                 $50.00             meaningful activities and attractive illustrations rich in mathematical
                                                                            content engage students’ active participation in the learning process. The
Algebra 2 3rd ed Homeschool Kit             $67.00    $56.95                series also provides easy-to-follow guidance in various forms to allow for
Algebra 2 Homeschool Kit w/Solutions        $99.00    $84.15                meaningful intervention by both parents and teachers.
Algebra 2 includes extensive lessons in geometry. The equivalent of one
semester of informal geometry, with a continuation of essential algebra     Core Books:
concepts from Algebra1.                                                     Earlybird   Kindergarten   Math   STD   ED   Textbook A           $23.00
Algebra 2 3rd ed Teacher Packet                       $19.50                Earlybird   Kindergarten   Math   STD   ED   Textbook B           $23.00
Algebra 2 3rd ed Tests Only                           $12.50                Earlybird   Kindergarten   Math   STD   ED   Activity Bk A        $14.50
Algebra 2 3rd ed Solutions                            $32.00                Earlybird   Kindergarten   Math   STD   ED   Activity Bk B        $14.50
DIVE CD: Saxon Algebra 2                              $50.00
Advanced Math Homeschool Kit              $72.00      $61.20                Essential Math is a series of two books and is written especially for the
Advanced Math Homeschool Kit w/solutions $108.00 $91.80                     kindergarten student. It reinforces concepts and essential skills relevant
Advanced Mathematics interweaves concepts from algebra, geometry,           for this age, enhances their understanding of the things around them, and
trigonometry, discrete mathematics, and analysis for a fully integrated     motivates them to explore and learn more. There are useful ideas at the
understanding of advanced mathematics to help students prepare for          bottom of each page for parents and teachers to introduce the concepts
college entrance exams such as the SAT and ACT.                             concretely before doing the workbook page, and for extending the concept
Advanced Math Teacher Packet                          $19.50                after doing the page. Each front and back page can constitute a day’s
Advanced Math Tests Only                              $12.50                lesson.
Advanced Math Solutions                               $34.00
DIVE CD: Saxon Advanced Math                          $50.00                Essential Math Kindergarten A                                     $8.20
                                                                            Essential Math Kindergarten B                                     $8.20
                  Singapore Primary Mathematics                              Second Grade Core Books:
                                                                             Primary Math   Textbk 2A                      $8.70
                                                                             Primary Math   Workbk 2A                      $8.70
The Singapore Primary Mathematics series of elementary math textbooks        Primary Math   Home Instr Guide 2A         $16.50
and workbooks is meant to be part of a system of learning in which adult     Primary Math   Textbk 2B                      $8.70
supervision and independent practice go hand in hand.                        Primary Math   Workbk 2B                      $8.70
The main feature of this series is the use of the Concrete>                  Primary Math   Home Instr Guide 2B         $16.50
Pictorial>Abstract approach. The students are provided with the
necessary learning experiences beginning with the concrete and pictorial     Second Grade Supplements:
stages, followed by the abstract stage to enable them to learn               Extra Practice for Primary Math 2            $7.80
mathematics meaningfully. This approach encourages active thinking           Primary Math Intensive Practice 2A           $8.50
process, communication of mathematical ideas and problem solving. This       Primary Math Intensive Practice 2B           $8.50
helps develop the foundation students will need for more advanced            Primary Math Challenging Word Problems 2     $8.20
mathematics.                                                                 Math Express Speed Maths Strategies 2        $8.20
Practice exercises are designed to provide the students with further
practice after they have done the relevant workbook exercises. Review        Third Grade Core Books:
exercises are provided for cumulative reviews of concepts and skills. All    Primary Math   Textbk 3A                     $8.70
the practice exercises and review exercises are optional exercises.          Primary Math   Workbk 3A                     $16.50
The textbooks contain the learning tasks for students to do under adult      Primary Math   Textbk 3B                     $8.70
supervision and interaction, along with practice and review problems. They   Primary Math   Workbk 3B                     $8.70
are meant to be non-consumable and to be used along with the Primary         Primary Math   Home Instr Guide 3B           $16.50
Mathematics Workbooks.
The core curriculum for grades 1-6 is called Primary Mathematics.            Third Grade Supplements
There are two books that are used together, a textbook and a workbook.       Extra Practice for Primary Math 3            $7.80
The year is divided up into two parts, so there is a textbook and workbook   Primary Math Intensive Practice 3A           $8.50
A and a textbook and workbook B for each year. The B books are not           Primary Math Intensive Practice 3B           $8.50
different versions or harder than the A books; they simply follow the A      Primary Math Challenging Word Problems 3     $8.20
books.                                                                       Math Express Speed Maths Strategies 3        $8.20
The rest of the grades 1-6 books below are a variety of optional
supplementary books which are not a formal part of the core curriculum,      Fourth Grade Core Books:
however we highly recommend you use the Extra Practice Workbooks along       Primary Math   Textbk 4A                     $8.70
with the textbooks and workbooks for each level.                             Primary Math   Workbk 4A                     $8.70
Students who come to the Primary Mathematics from another curriculum         Primary Math   Home Instr Guide 4A            $16.50
may not have the necessary background to begin at the level suggested in     Primary Math   Textbk 4B                     $8.70
this guide without review from earlier levels. We suggest that you use the   Primary Math   Workbk 4B                     $8.70
placement tests to decide where to place students new to Primary             Primary Math   Home Instr Guide 4B           $16.50
Mathematics, or to get an idea of which concepts may have to be reviewed
from an earlier level. Placement tests are available on the St. George       Fourth Grade Supplements
website.                                                                     Extra Practice for Primary Math 4            $7.80
A Home Instructor's Guide is also highly recommended. Not all teaching       Primary Math Intensive Practice 4A           $8.50
information is in the textbook. Note that the textbooks and workbooks do     Primary Math Intensive Practice 4B           $8.50
not contain answer keys. Answers are available in the guides.                Primary Math Challenging Word Problems 4     $8.20
                                                                             Math Express Speed Maths Strategies 4        $8.20

                                                                             Fifth Grade Core Books:
                                                                             Primary Math   Textbk 5A                     $8.70
                                                                             Primary Math   Workbk 5A                     $7.70
                                                                             Primary Math   Home Instr Guide 5A           $16.50
                                                                             Primary Math   Textbk 5B                     $8.70
                                                                             Primary Math   Workbk 5B                     $7.70
                                                                             Primary Math   Home Instr Guide 5B            $16.50

First Grade Core Books:                                                      Fifth Grade Supplements
Primary Math Textbk 1A                                           $8.70       Extra Practice for Primary Math 5            $7.80
Primary Math Workbk 1A                                           $8.70       Primary Math Intensive Practice 5A           $8.50
Primary Math Home Instr Guide 1A                                 $16.50      Primary Math Intensive Practice 5B           $8.50
Primary Mathematics Tests 1A                                     $13.50      Primary Math Challenging Word Problems 5     $8.20
Primary Math Textbk 1B                                           $8.70       Math Express Speed Math Strategies 5         $8.50
Primary Math Workbk 1B                                           $8.70
Primary Math Home Instr Guide 1B                                 $15.00      Sixth Grade Core Books:
                                                                             Primary Math   Textbk 6A                     $8.70
First Grade Supplements:                                                     Primary Math   Workbk 6A                     $7.70
Extra Practice for Primary Math 1                                $7.80       Primary Math   Home Instr Guide 6A           $16.50
Primary Math Intensive Practice 1A                               $8.50       Primary Math   Textbk 6B                     $8.70
Primary Math Intensive Practice 1B                               $8.50       Primary Math   Workbk 6B                     $7.70
Primary Math Challenging Word Problems 1                         $8.20       Primary Math   Home Instr Guide 6B            $16.50
Math Express Speed Maths Strategies 1                            $8.20
                                                                             Sixth Grade Supplements:
                                                                             Primary Math Intensive Practice 6A           $8.50
                                                                             Primary Math Intensive Practice 6B           $8.50
                                                                             Primary Math Challenging Word Problems 6     $8.20
                                                                             Extra Practice for Primary Math 6            $7.80
                                                                             Math Express Speed Maths Strategies 6        $8.50
                                        Developmental Mathematics             Miquon Math series
                                        series                                For 30 years, the Miquon Math
                                          What makes the Developmental        Materials have offered children a
                                         Mathematics series different from    friendly invitation to the world of
                                         other math programs?                 mathematics. Based on the belief
                                         The title is a clue, this series     that mathematical insight grows
                                         focuses on the development of the    out of observation, investigation,
                                         mental processes of the student as   and the discovery of patterns, the
                                         well as the development of           six workbooks of the Miquon Math
                                         mathematical concepts which build    Materials lead children through
                                         one upon the other.                  an exploration of mathematical relationships. Concrete models are not
*The workbooks focus on one main concept at a time to promote true            supplements to the written work but instead are the basis of it and are
mastery learning.                                                             used continuously. Six student workbooks containing more than 650 lab
*The series takes into account the child's developmental stages through       sheets for first- to third-grade students.
the process of working from concrete (hands-on), to semi-abstract             Miquon Math introduces all four arithmetic operations and work with
(representational pictures and diagrams illustrating a concept), to           fractions in the first year. By the third year, students are graphing
abstract (working with only the numbers).                                     algebraic equations. Miquon Math gives children the basic tools early so
*Each new concept is developed through four stages: using physical or         that they can be independent problem solvers from the first day of school.
representational models to introduce the concept; learning to do the work     Experiences in building models for concepts precede and prepare children
without physical representations; recalling facts and performing              for all written work. Miquon Math encourages children to explore a
computations quickly and correctly through meaningful practice; putting       variety of learning styles without freezing them with rigid rules or
the new skills to practical use.                                              algorithms. Many children develop unconventional ways of arriving at
*Develpmental Mathematics can be used with elementary, junior high or         correct results through their own investigations. Miquon encourages such
senior high students whether learning concepts for the first time,            creative thinking.
reviewing and solidifying skills that have been taught previously, or for     Miquon Math is designed to individualize learning and works for the
remedial work.                                                                average learner as well as the exceptionally gifted child. The workbooks
*Self-paced learning can take place at any age.                               are sequenced by level of difficulty and form a complete three- to four-
*Students are placed at the level appropriate to their current knowledge      year curriculum. You can also use Miquon Math to supplement a basal
and experience.                                                               program. Each workbook’s arrangement by topic allows a teacher to easily
                                                                              select lab sheets that relate to a specific section of any textbook.
Student Workbook and Instruction Guide Levels 1-9                             Miquon’s variety of content and emphasis on creative problem solving will
                                                       $12.00 per level       add new dimensions to a traditional mathematics program. Foundational
Level 1: Ones: Concepts and Symbols                                           to the program is hands-on work with Cuisenaire Rods which provide a
                                                                              visual and manipulative resource for learning new mathematical concepts.
Level 2: Ones: Addition Concepts and Basic Facts                              The Notes to Teachers supplement is one of the best introductions to
                                                                              teaching math that I have read. It helped me to think "outside the box"
Level 3: Ones: Subtraction Concepts and Basic Facts                           in which I had been educated and to increase my love for and excitement
                                                                              about teaching math to my children.
Level 4: Tens: Concepts, Addition and Subtraction Facts                       Lab Sheet Annotations contains the specific instructions for using the
                                                                              children's lab, teaching suggestions, and teaching anecdotes. It is a rich
Level 5: Tens and Ones: Simple Additions and Subtractions                     source and guide for creating additional mathematics materials and is
                                                                              necessary to the program.
Level 6: Tens and Ones: Adding and Grouping                                    Use workbooks in the order below (ungraded).

