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					                                           North American Energy Standards Board
                                                                          1301 Fannin, Suite 2350, Houston, Texas 77002
                                                   Phone: (713) 356-0060, Fax: (713) 356-0067, E-mail:
                                                                                             Home Page:

                                                                                                    via posting and email
TO:                NAESB Board of Directors Members Absent for the NAESB Board Meeting on September 25, 2008:
                   (Jeff Ackerman, William Benham, Anne Bomar, Rusty Braziel, John Bretz, J Cade Burks, Jack Cashin,
                   Ralph Cleveland, Dave Darnell, Thomas Dvorsky, Jay Ellzey, Sam Forrest, Pete Frost, Arthur Fusco,
                   Michehl Gent, Timothy Gerrish, Terri Grabiak, Bill Grygar, Jill Horswell, Frank Johnson, Robert
                   Koger, Greg Lander, Rana Mukerji, Gloria Ogenyi, Clifton Olson, Andy Ott, Sonny Popowsky, Marty
                   Patterson, Kent Saathoff, Lee Stewart, Belinda Thornton, Alonzo Weaver, Curtis Winterfeld)
cc:                NAESB Managing Committee
FROM:              Rae McQuade
RE:                Notational Ballot for Absent Board Members to Record Votes on Governance Issues Requiring a Super-
                   Majority Vote
DATE:              September 29, 2008

Dear Board Members:
On September 25, the Board of Directors met and unanimously endorsed changes to the certificate and bylaws. The
redlined certificate and bylaws that address the changes can be found in the following links:
   Certificate:
   Bylaws:
Please forward your ballot to the NAESB office by October 10 to indicate your vote. The ballot can be found on page 2 of
this document. To cast your vote, you can respond to the email that accompanies this ballot, you can email your ballot to, or your can fax your ballot to 713-356-0067. For context, the voting record of those in attendance on
September 25 can be found on pages 3-5. For the modifications to be adopted, affirmative votes of 75% of each quadrant
and 40% of each segment are required. For the certificate, a membership ratification is required and would be processed
once it is determined that the Board action has passed. Please feel free to call the NAESB office if you have any difficulty
retrieving any of this information or need additional assistance.
                                     Best Regards,

                                               Rae McQuade
cc: Bill Boswell, General Counsel for NAESB

                                                                           NAESB Board Notational Ballot September 29, 2008
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                                         North American Energy Standards Board
                                                                       1301 Fannin, Suite 2350, Houston, Texas 77002
                                                Phone: (713) 356-0060, Fax: (713) 356-0067, E-mail:
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Jeff Ackerman                              Sam Forrest                                     Rana Mukerji
William Benham                             Pete Frost                                      Gloria Ogenyi
Anne Bomar                                 Arthur Fusco                                    Clifton Olson
Rusty Braziel                              Michehl Gent                                    Andy Ott
John Bretz                                 Timothy Gerrish                                 Sonny Popowsky
J Cade Burks                               Terri Grabiak                                   Marty Patterson
Jack Cashin                                Bill Grygar                                     Kent Saathoff
Ralph Cleveland                            Jill Horswell                                   Lee Stewart
Dave Darnell                               Frank Johnson                                   Belinda Thorton
Thomas Dvorsky                             Robert Koger                                    Alonzo Weaver
Jay Ellzey                                 Greg Lander                                     Curtis Winterfeld

                        NAESB Board of Directors Notational Ballot for Absent Board Members
                                      Due October 10, 2008 to NAESB Office
                     Fax Number 713-356-0067, email or response to email request

Please vote in favor of, in opposition or as an abstention for the following recommended governance modification:

Support           Oppose       Abstain       Action:

                                             Modify the Certificate of Incorporation as indicated in the redline changes:

                                             Modify the Bylaws as indicated in the redlined changes:

          Member Name:              _______________________________________________________

          Member Signature:         _______________________________________________________

          Member Company:           _______________________________________________________

          Segment:                  _______________________________________________________

          Date:                     _______________________________________________________

