Chronological Order of Performance

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					Grade Level SMART Goal

    Broad Brook School
    Grade 3 Team Members:
    K. Senecal K. Gaskell
    S. Schwartz W. Boyle
    T. Mercier L. Johnson N. Crand
 48% of third grade students will
  demonstrate a general
  understanding of text content by
  retelling a story orally and in writing
  by June 2007
 Goal was identified through analysis
  of third grade performance on 2006
Students will know and be able
 Retell a story identifying important
  characters, problem, setting, events and
 Select and use relevant details from a
  written work to summarize events and/or
  ideas from the text.
 Demonstrate understanding of
  organization, tone, use of topic sentence,
  supporting details and chronological
What students are doing-
Performance Tasks
 Sept. Dec. and May Developmental
  Reading Assessments
 Written response to literature in Feb. and
  May using CMT format and scoring
 Quarterly writing prompts
What the teachers are doing-
Instructional Strategies
 Model and practice with multiple graphic
 Teach and practice scoring with CMT
  rubric for response to literature
 Writer’s Workshop
 Practicing sample questions by strand:
  Forming a General Understanding
Progress toward Goal
 Exceeded the target of the number of
  students reaching Level 34 on the January
 The number of students scoring an 8 or
  above on Writing Prompts rose from 21%
  in October to 43% in February.

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