Level 7: Tens and Ones: Subtracting with Exchange                             The Orange Book                                   Workbooks $6.95 each
                                                                              The Red Book
Level 8: Multiplication: Concepts and Facts                                   The Blue Book
                                                                              The Green Book
Level 9: Division: Concepts and Facts                                         The Yellow Book
                                                                              The Purple Book
                                                                              Notes to Teachers                                                $6.95
                                                                              Lab Sheet Annotations                                            $16.95
Student Workbooks and Solutions Manual Levels 10-16
                                                       $17.00 per level

Level 10: Hundreds and Three-Unit Numbers: Concepts, Addition and             Cuisenaire Rods - Introductory Set of 74 Wooden Rods
Subtraction Skills                                                            Spark students interest in mathematics and help them understand
                                                                              important math concepts as they progress from concrete representation
Level 11: Three-Unit Numbers: Multiplication and Division Skills              to abstract thinking with our namesake math manipulative! Cuisenaire Rods
                                                                              provide endless opportunities to introduce, investigate, and reinforce key
Level 12: Thousands and Large Numbers: Concepts and Skills                    math topics, such as—
Level 13: Decimals, Fractions and The Metric System: Concepts and Basic       Geometry
Skills                                                                        Subtraction
Level 14: Fractions: Concepts and Skills                                      Multiplication
Level 15: Fractions: Advanced Skills                                          And more
                                                                              Contains 74 rods in a storage tray and a Learning About… Cuisenaire Rods
Level 16: Special Topics: Ratio, Percent, Graphs and More                     Activity Guide. Grades PreK-8.                                       $9.95
                           Key to series.....                                   Key to Metric Measurement
                                                                                With these workbooks, students learn how to measure in metric units. The
                                                                                metric system is the only one used in international commerce and
                                                                                communication, and it's becoming more prevalent in the United States.
                                                                                Students completing this series will be more comfortable with the metric
                                                                                system as adults.
                                                                                Key to Metric Measurement Set of 4 Student Books                 $13.65
                                                                                Key to Metric Measurement Answers and Notes                        $4.65

                                                                                Key to Geometry
                                                                                Key to Geometry offers a non-intimidating way to prepare students for
                                                                                formal geometry as they do step-by-step constructions.
                                                                                   * Students begin by drawing lines, bisecting angles, and reproducing
                                                                                segments using only a pencil, compass, and straightedge.
                                                                                   * Later they do sophisticated constructions involving more than a dozen
                                                                                steps and are prompted to form their own generalizations.
                                                                                   * When they finish, students have been introduced to 134 geometric
Key to Fractions                                                                terms and are ready to tackle formal proofs.
Do you have students who have never mastered fraction concepts or who           Key to Geometry Set of 8 Student Books                             $36.75
need a good review? Key to Fractions covers all topics from basic concepts      Key to Geometry Answers and Notes Bks 1-3                          $4.65
to mixed numbers and is written with secondary students in mind. Minimal        Key to Geometry Answers and Notes Bks 4-6                          $4.65
reading is required, so students can easily work independently or in small      Key to Geometry Answers and Notes Bks 7                            $4.65
groups. These self-paced, self-guided workbooks motivate students to            Key to Geometry Answers and Notes Bks 8                            $4.65
succeed.                                                                        Circle Master Compass                                              $2.95
Key to Fractions Set of 4 Student Books                          $13.65         Plastic Straightedge                                               $ .42
Key to Fractions Answers and Notes                                 $4.65
Key to FractionsTests                                             $11.50
                                                                                Classical Math to Classical Music
Key to Decimals                                                                 Experience classical math education and classical music education–-all in
Key to Decimals begins with basic concepts and operations on decimals.          one program!
Then it covers real-world uses of decimals in pricing, sports, metrics,         These songs put math facts to music–-not just any music–- but the
calculators, and science. The success-oriented approach of Key to               timeless melodies of the great classical composers.
Decimals builds confidence and independence. You'll find this series to be      This proven program presents each song four times. The first three times,
a great way to prepare for standardized tests.                                  your children will hear the answers. The fourth time through, your
Key to Decimals Set of 4 Student Books                               $13.65     children will “sing in” the answers. This method of learning utilizes the
Key to Decimals Answers and Notes                                     $4.65     time-tested method of repetition, repetition, repetition. It builds
Key to DecimalsTests                                                $11.50      confidence, enabling your kids to remember these facts for a lifetime.
                                                                                Each set includes an audio CD and accompanying workbook which includes
Key to Percents                                                                 the math facts written out in both vertical and horizontal format, a short
Key to Percents first emphasizes mental computation and estimation              biography of the lives of ten great composers whose music is included on
skills—because most work with percents is done without pencil and paper.        the CD, and crossword puzzles about each composer.
Then students are taught to solve percent problems using equal fractions                                                      Each CD/book set - $15.95
and decimal multiplication. Finally, percents are used to solve word            Addition to Music
problems in a variety of applications. Key to Percents assumes only a           Subtraction to Music
knowledge of fraction and decimal computation.                                  Multiplication to Music
Key to Percents Set of 3 Student Books                              $10.25      Division to Music
Key to Percents Answers and Notes                                    $4.65
Key to PercentsTests                                                $11.50
                                                                                                         Calculadder Math Drills
Key to Algebra                                                                  Calculadder consists of a carefully designed sequence of 96 one-page drills,
Introduce Your Students to Algebra in Simple Terms                              divided into six one-year workbooks spanning 16 drills each. Althought the
Key to Algebra offers a unique, proven way to introduce algebra to your         workbooks are named Calculadder 1 through 6, any workbooks may be used
students. New concepts are explained in simple language, and examples are       as needed at any grade level along with any math curriculum.
easy to follow. Word problems relate algebra to familiar situations, helping    Each wirebound workbook has twelve copies of each of its 16 drills, for a
students understand abstract concepts. Students develop understanding           total of 192 pages. Your child repeats a given drill each day until he can
by solving equations and inequalities intuitively before formal solutions are   complete it correctly within that drill's suggested time goal; then he
introduced.                                                                     advances to the next drill level. Time goals range from 2 to 5 minutes.
Key to Algebra Set of 10 Student Books                               $34.15     Most children advance about one level every 2 weeks or 10 tries.
Key to Algebra Answers and Notes Bks 1-4                             $4.65      Each workbook includes a clear, practical Instructor's Guide, easy-to-use
Key to Algebra Answers and Notes Bks 5-7                             $4.65      answer keys and an Achievement Record. You may copy the workbook
Key to Algebra Answers and Notes Bks 8-10                            $4.65      pages for all your children.
Key to Algebra Tests, Books 1-10                                     $15.60
                                                                                Calculadder   1:   Basic Addition & Subtraction                   $19.95
Key to Measurement                                                              Calculadder   2:   Adv Add & Subtract, Basic Multiplication       $19.95
Students using Key to Measurement enjoy a variety of hands-on                   Calculadder   3:   Adv Multiplication, Basic Division             $19.95
experiences related to the English system of measurement. Group                 Calculadder   4:   Adv Division, Decimals, Basic Fractions        $19.95
projects are included in addition to numerous individual activities.            Calculadder   5:   Advanced Fractions & Mixed Numbers             $19.95
Key to Measurement Set of 4 Student Books                            $13.65     Calculadder   6:   Percents, Unit Systems, Geometric Ideas        $19.95
Key to Measurement Answers and Notes                                  $4.65
                              FINE ARTS                                                                     Art Supplies
                                                                                                        (or any art program!)
ARTistic Pursuits series
The ARTistic Pursuits approach to                                             Box of 16 Prang Soybean Crayons                                    $2.00
teaching art is a welcome                                                     Drawing Pencils (set of 4)                                         $2.00
departure from typical art                                                    Drawing Pencils (2 Chubby)                                         $1.25
instruction books. This award                                                 Kneaded Eraser                                                     $1.00
winning homeschool art program                                                Pencil Sharpener                                                   $2.00
meets the specific needs of                                                   Set of 4 Acrylic Signature Paints                                  $5.95
homeschoolers. A variety of fun                                               Set of 4 Quality Signature Paint Brushes                           $5.95
applications teach both the                                                   Set of 5 Grumbacher Artist Paint Brushes                           $7.95
expressive and technical aspects of                                           Set of 8 Watercolor Washable Markers by Prang                      $4.50
art while allowing children to make                                           Set of Georgian Watercolor Paints                                  $14.95
choices about what and how they                                               Stabilo Pastel Pencils                                             $16.95
will draw, paint, and sculpt.                                                 Student's Guide to Keeping an Art Journal                          $12.95
Assignments work within the stages of artistic development of children        Stylist Pen Ultra Fine Point                                       $1.50
and guide them to mature artistic expression in the visual arts.              Technical Millenium Pen                                            $1.50
Written for homeschool or independent study, these books are so student       Trend Pen Fine Point                                               $1.50
friendly that anyone, experienced or novice, will feel comfortable            24 Prisma Colored Pencils                                          $14.95
producing original and expressive works of art. Using ARTistic Pursuits,      Artisan Oil Paints                                                  $16.95
parents and teachers know that students get a complete overview of the        Artist Canvas Oil Pad                                              $7.95
subject of art, written with order and clarity. ARTistic Pursuits reaches     Artist Pastel Pad                                                  $5.95
out to all children and young adults who want to learn, capturing their       Artist Watercolor Pad                                              $7.95
interests as they work from direct observation and personal preferences.
Parents, teachers and students agree that this is the art curriculum
they've been looking for!                                                                       Bruce MacIntyre Drawing Series
Books at the K-3 level introduce Kindergarten, first, second, and third       Everyone in your family can learn to draw using Bruce McIntyre’s Seven
graders to the visual arts and view art through history. Colorful             Elements of Drawing, I know because we tried it! Drawing isn’t just for
illustrations, art appreciation, and projects designed for young hands and    “artists” it’s for everyone and can be as ease as learning handwriting once
minds delight students and appeal to their interests. Non-consumable.         the Seven Elements of Drawing have been taught. Children as young as
One set serves your entire family!                                            Kindergartners will be drawing in three dimensions after going through the
4-6 Grade, Junior High, and Senior High students learn technical skills       first lesson a couple of times.
while creating original works of art. Book One at each higher level           Once you see for yourself how easy it is to draw, you will wonder why
provides an overview of drawing, covering the elements of art and             drawing is not included in the school curriculums. While reading and writing
composition. Book Two at each higher level provides an overview of color      are essential skills they are very complicated and it takes many years
theory and composition. These books are non-consumable. Each set serves       before a child can read and write at a level that matches their minds
your entire family!                                                           current level of understanding. With drawing, a far greater level of
All books include art works by Master artists printed in each book in full    achievement can be reached by children at an early age. Children that
color along with historical information. Students in 4-12 grades get a look   know how to draw have a means of communicating their ideas without being
at American art, World art, and European art. Biographies of the artists      restricted by limited spelling knowledge or vocabulary. Once drawing is
are included and students get to look at a work of art in each unit to see    learned, anything that the mind can picture can be drawn.
how an artist used the idea presented in that unit.                           Drawing Textbook                                       $8.00
Did I mention that I LOVE this program? It can be easily coordinated
                                                                              Cute Animals                                           $6.00
with chronological history studies, includes art history and appreciation,
                                                                              Flowers & Trees                                        $6.00
modeling great works of art at an appropriate, realistic level depending on
the age of the student. This series does it all. And considering that         Scenery                                                $6.00
these books are non-consumable I can just about guarantee they will be a      Art Elements                                           $6.00
well-used part of your homeschool curriculum for years to come! Art is
for everyone!! (Non-consumable)                               $42.95 each
                                                                              How to Use Child-size Masterpieces
ARTistic Pursuits Grades K-3 Book 1, An Introduction to the Visual Arts       by Aline D. Wolf                                         $10.95
                                                                              This manual enables adults, who need not be art experts, to present
ARTistic Pursuits Grades K-3 Book 2, Stories of Artists and Their Art         beautiful paintings to young children. Dispensing with the words "Don't
                                                                              touch," which normally accompany the study of fine art, this program
ARTistic Pursuits Grades K-3 Book 3, Modern Painting and Sculpture            invites youngsters ages 3 through 12 to handle postcard-size
                                                                              reproductions (sold separately in the Child-Size Masterpieces books) in a
ARTistic Pursuits, Grades 4 - 6, Book 1, The Elements of Art and              delightful series of graded activities.
Composition                                                                      * Step 1 - Matching identical paintings
                                                                                 * Step 2 - Pairing two similar paintings by the same artist
ARTistic Pursuits, Grades 4-6 Book 2, Color and Composition                      * Step 3 - Grouping four paintings by each of three artists
                                                                                 * Step 4 - Learning the names of famous artists
ARTistic Pursuits, Junior High Book 1, The Elements of Art and                   * Step 5 - Learning the names of famous paintings
Composition                                                                      * Step 6 - Learning about the schools of art
                                                                                 * Step 7 - Sorting schools of art
ARTistic Pursuits, Junior High Book 2, Color and Composition                     * Step 8 - Placing paintings on a time line
                                                                              CSM Easy Level                                           $13.00
ARTistic Pursuits, Senior High Book 1, The Elements of Art and                CSM Intermediate Level                                   $13.00
Composition                                                                   CSM Advanced Level                                       $13.00
                                                                              CSM Step 4                                               $13.00
ARTistic Pursuits, Senior High Book 2, Color and Composition                  CSM Step 5                                               $13.00
                                                                              CSM Black Images                                         $13.00
                                                                              CSM Modern Schools of Arts Steps 6 & 7                   $14.00
                                                                              CSM Step 8 Transportation in America                      $14.00
Ready-To-Use Music Activities Kit (A. Adair)              This kit features                              Image of God series
204 reproducible activities to easily build skills in reading music, singing,                          Pre-school through 8th Grade
composing, music theory, listening, ear training, and instruments of band
and orchestra for grades kindergarten through eight. Spiral-bound.              The Image of God religion series is an exciting, comprehensive Catholic
                                                                 $32.95         program that has as its foundation the creation of human beings in God's
                                                                                own likeness. The greatest confirmation of man's unique dignity is the
Sergei Prokofiev's Peter and the Wolf: With a Fully-                            Incarnation of Christ, the God-man who is the perfect image of the
Orchestrated and Narrated CD                                                    Father and who reveals God as Love, especially by the Cross and
This book-and-CD package is an ideal way to introduce children to classical     Resurrection. In revealing God, Christ showed us who we are and how to
music. A new retelling of Prokofiev's musical fairy tale is accompanied by a    act. This emphasis on the dignity of the individual child as the foundation
CD with music performed by the Cincinnati Pops and word-for-word                of this series is taken from Scripture, the documents of Vatican II, and
narration by Peter A. Thomas. Full color.                          $19.95       the writing of John Paul II. It presents the Catholic Faith in a stimulating
                                                                                and easy to read format that is being praised by teachers, pastors and
Carnival of the Animals: Classical Music for Kids with CD
                                                                                      * Clear, comprehensive and interesting presentation of the Catholic
                                                                                Faith based on seven key concepts: God, Creation, Christ, Church, Grace,
Nearly 150 years ago, the composer Camille Saint-Saëns was asked by his
                                                                                Sacraments and Commandments.
pupils to write a musical joke for them. He wrote the Carnival of the
                                                                                      * Scripture based stories introduce students to the Bible and
Animals, a piece people enjoyed so much that it has now become one of
                                                                                Catholic Tradition. Stories of the saints' lives, as well as contemporary
Saint-Saëns's most famous works.
                                                                                stories, give students Catholic role models and examples of living the faith.
This accessible commentary, in a picture-book format, helps children
                                                                                      * Plays and creative drama suggestions allow children to act out the
follow each section of Saint-Saëns's classic piece while they listen to the
                                                                                concept of faith they have learned.
CD. Whimsical illustrations, a simple text, and evocative melodies create
                                                                                      * Solid doctrine, colorful illustrations and modern pedagogy make
an ideal introduction for young children to the world of classical music.
                                                                                series easy to teach.
                                                                                      * Perform-a-Text combines text and activity in one book. Teacher's
Bach's Goldberg Variations                                                      manuals are very detailed, thorough and full of practical ideas.
 by Anna Harwell Celenza                                                              * Review and discussion questions stimulate classroom dialogue and
Seventeenth-century composer Johann Sebastian Bach helps young                  help children verbalize what they have learned.
organist Johann Gottlieb Goldberg by giving him lessons and by presenting             * Liturgical and Holiday lessons help children participate in the
him with a composition which came to be called the Goldberg Variations.         Church year. Prayer service suggestions build a spirit of community as
Includes historical notes and audio CD.                          $21.95         children pray together spontaneous and formal prayers.
                                                                                      * Living the Lesson sections relates concepts of faith to everyday
The Farewell Symphony with CD                                                   living.
 by Anna Harwell Celenza
In 1772, with summer long gone and winter fast approaching, Joseph              Pre-school / Kindergarten program: Who AM I?
Haydn, court musician to Prince Nicholas of Esterhazy, creates a                A Catholic religion curriculum for children 3 years old through
symphony that finally persuades his oblivious employer to close up his          kindergarten with the text/workbooks for each pre-school level that
summer palace and allow the staff to return home.                   $19.95      presents the faith in a lively, colorful manner with state of the art
Gershwin's Rhapsody in Blue with CD                                                  * Founded on two unifying key truths: God and creation.
by Anna Harwell Celenza                                                              * Stresses the dignity of each child made in God's image.
It's 1924, and with just a few weeks' notice, George Gershwin has been               * Presents the faith in terms and activities children understand.
asked to compose a new concerto that exemplifies American music. In his              * Each lesson includes Bible stories, "Concepts of Faith", home
search for a new melody, Gershwin realizes that American music is much                     activities and fun workshops.
like its people--a great melting pot of sounds, rhythms, and harmonies.              * Includes teachers' Pattern Packet.
JoAnn Kitchel's illustrations capture the 1920s in all their art-deco           Preschool Student Workbook A                                        $5.95
majesty.                                                           $21.95       Preschool Student Workbook B                                        $5.95
                                                                                Kindergarten Student Workbook                                       $8.95
                                                                                Who Am I? Teacher Manual                                            $16.95
                       RELIGIOUS EDUCATION
                                                                                Grade One: Who Has God's Life?
Little Catechism on the                                                          Introduction to the Trinity with emphasis on the life of Jesus. Child
Eucharist                                                                       learns about grace, what it is and does for us. Acquaints child with the
by Fr. Roberto Coggi                                                            Apostles and beginning of the Church, the plan of salvation and the child's
Written as an ABC's of the faith                                                part in that plan. Child learns about angels, sacraments and the basic
for young people, this attractive                                               prayers.
and much-needed book Contains                                                   Student Book                                             $9.95
three parts:                                                                    Teacher Manual                                           $17.95

