Chrysler Lease Agreement

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					                                   TENTATIVE AGENDA
                                      April 12, 2010

8:00 AM        Call Meeting to Order

8:05 AM        Additions & Corrections/Minutes Approval

8:30 AM        Commissioner Staff Update

9:00 AM        Shop Foreman Update

10:30 AM       Planning Update

11:00 AM       Stone Garden Grant
               Sheriff Pete Warner & Undersheriff Tom Williams

11:30 AM       Consent
               County Road Funds Transfer
               ER&R Funds Transfer
               Curlew Lake Sewer Funds Transfer
               Boating Safety Funds Transfer
               7 Minute Safety Trainers
               Resolution No. 2010-07 Amending Resolution No. 2009-02 and
                Rescinding Resolution No. 2008-43 setting rates for Public Works
               Lease Agreement between Connections and Lake Roosevelt
                Community Health Center
               Coordinated Prevention Grant Agreement between Ferry County
                And the Department of Ecology

12:00 to 1:00 Working Lunch             General Discussion

1:00 PM        Public Works Update

2:00 PM        PUD Grant
               Jon Chrysler Republic Regional Visitors & Convention Bureau

2:30 PM        Commissioners Working Session

3:30 PM        Unfinished Business

4:00 PM        Meeting Adjourned

****PLEASE NOTE: The agenda is tentative only. The Board may add, delete or postpone items, and may
                         take action on any item not on the agenda.****

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