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                                                                                               SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2009


SALINE COMMUNITY                                        SOCIAL MEDIA GUIDELINES
                                                 Blogs, social networks and websites such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube are
         Race for the Cure                       exciting new channels to share knowledge, express your creativity and connect with
            October 17                           others who share your interests. Saline Memorial supports your participation in these
             8:00 am                             online communities.
        Downtown Little Rock                     Because social media channels are fairly new to many co-workers, we’ve assembled
                                                 some basic guidelines to help you use these forums effectively, protect your
                                                 personal and professional reputation, and follow hospital policies.
  Hot Springs Village Health Fair                 • There’s no such thing as a “private” social media site. Search engines can turn up
            October 28                              posts years after the publication date. Comments can be forwarded or copied.
         9:00 am-2:00 pm                            Archival systems save information even if you delete a post.
Hot Springs Village Coronado Center               • If you identify your affiliation with Saline Memorial in your comments, readers
                                                    will associate you with the hospital. YOU can be our best or worst PR.
                                                  • Do not use the Saline Memorial logo on your personal online sites.
 Breast Cancer Facts and Figures
What you can do to reduce your risk               • While you want to be honest about yourself, don’t provide personal information
      Speaker: Dr. Kim Smith                        that scam artists or identity thieves could use against you. Don’t list your home
                                                    address or telephone number or your work telephone or e-mail address. It is a
           October 29
                                                    good idea to create a separate e-mail address that is used only with the social
        12 Noon-1:00 pm
                                                    media site.
  SMH Health Education Building
           Classroom 1                            • Make it clear that the views expressed in the blog are yours alone and do not
                                                    necessarily represent the views of Saline Memorial Hospital.
                                                  • Be respectful to the hospital, co-workers, patients, partners, and competitors.
   SMH Co-Worker Benefits Fair                    • Ensure that your social media activity does not interfere with your work
         November 16                                commitments.
       12:30 pm-6:30 pm                          The thing to remember about blogs and social networking sites is that the same
  SMH Health Education Building                  basic policies apply in these spaces as in other areas of life.

  SMH Foundation Holiday Affair
       Fall Vendor Show
                                                                               what’s new
         December 2-3
  SMH Health Education Building                    SMH has joined the social media world! Check out our blog by visiting our
                                                   website Or you can follow us on Twitter or Facebook.
Please call or email Rebecca Jones if you have     We’ll be updating this on a regular basis to keep our community informed
questions about any of these events, 776-6764      about health topics, upcoming events and hospital news. Invite your friends to
    or            be our friends and help us spread the word!