                                                                            NAESB Board Notational Ballot September 29, 2008
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                                            North American Energy Standards Board
                                                                             1301 Fannin, Suite 2350, Houston, Texas 77002
                                                      Phone: (713) 356-0060, Fax: (713) 356-0067, E-mail:
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                           NAESB BOARD OF DIRECTORS VOTES, 9-25-08 BOARD MEETING
                                                                                                           CERTIFICATE    BYLAWS
Jay Ellzey                 Vice President Commercial Operations, Chevron Natural Gas
William T. Benham          Vice President – Regulatory Affairs, BP Energy Company
Keith Sappenfield          Regional Director – US Regulatory Affairs, EnCana Oil & Gas (USA) Inc.                Y            Y
Marty Patterson            Vice President – Commercial Operations, Foothills Energy Ventures LLC
Pete Frost                 Director - Regulatory Affairs, ConocoPhillips Gas and Power Marketing
Cathie Legge               Manager – Customer Service, Alliance Pipeline LP                                      Y            Y
Bill Grygar                Vice President, Panhandle Eastern Pipe Line
Susanna B. Barry           Vice President – Commercial Operations, Tennessee Gas Pipeline Company                Y            Y
Anne Bomar                 Vice President, Dominion
Richard Kruse              Senior Vice President, Spectra Energy Transmission                                    Y            Y
Clifton Olson              Vice President of Supply and Transmission, Energy East Corporation
Adrian Chapman             Vice President, Regulatory Affairs & Energy Acquisition, Washington Gas               Y            Y
Mike Novak                 Asst. General Manager, National Fuel Gas Distribution Corporation                     Y            Y
Lee Stewart                Senior Vice President, Gas Transmission, Southern California Gas Company
Valerie Crockett           Senior Energy & Policy Specialist, Tennessee Valley Authority                         Y            Y
Timothy W. Gerrish         Director of Origination-Energy Marketing and Trading, Florida Power & Light
Tina Burnett               Natural Gas Resources Administrator, The Boeing Co.                                   Y            Y
Lori-Lynn C. Pennock       Senior Fuel Supply Analyst, Salt River Project                                        Y            Y
Jim Templeton              Principal, Comprehensive Energy Services                                              Y            Y
John Bretz                 Vice President - Gas Marketing, Anadarko Energy Services Company
Rusty Braziel              Managing Director, Bentek Energy, LLC
Jim Buccigross             Vice President Energy Industry Practice, 8760 Inc.                                    Y            Y
Bill Hebenstreit           Marketing Manager, Goodrich Petroleum Company, LLC                                    Y            Y
Robert K. Koger            President, North Carolina Advanced Energy Corporation
David Koogler              Director – State Regulation, Dominion Virginia Power (SERC NERC Region)               Y            Y
Dennis Derricks            Director Regulatory Policy and Analysis, Wisconsin Public Service Corporation         Y            Y
                           Director, Conservation Programs, Baltimore Gas & Electric Company (MAAC
Ruth Kiselewich                                                                                                  Y            Y
                           NERC Region)
Debbie McKeever            Market Advocate, Oncor                                                                Y            Y
Sonny Popowsky             Consumer Advocate, Pennsylvania Office of Consumer Advocate
Jim Minneman               Controller, PPL Solutions LLC                                                         Y            Y
David Pickles              Vice President, ICF International                                                     Y            Y
J Cade Burks               President, EC Power

                                                                                    NAESB Board Notational Ballot September 29, 2008
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                                            North American Energy Standards Board
                                                                             1301 Fannin, Suite 2350, Houston, Texas 77002
                                                      Phone: (713) 356-0060, Fax: (713) 356-0067, E-mail:
                                                                                                Home Page:

                           NAESB BOARD OF DIRECTORS VOTES, 9-25-08 BOARD MEETING
                                                                                                                 CERTIFICATE   BYLAWS
WEQ TRANSMISSION SEGMENT                                                                           SUB SEG:
Dan Klempel                Director Transmission Regulatory Compliance, Basin Electric Power       Muni/Coop
                                                                                                                      Y           Y
Chuck Feagans              Senior Manager, Reliability Policy, Tennessee Valley Authority          Fed/State/P
                                                                                                                      Y           Y
John E. Lucas              Director - Transmission Policy and Services, Southern Company           IOU
                                                                                                                      Y           Y
Jerry Smith                Alliance/Partnership Manager, Arizona Public Service Co.                IOU                Y           Y
Jill Horswell              Director Transmission, Southern California Edison                       at large
Terri Grabiak              Director – FERC and RTO Internal Affairs, Allegheny Energy, Inc.        at large           Y
Michelle Mizumori          Market Interface Manager, Western Electricity Coordinating              At-Large
                                                                                                                      Y           Y
                           Council (WECC)
Curtis Winterfeld          Vice President of Power Marketing, Deseret Generation &                 Muni/Coop
                           Transmission Cooperative
Belinda Thornton           General Manager - Energy Origination, Tennessee Valley Authority        Fed/State/P
Lou Oberski                Director – Electric Market Policy, Dominion Resources Services,         IOU
                                                                                                                      Y           Y
Charles W. Severance       Manager – Supply & Wholesale Services, Wisconsin Public Service         IOU
                                                                                                                      Y           Y
Ron Mucci                  Consultant, Representing Entegra Power Group LLC                        Merchant           Y           Y
Gloria Ogenyi              Vice President Energy Policy, Conectiv Energy Supply, Inc.              Merchant
Shah Hossain               Senior Regulatory Specialist, Westar Energy, Inc.                       at large           Y           Y
Roy True                   Manager of Regulatory and Markets Development, ACES Power               Muni/Coop
                                                                                                                      Y           Y
Jeff Ackerman              Manager, Colorado River Storage Project Energy Management and           Fed/State/P
                           Marketing Office, Western Area Power Administration                     rov.
Jack Cashin                Senior Manager of Policy, Electric Power Supply Association             at large
Sam Forrest                Vice President, Energy Marketing and Trading, Florida Power &           IOU
R. Scott Brown             Vice President and Director, Exelon Generation Power Team               IOU                Y           Y
Rick Smead                 Director, Navigant Consulting, Inc.                                     At-Large           Y           Y
Arthur G. Fusco            Vice President and General Counsel, Central Electric Power              Muni/Coop
                           Cooperative Inc.
Barry R. Lawson            Manager-Power Delivery, National Rural Electric Cooperative             Muni/Coop
                                                                                                                      Y           Y
Frank Johnson              Senior Vice President Electric Transmission and Distribution,           IOU
                           Consumers Energy
Thomas Burgess             Director – FERC Compliance, FirstEnergy Service Company                 at large           Y           Y
Joe Hartsoe                Managing Director – Federal Policy, American Electric Power             at large
                                                                                                                      Y           Y
                           Service Corp.
Bruce Ellsworth            New York State Reliability Council                                      At-Large           Y           Y
Thomas G. Dvorsky          Director of the Office of Electricity, Gas, and Water at the New York   Regulator
                           State Department of Public Service
Michehl Gent               Open Access Technology International, Inc.                              At-Large
                                                                                      NAESB Board Notational Ballot September 29, 2008
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                                                   North American Energy Standards Board
                                                                                     1301 Fannin, Suite 2350, Houston, Texas 77002
                                                              Phone: (713) 356-0060, Fax: (713) 356-0067, E-mail:
                                                                                                        Home Page:

