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					                                                           REDMOND SCHOOL DISTRICT
                                                             145 SE Salmon Avenue
                                Rising above and beyond…     Redmond, Oregon 97756
Position:            Administrative Assistant - Operations       Last Revision:   New 9/10/07
Department:          District Office                             FLSA:            Exempt
Reports To:          Chief Operations Officer                    Pay Grade:       Confidential Agreement


The Administrative Assistant – Operations will provide support to the Chief Operations Officer by
assisting in the development and management of department budgets, capital budgets, utility budgets and
budgets for special projects, supervising and evaluating, in concert with the Chief Operations Officer, the
district office receptionist and mail courier functions, working with buildings and programs to manage
the district purchasing policies and acquisitions, assisting in the oversight of the district warehouse
functions, preparing documents for bids, request for proposals and capital projects, managing the district
cell phone accounts, arranging for service and repairs for the district telephones, scheduling and
facilitating meetings in the department, maintains inventories, orders and completes purchase orders for
materials and supplies for the district office, secures service and support for district office copiers and
machines, assist in preparing documents, setting up meetings for district task forces directed by the Chief
Operations Officer, assist the Chief Operations Officer in preparing labor union’s negotiation materials
and management policies, provides technological support to the program, and provides oversight of
office operations for the district office, assists in preparing materials and managing the logistics of bond
election campaigns.


The Administrative Assistant – Operations reports directly to the Chief Operations Officer. To be
eligible the candidate must possess excellent computer skills, budgeting and bookkeeping skills, excellent
oral and written communications, meeting facilitation skills, experience in analyzing data and preparing
visual displays of that data, project coordination skills, supervisory and leadership skills, knowledge of
district and State purchasing policies, warehousing functions including operation of a forklift, and
managing capital projects paperwork. Able to use Excel and District’s accounting software in a
proficient manner.


    •    Assist in the development of budgets for department, capital projects, and special projects.
    •    Maintain the budgets related to operations and capital projects.
    •    Supervise the day to day operations of the district office reception and mail courier functions.
    •    Manage the ordering of supplies and materials for the district office functions.
    •    Manage the district office copiers and machines functions, ensure service and repairs are
         completed in a timely manner.
    •    Manage the district cell phone accounts, payment of bills and assignments of cell phones, trouble
         shoot and secure repair services for all district phone systems.
    •    Manage the warehouse inventory of copier paper, fill orders and secure the distribution of paper
         to buildings.
    •    Assist the Chief Operations Officer in a confidential capacity in the development of negotiation
         materials, collecting data and generating materials associated with union negotiations and with
         management policies.
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     •    Prepare and publish high quality reports and documents.
     •    Purchase materials and supplies; prepare purchase orders for capital projects.
     •    Arrange meetings for the Chief Operations Officer and maintains his/her schedule electronically.
     •    Facilitate meetings and maintain records of those meetings for the department.
     •    Assist in developing and managing bond election campaigns.


Knowledge and skills: Requires advanced computer skills including spreadsheets and document
generation, thorough knowledge of and experience in office management procedures, advanced
budgeting and bookkeeping skills, knowledge of purchasing policies and laws, excellent oral and written
communications skills, skill in analyzing data and reporting of same, successful meeting facilitation
experience, experience in publishing and reporting and document preparation, work in ordering and
tracking large equipment and school furniture orders, skill in scheduling and managing committee and
task force operations.

Abilities: Requires the ability to independently perform all of the duties of the position efficiently and
effectively. Must perform data reporting, tracking inventories, budgeting and report generation
accurately and in user friendly manner. Must be able to learn, interpret, explain and apply knowledge of
district and department organization, operations, programs, functions and specialized terminology to
relieve the Chief Operations Officer of a variety of administrative details. Must be able to plan and
prioritize tasks in order to meet timelines. Requires the ability to effectively communicate with staff,
vendors, contractors in a manner that positively reflects on the department and school district. Ability to
think clearly and process information effectively to solve problems and make decisions related to the
work tasks and the environment. Able to calculate basic and advanced math operations accurately and
quickly in order to effectively perform the assigned and associated tasks. Able to read directions,
warning information and basic correspondence at a level that permits safe and effective management of
the tasks associated with this position.

Physical Abilities: Requires light to moderate walking and standing and lifting of light weight materials
(up to 20 pounds) on a frequent basis and up to fifty pounds on an infrequent basis. Must be able to bend,
stoop and twist and climb mobile ladders, operate a fork lift, and drive a vehicle. Requires good arm,
hand, and finger dexterity to operate keyboard, typewriter and other office equipment. Requires visual
acuity to read words and numbers and speaking and hearing to communicate in person or over the phone.

Education and Experience: Minimum of two year degree or business school degree and/or five years
experience in complex office settings. Five years or more of office management experience with
responsibility for large projects and report preparation.


Contract is for 260 days as per the confidential agreement.


Job performance will be evaluated in accordance with the Redmond School District Board
policy on the evaluation of confidential staff.

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Redmond School District is an equal opportunity employer.
I am willing and able to perform the duties of this job:

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