      LETTER                                        IMPORTANT HUMAN RESOURCE
   FROM THE CEO                                            INFORMATION
If you listen to the news today, most           Paid Time O (PTO) - At SMH, we know our greatest asset is our co-workers. We value
reports involve the troubling economy. It       and appreciate your hard work and dedication to our organization. We not only care
can get pretty depressing if you let it. It’s   about you 8:00 am-5:00 pm, but also understand there needs to be a healthy work-life
no secret our nation, as well as our            balance. Everyone needs to take a break from work from time to time to refresh.
organization, has been forced to make
some tough decisions over the past year in      For years, we have enjoyed a generous bene ts plan provided by the hospital. Our
an e ort to ensure success for the future.      insurance plans, PTO and other bene ts often rival much larger competitors. An
Although times are tough, we have a lot to      upcoming change will be the elimination of the PTO Payout. Our reasoning is simple;
be proud of and look forward to at SMH.         we believe that people should use their PTO to take time o from work to prevent
                                                burn out, as opposed to working continually and using their PTO as a savings account.
We recently welcomed Dr. Kim Smith to
our sta of physicians. Dr. Smith has been       Every e ort will be made to allow co-workers with excess PTO to take this time o
working as an OB/GYN for over 15 years          work. We recognize that for some co-workers it will be impossible for them to use all
and she will be a great asset in advancing      their PTO in excess of the carryover limits. Therefore, co-workers will not lose any of
services for the women in our community.        their PTO balance this year. The remaining balance will be carried over into 2010.
                                                However, by December 31, 2010 co-workers will only be allowed to carryover the
We were recently chosen to receive the          normal carryover amounts as listed below. Any PTO in excess of these carryover
Arkansas Medicaid Inpatient Quality             amounts on December 31, 2010 will be lost.
Incentive Award for the 3rd year in a row.
This award is given based on quality data
and includes several reported measures                                     Allowable Limit of PTO Carryover
such as improving care for heart failure                                1 - 48 months of service          100 hours
and pneumonia patients.
                                                                     49 - 168 months of service           120 hours
SMH is receiving the Governor’s Quality
Award for the 3rd year in a row. This means                         169 - 288 months of service           140 hours
we have demonstrated commitment to                                  289 - 408 months of service           160 hours
the use of quality principles to attain
performance excellence.                                                  409+ months of service           180 hours
Our healthcare acquired infection rates
are extremely low – less than one per           The changes to the PTO policy are e ective immediately; the new PTO policy can be
1,000 patients. We’ve had no central line       viewed on the SMH Intranet.
associated blood stream infections in over
four years. Our co-worker injury rates are
at a three year low. We have decreased
                                                 2009 CO-WORKER BENEFITS FAIR
facility-acquired pressure ulcers to 1.8%,
down from 13.3% last year which results         You are invited to the SMH Bene ts Fair! This is an opportunity to drop by & pick up
in signi cant savings.                          information and give-aways from local businesses such as Curves for Women, Fitness
                                                Unlimited, Bryant Fitness Zone, AR Federal Credit Union, Hurricane Creek Credit
Next summer we will welcome a new               Union, National Bond, UBS 401k Team, Sam's Club, Prepaid Legal, Verizon, and ARVEST
orthopedic surgeon to our team.                 Bank. Many of these businesses will provide discounts on their services.
Dr. Scott McConnell will be joining Saline
            Orthopedics and will enhance        Mark your calendar for Monday, November 16. The event will be held in the Health
               orthopedic coverage in           Education Building from 12:30 pm-6:30 pm.
                our community.
                   Never forget that YOU
                                                          GREEN TIP OF THE MONTH
                   are the reason SMH is a
                  great place to work and       Recycling is great, but reusing and reducing is better.
                  receive care. My sincerest
                                                According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, each person in the United
                       thanks for all you do.
                                                States generates 4 1/2 pounds of garbage a day.
                             Sincerely,         Reusing matters because tons of trash (and dollars) really add up. Each time you
                              Randy Fortner     choose used instead of new, you’re helping to divert materials from land lls, and
                               CEO              you’re extending the life cycles of natural resources already in circulation. Plus, used
                                                or remanufactured items generally cost a fraction of what new items would cost.
   BREAST CANCER HEALTH FORUM                                                                      PATIENT
Every three minutes a woman is diagnosed with breast cancer in the U.S.
October is ‘breast cancer awareness month’ and Saline Memorial Hospital is offering a       To each and every one of your Outpatient
free informational health forum to help educate the women in our community.                 nurses:

                                                                                            “Thank you” is not enough. I can see Jesus
                                                                                            in each of your eyes as you care for my
                                 Breast Cancer facts & gures.                               needs and the needs of other patients. I see
                                 What you can do to reduce your risk.
                                                                                            him using your hands as you work
                                 Guest Speaker:                                             timelessly through each procedure. You
                                 Dr. Kim Smith, SMH OB/GYN                                  have love and compassion in your touch.
                                 Thursday - October 29, 2009                                I see Jesus using your feet and legs as each
                                 12 noon to 1:00 pm                                         of you must walk miles each day just to
                                 Health Education Building - Classroom 1.                   minister to each patient. You go the extra
                                 Lunch will be served. Space availability is limited        mile to make each patient comfortable
                                 so please RSVP at 501-776-6020 by October 26.              with special food trays, warm blankets and
                                                                                            ice water.