                                                                                Grade Two: Who Loves Me Always?
                                                                                Special emphasis on the sacraments and commandments in preparation for
                                                                                receiving Reconciliation and the Holy Eucharist. The lessons emphasize
1) basic truths of the faith and Eucharistic doctrine (in question-and-
                                                                                God's mercy and love through the story of salvation history and the
answer format), including the Church's teaching authority, the promise of
                                                                                coming of Jesus our Savior; we act as images of God through receiving the
the Eucharist, transubstantiation, the parts of the Mass, and how to
                                                                                sacraments, and imitating the various saints' lives that are studied.
receive Communion reverently and worthily;
                                                                                Special focus on the Mass.
2) stories of Eucharistic miracles (Lanciano, the miracles of St. Anthony
                                                                                Student Book                                            $9.95
of Padua and St. Clare, miraculous healings in Lourdes, and 10 more);
                                                                                Teacher Manual                                          $17.95
3) stories of Eucharistic saints (St. Tarcisius, St. John Neumann, St.
Padre Pio, the children of Fatima, St. Katharine Drexel, and 11 others).
Highly praised by many cardinals and bishops!
Preface by Cardinal J. Francis Stafford; foreword by Cardinal Francis
George, OMI.
Grade Three: Who Is Our Example?
 Emphasis on a deeper understanding of the nature and persons of God,
and who we are as images of God. The powers that god gives us and how we
should use them to imitate the perfect image of God, Jesus. We grow in
our understanding of the Church, and participation in its life of grace.
Mary our mother helps us to be like Jesus.
Student Book                                                        $11.95
Teacher Manual                                                      $17.95