                                 NAESB BOARD OF DIRECTORS VOTES, 9-25-08 BOARD MEETING
                                                                                                                         CERTIFICATE       BYLAWS
WEQ INDEPENDENT GRID OPERATORS/PLANNERS                                                                     SUB SEG:
Michael Desselle                 Vice President Process Integrity, Southwest Power Pool                                          Y               Y
Kent Saathoff                    Vice President of System Operations, ERCOT
Kevin Kirby                      Vice President Market Operations, ISO New England, Inc.                                         Y               Y
Rana Mukerji                     Vice President Market Structures, New York Independent System
                                 Operator, Inc. (NYISO)
Andy Ott                         Senior Vice President Marketing, PJM Interconnection
Bill Phillips                    Vice President Standards Compliance & Strategy, Midwest ISO
                                                                                                                                 Y               Y
Don Tench                        Director Planning & Assessments, Independent Electricity System
                                                                                                                                 Y               Y
                                 Operator (IESO)
                                 Vice President of Engineering and Operations, Memphis Light, Gas & Water
Alonzo Weaver
                                 Division (APGA)
Ralph Cleveland                  Senior Vice President – Engineering and Operations, AGL Resources, Inc.
Leigh Spangler                   President, Latitude Technologies Inc.                                                           Y               Y
Dave Darnell                     President & CEO, Systrends USA
Greg Lander                      President, Capacity Center
                                                                           Percentage Affirmative Votes         Reaching the 40% Segment Affirmative
                                            Affirmative Votes Cast
                           Votes                                           Cast                                 Vote Threshold?
TOTALS AS OF 9-25-08:
                                             Certificate        Bylaws       Certificate           Bylaws          Certificate           Bylaws
TOTAL                            72              44             61.11%             43             59.72%
                                                                                                                 All but end user    All but end user
WEQ                              35              21              60%               20             57.14%
                                                                                                                     segment             segment
                                                                                                                 All but producer    All but producer
WGQ                              23              16             69.57%             16             69.57%
                                                                                                                     segment             segment
                                                                                                                 All but end user    All but end user
REQ                              9                6             66.67%             6              66.67%          and supplier        and supplier
                                                                                                                    segments            segments
RGQ                              5                1              20%               1                20%                None               None

The subsegments noted in the above roster are:
 At-Large -- Regional reliability organizations, regional                             Large Industrials (not in other segments)
    transmission organizations, consultants, service companies,                        Merchant
    information services and software companies, law firms, and                        Muni/Coop – Municipals, Cooperatives
    other such organizations that are not specifically encompassed in
    the other subsegments for a given segment.
                                                                                       Not IOU Affiliated
 Competitive Retailer (not available to MUNI/COOP, IOU or IOU                         OTHER -- (not available to MUNI/COOP, IOU or IOU affiliates)
    affiliates)                                                                        Regulator
 End Use (also in another segment)                                                    Residential/Commercial
 Federal/State/Provincial                                                             End Use (Self Generation)
 IOU – Investor Owned Utility or IOU Affiliated
 ITC – Independent Transmission Company
The number of seats within each segment that are allotted to sub-segments are controlled through the WEQ Procedures.

                                                                                             NAESB Board Notational Ballot September 29, 2008
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