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					Love Compatibility of Sun Sign: Taurus

             By Ria Nicks
                                                    Taurus & Aries Horoscope Love
When Aries and Taurus unite in a love affair, the partnership is a natural union of Love.
This relationship is all about balance. Aries won't want to mess around, while Taurus would rather
progress more slowly. This might be the first situation you'll notice; Taurus loves to be chased and
romanced -- this is foreign to the unsubtle Aries.
These two both can learn something from the other. Taurus can slow Aries down and teach how to not
act so quickly on impulse and Aries can teach the bull to be more adventurous and throw caution to the
wind every now and then.
Taurus may seem to be the more stable one in this relationship and Aries may notice straight away that
their mate is very loyal and steadfast, this is a major attraction to Aries. Taurus is envious of Aries
compulsiveness when it comes to knowing exactly what they want and going to get it. Both signs
balance each other out nicely.
Aries brings a thrill to the relationship, while Taurus brings security and romance. When Aries wants
instant gratification, Taurus can show just how sexy and sensual slow, deliberate movement can be.
If Taurus can be flexible and learn to live with the fiercely independent Aries, Aries is going to have to
let Taurus know that their relationship is secure.
Both are going to have to compromise in this relationship... Taurus is a bull for a reason, they won't
budge and they don't like to lose debated so as long as Aries can work a little charm and finesse into the
mix, they can both be leaders in their own right.
This can be a very satisfying relationship because there is two very contrasting personalities involved,
the deliberate and spontaneous and the passion and the nature.
Go take em' by the horns!
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                                            Taurus & Taurus Horoscope Love
When two Taurus's come together their relationship will be a very sensuous and rock solid one!
Since both partners are able to easily express their feelings and will continuously strive to proclaim
their emotions and love to one another this can work out very well. They share many of the same
interests and will enjoy doing them together. These two like nice things and they work hard to attain a
beautiful home, fine works of art, luxurious fabrics and fancy toys... Each will pamper the other.
Taurus's are domestic beings who prefer to play it safe rather than wild adventures. They work
tirelessly to maintain the luxurious lifestyle that they desire.
Taurus rarely dives head first into a relationship but once devoted, it will be a solid union...possibly
even for life.Taurus can be quite hardheaded and unyielding...not to mention possessive and
they'll have to figure out a way to agree to disagree or the conflicts will be unpleasant. A Taurus/Taurus
pair may be more zealous of each other than most others.
Once these two decided that their alliance is a good one, they will dedicate themselves to one other.
However, if they have contrasting ideas, they may find themselves in an eternal battle of wills. Both
will stand by their opinions as if it were a matter of life or death. If they work together toward a
common goal, then anything will be possible for this partnership.
Given the incredible loyalty and dedication to continuing the relationship matter how long
term the partnership might be...the mutual fondness of romance and comfort can make this a superbly
devoted match. With a love so strong, the relationship likely will intensify over the years.
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                                              Taurus & Gemini Horoscope
                                     Love Compatibility
Some relationships require more work than others and a Taurus/Gemini relationship is definitely one of
With these two almost complete opposites, there is going to have to be a lot of compromise or there is
going to be more unpleasant moments than pleasant ones.This could possibly be one of the worst
Taurus and Gemini are on two completely different wave lengths. Taurus prefers a slower, steady more
level headed approach to life and is looking for security and is a great lover of domestication. With
Taurus, these old habits are hard to break. Geminis restless personality might be too much for a laid
back Taurus to take. These major differences may create a vast majority of problems between the two
signs, especially when they are looking for a love match.
Gemini is quite the opposite of the stable Bull. Consistency is not a skill Gemini is familiar with. In
fact, discrepancy and carelessness are like second nature. Gemini is too unconventional and flighty for
Taurus. Taurus like to work toward a goal where Gemini leaves trails of unfinished products in their
Gemini likely will perceive Taurus as rather dull because Gemini believes that variety is the spice of
life and will always seek out an exciting social situations where people will gladly listen to their
chatter. Gemini would be fooling themselves if they tried to become domesticated and if they figured
out a way to do this, they would not be happy... they are too nosy and impulsive.