Grade Four: We Follow Jesus
                                                                                               St. Joseph Baltimore Catechism series
Emphasizes the mystery of the Trinity and the student's response of
                                                                                 Gives the revised text of Official Baltimore Catechism No. 0 in a user-
Faith. Students learn about the creation of angels, the universe, and
                                                                                 friendly format and design, while explaining Catholic doctrine with the aid
people as acts of God's love. The fall of the angels and the human persons
                                                                                 of many exclusive features. Pictures have been used profusely to aid in
is studied. Students study about Jesus and why He came. Special emphasis
                                                                                 understanding each lesson. Sacred Scripture has been used extensively to
on grace and how it helps us to act as images of God by following the Ten
                                                                                 give life to the formulas in which doctrine is expressed. This Catechism
                                                                                 combines modern outlook and language with a solid time-tested exposition
Student Book                                                       $11.95
                                                                                 of the teaching of the Church.
Teacher Manual                                                     $17.95
                                                                                 St. Joseph First Communion Catechism                              $3.50
Grade Five: Our Mission of Love                                                  For Grades 1 and 2.
Emphasizing the creation of human beings as images of God: mind, will, and       St. Joseph Baltimore Catechism No. 1                              $4.50
body. Original sin is discussed in conjunction with Jesus' mission to            For Grades, 3, 4, and 5.
redeem us and to act as prophet, priest, and king. Special emphasis on the       St. Joseph Baltimore Catechism No. 2                              $4.95
Church and how it carries on Jesus' mission of love. Through the Church,         For Grades 6, 7, and 8.
Jesus touches us in the sacraments and strengthens us to carry on His
mission of love. Death and life after death are treated.
Student Book                                                        $11.95
Teacher Manual                                                      $17.95       Simon Peter Scripture
                                                                                 Studies for Children
Grade Six: God's Merciful Love                                                   Make Scripture Come Alive!
Special emphasis on Genesis and the creation of human persons by God in          A unique opportunity for
His image. Also, the Old Testament is presented as a history of God's            elementary students and families
merciful love toward people. God's merciful love draws good out of evil and      to grow together in faith.
prepares for the coming of Jesus Christ. The covenant between God and            Simon Peter School Scripture Study’s Student Book contains twelve fully
Israel is an expression of God's merciful love.                                  illustrated lessons! Each lesson has a Bible reading assignment and verse
Student Book                                                      $13.95         for memorizing! Students find this study easy to learn and fun and
Teacher Manual                                                    $17.95         entertaining to use!
                                                                                 Teacher Manuals provides detailed lesson plans, master answers and even
Grade Seven: Jesus, The Way, The Truth, The Life                                 song and activity suggestions! Instructors find this study easy to teach
Reviews the creation of the world and persons. Emphasizes the dignity of         and full of ideas to communicate the message and importance of Sacred
each human being as an image of God. Has students explore the possible           Scripture!
vocations. The life, death, and resurrection of Jesus is reviewed through        Simon Peter School Scripture Study uses study, song, prayer, discussion,
an analysis of the four gospels. The development of a well-formed                crafts, theater and other activities to make Scripture come alive in the
conscience. Morality is rooted in God and proper moral behavior is an            classroom and in the lives of students!
imitation of God.                                                                Four essential elements make Simon Peter School Scripture Study so
Student Book                                                       $11.95        effective:
Teacher Manual                                                     $17.95        1. Daily Personal Quiet Time and Bible Study. SPSSS encourages students
                                                                                 to pray, read their Bible, memorize Scripture, develop crafts and complete
Grade Eight: Part A - Lord, Give Me Eternal Life;                                homework, every day, giving the student the opportunity to be immersed in
             Part B - Christ With Us Now And Always                              Sacred Scripture!
Emphasizes Christ's living and active presence in the Church throughout          2. Weekly Sessions. Meeting in a group on a weekly basis gives students a
it's history. The lives of saints and other persons of importance serve as       chance to discuss what they’ve learned on their own! Students will engage
focal points for the history of the Church. Emphasizes the sacraments as         in group prayer, homework discussion, and other group activities that
personal meetings with Jesus.                                                    reinforce the lesson for that week!
Student Book A                                                     $11.95        3. Family Involvement. SPSSS believes education starts at home and that
Student Book B                                                     $11.95        parents are the primary educators of their children! Each lesson includes a
Teacher Manual A                                                   $17.95        family letter that explains what the students are learning in class, the
Teacher Manual B                                                   $17.95        reading assignment and homework for that lesson and fun activities for
                                                                                 the whole family to enjoy!
Confirmation: Spreading and Defending the Faith                                  4. Prayer. SPSSS teaches and encourages personal and group prayer in the
                                                                                 classroom and in the home! "Prayer should accompany the reading of
Activities in the student text include writing articles, conducting interview,
                                                                                 Sacred Scripture, so that God and man may talk together." -Dogmatic
researching lives of saints, and expressing the truth of the faith in an
                                                                                 Constitution on Divine Revelations: Second Vatican Council
informed way. The teacher's guide help the catechist direct the students
to see the Holy Spirit at work and to respond to His love in all areas of
their lives: spiritual intellectual, moral, service to the Church and            A-Z Memory Verses Student Book                                    $12.95
community, and more. Features: Prayers, definitions, gifts of the Holy           A-Z Memory Verses Teacher's Guide                                 $15.95
Spirit, apologetics, fruits of the Holy Spirit, vocations, Eucharist, Penance,   The Gospel of Luke Student Book (Gr. 3)                           $12.95
virtues.                                                                         The Gospel of Luke Teacher's Manual (Gr. 3)                       $15.95
Student Book                                                          $8.50      Acts of the Apostles Student Book (Gr. 4)                         $12.99
Teacher Manual                                                        $8.50
                                                                                  Acts of the Apostles Teacher's Guide (Gr. 4)                      $15.99
          Faith and Life Religion Series for Grades 1-8                       Grade Six: Following Christ
                                                                               The blueprint for a life of love: the law of God, especially in the Ten
 The lessons in Faith and Life incorporate the four principal components of   Commandments, and the presence of Jesus in the Holy Mass. The
catechesis--the Creed, the Commandments, the Sacraments and Liturgy,          interaction of the challenges of God's law and his gifts of grace that help
Prayer and Scripture.                                                         us fulfill his law.
“Throughout the series, every aspect of Christian life is addressed:          Student Text                                                          $11.95
     * What we believe (the Creed)                                            Activity Guide                                                        $6.95
     * What we do (the Commandments)
     * The means to our end (Sacraments and Liturgy)                          Grade Seven: The Life of Grace
     * What we hope for (Prayer and Scripture)                                 Grace as our link with God, his gift to us to bring us to Himself and his
The Faith and Life Activity Books, designed for use in the home or            eternal life, with an emphasis on transmission of grace through the seven
classroom, provide creative activities for review and reinforcement of        sacraments and on God's loving gifts of revelation, of himself through the
each lesson. Through carefully developed and selected activities, the         prophets, the Incarnation, and the Church. The role of grace in developing
emphasis is on understanding and putting into practice the teachings of       the virtues.
Christ in everyday life.                                                      Student Text                                                         $12.95
     * Clear, comprehensive and interesting presentation of the Catholic      Activity Guide                                                       $6.95
Faith, tailored for the different grade levels, with a foundational
emphasis on Scripture and Vatican II.                                         Grade Eight: Our Life in the Church
     * Quotations from Scripture, the liturgy, Church documents and the       he history of the Church--its founding by Christ, its birth in the Holy
saints highlight important points in each lesson.                             Spirit, the marks of the one, true Church, the Fathers and Doctors of the
     * Inspirational classical and original artwork and photographs connect   Church, the saints and the role of the religious and laity up to the present.
the lessons to the life of Christ and of the Christian.                       The structure of the Church Jesus planned, the role of the Magisterium,
     * Questions and answers at the end of the chapters help review vital     the clergy, the religious and the laity and our own vocations.
material and aid retention.                                                   Student Text                                                        $12.95
     * Helpful supplementary sections include: Prayers and Devotions,         Activity Guide                                                      $6.95
Liturgical and Seasonal Life of the Church, Words to Know.
     * Follows guidelines laid out by the General Catechetical Directory,
                                                                                                Fr. John Laux High School series
Pope John Paul II's "Catechesi Tradendae", and the U.S. National
Catechetical Directory.
                                                                              Chief Truths Of The Faith
                                                                              A Course in Religion - Book I
Grade One: Our Heavenly Father
                                                                              Chief Truths Of The Faith. Suggestions for Study. The best brief outline
 Introduction to the Trinity, with emphasis on the life of Jesus, the plan
                                                                              of our Faith we know. Penetrating explanations of all essential truths of
of salvation, and the child's part in the plan. Acquaints child with Mary,
                                                                              the Faith. Written as a high school textbook, it is excellent even for
angels and saints. Child learns basic prayers.
                                                                              college work and is geared also for adult reading as are all Fr. Laux's
Student Text                                                         $9.95
                                                                              books. Fr. Laux is always brief, clear, thorough, undated and interesting!
Activity Guide                                                       $6.95
                                                                              He taught this subject in high school for years, and this excellent book is
                                                                              the fruit of his work.                                              $12.50
Grade Two: Jesus Our Life
Preparation for the first reception of the sacraments of Penance and
                                                                              Mass And The Sacraments
Holy Communion, with the law of God and salvation history as background.
                                                                              A Course in Religion Book II
The lesson emphasizes God's mercy and love. Covers Commandments,
                                                                              Mass And The Sacraments. The doctrine and history of the 7 Sacraments.
Creation and Redemption.
                                                                              Also covers Indulgences and Sacramentals. Topics include the Scriptural
Student Text                                                     $9.95
                                                                              background of the Sacraments, their institution by Christ, essential
Activity Guide                                                   $6.95
                                                                              requirements for receving them, their effects in the soul, etc. Will deepen
                                                                              understanding of these 7 lifelines of grace and salvation         $12.50
Grade Three: Our Life With Jesus
 God's plan of salvation, from creation to the Incarnation and Redemption     Catholic Morality
to the birth of the Church at Pentecost and our life in the Church. Special   A Course in Religion - Book III
emphasis on the importance of Confession, Communion and the Mass.             Catholic Morality. Suggestions for study. A brief but complete book on
Student Text                                                      $10.95      traditional Catholic morality. Covers every basic aspect--the purpose of
Activity Guide                                                    $6.95       life, free will, the Natural Law, positive divine law, human positive laws,
                                                                              elements of a moral act, virtues, Christian perfections, Evangelical
Grade Four: Jesus Our Guide                                                   Counsels, nature of sin, kinds of sin, duties toward God, ourselves, our
God's plan to save his people from sin (Salvation History), how we            neighbor, the family, state, Church, etc.                             $12.50
in that plan, and the many ways God helps us in our pilgrimage on earth to
Heaven through his word, his law, and his Church.                             Catholic Apologetics
Student Text                                                       $10.95     A Course in Religion - Book IV
Activity Guide                                                     $6.95      Catholic Apologetics. Suggestions for Study. One of the best apologetics
                                                                              books we have ever seen. Covers the nature of our knowledge,
Grade Five: Credo: I Believe                                                  justifications for our belief, proofs for the existence of God, Immortality
A thorough study of the articles of the Creed as the basic belief of our      of the soul, proofs of Revelation, reasonableness of our belief in the
Catholic faith, with a special emphasis on careful understanding of           Church, primacy of the Pope, etc.                                   $12.50
definitions through the words of the Gospels, and the prophets, and the
prayers of the Church.
Student Text                                                       $10.95
Activity Guide                                                     $6.95
Church History                                                                                                 HISTORY
A Complete History of the Catholic Church to the Present Day
Church History. From the beginning to 1940. Written for both students                                          Timelines
and adults. The author intersperses the history with many brief,              Studying history in chronological order enables you to understand the
interesting biographies of famous people, and at the end of each chapter      story of history. You don't start reading a book in the middle, you begin
he quotes briefly from a famous writing of the era, blending a medley of      at the beginning. For the best understanding of history begin at the
elements into a comprehensive historical composition that is at once          beginning! Then the rest will make sense as the flow of events unfolds.
brilliant and fascinating. A story of the Church unparalleled in its scope,   A good timeline is an essential tool for understanding historical
depth, variety and impact, and a book all Catholics should read. $27.50       relationships. Discovering that the Greek poet Homer was telling the
                                                                              stories of the Iliad and Odyssey around the same time that the prophet
Introduction To The Bible                                                     Isaiah lived in Israel or that Our Lady of Guadalupe was converting the
This book includes the true meaning of Inspiration, guidelines to             Indians in Mexico at the same time that Henry VIII was leading England
understanding the Bible and the Chuch's role as the Bible's official          out of the Catholic Church are the kinds of connections that can be made
interpreter. Also gives an introduction to each of the Bible's 72 books,      through working with a timeline.
with well-chosen Scriptural passages from most of the books that render
a representative example of what they are like and about. First published
in 1932, it is nevertheless not dated; the information contained here         Catholic World History Timeline and Guide
remains as valid as the traditional Catholic teaching it presents. $18.00     by Marcia Neill                                                      Marcia
                                                                              Neill’s Catholic History Timeline and Guide is a wonderful resource for
                                                                              getting the Big Picture of history at any age. It contains a very complete
                   Didache Series for High School                             listing of secular and Catholic historical events and people in chronological
The Didache Series is ideal for high school and adult education, seminaries   order as well as a kit for making an illustrated timeline which your family
and colleges, RCIA, catechism classes, and home schooling. “The Ad Hoc        can use for many years. The first half of this big spiral-bound book is the
Committee to oversee the Use of the Catechism, United States                  listing of events, including dates and brief explanations. The second half
Conference of Catholic Bishops, has found [these texts] to be in              of the books contains over 750 illustrated timeline cards printed on heavy
conformity with the Catechism of the Catholic Church.”                        cardstock and keyed by number to the chronological list of events. This is
The beauty and quality of these colorful hardbound books qualify them as      more than just a timeline, it is an invaluable resource guide to studying
true art books and make them perfect for gift-giving. The art and             history!                                                             $89.95
knowledge of over 2,000 years has been compiled in The Didache Series.
These inspiring, sometimes breathtaking, books will become treasured          First Timeline: A Child's Introduction to World History and
additions to family and parish libraries-—to be passed along from
generation to generation.
                                                                              Includes book, mural and timeline cards.
                                                                              Text by Mary Daly, Pictures by Ana Braga-Henebry
Didache Introduction to Catholicism                                           First timeline is designed to introduce your young child (kindergarten
This book of The Didache Series explains what it means to be Catholic.        through 2nd grade) -- and anyone else -- to the history and geography of
Introduction to Catholocism Text                                $34.95        the world in terms of 36 biographies (or so). It consists of a mural 4.5" by
Introduction to Catholocism Workbook                            $16.95        81" to be colored and either fan folded as a booklet or displayed as a
Intro to Catholocism Wkbk Teacher Edition                       $29.95        mural, accompanied by a spiral-bound book describing the lives of the
Introduction to Catholocism Teacher Manual                      $29.95        chosen characters within a single narrative of human history, and large-
                                                                              format timeline cards. The mural and timeline cards include black and
Didache Understanding the Scriptures                                          white line drawings perfect for coloring and decorating.
Dr. Scott Hahn's book presents a Catholic approach to Scripture               The book contains a read-aloud introduction to the concept of history
highlighting the theme of covenant. Tracing a path through salvation          along with 40 short stories from history, each illustrated on the timeline.
history, the book explains the various parts of the Bible and the             An added bonus at the back of the book is a poem which reviews the
importance of each part. Understanding the Scriptures will provide            program, 2 verses for each person from the timeline written in simple
students with an understanding of Sacred Scripture so critical to their       rhyme for easy memorization. This little gem can be used over 40 days or
Catholic faith.                                                               40 weeks. My recommendation would be to add some good read-aloud
Understanding the Scriptures Text                                 $49.95      stories to go with each entry in the timeline.                  $17.00 set
Understanding the Scriptures Workbk                               $16.95
Understanding the Scriptures Wkbk Teacher Edition                 $29.95      Record of Time Notebook Timeline
Understanding the Scriptures Teacher Manual                       $44.95      We have finally found a timeline note book designed that will not only
                                                                              provide a journal for recording history, but become a treasured keepsake
Didache The History of the Church                                             along the way!
This comprehensive history of the Catholic Church includes every major        Here's what the Record of Time includes:
event in the Church's history through the present day. The book places        A 12" x 9" HARD-COVER, 3-ring binder to take the shelf wear and years
the Church in its context throughout history and explains the role that       of use, allowing the timeline to lay flat! The three rings are on the 9" side,
the Church and its leaders have played in the shaping of history for better   creating an oblong effect, best for viewing a horizontal timeline.
or worse.                                                                     One-hundred and twenty-two durable, ivory colored, cardstock pages, 11"x
The History of the Church Text                                     $54.95     8.5" (horizontal), dated from 5000 BC to 2025 AD.
The History of the Church Workbook                                 $21.95     Each page contains faint background lines to keep written notations neat
The History of the Church Wkbk Teacher Edition                     $29.95     as well as notable, inspiring quotes pertaining to the time period!
The History of the Church Teacher Manual                           $49.95     An additional 17 pages of maps, both ancient and modern world, to add
                                                                              interest in your child's studies!
                                                                              A signature page to personalize the Record Book with your child's name
Didache Our Moral Life in Christ                                              and date!
Our Moral Life in Christ presents the more complex theological concepts       With all the time and energy your child puts into their timeline notebook,
of Roman Catholicism.                                                         you will want one that not only beautifully displays their efforts, but will
Our Moral Life in Christ Text                                     $34.95      stand up to the years of use, providing a keepsake to last their school-life
Our Moral Life in Christ Workbook                                 $16.95      and beyond. This Record of Time was designed with all those elements in
Our Moral Life in Christ Wkbk Teacher Edition                     $29.95      mind!                                                                $38.95
Our Moral Life in Christ Teacher Manual                           $29.95
            The Connecting With History Program                                      THE CONNECTING WITH HISTORY GUIDES
The history and literature-based curriculum published by RC History and
now available exclusively through St. George Catholic Books and Gifts.         Connecting with History is a 4-year cycle of chronological
                                                                               volumes for all ages:
 Distinctive Features of Connecting with History:
1. history is presented from a specifically Catholic world view
                                                                                                                       VOLUME ONE:
2. history is taught in chronological order and repeated in cycles
3. families learn together                                                                                             Preparation for the Kingdom
4. history is not taught as an isolated subject - religion, literature,                                                Ancient History/Old
geography, arts and sciences all have historical components                                                            Testament:
5. children are actively involved in the learning process                                                              Creation to 63 B.C.
Cyclical Approach:                                                                                                     Focuses on the Biblical history of
Connecting with History is planned as a four-year cycle of volumes                                                     the Israelites as the "chosen
spanning all of history from creation through modern times. The                                                        people" sent to prepare the world
advantages of using a cyclic approach are many:                                                                        for the coming of the Messiah,
                                                                                                                       includes the surrounding cultures
     •     history can be studied chronologically by the family together                                               of the Mediterranean world:
     •     younger children can join in at any point in the cycle, knowing                                             Mesopotamia, Egypt, Greece, Rome
           that the family will spiral back through time periods they may
           have missed
                                                                                                                       VOLUME TWO:
     •     after completing a cycle of history the family repeats the cycle:
                                                                                                                       The Arrival of the King and His
           repetition reinforces learning and understanding
     •     each time the family begins a new cycle the students will be                                                Kingdom
           older and able to study in more depth than the previous time                                                63 B.C. to A.D. 1066
We want this curriculum to reflect a deeply Catholic view of history, to                                                 An in-depth study of the New
help us see beyond the cultural stereotypes and misconceptions that we're                                                Testament and Early Church
so used to hearing that we no longer think about what they mean. We                                                      history, this volume emphasizes the
divide our history program differently from well-known Protestant history                                                life and death of Christ as the
programs to highlight some of these differences in viewpoints. In                                                        central point of history and goes on
Connecting with History we aim to dig more deeply into the riches of                                                     to show the birth and spread of
history, to see them with new eyes - the eyes of our Faith.                                                              the Church as the Body of Christ,
                                                                                                                         and its perseverance and growth
Connecting With History.....                                                                                             through persecutions.
                                                                               Volume Two contains a greatly expanded writing assignment and hands-on
                                                                               activity section for all ages as well as study guides for twelve novels.
...brings history and the Bible to life and awakens the joy of learning in
                                                                               *Please note: if you begin the program with Volume Two you will need the
children (and parents, too!)
                                                                               teacher’s guide contained in Volume One.
... integrates history and geography, literature and language arts within a
Catholic framework
...utilizes a relaxed classical approach to learning at home                                                           VOLUME THREE:
...incorporates a step-by-step method which simplifies lesson planning and                                             The Kingdom as the Body of
encourages students to become independent, life-long learners                                                          Christ
...coordinates all age levels: K-12 all studying the same units, at the same                                           A.D. 1066-1750
time each at their own level
                                                                                                                       Projected Publication: 2010
...promotes critical thinking and research skills
                                                                                                                       During this time period we see the
...adjusts to fit your homeschooling schedule and priorities
                                                                                                                       rise of many new religious orders,
...includes overviews for the teacher and student which emphasize a
                                                                                                                       the crusades and ongoing fight
Catholic understanding of history
                                                                                                                       against the Turkish Muslim written by experienced homeschooling moms who know what it's like to
                                                                                                                       aggressions against Christendom,
teach a house full of children
                                                                                                                       the highs of the 1300's and the
                                                                               lows of the 1400's, the beginning of the Renaissance and the separation of
Each unit in the Connecting With History Guides includes:                      England from the Church, the Reformation, the Catholic Counter
                                                                               Reformation (the true reforming of the Church), the Council of Trent, the
           *teacher's notes and discussion starters                            missionary focus on the New World, Africa, China and Japan.
           *an overview so students and teachers know where they are
           headed on their journey through the time period                                                             VOLUME FOUR:
           *instructions and ideas for compiling a Student Notebook
                                                                                                                       Death and Resurrection of the
           *writing ideas
           *hands-on activity ideas
                                                                                                                       Kingdom in Modern Times
           *reading assignments for each unit                                                                          A.D. 1750 – 2000
           *memory and copy work including poetry and scripture passages                                               Projected Publication: 2011
           *research charts to help students focus in on the people and                                                From the French and American
           civilizations covered in the unit.                                                                          Revolutions to the War of 1812 and
                                                                                                                       through the great and terrible
                                                                                                                       20th century of martyrdoms,
For more information about Connecting with History and for
book package information please refer to our Connecting with
                                                                               social upheaval, and crossing the "Threshold of Hope" into the new
History catalog (available upon request) and our website:                      millenium.... We will provide two tracks in this volume - World History and
                                                American History.
          Catholic Textbooks and Overviews of History                          From Sea to Shining Sea
Our view of history textbooks is that they provide a good overview of an       [grades 4/5]
historical period, but they are not enough on their own.                       This is the second volume of five books aimed at grades 5-9 to teach
Supplement with plenty of real books as well as hands-on projects,             world history and geography. Produced with the absolute highest quality in
research and writing projects. See our website for hundreds of great           design, color, illustrations, paper and bindings, this textbook project for
living books!                                                                  Catholic schools employs the writing and editing talents of a group of
                                                                               highly qualified teachers, authors, editors and artists.
The Old World's Gifts to the New                                               This volume, aimed at middle-school graders, tells the story of North
 by Sr. Mary Celeste                                                           America—the Indian nations, European colonization, the founding and
[grades 3-6]                                                                   history of the United States up to the Twentieth Century. Told as a series
World history textbook for young students. Covers ancient cultures             of stories, with thumbnail biographies, lives of the saints, maps,
through the Middle Ages in a very readable style.               $28.95         illustrations, and other supplemental material. The lavish use of color
                                                                               photos, drawings and maps combined with the excellent writing make this
Land Of Our Lady Series                                                        volume and series the best available today.                          $55.00
(Catholic American History Set of 5)                                           From Sea to Shining Sea Teacher's Guide                               $29.95
First published by Benziger Bros. in the 1950's. These beautiful
reproductions of The Land of Our Lady Series of American History
present a balanced Catholic view of this history. The five volumes, grades                                            Light to the Nations CDROM
4-5-6-7-8, cover the time from before Columbus landing in America to the                                                From the coming of Jesus Christ,
mid-1950's—when these great books were originally published. Each book                                                  through the achievements of
contains a concise yet interesting record of a specific period in American                                              medieval Christendom, to the
history always explaining the Catholic influence of religion, culture and                                               Enlightenment projects of the 18th
morality. Every private Catholic school, home schooling family and library                                              century, God's work in history
will benefit from these Catholic textbooks. Cloth, hardcover, gold                                                      reveals itself. This book combines
embossed.                                                                                                               narrative accounts with the
Land of Our Lady Book 1 Founders of Freedom                                                                             necessary facts, dates, short
Book 1, most often used in Grades 3 or 4 begins with the Creation, ending                                               biographies, and concept
with events leading up to the discovery of the New World. Written in a                                                  definitions needed for a Christian
conversational style that makes a pleasant read-aloud to young elementary                                               cultural understanding.
students.                                                         $30.95       The central concern of the volume is the effect on human civilization
Land of Our Lady Book 2 Bearers of Freedom                                     wrought by the Christian Faith. Drawing on the work of Catholic historians
Book 2, most often used in Grade 5, begins with Columbus arriving in the       of the 20th century, Christopher Dawson, Hillaire Belloc, and Frederick
New World, ending with the French and Indian War.                $32.95        Wilhelmsen, the authors have crafted a Catholic and accurate account of
                                                                               our Western heritage to convey our story to youth. Grade range: 7-9
Land of Our Lady Book 3 Leaders of Freedom
                                                                               Currently only available for ordering in CDROM format.               $30.00
Book 3, most often used in Grade 6, begins with events leading up to the
Revolutionary War, ending with an overview of early American education,
literature, and inventions.                                       $30.95
                                                                               Christ the King, Lord of History
Land of Our Lady Book 4 Challenge of Freedom
                                                                               by Anne Carroll
Book 4, most often used in Grade 7, begins with the exploration of the
                                                                               World history told in an engaging style for junior/senior high students, as
West, ending with a description of America as she becomes an industrial
                                                                               well as adult beginners. Reads more like a novel than a textbook. $24.00
nation.                                                           $31.95
Land of Our Lady Book 5 Guardian of Freedom
                                                                               Christ the King Lord of History Workbook
Book 5, most often used in Grade 8, begins with the acquisition of Alaska
                                                                               Over 50 questions for each of the 30 chapters. Fill-in-the-blank, Mulitple
and Hawaii, and ends with the Korean War                           $34.95
                                                                               choice, True/False, Matching, plus a Mini-Essay Question. Answer Key
                                                                               perforated for easy removal. Students can write in the book, or pages can
The Old World and America
                                                                               be cut out to use as tests. Fun and easy to use.                  $21.00
by Fr. Philip Furlong
[grades 5-8] World history from Ancient times to the discovery of
                                                                               Christ and the Americas
America                                                        $21.00
                                                                               by Anne Carroll
Answer Key for The Old World and America                       $10.00
                                                                               American history told in the same engaging style for junior/senior
                                                                               highschool students as well as adult beginners.                   $24.00
Our Pioneers and Patriots
                                                                               Christ and the Americas Workbook.                                  $21.00
by Fr. Philip Furlong
[grades 4-6] American history overview for elementary grades.
Answer Key Our Pioneers and Patriots                               $10.00
                                                                               The Catholic Church, First
All Ye Lands: World Cultures and Geography                                     2000 Years A Popular Survey
[grades 6/7 ]                                                                  and Study Guide to Church
This is the first volume of five books aimed at grades 6-9 to teach world      History
history and geography. Produced with the absolute highest quality in           by Martha Rasmussen
design, color, illustrations, paper and bindings, this textbook project for    This book is a popular overview and
Catholic schools employs the writing and editing talents of a group of         study guide to the history of the
highly qualified teachers, authors, editors and artists to present these       Catholic Church.
magnificent texts.                                                             Written for non-scholarly readers with little historical background, it
Produced under the direction of general editor Dr. Rollin Lasseter of the      includes descriptions of society in different historical eras in order to
University of Dallas, this volume covers world history and culture up          make the history of the Church more understandable. The book explains
through the Middle Ages, as well as developments in China, Japan, Russia,      important doctrinal, spiritual, and historical questions and developments.
Europe, Africa and the Americas up to the mid 1800's. The lavish use of        It identifies many popular saints and includes interesting historical
color photos, drawings and maps combined with the excellent writing make       characters.                                                         $16.95
this volume and series the best available today.                     $55.00
All Ye Lands Teacher's Guide                                          $29.95
2000 Years of Christianity                                                      Race for Heaven: Grade 8
by Warren Carroll and Gloria Thomas                                             St. Margaret Mary
Beginning with the life of Jesus Christ, Catholic artist Gloria Thomas          St. Francis Solano
provides a century-by-century tour of the 2000 years of Christian history.      Pauline Jaricot
The 21 beautiful 9"x18" paintings fold out to provide an overview of each       St. Paul the Apostle
century of the two millennia of history . Accompanying the individual art
prints are historical articles summarizing the highlights of the century,
written by Catholic historian, Dr. Warren Carroll. This work of love,           Reading the Saints
inspired by the Jubilee year 2000, is a testimony to God's presence in the      By Janet McKenzie
Church and in the world throughout history. "My goal is to present an epic      If you love books and the Catholic Faith, you will love this essential
of the Church from its origin until the present day in images, each of          resource!
which is immediately comprehensible." - Gloria Thomas This work of love,        Reading the Saints: Lists of Catholic Books for Children plus Book
inspired by the Jubilee year 2000, is a testimony to God's presence in the      Collecting Tips for the Home and School Library (formerly entitled Saintly
Church and in the world throughout history. We have incorporated this           Resources) is a valuable tool for Catholic home educators, classroom
book into the Overview section of each unit of Connecting with History          teachers, and collectors of Catholic juvenile books. Reading the Saints will
Volume Two as both an art appreciation and history lesson in one! $34.95        help you discover living books from such popular out-of-print Catholic
                                                                                juvenile series as Catholic Treasury, Vision Books, and American
                                                                                Background Books as well as current series books for young Catholics. Use
                       Stories of the Saints                                    this book to find:
              for devotional reading and history studies                           * Over 800 Catholic books listed by author, series, reading level,
                                                                                century, and geographical location
                                                                                   * More than 275 authors of saint biographies, historical fiction, and
Race for Heaven
                                                                                poetry written for Catholic juvenile readers
Catholic Study Guides for
                                                                                   * Publishers of Catholic children’s books, past and present
Mary Fabyan Windeatt's Saint Biography Series
                                                                                   * Helpful advice for collecting and caring for used books
Race For Heaven products employ Charlotte Mason's method of education
                                                                                   * Hundreds of age-appropriate, accessible living books to enrich your
by encouraging family read-aloud of Catholic living books—especially saint
                                                                                study of the Catholic Church’s rich heritage of saints and notable Catholic
biographies—to teach the truths of the Catholic faith and to encourage
                                                                                historical figures
the imitation of the holy habits of the saints. Narration, daily read-loud of
                                                                                   * Information on how to build and maintain your own library of Catholic
living books, integration of holy habits, and scripture memorization are all
                                                                                juvenile books
integral components of the Race For Heaven curriculum. Regular family
                                                                                        * Inspiring quotations about book collecting, reading, and the love
spiritual read-aloud is strongly emphasized in all of our materials. This
                                                                                of books                                                             $22.50
read-aloud approach is applied in our literature-based method of preparing
your family for the all-important sacrament of Holy Communion—with our
Communion with the Saints program. This family preparation program                                        Hands-On History!
utilizes four Catholic living books to renew your family's fervor for this
Blessed Sacrament while preparing a younger family member to receive            Make Your Own Books and Paper Projects
Jesus for the first time.                                                       I'm not a craft person. I like having glue and paper and scissors and
Living books that impart knowledge of the doctrine and the lived                coloring tools around for the kids, but making anything too complicated is
experience of the Catholic faith are the backbone of the Race for Heaven        beyond me. When I came across the idea of making mini-book projects
curriculum. Janet McKenzie has prepared chapter-by-chapter enrichment           that can be made with the kind of tools I already had around the house I
activities to Mary Fabyan Windeatt's saint biographies provide an               knew I had found something that we would actually do. Mini-books consist
enjoyable, flexible Catholic unit study in which multi-aged family members      of various paper-folding techniques which creatively display concepts and
can discover the depth and breadth of the Catholic faith— and share that        subjects studied. They are easy to make, convenient to store and fun to
knowledge with other family members.                                            show off to friends and family! We've collected a wonderful assortment
                                                         $24.95 each            of resources to help you make your own mini-books and paper projects to
Race for Heaven: Grades 3-4                                                     compliment history and science lessons (or any subject!).
St. Thomas Aquinas                                                              With these two books you'll be set to create book projects that will bring
Bl. Imelda Lambertini                                                           a lifetime of memories! If you've already been making mini-books and want
St. Catherine of Siena                                                          even more great ideas we have further resources here as well!
St. Catherine Laboure
                                                                                Big Book of Books
Race for Heaven: Grade 5                                                        by Dinah Zikes
St. Rose of Lima                                                                Winner of Learning magazine's Teacher's Choice Award this is the "bible"
St. Martin de Porres                                                            of making mini-books and Dinah Zikes is the "queen" of this art! The Big
King David and His Songs                                                        Book of Books illustrates how to make HUNDREDS of manipulatives and
Bl. Marie of New France                                                         teaching aids using inexpensive materials found in the classroom or at
                                                                                home. With over 400 black and white photographs and illustrations, this
                                                                                easy-to-use visual guide takes you through the steps for making each
Race for Heaven: Grade 6
                                                                                student/teacher project that will help convert your classroom into a
St. Dominic
                                                                                student oriented learning environment. Gives specific examples of their
The Children of Fatima
                                                                                use over a wide range of subjects.                                $19.95
St. John Masias
St. Benedict
                                                                                The Ultimate Lap Book TM Handbook
                                                                                by Tammy Duby and Cyndy Regeling
Race for Heaven: Grade 7
                                                                                Several years ago Tamy Duby came up with the idea of making books with
St.   John Vianney
                                                                                your children emphasizing what they have learned using the paper-folding
St.   Therese of Lisieux
                                                                                techniques of Dinah Zikes and compiling several mini-books into a themed
St.   Hyacinth of Poland
                                                                                folder of books . The Ultimate Lap Book Handbook includes a FAQ section,
St.   Louis de Montfort
                                                                                summarizing questions common questions and tons of practical application
                                                                                ideas listed by topics as well as suggestions for books to make for each
                                                                                style of lap book. If you want to make Lap Books this is the place to start!
History and Literature Pockets!                                                Drive Through History: East Meets West                            $19.95
Ready made thematic units containing everything you need to create                         *Episode 1: Dave explores Cappadocia and the underground
projects and portfolios of your family's studies.                              cities that stretched under vast areas. Inhabited first by the ancient
Bring history alive as students explore the fascinating past by making the     Hittites, they were later occupied by early Christians who feared
interactive projects in History Pockets. Students store the projects in        persecution by Romans and later by Muslims.
easy-                                                                                      *Episode 2: Dave explores the Hagia Sophia, now a museum but
to-make construction paper pockets that are wonderful portfolios for           was once considered the most important Christian Church in the world.
assessment and display. Each book contains detailed instructions and                       *Episode 3: A retrospective “best of” tour through the ancient
photocopy-ready sheets to color, cut and construct. Very little planning       roots of Western Civilization. We end out tour in Washington DC where we
for you and lots of fun for the kids!                   $14.99 each            start connecting some of the dots between ancient history and the
Ancient Civilizations                                                          “American experiment.”
Ancient Egypt
Ancient Greece                                                                                      Living History Reading Lists
                                                                               The core of our philosophy of history is to bring the time periods to life
Ancient Rome
                                                                               through excellent books, hands-on experiences and integrating the various
North American Explorers
                                                                               subject areas into their historical context.
Native Americans                                                               Our website includes an extensive list of books organized by age level
Colonial America                                                               and chronological time periods.
Life in Plymouth Colony
American Revolution
Moving West                                                                                         American History Resources
Folk Tales and Fairy Tales
Aesop's Fables                                                                 The Reader's Guide to American History
                                                                               by Kathy Artner
Greek and Roman Myths
                                                                               This is an excellent outline for a living books approach to American history.
                                                                               The Reader's Guide to American History includes eight units covering
                                                                               America's pre-history through the present. I was impressed to find
                                       Drive Through History
                                                                               mention of Catholic explorers and missionaries included in the unit outlines
                                       DVD series                              as well as a few books on saints of the Americas listed. RC History has
                                        We're a family of movie buffs and      written a Catholic supplement to go along with this excellent guide for
                                        historical films, both fictional and   grades 3-8.
                                        non-fiction, have been a staple in     Included in the guide:
                                        our homeschool since the beginning.    -Reading Guide and Booklist for grades 3-8
                                        The Drive Through History series       -Basic Fact Sheets and Optional Activities
                                        have captured our children's           -Tips on How to Find Great Children's Books
                                        imaginations and my boys ask to        -Poems and Songs for Each Historical Period                         $14.95
                                        watch them over and over. They're
                                        they're just the right combination
                                        of historical information combined
                                                                               Beyond the Pilgrims Catholic Supplement to American History
                                        with witty humor
                                                                               As an added bonus to our customers we have compiled a supplement to the
. And David Stott's, your guide through history is well-versed in early
                                                                               guide which incorporates two Catholic history texts, a map CD-ROM and
Church history which is interwoven into each episode. Originally aired on
                                                                               Catholic books on the history of the Americas!
the History Channel, these DVD's will awaken your family's historical
                                                                               Beyond the Pilgrims contains:
imagination as they tour the actual locations of many of history's greatest
                                                                                  *timelines of Catholic people and events from the history of the
                                                                                  *reading breakdowns from Our Pioneers and Patriots by Fr. Philip
                                                                               Furlong and Christ and the Americas by Anne Carroll coordinated with the
Drive Through History: Greece and the Word                       $19.95        Reader's Guide to American History
  * Episode 1: The Greeks, the Oracle at Delphi, the Olympics, Paul and           *Catholic reading lists coordinated with the Reader's Guide to American
Alexander the Great.                                                           History
  * Episode 2: Lost in Athens, Acropolis & Panthenon, the Philosophers,           *mapwork suggestions using Black Line Maps of American History
the life of Paul, Mars Hill, missionary journeys.                                                                                                $6.00
  * Episode 3: Paul in Corinth, Corinthian decadence, Corinth Canal and
New Testament evidence.                                                        The American Reader: Words That Moved a Nation
                                                                               edited by Diane Ravitch                                           $20.00
Drive Through History: Rome if you want to....                    $19.95       This revised historical anthology of Americans speaking their minds
  * Episode 1: Lost in Rome, the Forum & Palatine Hill, the Emperors           contains more than 200 poems, speeches, songs, letters, and other
during the time of Christ, the Arch of Titus and the destruction of            expressions arranged in chronological order. From Woody Guthrie to
Jerusalem                                                                      Thomas Jefferson, the nation's most notable spokespersons pay tribute to
  * Episode 2: The Circus Maximus, chariot racing, the great fire of           the nation's character and values.
Rome, Nero's persecution of Christians and the Roman Pantheon.
  * Episode 3: Hannibal invades Rome, the Colosseum, the Gladiators and        Blackline Maps of American History CD-ROM
the early Christian influence.                                                 1000 AD to the Present
                                                                               Print your own blackline maps coordinated with your history studies!
Drive Through History: Turkish Delight                             $19.95      All files are in PDF format. Mac and Windows compatible. Acrobat
   * Episode 1: Churches of Revelation, Dave's sweet ride, Ancient Sardis      Reader included.                                                  $19.95
& Smyrna, Darius' Royal Road, Martyrdom of Polycarp.
       * Episode 2: Hot Springs of Hieropolis, Camel bite, Christians in       Saints of the Americas Coloring
Laodicea, Ancient Colossae, Paul's Letter to Philemon and the Colossians.      Contains pictures of sixteen saints and blesseds of the Americas
   * Episode 3: Ancient Ephesus and the Apostle Paul, Letter to the            accompanied by short biographies.                                   $1.95
Ephesiands, Roman Ruins, Library of Celsus, Artemis Temple, Ephesus riot
of Acts 19.
Holy Friends: Thirty Saints and Blesseds of the Americas                                                  LIVING SCIENCE

