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									                                   Guidelines of the
                              Chevron Tee It Up Golf Club


The Chevron Tee It Up Golf Club (CTIUGC), formerly known as the Chevron Women’s Golf
Club (CWGC), provides an opportunity for golfers, of all levels both male and female, to share
their interest in the game.

Board of Directors

Management is vested in the Board of Directors (the Board) which consists of:

          Captain
          Tournament Coordinator
          Treasurer
          Handicap Chair
          Membership Chair
          Communications Director
          Tournament Scheduler
          Immediate Past Captain (for one year after term as Captain)

Funding and Compensation

CTIUGC funding is provided through collection of membership and tournament fees. No
Director shall, in any manner, receive a salary from the funds of CTIUGC. However, for 2007,
the Board members will receive a Club Certificate, valued at $40, for their efforts.


Membership is no longer based on a Chevron affinity. Membership will continue to include
Chevron employees, spouses of employees, annuitants and spouses of annuitants but CTIUGC
Membership is now open to anyone who wishes to join. We will, however, continue to hold onto
the following criteria for all New Members.

          New Membership – New Members must meet the following guidelines:
                 Must be at least sixteen years of age.
                 Must have played at least two tournaments with the club, so that the Board
                  may gauge good sportsmanship and conduct on the golf course.

Suspension and Expulsion – A member can be suspended or expelled from CTIUGC by two-
thirds vote of the Board. No member shall be suspended or expelled without reasonable
notification of the action proposed and an opportunity to be heard in their defense.

NCGA Member – CTIUGC is an associate member of the Northern California Golf Association
(NCGA). CTIUGC’s identification number is 53-880-3 for members playing from the red tees.

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                                   Guidelines of the
                              Chevron Tee It Up Golf Club
Members who are playing from the white tees will use club identification number 53-880-1. A
minimum of thirty (30) members must have NCGA membership for CTIUGC to retain its
associate membership status within the NCGA.

Member Responsibilities

          Payment of CTIUGC membership fees.

          Payment of tournament fees when sign-up notices are returned to the Event
           Tournament Chairman. Reservations are not secured until the Event Tournament
           Chairman receives funds for that tournament. Members have pre-deadline priority
           over guests.

          Post scores for all rounds played, preferably at the course. Unless the event is
           designated, by the Board, as a “TOURNAMENT”, all scores should be posted as
           “AWAY” scores, even those for the regular club tournaments. If you are unable to
           post your score on the computer at the course, scores may also be posted online at the
           NCGA website ( or a request sent to the Handicap Chairman for
           posting. It is each member’s responsibility to make every effort to post their score
           after each round at the courses played.
                The Board will designate, at the start of the season, which events are
                   “TOURNAMENT PLAY”. In general, these will be any event designated as a
                   NCGA Tournament Qualifying round, for which you are trying to qualify.
                   The designation of “TOURNAMENT PLAY” is solely at the discretion of the

          All active members are encouraged to coordinate a club tournament at least once
           every three years.

          Having signed up for a tournament, players must:
               Arrive at least 30 minutes prior to their assigned (foursome’s) tee time.
               Assist foursome captain in preparing and keeping scores to be turned into the
                 Tournament Chair at the completion of the round.
               Post their score, on the course computer, following each club tournament
               Contact the golf course if any unusual condition arises the day of the event
                 that would prevent your on-time arrival.
               Be familiar with the USGA RULES OF GOLF and score-adjusting
               Be familiar with the CTIUGC Guidelines.
               Practice fast play habits at all club tournaments.

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                                    Guidelines of the
                               Chevron Tee It Up Golf Club

          All CTIUGC members can receive a copy of THE RULES OF GOLF, published by
           the USGA. The Tournament Chair will designate one person in each tournament
           foursome as Foursome Captain. The Foursome Captain should carry the USGA
           Rules book and settle any rules questions that arise.

          Read the score card for any local rules or designations that affect play.

          When a fairway is open ahead of your group, make every effort to speed up play to
           close the gap.

          Limit practice swings (preferably only one).

          Play Ready Golf – play your ball out of turn if another player is not ready and it is

          When long hitters are unable to tee off due to the danger of hitting into the group
           ahead, the shorter distance hitters should tee off first, if the tee boxes are convenient
           to do so.

