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									                                   Chief Security Officer

 Position Summary

 The chief security officer directs the critical infrastructure protection and cyber security program
 and serves as the single point of contact for the industry and government stakeholders seeking to
 communicate with NERC on cyber and infrastructure security matters. The chief security officer
 reports to the president and chief executive officer.

 Duties and Responsibilities

       Establish and maintain communication protocols for responding to public and media
        questions on matters associated with critical infrastructure protection.
       Testify as necessary in all regulatory jurisdictions.
       Establish and maintain a protocol with government agencies in U.S. and Canada,
        especially U.S. DOE, U.S. DHS, U.S. FERC, and Canada NRCAN to ensure
        comprehensive threat information and evaluation of risk on cyber security is available to
        NERC stakeholders.
       Advise on the setting of cyber security standards; maintain and support national security
        standard development procedures; and monitor emergency/crisis governmental directives
        to transition directives into standards.
       Ensure depth of expertise of industry groups to effectively address security challenges.
       Perform an assessment with metrics and recommendations on the preparedness of the
        users, owners, and operators on the NERC compliance registry to address cyber security
        threats with respect to preventing intrusions as well as assessing the capability for
        isolating and limiting attacks so that they maintain abilities to mitigate losses and restore
        the system quickly.
       Ensure the rules of procedure for all NERC programs are implemented in a timely and
        effective manner with respect to critical infrastructure protection.
       Support NERC’s Critical Infrastructure Protection Committee and public/private
        partnership efforts to include sector CIP coordination bodies.
       Develop program work plans and supporting budgets.
       Manage the ESISAC CIP operations.
       Provide updates to the Member Representatives Committee and Board of Trustees on the
        direction and progress of the program.


 The successful candidate will have:

       Proven ability to testify before Congress.
       Excellent organization and leadership skills.
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      Strong interpersonal and communications skills.
      Ability to manage and solve complex issues and problems.
      Exceptional negotiation and conflict management skills.

Additional desired attributes include:

      MBA preferred or equivalent in a relevant discipline.
      Government security clearance required (at least a Secret level, Top Secret preferred) or
       ability to obtain one.
      Familiarity with NERC.
      Knowledge of bulk power system planning, operations, and strong expertise in cyber and
       physical security of critical infrastructure.
      Experience with regulatory proceedings.


      Background check will be conducted prior to employment.
      North American travel required; passport necessary.
      Position located in Washington, D.C.
      Qualified candidates should submit their resume and salary history in electronic format to

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