When we think of saints, we often think of tried and true European             Building Foundations of Scientific Understanding
favorites. But don’t forget the New World! Thirty saints and blesseds          by Bernard J. Nebel, PhD
from eleven different countries of North, South, and Central America           I'm finishing up my 18th year of home educating. I love to research
come alive in this gloriously illustrated volume. From the time of the first   curriculum materials and I have developed some definite ideas about what
missionaries right through the twentieth century, these fascinating            I like and what I don't like.
stories will keep kids enthralled—AND keep them reading!                       Science was not my favorite subject when I was growing up. But then
This hardcover, beautifully illustrated book of saints is for intermediate     neither was history. As an adult I developed an interest in science
readers, ages 8 +                                                   $19.95     through the enthusiasm of a good friend who is a Montessori teacher. Her
                                                                               curiosity about the natural world knew no bounds - and it was contagious.
Time Travelers History Study Series on CD-ROM                                  It was my first taste of science, not as a dry textbook subject, but as an
Leave text books and workbooks aside and bring your child right into the       ongoing state of curiosity and excitement about the world around us. I
adventure with hands-on projects in every lesson!                              wanted that for my children. I wanted to encourage them to be curious
Each lesson begins with a briefly written Lesson Text followed by activity     and search for answers rather than being fed the answers before they
choices to reinforce the topic. Choose the activies that work best for your    were interested. Isn't curiosity one of the hallmarks of all great
family!                                                                        scientists throughout history?
Also included are Project Pages providing directions, supplies needed, and     I've read numerous articles by homeschooling parents who are scientists
illustrations for each of the projects. A Photo Gallery also offers a visual   and unanimously they eschewed elementary science textbooks. And my
aid of the final outcome of the projects.                                      children agreed. Boring, repetitious and dry as dust. What they did enjoy
Beautifully detailed Masters are provided for all printable projects! The      and learn from was spending time in nature, caring for animals, trips to
Project Pages will provide printing instructions.                              zoos and science museums, cooking, reading real books about science and
Five "Project Days" are built into the schedule to help allow for extra time   nature, and doing experiments with science kits. But still I didn't feel
to complete outstanding projects.                                              comfortable. I wanted an order and structure to science to help them
Teacher Helps include tips for preparing and organizing, as well as a          connect it all together in their minds.
resource list of books, videos, audio suggestions, and websites to enrich      Well, the resource I wished for and searched for is finally available!
your studies! A one-page Lesson Plan Schedule gives you a "guide-at-a-         Dr. Nebel is a professor emeritus of environmental science education, has
glance," allowing you to see the whole schedule of upcoming topics and         authored a widely used college textbook and has a strong interest in
projects on one page.                                          $28.95 each     teaching science to younger children which has become his second career.
New World Explorers                                                            His philosophy of teaching science is logical and systematic, child-centered,
American Revolution                                                            includes hands-on activities and engaging activities and encourages true
                                                                               understanding and thinking skills.
Colonial Life
                                                                               Building Foundations of Scientific Understanding includes step-by-step,
Early 19th Century
                                                                               incremental steps that build one upon another. They build skills of inquiry,
                                                                               first-hand observation, organizing and thinking toward rational conclusions.
                                                                               But is it teacher-friendly, specifically busy-homeschool-mom friendly?
                                        America, The Last Best                 YES! The book is a guide to the teacher, written very clearly and well
                                        Hope, Volume One, From the             organized with a helpful flow chart to follow as you proceed through the
                                        Age of Discovery to a World            lessons.
                                        at War, 1492-1914                      There are 41 lessons included
                                        by William J. Bennett                  under four main categories:
                                        In this gripping tale of a nation,        *Life Science
                                        the country's past comes alive. A         *Earth and Space Science
                                        wonderful, balanced and hopeful           *Brief Overview
                                        look at American history.                 *Objectives
                                        Recommended for high school and           *Nature of Matter
                                        adults                       $16.99       *Physical Science
                                                                               Each lesson includes:
                                                                                  *Time Required
                                                                                  *Required Background (lessons that should be done first)
America: The Last Best
                                                                                  *Materials Needed (I hate collecting materials, but there truly are easy
Hope, Volume Two, From a
                                                                               to find around the house, even for me)
World at War to the                                                               *Teachable Moments (ideas for informally expanding the lessons during
Triumph of Freedom                                                             the course of normal daily life)
by William J. Bennett                                                             *ethods and Procedures (ideas for helping the child gain real
Respected scholar Bennett                                                      understanding, including detailed questions and answers)
reacquaints America with its                                                      *Questions/Discussion Starters/Activities to Review, Reinforce,
heritage in this engaging narrative                                            Expand and Assess Learning (fun activities and ideas for mini, paper-fold
that slices through the cobwebs of                                             books to make with the child, as well as writing ideas)
time, memory, and prevailing                                                      *Connections to Other Topics and Subjects (how to connect ideas
cynicism to reinvigorate America                                               across the curriculum)
with an informed patriotism.                                                      *Correspondence to National Science Education Standards
                             $16.99                                               *Books for Correlated Reading
                                                                               Can you get more complete and organized than that? Not anywhere I've
Our Country's Founders, A Book of Advice for Young People                      This book is written specifically for Kindergarten through Grade 2, but
by William J. Bennett                                                          can easily be used through 3rd or 4th grade. Dr. Nebel is writing a second
Words of wisdom from our nation's founders in stories, letter, poems and       volume for upper elementary grades, but until then this truly will build a
speeches--assembled by the editor of the bestselling "Book of Virtues for      foundation of scientific understanding for your family!
Young People".                                                   $16.95        St. George’s website carries many of the book recommendations listed in
                                                                               this resource for your convenience.                                 $26.95
TOPS Learning Systems                                                                                                 Giant Science Resource Book
                                                                                                                      From animal habitats to the human
TOPS Task Cards                                                                                                       body, matter to machines,
The 4 x 6 inch card is written to students to get them to think and work                                              rainforests to recycling, it’s all
like scientists. Yet the lessons are flexible, so you can often adapt them                                            here in one easy-to-use volume!
to younger kids with extra help from adults or older students.                                                        Giant Science Resource Book
The size of the task card limits the amount of explanation possible, and                                              includes 296 reproducible picture
therefore gives students freedom to follow their own experimental                                                     cards, diagrams, graphic
strategies, and to organize data and record results in their own notebooks.                                           organizers, and student activity
The teaching notes are thorough, friendly, and classroom tested; teachers                                             sheets that will get kids involved in
and homeschoolers alike use TOPS with great success.                                                                  science.
The student task cards are also reproduced two per page in the back of        This book is organized into the following science disciplines:
each book for easy photocopying, with suggested options for using them          * life science
effectively in your classroom. Many titles also provide supplementary           * physical science
pages with cutouts, graphs, or other needed extras.                             * space science
                                                                                * environmental science
Light 17                                                          $16.00
                                                                              Features include a section of 13 forms and graphic organizers. Some
Sound 18                                                            $9.50
                                                                              examples are:
Electricity 19                                                    $16.00        * Venn diagrams
Magnetism 20                                                      $13.00        * writing webs
Motion 21                                                         $16.00        * outline forms
Machines 22                                                        $8.00        * note-taking forms
Rocks and Minerals 23                                             $16.00        * report forms
                                                                                * world map
                                                                              Topics covered in depth include:
TOPS Activity Sheets
                                                                                * Life Science—Plants, land, invertebrates, ocean invertebrates,
Between the step-by-step explanation and detailed illustrations, this
                                                                              amphibians, reptiles, birds, fish, mammals, prehistoric animals, the human
format is perfect for introducing hands-on science to younger students, or
for guiding more capable students through higher-level titles. The
                                                                                * Physical Science—Magnets, electricity, day & night, light, sound,
teacher’s notes face each student page for easy reference. Many titles
                                                                              matter, energy, simple machines.
also provide supplementary pages with cutouts, graphs, or other needed
                                                                                * Earth Science—Land forms, weather, air, water, rocks.
extras.                                                       $15.00 each
                                                                                * Space Science—Moon phases, stars, eclipses, solar system.
Balancing 31
                                                                                * Environmental Science—Habitats (rainforest, desert, savanna, pond,
Pendulums 34                                                                  ocean, polar regions), endangered animals, recycling. Perfect for use with
Earth Moon Sun 40                                                             Dinah Zike’s Big Book of Books.                                      $26.99
Planet and Stars 41
Scale the Universe 44
                                                                                                      ScienceWorks for Kids
                                                                              The ScienceWorks for Kids series of resource books provides the busy
                                                                              mom with science lessons that are both appropriate and doable. The step-
                                                                              by-step lessons follow an instructional model that makes science relevant
                                                                              to real life. Hands-on experiences help students link new concepts with
                                                                              previous knowledge and then apply their understandings to new situations.
                                                                              Students practice the following science process skills:
                                                                                 * observe
                                                                                 * ask meaningful questions
Great Science Adventure series
                                                                                 * predict
                       by Dinah Zike and Susan Simpson
                                                                                 * conduct investigations
Great Science Adventures is the result of t the drive to make learning
                                                                                 * compare
relevant and exciting.
                                                                                 * record information
Each GSA Book Contains Everything You Need for 24 Complete Lessons
                                                                                 * order
For lab activities, GSA’s exclusive Investigative Loop process helps
                                                                                 * communicate investigations and explanations
students get the most from their experience. Complete and clear
                                                                                 * categorize
directions are provided, along with materials lists, questions to ask, and
                                                                                 * use tools and equipment
data for students to record.
                                                                              Features that make ScienceWorks for Kids easy to teach:
In each of the 24 lessons, students make lots of Science Library Book
                                                                                 * step-by-step illustrated lessons
using the masters provided inside. Information, pictures and diagrams
                                                                                 * record sheets and logbook forms
make the study of plants meaningful.
                                                                                 * minibooks
3D Graphic Organizers make complicated material simple. Students see
                                                                                 * task cards and picture cards
and touch each part, increasing understanding and retention. Teacher
                                                                                 * reproducible activity sheets
Pages include vocabulary words, concept maps, assessments, assignments
for all grade levels, and enrichment activities. Multilevel teaching for
                                                                              ScienceWorks for Kids: Grades K-1 $
Grades K through 8. Perfect for use with Dinah Zike’s Big Book of Books.
                                                                              Cover a variety of science concepts with the ScienceWorks for Kids,
Discovering Atoms, Molecules and Matter                       $24.00 each
                                                                              Grades K-1                                           12.99 each
The World of Plants                                                           Learning   About   Animals
The World of Tools and Technology                                             Learning   About   My body
The World of Space                                                            Learning   About   Plants
The World of Insects and Arachnids                                            Learning   About   the Earth
The World of Light and sound                                                  Learning   About   Weather
Discovering Earth's Landforms
Discovering the Human Body and Senses
Discovering the Ocean
ScienceWorks for Kids: Grades 1-3                                             Pre-Level 1 (K-3rd Grade) / Biology
The books in ScienceWorks for Kids, Grades 1-3, connect science with real     This beginner's level curriculum positions biology for elementary grades K-
life. Each book covers 8 science concepts that are supported by hands-on      3. Foundational concepts including taxonomy, cells and lifecycles are
activities and ready-to-go resources.                                         presented in easy-to-understand language. Presented in 10 engaging, easy-
                                                       $12.99 each            to-complete modules.
Animals with Backbones                                                        Pre-Level 1 Biology - Student Text                                 $27.95
Animals without Backbones                                                     Pre-Level 1 Biology - Teacher's Manual                              $23.95
                                                                              Pre-Level 1 Biology - Student Workbook                              $21.95
Energy: Light Heat and Sound
Exploring Space
                                                                              Pre-Level 1 (K-3rd Grade) / Chemistry
                                                                              Starting at the beginning, Pre-Level 1 Chemistry introduces basic college-
Habitats                                                                      level chemistry concepts using language K-3rd graders can comprehend.
How Your Body Works                                                           Presented in 10 engaging, easy-to-complete modules.
Plants                                                                        Pre-Level 1 Chemistry Student Text                                $27.95
Simple Machines                                                               Pre-Level 1 Chemistry - Student Workbook                          $21.95
Water                                                                         Pre-Level 1 Chemistry - Teacher's Manual                          $23.95

