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									                               The Treasury
                                                                       Chief Financial Officer
                                                                       P M Shimmin CPFA
                                                                       Government Office, Douglas
                                       Yn Tashtey                      Isle of Man, British Isles
                                                                       IM1 3PU
                                                                       Telephone:   (01624) 685586
                                                                       Fax:         (01624) 685662

                                                                       6 January 2010

                                 NEWS RELEASE

On 29 January 2009, the Isle of Man concluded two tax co-operation agreements with

   a tax information exchange agreement based on the Organisation for Economic Co-
    operation and Development (OECD) model; and
   an agreement for the allocation of taxing rights over certain income of individuals and to
    establish a mutual agreement procedure in respect of transfer pricing adjustments.

The Isle of Man ratified the agreements on 17 March 2009, and the Chief Minister, Tony Brown
MHK, informed the government of Australia that ratification had taken place.

The Australian High Commission in London has now confirmed that Australia has completed its
own ratification procedures, and as a consequence the agreements entered into force on
5 January 2010.

The negotiation, signing and ratification of tax co-operation agreements demonstrates the Isle
of Man‟s commitment to international standards and the global effort to establish a system
based on co-operation between countries, transparency and effective exchange of information
in tax matters; all of which strengthen financial stability.    On 2 April 2009, the OECD
acknowledged the Isle of Man‟s quality in regulation and co-operation by placing it on what
many have referred to as the „white list‟ of countries which have substantially implemented the
internationally agreed tax standard.
The texts of the agreements can be viewed on the International Agreements page of the
Income Tax Division‟s website at:



As a leader in developing and complying with international tax standards and co-operation, the
Isle of Man has signed 18 agreements that meet OECD standards. The Island has also
committed that it will move to automatic exchange of information with the EU, from 1 July
2011, in its application of the European Union Savings Directive.

Isle of Man’s 3 Double Taxation Agreements
Country           DTA signing date
Estonia           08-May-2009
Belgium           16-July-2009
Malta             23-Oct-2009

On 29 September 2008 the Island also signed an amendment to its 1955 DTA with the UK.

Isle of Man’s 15 Tax Information Exchange Agreements
Country           TIEA signing date
US                03-Oct-2002
Netherlands       12-Oct-2005
Sweden            30-Oct-2007
Norway            30-Oct-2007
Finland           30-Oct-2007
Denmark           30-Oct-2007
Greenland         30-Oct-2007
Faroes            30-Oct-2007
Iceland           30-Oct-2007
Ireland           24-Apr-2008
UK                29-Sept-2008
Australia         29-Jan-2009
Germany           02-Mar-2009
France            26-Mar-2009
New Zealand       27-Jul-2009


The Isle of Man (population 80,000) is in the middle of the Irish Sea at the centre of the British
Isles. It is a self-governing British Crown Dependency with its own parliament, government
and laws.

The Isle of Man is not part of the European Union, and not part of the United Kingdom.
However, the British Queen is its head of state and the United Kingdom Government is
ultimately responsible for its international relations.
Perhaps best known for financial services, the Isle of Man is developing a global reputation for
an array of niche, quality sectors including:

•   High-tech manufacturing
•   E-Business
•   E-Gaming
•   Ship and super yacht management
•   Aircraft registration
•   Agricultural and fisheries produce
•   Film and television production
•   Space commerce
•   Entrepreneur/trading gateway

Financial services represent just 36% of the Island‟s diverse economy, with banking only
narrowly ahead of manufacturing as the main source of employment; and while the Island‟s
economy is diverse, a common set of advantages drive its success.

For instance, the Isle of Man is renowned for quality and efficient service, supported by
outstanding professional services and capabilities. We enjoy a healthy relationship between the
private and public sectors founded on a world class regulatory environment. We also have an
international reputation as a responsible and co-operative jurisdiction.

The Isle of Man is ranked 4th “most business friendly” area in fDi Magazine‟s European
Regions of the Future 2008/09.

A number of external bodies, including the International Monetary Fund, have confirmed that
the Island‟s defences against money laundering comply with the highest global standards, and
that it co-operates fully in combating international financial crime.


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