Chest Tube Management Performed Skill by xad14601


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									Performed                          Skill                 Number     Name of
                                                        Performed      Supervisor
            Tissue Specimen Collection

            Arterial puncture
            Bladder catheterization
            Bladder tap
            Bone marrow aspiration
            Capillary blood sample
            Clean catch urine technique
            Lumbar puncture
            Umbilical artery and vein catheterization

            Laboratory Procedures

            Blood smear analysis
            EKG analysis
            Interpretation of a chest x-ray
            KOH preparation/analysis
            Stool occult blood analysis
            Urine dipstick analysis
            Urine microscopic analysis
            Wet preparation/analysis
            Wood light examination

            Therapeutic Procedures

            Aspiration of soft tissue abscess
            Cerumen removal
            Chest tube placement
            Corneal abrasion management
            Exchange transfusion in a neonate
            Eye drop administration
            Flourescein dye administration
            Gastric intubation
            Intramuscular injection
            Intravenous medications
            Laceration repair
            Reduction of nursemaid's elbow
            Subcutaneous injections
            Suction of oropharynx and trachea
            Tracheal intubation
            Ventilator management
Performed                          Skill                     Number           Name of
                                                            Performed            Supervisor

            Diagnostic Procedures

            Blood pressure measurement
            Developmental screening
            Hearing screening
            Pelvic examination
            Transillumination of the scrotum
            Vision screening

            Emergency Care

            Basic life support certification
            Pediatric Advanced life support certification
            Neonatal advanced life support certification

            Residents will be signed off on these procedures when they have demonstrated a knowledge of
             the procedure, indications, contraindications, complications, ability to interpret findings
            (if applicable), and proficiency in performing the procedure

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