                                                                              Level 1 (Grades 4-6) / Biology
ScienceWorks for Kids: Grades 4-6+                                            Students are introduced to definitions, classifications, morphology and
Each concept in ScienceWorks for Kids, Grades 4–6+ is presented in the        experiments involving organisms.
same consistent manner:                                                       Level 1 Biology - Student Text                                    $29.95
Teacher information page—scientific background information for the            Level 1 Biology - Teacher's Manual                                $26.95
teacher on the concept being presented; any advance preparations needed       Level 1 Biology - Student Workbook                                $21.95
are given on this page, as well.
Learning visual—a full-page visual illustrating important information about
                                                                              Level 1 (Grades 4-6) / Chemistry
the concept; the visual may be reproduced or made into a transparency.
                                                                              Level I Chemistry, written at a 4-6th grade reading level, covers the same
Step-by-step lesson—easy-to-follow directions for conducting the
                                                                              basic concepts of chemistry as the Pre-Level Chemistry. The material is
investigation and a complete materials list are provided.
                                                                              covered more thoroughly, yet is still presented in easy-to-understand
Reproducible student record sheets—these pages guide the student
                                                                              language and broken down into easy-to-complete modules.
through each investigation, providing a place to record predictions,
                                                                              Level 1 Chemistry - Student Text                                   $29.95
observations, and conclusions.                                 $12.99 each
                                                                              Level 1 Chemistry - Student Workbook                               $21.95
                                                                              Level 1 Chemistry - Teacher's Manual                               $26.95
Living Things
Simple Chemistry                                                              Level 1 (Grades 4-6) / Physics
Planet Earth                                                                  An introduction to the core principles of physics, in piecemeal, easy-to-
                                                                              understand lessons.
                                                                              Level 1 Physics - Student Text                                      $29.95
                                                                              Level 1 Physics - Laboratory Workbook                               $21.95
                                                                              Level 1 Physics - Teacher's Manual                                   $26.95