There is a great deal of attraction and fascination toward the other in this match-up but these two
neighboring signs might find it drains too much energy to keep their romance alive.
Both partners must be determined and inclined to make compromises.that must be made to make it a
happy relationship.
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Ria Nicks
                                              Taurus & Cancer Horoscope
                                     Love Compatibility
Taurus and Cancer are domestic, affectionate and devoted both in and out of the bedroom!
Taurus's relaxed, laid-back nature is a good remedy for Cancer's moodiness, though at times brash
Taurus must be mindful not to disregard Cancer's emotions no matter how difficult it might be. Cancer
seeks someone like Taurus whom they can depend onto; Cancer gives Taurus the nurturing, loyalty and
resourcefulness they need.
Both signs share the same ambitions for security, money, family and their shared desires, dreams and
interests make this match up a very good highly compatible relationship.
Cancer and Taurus have a burning desire for a heartfelt ,tender, rock solid relationship. Each is
considered a romantic mate, together they are able to meet each others expectations of home, family,
making memories and will cherish and be very content with the chosen path each has opted to take.
Every relationship no matter who you choose to partner up with requires effort, so long as you can
accept your differences and work together to resolve conflict and establish a line of open
communication anything is possible, it just happens to be easier for these two to accomplish.
If each is satisfied with the others sexual libido, this union will be quite acceptable and if there is
marriage the chance of success for the long haul can be a winning combination. If Cancer can assure
Taurus that everything is going to be just fine and if Taurus can be sensitive to Cancers mood swings
these two can be in store for some fantastic life experiences together.
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Ria Nicks
                                               Taurus & Leo Horoscope Love
This union can be one of those where everything is either splendid or simply catastrophic...
There is so many differences and similarities that keep them apart. Here are two notoriously
hardheaded Signs, and there will be many title matches during the course of this relationship.
Leo loves to take charge and usually tries to be the more dominate one in relationships and because
Taurus can be more patient than Leo, they might get away with taking charge for only so long,
eventually if pushed too hard, Taurus will definitely step up to the plate and try and put an end to it.
This is where most of the conflict between the two will rear it's ugly head. The good thing is these
arguments are usually short lived.
Both have to find a happy medium in order to meet their needs or this just might be the beginning of
the end and the resentment may prove to be too taxing when issues become too huge. But like they
say... what doesn't kill you, only makes you stronger! So this relationship is worth the effort if they can
overcome this gigantic hurdle.
Both share a tremendous compatibility in the area of dedication and romance. Both are loyal and
trustworthy and would go to the ends of the earth to protect the ones they love.
These two may fall in love at first sight and admire each others physical qualities therefore you can
expect great sex appeal from both partners in this match. There is a strong, sensitive and very physical
people and emotional as well. There is without a doubt going to be a strong attraction but once they get
to know each other better there may prove to be too many obstacles to hurdle.
Taurus needs to teach Leo how to be more tolerant towards others and Leo needs to teach the
pigheaded Taurus how to be more flexible.
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Ria Nicks
                                             Taurus & Virgo Horoscope Love
Taurus and Virgo complement each other and have few disagreements...
One thing Virgo must be mindful of is not to constantly point out Taurus's faults. Taurus is quite
sensitive and they don't need anyone reassuring them of something they already know and likely have
already beaten themselves up over.
With regards to financial matters both are very intelligent and find ways to live quite comfortably
within their means, even though they both love to have nice things, they likely won't get too far over
their heads in debt in order to acquire them. Taurus and Virgo are both focused on accomplishing tasks
and won't stop until the task is completed and both are satisfied.
These two are very family oriented and will devote 100% of themselves to the ones they love. Virgo
loves to nurture and take care of people and this works out well since Taurus enjoys getting a lot of
attention. These two know how to support one another and build a strong home but if one or both stops
giving or receiving attention and support that they crave, this could spell trouble and Virgo could suffer
the consequences of Taurus's wandering eye.
Others view them as very reliable,self controlled and dignified as they should because these are their
biggest strengths.
