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									                               In This Room Here Choreography
Half of the stage is open with the middle curtain closed. WW is DC and the children are DR in front of
the contract (VS, VB, C, MT & AG). C is still signing the contract at the opening of the number. The
parents are lined up SL of WW in their DL position (MS, MG, MSB, MST & GJ).

WW: In the Won-ka choc-„late fac-t‟ry, there are sev-„ral thou-sand rooms.
WW turns to the kids and gestures with hands and then shoots them with a zombie ray extending both hands
and fingers while wiggling his fingers.

KIDS: Ooh!
Kids react with excitement and fear.

WW: I‟ll show you what some of them are!
WW quickly crosses to DL and the kids quickly follow and gather behind him (C, VB, AG, MT & VS) while
the parents turn to SR and place R hand on the shoulder of the parent in front of them. The parents move SR in
a line and then turn to SL and form a clump behind the kids who are behind WW (GJ, MST, MSB, MG & MS)

WW: In this room here are the lu-mi-nous lol-lies for eat-ing in bed at night!
WW points SL with both of his hands. The kids look SL with excitement. VB has her hands on the back of
AG‟s shoulders obnoxiously hopping up and down to see. By the end of this line the parents are in their places.

WW: And in this room there the ex-plod-ing sweets for when en-e-mies start a fight!
WW points straight out to the audience with both hands and all look straight out with excitement. VB is still
hopping and clapping.

WW: In this room here is the rock can-dy mine. They say that it‟s three miles deep!
WW lunges forward with L leg and looks down and slightly SL at audience with both hands extended out like a
bear hug. The parents and kids bend forward and look down. VB is grabbing AG‟s back to try to see better.
AG tries to shrug her off to no avail.

WW: And in that room there are the marsh-mal-low pil-lows to munch when you just can‟t sleep!
WW looks straight up at audience slightly SL balancing on his L leg and R leg up with his knee bent. WW‟s
arms are held out for balance and he slaps his hands together when he comes down. VB goes back to hopping
up and down on AG‟s back.

VS: Little rooms,
VS crosses to SR of WW while she gestures with both hands “little”, AG crosses to SL of WW.

AG: big rooms,
AG gestures with both hands “big”.

VB: high rooms,
VB gestures with R hand “high”.

MT: low rooms,
MT gestures with R hand “low”. VB cross in front of WW and bends down on ground to get a closer look at
the low rooms.

WW: sev-en-teen hundred can-dy show-rooms!
WW gestures with his hands out.
C: Small rooms,
C gestures with R hand “small”.

VS & AG: tall rooms,
VS and AG use their inside hand and reach up to WW‟s hat

ALL: bath-rooms, ball rooms,
GJ comes up to C and puts his hands on C‟s shoulders. VB stands up and counters to where WW was.

WW: and you‟ll find choc-„late in al-most all rooms!
WW quickly crosses to DR while the rest watch from their positions.

WW: In this room here are the choc-„late cows from which we get choc-„late milk!
WW points SR with his R hand and points SR with his L hand which is extended over his head.

WW: And in that room there are the hot ice creams! For a cold day, smooth as silk!
WW gestures straight out with both hands to audience from his position DR. All the children quickly cross to
WW (AG, VS, WW, MT, C & VB).

KIDS: And in ev-„ry room are choc-„late mir-a-cles! Treats be-yond com-pare!
VS has her hands on AG‟s back. MT is behind and SR of WW. C has R hand on WW‟s L shoulder and VB has
her R hand on C‟s L shoulder. WW‟s R hand is on VS L shoulder and he holds out his L hand. On these two
lines they bend down and slowly stand up while at the same time they slowly look from SR to SL. WW smiles
and holds his L hand out while he bobs his head back and forth to the beat of the music.

PARENTS & WW : Driv-ing ri-vals to des-pair!
WW crosses to DC and points with R hand.

WW: You should see them tear their hair!
AWW gestures with his hands pretending to tear his hair out. The kids and parents cross to each other in a line
up behind WW (MST & MT), (VS & MS), (C & GJ behind WW), (AG & MG) and (VB & MSB). Parents hold
their child.

WW: And all be-cause of . . .
WW raises his R hand.

MT & MST: This room here!
Step forward and point SR.

VB & MSB: And this room here!
Step forward and point SL.

VS & MS: And this room here!
Step forward and point out and up.

AG & MG: Und dees room here!
Step forward and point out and down.

C & GJ: And this room here!
Step forward to either side of WW and point straight forward.

WW: Oh, yes! And that room there!
WW agrees and points forward with R finger.

We go to a black out except for a spotlight DC that starts big and then slowly gets smaller and smaller
until all we see is WW’s face.

AG: Is ze room getting smaller, or am I getting taller? Ah-ah-CHOO!
The ends start to slowly close in to the center.

MG: Gesundheit!
Consoles AG.

WW: Step center, quickly, I‟d hate to lose any of you so early on our journey.
WW gestures to everyone to come closer to center.

VB: We‟ll be crushed! Is this some sort of joke?
VB reacts to being crushed by the room getting smaller.

WW: Stand here, in the center. Now! Now! NOW!
WW points with R hand and then holds up both hands to his face with monster claws and a menacing look.

WW: If you want to see mag-ic lands,
WW‟s face is the only thing lit up during the song.

WW: close your eyes and you will se one.

WW: Wan-na be a dream-er? Be one.

WW: An-y time you please, and please save me one!

ALL EXCEPT WW: Please save me one!
Lights back up and middle curtain slowly opens up revealing the factory.
the factory.

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