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									      St Laurence Cheshire Home

What we look for in a volunteer
          Genuine interest in the disability sector
          Flexibility to adapt to the changing needs of a busy work
           environment i.e. flexibility when it comes to both rota hours and job
          Driver’s licence and willingness to use Cheshire transport to take
           residents to venues outside the home

What we offer volunteers
         A learning environment to develop skills in the disability area
         Support and supervision from staff and managers
         A volunteer contract and the commitment that the job that they
            perform is not a substitute for paid employees

St Laurence Cheshire Home
The second Cheshire Home to be established in Ireland, St Laurence's was
officially opened in November 1963. At present there are 30 residents and three
respite beds. Many of the residents have severe, long term physical disabilities.
These disabilities are such that they prevent residents from leading independent
lives in the community. St. Laurence supports residents to live a life of their own
choosing. Residents are generally aged between 18 and 65 years. St Laurence
provides a supportive environment and encourages maximum personal
development. Residents go out to work in the community or take part in a daily
activity programme in the Activity Room, if they so wish. There is also an
independent living unit in St. Laurence.
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There are 47 staff employed by St Laurence plus 4 CE workers. There are 6
volunteers (international) working for the organisation.

Local community
Cork (Irish: Corcaigh) is the second city of the Republic of Ireland and Ireland’s
third most populous city after Dublin and Belfast. It is the principal city and
administrative centre of County Cork and the largest city of the province of
Munster. The 2006 population of Metropolitan Cork stands at approximately
274,00, while the greater Cork are stands at 380,000 in 2006.

St. Laurence Cheshire Home is located in Glanmire which is on the edge of Cork
City. It is on a dual carriageway leading to the outer suburbs. St Laurence
Cheshire Home is approximately 5 km from Cork City. It takes about 50 minutes
to walk to the city or it is a 5-7minute bus journey.
There are several hotels and some private dwellings in the area surrounding the
project. Cork's industries are generally in the area of pharmaceuticals,
engineering and computers. Cork City offers plenty of activity for a European
volunteer; swimming pools, cinemas, theatre, sports and lots of night time
activity. Volunteers have found Cork an easy place for integration, there are
plenty of international students attending University College Cork.

Cheshire Ireland is an equal opportunities employer and this extends to our
policy on recruiting volunteers.
The following recruitment criteria needs to be satisfied:
- Volunteers should be 18 years of age at the time of their application.
- Volunteers should have a developed understanding of physical disability and
physical disability related issues.
- Volunteers should have a genuine interest in working with adults with
- Volunteers will have to interact with a diverse range of staff.

Additionally, although not essential for all placements, it would be highly
desirable if volunteers were over 21 with a full driver's licence and were willing to
drive Cheshire vehicles.
                                                 St Laurence
                                                 Cheshire Home

Job Descriptions for Volunteers

There are two types of Voluntary Places available.

1. Care Work and Community Support.

2. Activities and Bungalow Support.

These vacancies arise throughout the year. Volunteers take up these places for
between 2 and 4 months.

Full job descriptions and timetables are available from Fiona O’Riordan at

Conditions of a Volunteer Placement

St Laurence Cheshire Home offers -
   1. Apartment. There is a 4 bedroom apartment located on site at St
      Laurence’s. Each volunteer has a separate bedroom. All bedclothes,
      sheets, towels etc. are provided. There is a fifth bedroom in the apartment
      that is used by Cheshire staff that are on sleep over shifts. There is also
      an office used during the day based in the apartment. The apartment has
      a living room which has a stereo, TV, DVD and video, phone, toaster,
      microwave, kettle and fridge. There is NO cooker or oven available in the
      apartment. If volunteers wish to prepare their own meals they can use the
      cooker/oven in the Activities Centre (downstairs from the apartment).
      There is a bathroom with both a bath and electric shower. There is no
        smoking in the apartment. There are no visitors or guests permitted in the
   2.   Food. Lunch and dinner are available from the catering department at St
        Laurence’s. There is a store room situated in the kitchen area that
        volunteers can use to stock up on breakfast food, fruit and snacks.
   3.   Laundry. There is a laundry room situated downstairs. Laundry will be
        washed and dried by the Laundry Assistant.
   4.   Allowance. Volunteers receive €40.00 per week to subsidise their
   5.   Internet Access. There are three computers that are connected to
        broadband in the Activity Room that volunteers can use.

St Laurence Cheshire Home does NOT cover costs for
    1. Flights for the volunteer.
    2. Travel insurance.
    3. Health insurance.
    4. English Language Courses.

How to apply for further information / voluntary place

More information about Cheshire Ireland is available from the website –

If you want more information about St Laurence’s and the voluntary places
available contact Fiona O’Riordan by either email –
Phone – 00 353 21 4822192
Fax – 00 353 21 4866833

Steps for Applying for a Voluntary Placement

   1. Contact Fiona O’Riordan and request an application form and job
      descriptions for vacancies.
   2. Complete Application form and submit with CV to St. Laurence’s.
   3. If there is a suitable placement available, an offer of voluntary service will
      be made.
   4. On acceptance of a placement, volunteers will need to agree to the terms
      of the Cheshire Volunteer Contract.
   5. Volunteers will need to apply for police clearance from their country of
      residence and ensure that they provide the original certificate to the centre
      before commencement of their placement.
   6. Volunteers arrange their flights and any insurance required.

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