Taurus is naturally possessive and this could be a potential cause of arguments between the two
because Virgo is a flexible person who prefers not to be smothered or tied down. Taurus needs to learn
how to let Virgo have some freedom or they may risk losing their more whimsical Virgo.
Overall these two truly understand each other, making this union the stuff of long term relationships are
made of.
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Ria Nicks
                                              Taurus & Libra Horoscope Love
This Taurus and Libra match could easily go either way, but in general it is a good match between the
Both people born under these signs are very well liked by almost everyone. Libra is a bit more
outgoing and social than Taurus but Taurus is happy to hold the spotlight as long as they are included.
Libra is very charming and flexible and likes to flirt and this could stir up feelings of jealousy for
Taurus because once it's clear that you are in a relationship with Taurus, they become extremely
protective over those they love, almost to the point of possessive. So as long as Libra assures Taurus
that their relationship is solid and secure then they shouldn't have anything to worry about.
Taurus people can be very patient. If a Taurus has their eye on you, it might be just a matter of time
before you succumb to their charm and romantic ways.
Libra likes to give attention and can be quite the flirt and this is what could have possibly attracted
Taurus to you, but know this... Taurus wants something stable and a firm foundation to build on. If
Libra shows Taurus that they are too indecisive and noncommittal then Taurus just may move on. Both
signs prefer to be in a relationship.
Libra tends to wallow in self-pity and that will work for awhile but Taurus is looking for an equal
partner that they can get things done with. If Libra has an idea or a goal, you can be sure Taurus is
going to want to work towards achieving it. Taurus is a great person to have on your team.
Libra and Taurus both like fashion, homes that are in order and full of beautiful things so in this regard
things will work out in this couples favor as long as Libra doesn't spend to frivolously.
Overall this is a good match worth pursuing!
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Ria Nicks
                                            Taurus & Scorpio Horoscope Love
When Taurus and Scorpio come together, it is going to be explosive!
No matter how long or short lived it may be. Both Signs are extremely possessive and zealous. When
they first meet it will likely be like two powerful magnets being drawn together but when it comes to
intellect, these two are from different planets.
Scorpio is very demanding and stubborn and will ask alot from Taurus, Taurus will happily oblige but if
Scorpio becomes bossy or too aggressive the Bull WILL put their foot down! Taurus is quite patient
and understanding so be mindful Scorpio that you are playing for the same team.
Scorpio can be very slow to trust but will quickly see that Taurus is a straight shooter and does what
they say they're going to do, is where they say they will be, and is with who they said they will be
doing it with. Taurus has no hidden agenda... perhaps it's knowing what (Scorpio) is capable of that
makes them so leery of others.
Taurus will not tolerate secrets and fly-off-the-handle tempers, so if you truly want this to work you
have to learn how to control your sometimes overbearing tendencies. Taurus is a lover not a fighter but
they will fight to the death to protect those they love and what they believe in, so make sure you are on
the same side.
Both Signs are go-getters and together can cover a lot of ground and leave a pile of completed projects
in their wake.
Taurus can make things easier on Scorpio if they try not to be authoritative because Scorpio doesn't
respond well to authority.
Sexually you have this in the bag, because you have the same healthy appetite, both just need to
prepare for the storms and show extreme patients and keep your cool and this could really be what you
have been looking for!
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Ria Nicks
                                             Taurus & Sagittarius Horoscope
                                      Love Compatibility
A partnership between Taurus and Sagittarius can definitely work but there are other Signs that are
more compatible for the both of them...
For starters if a Sagittarius falls for a Taurus you can be sure that they won't be saying "I Love You" till
they are 100% positive that they do. Taurus is a slow mover and will take as much time as possible
before they will make their decision on if this is a relationship they want to pursue.
Sagittarius needs to show Taurus that they are devoted and reassure them that you are a loyal
companion. This might be difficult for Sagittarius because it's in their nature to be affectionate to those
they come into contact with. They like to lavish those they care for with kind words and gifts and if
they do this to everyone, Taurus may be left thinking "What makes me any different from the others?"
Taurus likes to feel appreciated for the hard work they do and are looking for that one special someone
they can depend on and settle down with.