                                                                                            I just “praise the Lord” for you dearly
         DON’T LET THE FLU GET YOU!                                                         beloved nurses in Saline Memorial
                                                                                            Outpatient. May God Bless each of you in
For the safety of you and our patients, please get your flu shot. You can not get the flu   very special ways.
from the vaccine. Co-workers who did not receive a seasonal flu vaccination through         Margaret (Ann) Chenault, Patient
the hospital can get one from the Saline County Health Department on October 30, at
Holland Chapel Baptist Church in Benton. The clinic opens at 8:00 am and vaccinations
will be available until supplies run out so get there early.                                  SAFETY UPDATE
You need the shot if:
                                                                                            Banding Together for Patient Safety
• You are 6 months to 18 years old                                                          Important Information for clinical and
• You are 50 years old or older                                                             non-clinical staff!
• You have a chronic health problem                                                         Arkansas has a goal of being the safest
• You live or work in a nursing home                                                        state in the nation. SMH shares the same
• You work in healthcare                                                                    goal. One way to accomplish this is to use
• You might get pregnant during the flu season                                              the same colors for “alert” wristbands.
                                                                                            Most hospitals are adopting the same
• You care for someone who is under 5 or over 50
                                                                                            colors so regardless of which hospital you
• You care for someone who is at high risk for
                                                                                            work at today or tomorrow, the color-coded
  complications with the flu
                                                                                            alert wristbands should be the same color
                                                                                            for Allergy, Fall Risk and Do Not Resuscitate
                                                                                            Effective Monday, November 2nd, all blue
                                               Amy Ashcraft visits with Loris Smith, ED,    wristbands for DNR patients at SMH will
                                               during the quarterly competency skills       change to Purple DNR bands, bringing
                                               fair. These are mandatory for clinical       SMH into full compliance with this patient
                                               staff. Below are dates for 2010              safety initiative. The blue bands will no
                                               competency skills:                           longer be used.
                                               • January 12th
                                               • March 31st                                              Red Means Allergy
                                               • June 30th                                             Yellow Means Fall Risk
                                               • September 20th - 24th
                                                                                                        Purple Means “DNR”
                                               • December 14th
        NEW HIRES                                   CO-WORKER ANNIVERSARIES
                                                                  Years          Name                       Department
        Sean Abbott      Housekeeping         September             5            Donna Renea Landreth       Emergency
         Larry Alford    Administration                             5            Brandy Montgomery          Short Stay
       Shelby Barker     Fifth Floor                                5            Jennifer Morgan            Critical Care Unit
    Shannon Carter       Hospice Outpatient                         5            Levi Ryals                 Surgery
                                                                   10            Shonda Bogard              Fourth Floor
           Mary Cole     Fourth Floor
                                                                   10            Rhonda Camp                Emergency
          Stacey Cruz    Cath Lab
                                                                   10            Shannon Jackson            Laboratory
     Jessyca Danner      Fourth Floor
                                                                   10            Terri Robbins              Pharmacy
       Justin Dansby     Dietetic Services
                                                                   15            Tommy Wright               Critical Care Unit
      Stacy Durham       Dietetic Services
            Jodi Flinn   Hospice Outpatient   October               5            Karen Jackson              Rehab Services
 Christopher Fowler      Acute Rehab Care                          15            Deborah Drennan            Housekeeping
     Sheila Gossage      Housekeeping                              20            Mary Lancaster             Emergency
       Barbara Hicks     Hospice Inpatient                         20            Delores Whitaker           Obstetrics
        Brandon Hill     Ambulance                                 25            Janice Greer               Acute Rehab Care
     Laura Johnston      Rehab Services                            35            Billie Mungle              Acute Rehab Care
         Traci Nelson    Sta ng O ce Flex
   Cassandra Patton      Fourth Floor
        Brenda Reed      Housekeeping
                                              FREE PIYO & AEROBICS CLASSES
      Crystal Rickard    Fourth Floor         Fall is a busy season. Before you know it, Christmas will have come and gone.
           Lesa Small    Housekeeping         Add work and kids to the mix, and there's no time to get to the gym!
 Heather Thornberry      Cardiopulmonary
                                              In an e ort to promote health at SMH and to help balance work and life, we are
   Miranda Watkins       Case Management      bringing workout classes to you! Many times, we're worried about taking care
                                              of others health. Please take advantage of this opportunity to focus on YOU.
            KUDOS                             The classes are free to SMH co-workers. All participants will have a chance to win
                                              a free six month membership to Fitness Unlimited in Benton! If you've always
Congratulations to Lynn Fisher, Lab, who      wondered what Yoga and Pilates is about, now is your chance to check it out!
recently completed his MLT (associates) to
                                              PiYo - Pilates and Yoga combined-Pilates pulls from the core, strengthening abs
MT (bachelors) degree. This is equivalent
                                              and lengthening muscles. Yoga is designed to stretch and tone the muscles
to an LPN to RN degree.
                                              creating a long lean look. Yoga is great for strengthening your body and sense
Congratulations to Jenny Hillman and          of balance.
Mike Rucker, Surgery, who both completed
                                              Aerobics - Get your heart pumping and your body sweating in this calorie
the "Big Dam Bridge 100 Mile Bike Ride" on
                                              burning workout!
September 26. The race started in Little
Rock and went through Maumelle,
Faulkner County and back to nish in Little                        SMH Health Education Building - Classroom 1
Rock. That is quite an accomplishment!
Way to go Jenny and Mike!                                             Monday, October 26         PiYo