                                                                              Level 2 (Grades 7-9) / Chemistry
                                                                              Students will find an easy transition from the first level, in this module.
                                                                              Easy step-by-step reading and exercises ensure that students don't lose
                                                                              their way.
                                                                              Level 2 Chemistry - Student Text                                     $72.95
                                                                              Level 2 Chemistry - Student Workbook                                 $21.95
                                                                              Level 2 Chemistry - Teacher's Manual                                 $26.95

Real Science-4-Kids

Chemistry, biology, and physics textbooks and workbooks for elementary        Life Science: All Creatures
and mid-school students.                                                      Great and Small
These textbooks are easy to read and fun to use. Students explore real        By Michael Spear
science using hands-on activities designed not only to teach the scientific   Pro-Life science book for junior
method but also to help develop critical thinking tools necessary for         high.
success in every area of study. Real Science 4 Kids is unique in its           Chapters include:
“teacher-friendliness.” All three levels of the curriculum cover the same     Cells
topics in the same order, making it easy to teach students with various       Plants
learning abilities---perfect for the home schooling family. For example, a    Animals
kindergartner, a 5th grader and a 9th grader would all be                     Nutrition
studying atoms in Chapter 1 in their Chemistry class; the content is          Digestive System
progressively more in depth, but the labs are similar.                        Circulatory System
Using Real Science-4-Kids your student will not only learn the elements of    Nervous System
science but will also discover just how fun science can be!                   Recommended for students in
Dr. Rebecca W. Keller, the author of the increasingly popular science         eighth or ninth grade.      $15.00
series, received her Ph.D. in biophysical chemistry from the University of    Catholic Supplement
New Mexico and has spent several years working in the areas of biophysics,    The Catholic Supplement offers
molecular biology and neuroscience. She is a former research assistant        expanded and specifically Catholic
professor at UNM and also home-schooled her three children for 14 years.      commentary on certain topics found
                                                                              throughout the chapters in the
                                                                              text.                        $4.00
The Universe in My Hands                                                                                               Creator and Creation
by Mary Daly                                                                                                             by Mary Daly
A multi-level science curriculum on universe order                                                                       What do you say to your creationist
Author’s description:                                                                                                    friends? What do you think when
The principle of organization is to understand the magnitudes -- the sizes                                               they insist that you join them in
-- of things and how their scale limits what they can be and do. A star, for                                             defending the Bible by defending
example, cannot be much smaller than our sun -- except by being                                                          its first chapter as a science text?
fantastically dense -- because the nature of stars requires that their                                                   Is there really good scientific
gravity bring about their burning. A fly doesn't have enough gravity to                                                  evidence for creationism?
burn that way. The planet Jupiter has almost enough.                           What do you say to your scientific friends? Is belief in God reasonable?
With the curriculum organized around magnitudes, we had a principle of         Is belief in Genesis reasonable?
order for studying the relationships between all the disciplines of natural    And what about Noah? Was there ever a flood that really changed human
science, and as our body of knowledge increased, it was always interactive     history as a whole?
with previous information. Furthermore, there are only about 45                The Catholic Church has wisely refrained from endorsing any particular
magnitudes to consider between the quark and the universe; this is a small     scientific theory about these matters. At the same time, Her love of
enough number for any child to comprehend. He can finish the course            truth has made the Church the natural home of good scientists all through
feeling that he knows the universe -- and why not? It is his home.             history... including astronomers, who find the universe so old... including
Suitable for a camp, or a semester, or a year's work -- maybe more. It         geologists who find the earth so old.
includes:                                                                      This resource addresses the creationist cosmology from a unified
1. A booklet about the 45 orders of magnitude -- sorted by powers of ten       doctrinal, scriptural, scientific and philosophical perspective. It is
-- which form the universe as far as we know it. The booklet goes very         designed to invite Catholics to be the good scientists that they have been
slowly through the nine orders readily recognizable to ordinary sight --       throughout history, with no fear for the honest conclusions of secular
from a meter down to a tenth of a millimeter, and then up to ten               science. It has received a Nihil Obstat from the Diocesan Censor of the
kilometers. (It is really essential to use metric measure for this exercise;   Sioux Falls Diocese of South Dakota.
it is not assumed that the student already knows it.)                          The updated version includes an essay on the Black Sea Flood. Let me say
2. A set of 45 cardstock dividers, numbered and color-coded, one for each      that I have seen several claims about floods that might have been "Noah's
order of magnitude. These are to be placed in a notebook and materials         flood" and this is the first which really seems persuasive on many levels. It
collected illustrating objects at each magnitude are to be placed in each      is very exciting. - Mary Daly                                          $15.00
section by the student. These materials can be pasted pictures, drawings,
reports, web printouts -- whatever best represents what the student has
considered at that order of magnitude, and according to his level of           Copernicus, Galileo and the Catholic Sponsorship of Science
comprehension.                                                                  by Jane Meyerhofer
The color-coding of the dividers suggests the primary area of the natural      Several years ago, Jane Meyerhofer gave a compelling talk at a home
sciences that is engaged at that size range. For example, the smallest         education conference entitled, "The Unity of Truth - Galileo Revisited."
things that we consider -- electrons and protons, are studied in physics.      That talk is finally available in book form and anyone interested in
The next smallest -- molecules -- are the study of chemistry. Biology is       historical truth, the relationship between faith and reason, and the
only possible with enough size to build cells that hold water and are          history of the Catholic Church's sponsorship and promotion of scientific
partitioned for the activities of life. And so forth.                          research and discovery needs to read this book!
                                    $35.00 booklet plus divider tabs           In addition to the text of Mrs. Meyerhofer's speech, this book includes a
                                                                               bibliography on Galileo for further reading; "Faith Can Never Conflict
CD for the Universe in My Hands                                                with Reason" an address by Pope John Paul II to the Pontifical Academy of
A great companion to Universe in My Hands and A Doorway of Amethyst -          Sciences; a letter from Galileo to the Grand Duchess Christina of Tuscany;
Beginning Geology. This CD is a recording of two talks, one on the concept     "Scientists are Rediscovering God" an interview with Cardinal Paul Poupard;
of magnitudes laid out in The Universe in My Hands, and the second on          "Journalists' Jubilee Calls for Examination of Conscience" an article on
basic geology as outlined in Doorway of Amethyst.                  $5.00       the need for forgiveness of vices within the news media; and finally, a
                                                                               short review test covering the basic information contained in this book.
                                                                               The story of Galileo is used continually by non-Catholics and anti-
                                                                               Christians to attack the Church. Every Catholic needs to know the true
Genesis 1: House of the                                                        story, to be able to defend the faith and re-educate those who have been
                                                                               led astray by false accusations and misunderstandings. Learn what
                                                                               happened to Galileo - and what did not happen - and WHY.           $15.00
by Mary Daly
Both a teaching text and a coloring
book, Genesis 1: House of the                                                  1000 Years of Catholic Scientists new edition
Covenant is a new resource                                                     Did someone say that good Catholics can't be good scientists? Never have
prepared to help you introduce                                                 been, never will be?Have they heard of Pasteur? Of Lavoisier? Of the
middle school and younger children                                             Ampere whose name is abbreviated on most of the electrical appliances in
to Genesis 1 with clarity and faith -                                          your house?
- and with a clear eye on the                                                  Using the Catholic Encyclopedia, now on line, along with her personal
findings of the natural sciences.                                              background in science and a network of other resources, Jane Meyerhofer
A middle school child can read it alone; for younger ones, the mother can      has composed this list of nearly 200 eminent Catholic scientists since the
read and talk her child through this opeing to the Bible, while they color     tenth century. Find them in every century, in every field of endeavor.
the pages. The pictures, by Catherine Billion and her family, are very         In the new edition, scientists are listed chronologically, with an alphabetic
attractive and inviting to color.                                              index. This is much easier to use, and -- though it is intended as a
Actually the adults too have greatly enjoyed this beautiful book. The          reference book, the list actually makes a very interesting read, straight
thought is based on the writings of Father Stanley Jaki as well as             through.                                                             $12.00
extensive reading in about the natural sciences in relation to the
theological concept of creation.
This book is recommended for the Grammar Level of Connecting with
History, Volume One                                                 $5.00
Apologia Science                                                                Advanced Chemistry in Creation
The Apologia series is highly popular among home educators because it was       Advanced Chemistry in Creation Text                                 $55.00
written specifically for us with a conversational style, full color pictures,   Advanced Chemistry in Creation
glossy pages and sturdy hardcover texts. Written Jay Wile, a scientist-         Teacher's Manual                                                    $20.00
turned-textbook writer whose Protestant theological background is a
young earth, literal 7 days of creation stance these texts need to be           Physics
sifted and supplemented for some biases relating to these issues.               Exploring Creation with Physics Text                                $55.00
                                                                                Exploring Creation with Physics Teacher's Manual                    $20.00
Elementary Science Texts:                                                       Physics CD-ROM Text                                                 $65.00
                                                                                Physics Companion CD-ROM                                            $15.00
Exploring Creation with Astronony                                   $35.00
Astronomy Notebook                                                  $24.00      Anatomy
                                                                                The Human Body Text                                                 $65.00
Exploring Creation with Botany                                      $35.00      The Human Body Teacher's                                            $20.00
Botany Notebook                                                     $24.00