          When your group finishes putting, move IMMEDIATELY to the next tee box, then
           mark your score cards.

          Drivers of carts should be careful to stay far enough away from the person hitting, so
           as not to be a distraction.

          On the putting surface, if your ball is near some else’s line, mark it with a coin or
           other flat marker. The conventional place to mark the ball is directly behind it. If
           your ball marker is directly in another player’s line, they may ask you to move your
           marker to the left or right. Remember to move it back before you putt.

          Be aware of where all the balls are marked, on the green, and be careful not to walk
           on another’s line of putt or to cast a shadow on their line while they are putting.

          Refrain from talking, making noise or moving around within another player’s view or
           hearing while they are getting ready to hit or putt.


Age Limitation – Any tournament entrant under the age of eighteen must play with a parent.

Sign-up Limitations – In the event that the maximum number of players allowed has been
reached and the golf course does not allow additional players, those allowed to play will be
decided by the order in which their entry fees were received by the Tournament Chair. CTIUGC

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                                    Guidelines of the
                               Chevron Tee It Up Golf Club
members will be given first priority, if their registration form and check are received by the
tournament deadline. Guests are welcome on a “space available” basis.

Tournament Fees – Tournament fees must accompany the sign-up form to reserve a place in a
tournament. Cancellations prior to the sign-up deadline will receive a full refund for all fees
paid. Cancellations after the deadline will be refunded if the slot can be filled or if the course
agrees to refund the fees. There are no guarantees that your fee will be fully recovered.

The Tournament Chair(s) shall receive a CTIUGC certificate for their efforts. If the tournament
is being co-chaired, the certificate will be equally split between the co-chairs. Once received, the
certificate can be used towards any future club function, including membership. The Board,
prior to each season, will determine the certificate amount, based on available funding. The
current amount approved for this purpose continues to be $40 per event chaired.

Tournament Prizes – The Board will establish tournament prize funds at the beginning of each
year. Currently, this amount is $5.00 / player, unless the course designates a higher amount. The
Tournament Chair will be notified if they are needed to purchase prizes or obtain certificates on
the club’s behalf. Normally, at least one Board member plays in every tournament and will take
care of this function. The Tournament Chair should be aware of the following conditions:
         All participants, in their tournament, are eligible for prizes.
         Tournament Chair(s) will determine the amount of points allowed per prize (see the
            “Tournament Chair Instructions”).
         Tournament Chair(s) should be ready to disclose the prize winners at the end of their


Awards, for the season, will be presented at the annual banquet based on the following:
       Eligibility – To be eligible for awards, a player must be a member of CTIUGC and
          fulfill the awards criteria published by the Board at the beginning of the season.
       Awards criteria – will be determined by the Handicap Chair, approved by the Board,
          and issued to the members, usually before the first tournament of the season.

The Handicap Chair determines the selection of year-end awards.

Additional awards may be given at the discretion of the Handicap Chair or the Board (e.g. based
on number of tournaments played, special service to the club, etc.).

As required by most tournament contracts, CTIUGC must purchase merchandise or gift
certificates at the courses played. This merchandise must be fully distributed by year-end. The
distribution is solely up to the Board and is normally awarded at the annual banquet.

CTIUGC, for 2007, will only charge an additional $5.00 / player on tournaments that do not
include a prize fund in their pricing.

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                                    Guidelines of the
                               Chevron Tee It Up Golf Club

Composition of the Board of Directors – The Board shall consist of delegates from the

Votes – Election of the CTIUGC Directors shall be held in September of each year by written
ballot and majority vote of the regular members. Majority being at least 51% of the votes
received. This is to ensure that the names and addresses of the new Board are published in the
next edition of the NCGA NEWS Bluebook publication.

Term – Each director shall serve for a minimum term of one year, from December 1st through
November 30th. It is recommended that Board Members do not serve, in the same position, for
more than three successive terms, if possible.

Vacancy – If a vacancy occurs mid-season, the remaining Board members shall appoint a
Director eligible to fill the vacancy. The newly appointed Director shall hold office for the
remainder of the term and will carry out all responsibilities of the office vacated.