If Sagittarius can slow down long enough to realize Taurus will do just about anything for the ones they
love they will reap the rewards that come from being in love with a Taurus. Taurus needs to learn to be
a bit more flexible and try not to take the things Sag does to heart, Sag is just reckless by nature and
tries to look at the bright side of every situation. Taurus needs to leave the house every now and again
and go out and have some fun!
There is a lot of work that will be required by both if this is going to be a lasting relationship but the
sex is always going to be great!
                                             Taurus & Capricorn Horoscope
                                     Love Compatibility
This could not be a better love match, it's almost like Taurus and Capricorn were made for one another!
When these two come together it will likely be a smooth, natural and harmonious transition into a
deeply loving and solid relationship.
Both Signs are passionate about the things they choose to involve themselves with and because they
have no problem tackling projects on their own or together as a team, they rarely are unsuccessful in
accomplishing their goals.
These two financially are generally well off, they don't live beyond their means, they have high moral
standards and are disciplined and value each other because of this. They often surround themselves
with beautiful things and material possessions, that's because all their hard work has paid off and they
like to reward themselves and each other with luxury items.
The communications between Capricorn and Taurus is excellent! They are both so down-to-earth and
will always have lots to talk about because they have so many common interests, these people will
likely never get bored with one another. They work well together and play well together. Taurus will
teach Capricorn the importance of taking a break from work and Capricorn will teach Taurus how to
efficiently and effectively follow through with their goals.
Others will envy this relationship because of their strong mental and physical bond to one another, they
are committed and intimate and completely dedicated to the other. Together they have something that is
rarely found elsewhere. Taurus may have to provide a little extra emotional security so Capricorn can
overcome some modesty in the bedroom and once that happens you can count on a very steamy and
intimate sex life.
Taurus and Capricorn can meet each others every need and can be excellent friends, lovers and
companions in every sense of the word.
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Ria Nicks
                                             Taurus & Aquarius Horoscope
                                     Love Compatibility
Taurus and Aquarius in this match up will likely have a difficult time getting this relationship up off the
In the beginning of this relationship they may feel as though they have quite a bit in common but as the
relationship develops they are going to encounter some major differences between the two. Taurus is
more conventional and Aquarius is more radical. These people are both very strong willed and may
have difficulty taking turns letting the other take the lead.
Here there are two very different personalities, Taurus is practical, down-to-earth and likes to keep
things simple, then there is Aquarius who likes to go against the grain with a more contemporary,
progressive approach and likes change, totally opposite from Taurus.
Taurus may see Aquarius as too unpredictable and flighty in social situations and when Taurus
expresses their protective jealous side it may be too much for Aquarius to handle. So these two will
have to work out these differences.
Although a love match is likely not to be successful for these two who are very set in their ways, they
do however, make better business partners or friends than lovers.
This relationship could be rewarding but both might agree that it would take too much effort and too
much compromise for either of them.
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Ria Nicks
                                             Taurus & Pisces Horoscope Love
Pisces and Taurus do not make the best love match but for those willing to put in the effort this one
could really work out well.
Taurus has a naturally dominant personality and Pisces has a natural temptation to follow so Taurus
will be happy that there won't be much friction in this aspect. Pisces often takes better care of others
than they do themselves and although Taurus will enjoy the attention, they will also respect Pisces more
if they put themselves first instead of having Pisces play the martyr and being resentful about it.
Pisces will usually try to avoid confrontation and conflict so if there are arguments between the two,
they won't usually last long. Pisces are very skilled at sashaying around an awkward situation and can
come up with a variety of possible conclusions, this is a wonderful skill when involved with a Taurus
because their tempers can flare and they can get very opinionated. Pisces is gifted when it comes to
soothing an irritated bull.
Both partners in this love match love to experience the finer things in life but Taurus knows when
enough is enough and prefers to live within their means, while Pisces will likely want to spend it when
the have it. Finances will be an issue these two will have to come to an agreement on.
In the boudoir they both know how to keep each other satisfied and there won't be any issues where sex
is concerned.
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