Exploring Creation with Zoology 1: Flying Creatures                 $35.00
Exploring Creation with Zoology 1: Swimming Creatures $35.00
                                                                                Uncle Josh's Outline Map Book
                                                                                Outline maps are a foundational part of teaching geography and history.
Exploring Creation with Zoology 1: Land Animals                     $35.00      Here are 100+ maps to use year after year, regardless of topic or time
                                                                                studied. From drawing explorer’s routes to tracking hurricanes to
General Science                                                                 depicting the rise and fall of empires, it’s here! Includes continents,
This course is designed to be a student’s first systematic introduction to      ancient historical regions, important war arenas, each of the fifty states,
the sciences. Although it can be used for eighth grade (especially if the       and more! Rivers are lightly shaded and surrounding borders are visible .
student has recently left the public schools), it is typically used best in     You’ve got the whole world covered in this one-of-a-kind book!
the seventh grade. The course covers such topics as the scientific method,      Reproducible pages.                                                  $19.95
designing experiments, simple machines, archaeology, geology, paleontology,
biology, and human anatomy and physiology. Its scope, therefore, is quite
                                                                                Uncle Josh's Outline Map CD-ROM
wide. There are many hands-on experiments to do, and they all use
                                                                                Also available on CD ROM! Same great maps plus 21 additional maps
household items.
                                                                                including shaded relief maps of the world and each continent and also maps
Exploring Creation with General Science Text                         $55.00
                                                                                of each Canadian Province and Territory. Conveniently print from your own
Exploring Creation with General Science Solutions Manual             $20.00
                                                                                home computer! Mac and PC compatible. Pdf files.                  $26.95
General Science CD-ROM Text                                          $65.00
General Science Companion CD-ROM                                      $15.00
General Science Text on Audio CD                                     $15.00

                                                                                                                        Runkle Geography
Physical Science
                                                                                                                         by Brenda Runkle
This course is designed to be the last science course the student takes
                                                                                                                         Grade Level - 6th - High School
before high school biology. Thus, we generally recommend it as an 8th
                                                                                                                        Welcome to the Wonderful World
grade course. However, if your student was recently in public school, he or
                                                                                                                        of Geography
she might need to wait until 9th grade to use it. The course discusses such
                                                                                                                        As adults we know a task must be
topics as the atmosphere, the hydrosphere, weather, the structure of the
                                                                                                                        repeated time and time again until
earth, environmentalism, the physics of motion, Newton’s Laws, gravity,
                                                                                                                        it becomes second nature to us. My
and astrophysics. The author especially concentrates on the myths
                                                                                                                        mapping method stresses this
generated by the hysterical environmentalist movement. There are many
                                                                                                                        belief. It is very structured and
hands-on experiments to do, and they all use household chemicals and
                                                                                                                        uses all four methods of learning.
supplies. It is an excellent course for preparing the student to take a
                                                                                                                        Not all students learn in the same
college-prep high school science curriculum.
                                                                                                                        manner, so we offer the complete
Exploring Creation with Physical Science Text                       $65.00
                                                                                                                        range of learning styles. Students
Exploring Creation with Physical Science Teacher's Manual           $20.00
                                                                                                                        will read, speak, listen, and
Physical Science CD-ROM Text                                        $65.00
                                                                                                                        manipulate on a daily basis.
Physical Science Companion CD-ROM                                   $15.00
                                                                                The text is written in daily lessons making it much easier to plan a day's or
Physical Science Text on Audio CD                                   $15.00
                                                                                week's activities. Starting and stopping points can be easily determined.
                                                                                The text is also conversational, addressing the students, asking them
Apologia High School Science Courses:                                           questions, reminding them of other lessons, and asking for interpretation
                                                                                of information. There are very few unassociated facts.
Exploring Creation with Biology                                                 Each continent comes with a written text and a series of maps. I want the
Exploring Creation with Biology Text                                $65.00      student to not only know the countries, their capitals, correct spelling, and
Exploring Creation with Biology Teacher's Manual                    $20.00      relative location but important physical features such as natural
Biology CD-ROM Text                                                 $65.00      boundaries.We introduce rivers as natural boundaries in the map series.
Biology Companion CD-ROM                                            $15.00      When you study Physical Geography, Unit 1, you will discover other natural
                                                                                boundaries as well.
Exploring Creation with Chemistry                                               This program was designed to be used without any additional materials.
Exploring Creation with Chemistry Text 2nd Ed.                      $59.00      However, I always recommend a globe, atlas, and almanac simply because
Exploring Creation with Chemistry Teacher's Manual                  $20.00      they are such good teaching tools.
Chemistry CD-ROM Text                                               $65.00      Runkle Textbook                                                       $73.00
Chemistry Companion CD-ROM                                          $15.00      Teacher's Guide                                                        $5.00
                                                                                Runkle Student Activity Workbook                                      $20.00
The Ultimate Geography and Timeline Guide                                                              FOREIGN LANGUAGES
Too many Americans are geographically illiterate, but you don’t have to be.
This one source book provides you with all you need to know to teach this      The Learnables Foreign Language Series
vital subject from kindergarten through high school. Part lesson plan, part
unit study, part inspiration and more.
                                                                               Since 1976 two generations of home schooling families have selected The
From selecting appropriate reference materials, to constructing a timeline,
                                                                               Learnables for foreign language education. They have found that with The
to establishing a student notebook, this book will guide you through
                                                                               Learnables the foreign languages can be learned easily and without the
literature (with Hans Brinker or the Silver Skates), science, history, and
                                                                               need of a tutor. No teacher guides or manuals are required.
includes a complete multi-level geography course for middle and high
school students, with Geography Matters™ reproducible outline maps. To
                                                                               Special tests and answer keys are provided in order to enable the parents
help keep history in perspective use any of the over 300 historical timeline
                                                                               to grade the progress of their children. All lessons are audio recorded,
figures, and notebook timeline.                                    $34.95
                                                                               enabling the student to hear the pronunciation of every word and sentence.

                                                                               The beginning material is organized into year/levels. Each year/level is
Geography Songs CD Kit                                                         equivalent to one year of high school. However, children can complete a
The newly updated Geography Songs Kit includes 33 songs; a workbook            year's level as an elementary or junior high school student.
with maps, lyrics, illustrations and tests; and a 25" x 36" world map. 33
songs teach the names and locations of the continents, oceans planets and      Students as young as seven years of age can begin the program. Progress
225 countries. It includes famous landmarks and maps to label and color.       is dependent upon the number of hours and days dedicated to the lessons.
Fun for all ages. The maps are numbered in the same order that they are        Our recommendation is to spend, at the minimum, three one-half hour
sung in the songs. This makes it easy to locate the countries while you are    sessions per week.
singing. Some songs are about just one country, others are about a whole
continent.                                                          $22.95     Parents may take the lessons with their children as a family activity, but it
                                                                               is not necessary. Students can take the lessons by themselves enabling the
States & Capitals CD Kit                                                       parents to spend their time with other siblings or in the preparation of
The States & Capitals Songs Kit includes a sound track with 9 songs and 4      material for other courses, as the audio presentations guide the students
test songs and a large 25"x 36" map of the USA with 172 items to label.        through the lessons.
Students can color the map while they listen to the songs. The lyrics of
the songs are on the map. One side of the tape teaches the states and the      Level 1 consists of The Learnables®-1 and Basic Structures-1. The
other side teaches the capitals. Students point to the states on the map       Learnables® teaches listening comprehension. Individuals can acquire a
while they sing. Each state is geographically connected to the next state.     foreign language as easily as children develop their first language by
The USA is divided into 5 sections: the northern border, the southern          following some relatively simple procedures. The Learnables® is a picture
border, the eastern border, the middle and the Pacific states. Each of         system of instruction that requires no translation from English. Students
those sections is a song. After students learn the southern border, from       look at hundreds of pictures and listen to audio recordings of words and
California to Florida, they learn the capitals in the same order. During the   simple sentences by native speakers. Language comprehension takes place
test on the tape, they have to remember the name of the state and the          without difficulty. Students think directly in the foreign language.
capital that comes next as they go from west to east.               $12.95
                                                                               Students begin with The Learnables® Book 1. Ten picture lessons with
Beginning Geography Series                                                     accompanying audio recordings teach students to listen carefully and to
Turn to these three concise units to introduce young students to               understand basic sentences presented in short-story sequences. This
geography basics. Each book includes teacher resource pages, reproducible      portion of the program is on an interactive CDROM.
activity sheets and cards, and a two-sided, full-color poster.
Continents and Oceans (K-2)                                       $8.99        Basic Structures, Book 1 is the student reader and workbook along with
Beginning Geography, Continents and Oceans contains materials and              three audio CD's . In Basic Structures each lesson has a review section
projects to help children become familiar with the continents and major        and exercises. The exercises assess the student’s comprehension of the
bodies of water on Earth. There are reproducible animal, continent, and        material presented in The Learnables®, Book 1 and the new material in
question cards for use in learning games such as Continent Concentration,      Basic Structures, Book 1.
Match Up, and Bean Bag Toss. The 17" x 22" two-sided, full-color pull-out
poster has a map of the world on one side and a "Where in the world do         An important feature of Basic Structures is the audio recordings. The
they live?" animal quiz on the other side.                                     audio recordings provide the authentic pronunciation of the foreign
How to Use a Map (K-2)                                           $8.99         language and are to be used with each lesson of Basic Structures. In each
Beginning Geography, How to Use a Map, contains materials and projects         lesson the audio recordings, text, and illustrations of each sentence are
to help children become familiar with the function of maps and how to find     presented. The student listens to the audio recordings while silently
locations on a map or globe.                                                   reading the text that is presented under each picture. After each lesson
                                                                               the student takes the exercises and writes the answers in the book. All
Land Forms and Bodies of Water (K-2)                              $8.99
                                                                               answers are provided in the back of the book.
Beginning Geography, Land Forms and Bodies of Water, contains materials
and projects to help children become familiar with the various types of
                                                                               We currently sell Level One in three languages: Spanish, French and
land forms and bodies of water on Earth.
                                                                               German. If you have already used Level One and woud like to purchase
                                                                               higher levels, please contact us and we will be happy to supply them for
               Daily Geography Practice Workbooks
You can teach Geography! Daily Geography Practice contains quick 15-
                                                                               Each language : includes Learnables CDROM and Basic Structures Reader
minute lessons that help students become geographically literate.
                                                                               and audio CD's                                                $110.00
Provide your students with frequent, focused skills practice to help
students master and retain basic skills. One full school year of daily
geography lessons.                                  Each Level $29.99
Daily Geography Practice: Grade 1
Daily Geography Practice: Grade 2
                                                                               The following languages are also available by contacting us: Hebrew,
Daily Geography Practice: Grade 3
                                                                               Russian, Chinese, Japanese and Czech.
Daily Geography Practice: Grade 4
Daily Geography Practice: Grade 5
Daily Geography Practice: Grade 6+

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