                                                5:30 pm-6:30 pm       Monday, November 9         Aerobics
   HEALTH TIP                                     (All Classes)
                                                                      Monday, November 23        PiYo
  OF THE MONTH                                                        Monday, November 30        Aerobics -
Choose your sugar addiction and give up                                                          Post Thanksgiving burn
one item for one month. This will help you
to drop pounds, stop feeling tired, and       If you're interested in participating, please email
teach you to curb your sweet tooth!           or call ext. 6764 to sign up.
  LETTER FROM                                    SMH ANNUAL BIB BUCK CONTEST
THE FOUNDATION                                 Break Out the Camouflage - It's that time
          2009 Year-End Giving                 again. Deer season is in full swing and
                                               that means the SMH Annual Big Buck
With December 31, around the corner,           Contest is gearing up again. This contest is
you may be like thousands of other people      brought to you by Chris Singleton and
who are reviewing their financial and estate   Dan McDonald, SMH Materials
plans to ensure your family’s goals are        Management. They are currently
being met. As you consider your year-end       accepting entries for muzzle-loader and
tax planning, I hope you will consider
                                               modern gun. It is $10 per division.
making the Saline Memorial Health(SMH)
                                               Judging will be based on the Boone and
Foundation a part of your income
                                               Crocket Scoring. All proceeds benefit the
charitable deduction.                                                                         Congratulations to last year's winner, Dr.
                                               SMH Health Foundation. For more
                                                                                              Mark Martindale.
Giving to the SMH Health Foundation is,        information, call ext. 6065.
of course, much more than tax brackets and
charitable deductions. Your charitable gifts
make an important difference in what we                              OLD FASHION DAY
are able to accomplish. With the support of
donations over the least year, the SMH                                                        Thanks to those who toughed the cold
Health Foundation has supplied cardiac                                                        weather to help with Old Fashion Day on
medications to patients in need, provided                                                     October 10. SMH representatives who
monetary assistance to co-workers during                                                      attended were: Katie Hill, Debbie Burrow,
difficult financial times and worked to                                                       Ty Gregory, Kathleen Blackwell, Jody
provide continued support to the SMH                                                          Carter and Serdrohn Partain.
Hospice House.
Our recent Swing Fore Saline Golf                                                             Debbie Burrow checks blood pressure at Old
Tournament and Gathering on the Greens                                                        Fashion Day. Hundreds of people attended
reception netted approximately $50,000,                                                       the annual event on the Courthouse lawn.
which will be used toward the purchase
of new cardiac monitors for our ambulance
services department. A big “thank-you”
to everyone who participated and
                                                                FALL FEST IN BRYANT
volunteered to make the event such a
huge success!
Whether you are a co-worker, business
owner, or friend of the Foundation please
remember that we could not do all that
we do without your support-no gift is too
big or too small.
As we continue to grow and expand to
meet the needs of our community,
you can do your part by supporting the
Foundation’s endeavors and ensuring that                                                      SMH Co-workers recently helped perform
SMH will continue to provide quality health
                                                                                              blood pressure and pulse oxygen testing
care and services to our family, friends and
                                                                                              at Fall Fest in Bryant. Thanks to those
neighbors. For more information about
                                                                                              who came to help represent SMH:
the SMH Foundation, visit our website
                                                                                              Debbie Burrow, Donna Mann, or call
                                                                                              Tonya Poston, Ty Gregory, Cheryl Stewart
                                                                                              and Darlene Brown.
Brandie Jones, Director
Saline Memorial Health Foundation
               SMH STAR PROGRAM                                                          SMH STARS recognized for Oct/Nov

In an e ort to recognize co-workers who go beyond the call of duty, we recently        Congratulations to this month’s group of
kicked o the SMH STAR program. If you see someone who goes out of their way            SMH STARS! Thanks for going the extra
for a patient, co-worker or someone who demonstrates an attitude of respect or         distance to ensure our organization is a
service, we want to know about it!                                                     great place to work and receive care!