Organizational Meeting – The current and newly elected Board of Directors shall meet no later
than December for an organizational and turnover meeting. Following is a list of items that
should be discussed at this meeting:
            Turnover of NCGA related items (Captain, Treasurer, Handicapper)
            Turnover of Treasurer’s Chevron Federal Credit Union account (Treasurer,
               Captain, Tournament Scheduler – or whomever are the designated signatories)
            Scheduling Tournaments (Tournament Scheduler, Tournament Coordinator)
            Club Records / historical data turnover


General Responsibilities:

      Determine, by majority vote, any changes to the funding guidelines, membership
       guidelines, or any other club guidelines needing changes for the CTIUGC.
      Determine if the CTIUGC will defray an amount for the Tournament Chair and, if so,
       specify the amount.
      Determine if any additional charges (for example, membership fees, or postage fees) need
       to be charged. This must be determined prior to the membership drive each year.
      Plan for any short-term and / or long-term directions the club will need to decide on.
      Determine the criteria that will be used to determine the year-end awards.
      Determine what the prize fund allocation for the tournaments will be.
      Attend Board meetings.
      Plan and coordinate for the annual awards banquet and any workshops to be held.

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                                   Guidelines of the
                              Chevron Tee It Up Golf Club

      Act as an advisor / coordinator to the other officers to ensure duties are carried out in a
       timely fashion.
      Act as the facilitator for all meetings.
      Work with the Treasurer, and other Board Members, to determine next year’s budget.
      Appoint a Chairperson for any ad hoc committee that is required.
      Secure volunteers to chair tournaments.
      Coordinate, or secure, volunteers to chair NCGA Qualifier Tournaments.
      Prepare monthly newsletter and provide to Communications Director for distribution with
       the next tournament flyer.
      Assist other Board Members as necessary.

Tournament Coordinator

      Create annual Tournament Schedule with dates, times, pricing and location of course.
       For 2007, we are adding the web site for each of the course listed on the Schedule.
      Determine if the $5 merchandise fee needs to be added to the price of the tournament.
      Develop and maintain tournament matrix, review timeliness at season end.
      Draft the tournament flyer for distribution to club members.
      Prepare tournament packet to be given to each Tournament Chair, to assist in planning
       their tournament, confirm all mailing addresses, including email, for the tournament
      Send tournament packet to Tournament Chair(s) prior to distributing the reservation flyer.
       At the same time, notify the Handicap Chair and Treasurer of the tournament and
       Tournament Chair(s).
      Send tournament reservation flyer to CTIUGC’s Communications Director for
       distribution to club members at least 30 days prior to confirmation date.
      Preside, as required, in absence of Captain.

Handicap Chair

      Become familiar with the NCGA Handicap Manual and all of the duties and
       responsibilities therein.
      Act as the primary contact between the NCGA and CTIUGC.
      Maintain GHIN Electronic Posting software program.
      Input scores on-line if for some reason a member is unable, or forgets, to post.
      Set up new members, enter name, and address changes on-line.
      Assist Tournament Chair(s) in determining winners of event prizes.
      Develop a mid-season (around September) recap of points for the Board to start
       preparation for year-end prizes.
      Coordinate year-end awards criteria, select, purchase and present awards at the Annual
       Awards Ceremony.
      Maintain club’s web site, including keeping an updated leader board posted.

FN: CTIUGC By-Laws.doc                  Page 6 of 9                        Revised: 01/23/07
                                   Guidelines of the
                              Chevron Tee It Up Golf Club

       Transfer account from previous Treasurer to current Treasurer. Account should be set
        up with a minimum of two signatures, preferably three, since at least one signatory must
        be present at each CTIUGC event. Captain, Treasurer and Tournament Coordinator are
        the recommended signatories.
       Work with Captain, and other Board members, to determine budget for the follow year.
       Balance account by the end of the season after disbursement of all outstanding debts and
        ensure carryover is no more than $5,000.
       Prepare an annual financial statement for distribution to members at year-end and
        monthly or quarterly statements for the clubs records.
       Submit payment for all bills including NCGA fees, tournament deposits and fees, prize
        and award purchases, year-end awards banquet, etc.
       Account for all CTIUGC certificates issued.
       Purchase merchandise at tournament courses, as required, by individual course contracts.
        Coordinate the distribution of all merchandise by year-end. This can be delegated to any
        other Board Member, at a tournament

