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									Accountability and Evaluation

The True Test of Church Board/Ministry
 Staff Spirituality, Employee Care and
      Commitments to Excellence

               Larry Perkins, Ph.D.
                    April 2009
       Introduction to Workshop

• General Outcomes:
  – Discern the relationship between accountability,
    evaluation and church health
  – Demonstrate a key aspect of good ministry employee
  – Identify common problems that churches face in
    implementing and maintaining good ministry
    employee evaluation
  – Celebrating God’s gifts; encouraging the
    development of God’s people
  – Provide some resources

     Issues Commonly Encountered

1. Ambiguity and Suspicion
2. Self-review -- Personal Blind Spots
3. Evaluation Frequently Overlooked or Neglected
4. A Norm for Most Working People – why not for
   ministry employees?
5. Uncertainty as to the Right Process

      Two Different Experiences

The Church of Blessed Evaluations

The Church of Bungled Evaluations

      Which have you experienced?

      Which would you rather experience?

            Biblical Foundations

• Accountability
   – Each person gives account to God
      (1 Peter 1:17; 4:5-6)
   -- Paul’s experience in Jerusalem (Gal. 2:1-10)
• Evaluation
   – God tests and evaluates (1 Peter 1:6-7)
   – Paul urges churches to evaluate those who might
     serve as spiritual leaders (1 Tim.3; Titus 1)
   – Jesus evaluates the seven churches in
     Revelation 2-3.

   General principles that must be applied in our 21st
    century Canadian reality.
The Downside of Avoiding Employee
• Church health suffers
   – Are the right things being done well?
• Ministry employees suffer
   – Care of employees is not expressed.
   – Mentoring gets lost
   – Leadership development erodes
• Stewardship of God’s resources languishes
   – Is the congregation receiving the spiritual leadership
     it deserves?
   – Is the congregation developing the gifts of people
     God has provided for its enrichment and blessing?
• No record of unsatisfactory performance will
  emerge as a basis for dismissal
   Key Results of Good Evaluation

• Fosters spiritual maturity among the ministry
   – Building for the long term
   – Develops meekness – power under control
   – Nurtures personal growth as ministry employees gain
     discernment regarding areas of personal potential
     and ways to improve competence
• Supports and encourages excellence among the
  ministry employees
   – Keeps ministry employees moving forward to achieve
     new personal goals
   – Provides opportunity to gain new expertise and skill
   Promotes Good Stewardship – people are our most
     significant resources.
   Key Aspects of Good Evaluation

• A normal part of the ministry employee’s annual work
• Leadership of the process is carefully defined
• Clear, transparent process applied consistently
   – God’s blessing comes in the details
• Based upon up-to-date position descriptions
   – Opportunity to keep position descriptions current
• Generates recommendations for each ministry employee’s
  growth and development
   – Builds a record that defines things to celebrate and
     aspects that must be addressed
• Commitment by the church to support ministry employee
  continuing training

Ministry Staff – They are Employees
• Lead Pastor as supervisor
• The church has employees – usually at least one
   – What are the implications of this reality?
• Ministry excellence hinges on their good work
• Different kinds of evaluation:
   – Formative – conducted in the normal process of a contract.
      Key question – how can we help this ministry employee be
      more effective in his or her ministry work?
   – Summative – initiated when a contract is up for renewal.
      Key question – has this ministry employee demonstrated
      sufficient competence that we should offer another
• Evaluation is an opportunity –
       • To congratulate
       • To plan for growth
       • To identify and require change for improvement

           Evaluation Logistics

• An annual requirement specifically mentioned in
  letters of employment and outlined in employment
  policy manual.
• The Board should establish evaluation policy.
• The Board should oversee directly the evaluation
  of the Lead Pastor.
• The Lead Pastor should oversee directly the
  evaluation of all other ministry employees (but
  provide opportunity for the Board to give input).
• Keep good written records in the respective
  personnel files

    The Church Board as Employer
• The buck stops with the Church Board.
   – The Board can delegate some aspects of the process, but
     it cannot delegate the responsibility that it be done fairly,
     ethically and legally.
• There is liability risk in this that must be handled prudently.
• Good evaluation process will enhance Church Board –
  Pastor relations and increase mutual confidence and
• Policy should outline how a ministry employee is hired.
• The grounds for dismissal of a ministry employee should be
  carefully defined.
• The best evaluation is always done at the point of hiring.
  The possibility of generating significant change in an
  employee after hiring is rather small.

Moral, Ethical and Legal Constraints

• Good action demonstrates responsible care.
• Our Kingdom ethos requires us to act justly and
• Ministry employees for their part should
   – A good work ethic
   – Responsible and competent productivity
   – Be goal-oriented and accountable for achieving these
   – Act respectfully towards leadership and be supportive
   – Be responsive to direction.
• Employee care should be one of the
  congregations core values
       Maintaining Good Process

• Know how to deal with conflicts of interest in this
• Agree in advance on the role of the congregation
  in these processes – but give them some
  opportunity for input.
• Agree on what is communicated to whom for what
  reason. Privacy issues must be considered here.

                   Enjoy the results

             Some Resources

• Canadian Council of Christian Charities website
• Alban Institute website

• Questions?

• Wisdom?

• Thank you


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