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Building Committee Plan Review & Recommendations
                  August 2007
        Unity Building Committee & Mission

   The Unity Building Committee was appointed by Session to address the
    recommendations contained in the final reports from the Worship Space Task
    Force (2001) and the Sanctuary Feasibility Committee (2005) and to develop
    a plan of sufficient detail that the congregation can vote to approve a new
    sanctuary. This plan is to include detailed drawings of the building and site
    and projected costs.

Committee Members:
    • Tom Beaty          • Ruth Boetsch     • Steve Chase     • Steve Hardy*

    • Dan Holloway       • Jeannie Jones    • Dan Mace        • Mark Masters

    • Bo Palmer*         • Toni Rush        • Patrick White   • Mary Sue McGrath - recorder

     *Co Chairs of the Building Committee
           Architectural Firm Selected and Process

   WKWW Architects of Charlotte was selected from an initial
    target group of seven architectural firms.
                                                                   Myers Park Presbyterian Church

   As a church sanctuary and church campus building specialist,
    WKWW brought more experience and know how to the project
    than other competing firms (examples pictured right).

   The Building Committee was able to visit several WKWW
    sanctuaries located around North and South Carolina and         Davidson College Presbyterian
    speak directly to the building committees of those churches.

   Mike Berry is a Principal Partner in the firm and our

                                                                     Sharon Presbyterian Church
          Committee Activities

   Initial meeting January 2006
   Reviewed Biblical history of worship space
   Defined a listing of issues and needs from previous reports
   Visited numerous church sanctuaries in North and South Carolina to study style and
   Selected and hired WKWW Architects following Session approval
   Completed a Congregational Program Study to affirm issues, needs and future dreams
   Interviewed stakeholders on issues and needs
   Gathered input from ministry teams on existing sanctuary usages
   Adapted plan when the Bradford property became available
   Developed the Master Site Plan
   Developed schematic drawings of the sanctuary and adjoining areas
   Developed elevation drawings
   Developed a rendering of the expanded campus
   Investigated and are continuing to investigate financial options and potential debt load
   Developed cost estimates
   Established an organ subcommittee to study and recommend the best course of action on the
    Aeolian/Skinner organ installation
       Building Committee Proposal

Construct a multi-floor structure that includes the following:

   On the Main Level:
    A sanctuary and balcony sized to seat approximately 500

    A narthex sized to accommodate approximately 100 people with space dedicated for a
   welcome center

    Adequate restrooms with ease of access to Narthex

    An elevated chancel area with space to accommodate approximately 50 choir members

    A center aisle along with sufficient space and ease of access for handicapped and special
   needs members

    Refurbish, upgrade, and install the Aeolian-Skinner organ purchased in 1996

    An enclosed connecting passageway from the Ministries Building to the new structure

    Maximize paved parking spaces to accommodate handicapped, special needs, and

    Adequate landscaping around the new structure
        Building Committee Proposal

Construct a multi-floor structure that includes the following:

    On the Lower Level:
     A covered entrance with adjacent parking for handicapped and special needs members

     A nursery plus 3 classrooms to house children ages infant to 4 with appropriate control
    areas to insure the safety of the children

     A designated area for nursing mothers

     Rehearsal and storage rooms to accommodate various music programs

     Unfinished storage space
                                 Comparison of Facilities
                                  Existing Campus                  Future Campus
Total Seating Capacity            240                              500
Handicapped and Special Needs     None                             Readily available and accessible
Choir Loft Seating                25                               50
Music Ensemble Space              None                             Expanded Chancel Area
Hand Bell Choirs Seating          In the congregation              In the choir loft
Hand Bell Choir Presentations     Across the front of the church   Expanded Chancel Area or Expanded Area at the
                                                                   front of the church
Children’s Worship                Sanctuary Floor                  Steps Leading up to the Chancel
Organ                             13 Ranks of Pipes                28 Ranks of Pipes
Acoustic Quality of Sanctuary     Poor                             Excellent
Greeters                          Outside                          Covered porch or inside Narthex
Narthex                           Space for 12                     Space for 100
Welcome Center                    Outside                          Narthex
Wedding/Funeral/Baptismal         Cramped                          Sufficient space to accommodate large groups
Brides Parlor                     None                             Dedicated Parlor Room in Ministries building
Grieving Room                     None                             Dedicated Parlor Room in Ministries building
Restroom access from Sanctuary    None                             Adjacent to Narthex
Nursery Location                  Ministries Building              Below sanctuary with easy access
Classrooms                        Need more                        7 Classrooms plus Unity Chapel and Unity Hall
Sanctuary Overflow                Unity Hall                       Unity Chapel
Parking                           40 Paved parking, poor           180 Paved spaces with adequate handicap
                                  handicap accessibility and no    accessibility and designated visitor parking
                                  visitor parking
Proposed Floor Plan Schematics
Proposed Schematic Elevations
Proposed Sanctuary Artist Rendition

           External view of Unity Campus as seen from the intersection
                          of Tom Hall and Unity Streets
         Total Projected Costs to Meet Needs Identified

Phase I
New Sanctuary including Furnishings, 60 Additional Paved Parking Spaces,    $4,750,000
Unfinished Lower Level, and 15% Contingency Funds

Phase II
Aeolian/Skinner Organ Installation                                          $ 388,000

Phase III
Completion of Lower Level including Furnishings and 15% Contingency Funds   $ 542,000

Phase IV
Manse Demolition and 80 Additional Paved Parking Spaces                     $ 175,000

TOTAL                                                                       $5,855,000
     Financial Capability and Capacity

 Suddes & Associates 2005 Pre-Campaign Assessment Report findings
were $2 million for the initial capital funds campaign.

 Presbyterian Loan and Investment Program 2007 findings were $1.8 to
$2 million for the initial capital funds campaign.

 First-Citizens Bank and Trust has analyzed that Unity Presbyterian
Church will qualify for a $4 million level of loan capacity.

 Previous track record: The Ministries building cost $2.2 million, we
raised $1.1 million in the initial capital funds campaign, and we are on
track to pay off the debt in an eight year period.

 These analyses show we have the capability to fund a new sanctuary.
Whether it can be done all at once, or in several phases, will be
determined by the success of the capital funds campaign.
      What is next?

 A congregation vote in October for Session to appoint a Capital
  Funds Campaign Committee to assess the financial commitment
  and level of giving support for the new sanctuary and related

 Based on the capital funds campaign financial commitment level, the
  final project scope and cost will be determined.

 The congregation will cast the final vote late winter 2008 to proceed,
  or not proceed, with the construction of a new sanctuary and related

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