Membership Chair

       Coordinate the annual membership drive in November of each year.
       Forward membership forms and checks to the Treasurer.
       Copy new member forms to Captain (newsletter), Communications Director (updating
        member roster, labels, and email list) and Handicap Chair (NCGA enrollment).
       Send to new members the CTIUGC Guidelines, tournament schedule, officer list,
        membership list, latest tournament flyers and the RULES OF GOLF booklet.

Tournament Scheduler

       Schedule tournaments for the upcoming year. Contact golf courses with letters of intent
        and priority lists of available dates very early in the current season for the following
       Receive and sign course contracts.
       Coordinate with Treasurer to assure all reservation deposits are made on time.
       Work with the Chevron San Ramon Golf Club (CSRGC), formerly the men’s club, to
        schedule a Mixed Tournament and serve as committee member for Mixed Tournament
        (optional tournament).
       Also coordinate with CSRGC so that we do not have any tournaments scheduled on the
        same weekend.
       Preside in absence of Tournament Coordinator.

Communications Director

       Maintain a current membership roster, including email addresses.
       Email all flyers prepared by the Tournament Coordinator.

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                                   Guidelines of the
                              Chevron Tee It Up Golf Club
      Email the Captains’ monthly newsletter and any other mailings requested by the Board.
      Communicate with the NCGA by, October 1st, to inform them of the officers for the
       upcoming season.
      Maintain current membership roster.
      Distribute roster to membership at least twice a year (preferable January and July).
      If necessary, maintain label file to be used for any club mailings that cannot be emailed.

Immediate Past Captain

      This is a non-voting position on the Board.
      Act as an advisor to the newly elected captain.
      Assist with the review, update and issuance of these club guidelines.

Tournament Chair(s)

During the annual year-end brunch, Tournament Chair(s) are recruited to run tournaments for the
following season. Tournament packets will be provided to each Tournament Chair with detailed
checklists and information on how to run a tournament. Including:
        Determine the type of tournament. No special tournament formats may be used that
            over-ride USGA or Local Course Rules for tournaments played toward year-end
        Determine winners of each tournament and present prizes. Handicap Chair will be
            available to assist as needed.
        Collect tournament reservations and fees.
        Designate foursomes and foursome captains.
        Distribute pairing sheets to participants prior to the tournament.
        Collect score cards and Captain’s tournament Summary Sheets from foursome
            captains and verify that the information is complete.
        Work with the Treasurer to have all tournament expenses paid in accordance with the
        Oversee tournament proceedings.
        Submit account of the tournament to the Captain for printing in the newsletter.
        Submit score cards and Captain’s Summary Sheet to Handicap Chair or designate.

Foursome Captain

          Carry a current USGA rulebook and refer to it when ruling during play.
          Review instructions for score keeping and type of tournament before play begins.
          Assure an attested score card is turned in, to the Tournament Chair, with the
           Captain’s Summary sheet, at the completion of the tournament.
          Ensure Ready Golf is observed. Keep pace with the group ahead.
          Assure adjusted scores are calculated correctly for each player.
          Assure everyone, in your foursome, posts his or her adjusted scores on the computer
           at the course.

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                                  Guidelines of the
                             Chevron Tee It Up Golf Club

January:             Hold annual organizational meeting, issue Club Guidelines

February / March:    Conduct club workshops. (Optional)
                     Issue year-end Award criteria, prior to the first tournament.

March – October:     Coordinate semi-monthly golf tournaments.

August:              Appoint a Chairman for the Nomination Committee. Solicit nominations
                     for the Board of Directors from the membership. Approach nominees and
                     determine if they are willing to be on the slate of officers.

September 1st:       Provide slate of nominees, for the Board, for membership to vote.

September 20th:      Voting closed.

October 1st:         Announce the new Board of Directors to the membership and advise the

October:             Plan Awards banquet.

November:            Conduct a membership drive.

December:            Hold Annual Awards Banquet, and distribute awards

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