Ways to recognize outstanding co-workers:                                               Scott Archer, M.D.     Emergency
                                                                                               Bill Aronson    Acute Rehab
  • Complete a paper form and turn it into Human Resources (HR) and give a
                                                                                              Trish Atchley    Surgery
    copy to the co-worker who is being recognized.
                                                                                            Linda Barnett      Emergency
  • Complete the online form on the SMH intranet. This is sent directly to HR and          Donny Beavert       Acute Rehab
    to the co-worker.                                                                           Lisa Blakley   Accounting
  • Every month we will draw ve names from all the STARS submitted and each                Tuesday Brown       Short Stay
    winner will win a gift card.                                                             Sheri Burnett     Outpatient Lab
                                                                                               Kaye Collins    4th Floor
  • Anyone can recognize and nominate a STAR. HR must receive a copy for the                     Mary Cook     Housekeeping
    STAR to be eligible to win prizes.                                                       Carla Dugger      Revenue Mgmt
                                                                                              Phyllis Edgin    Emergency
Characteristics of a SMH STAR:                                                           Angela Fawbush        Acute Rehab
  Service-demonstrates a proactive focus on the customer                                    Nancy Fischer      Business O ce
                                                                                            Ruthie Gentry      Housekeeping
  Teamwork-works in cooperation with co-workers to ensure a successful                         Janice Greer    Acute Rehab
  outcome for the patient                                                                     Tammi Haley      Pharmacy
  Attitude-is positive, caring and engaged when interacting with the customer                       Joe Hart   Facility Services
                                                                                       Wendy Hawthorne         Generations
  Respect-follows the Golden rule
                                                                                              Boyd Hilliard    Rehab Services
  Stewardship-uses our resources wisely                                                           Lisa Hyde    Diagnostic Imaging
                                                                                         Michael Johnson       Rehab Services
                                                                                            Celeste Jones      Acute Rehab
                                                                                             Wayne Jones       Acute Rehab
                                                                                             Rhonda Lock       Nursing Admin
                                                                                                Julie Lovins   Rehab Services
                                                                                               Shanna Lyle     Surgery
                                                                                             Donna Mann        Outpatient Lab
                                                                                        Terry McCormack        Emergency
                                                                                         Theresa McNeely       CCU
                                                                                       John Menard, M.D.       Emergency
                                                                                          Edward Mooney        Short Stay
                                                                                             Carol Nichols     Business O ce
                                                                                          Deborah Ogden        Generations
                                                                                           Amanda Payne        Acute Rehab
                                                         Congratulations to the ve           Tonya Poston      Outpatient Lab
                                                         STARS who were randomly             DeeBee Riley      Nursing Admin
                                                         drawn to win a $25 gift          Donna Sayadian       OB
                                                         card. Keep it up, next                    Liz Smith   Cath Lab
                                                         month it could be you!
                                                                                              Dana Sollars     Rehab Services
                                                         Pictures from top left (in            Kala Swaims     Cath Lab
                                                         alphabetical order): Connie            Tony Sword     Emergency
                                                         Harrington, Shanna Lyle,           Stacy Thomas       Accounting
                                                         Tonya Poston, Deebee                   James Tully    Plant Operations
                                                         Riley, KiKi Wallace                    Kiki Wallace   5th Floor
                                                                                          Debbie Warford       Medical Records

        Thanks to those who participated in the 2009 Swing Fore Saline Golf
 GOLF   Tournament. We had tremendous community support and raised over $50,000
        that will be used to purchase new cardiac monitors for the SMH Ambulances.
THANK   A special thanks to the SMH Ambulance crew. They know first hand how
        important these monitors are and how they will enhance care for our patients.
  YOU   Together, they raised over $3,000 for the cause and also donated their time the
        day of the tournament. Again, thanks to your commitment to those you serve.


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