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Chicago Association of Realtor Vacant Land Disclosure by skk51796


Chicago Association of Realtor Vacant Land Disclosure document sample

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									         Government Affairs/Property Management Committee
                       September 22nd, 2006
                          Meeting Minutes

Members Present:                Andrea Geller, Chair                   Zeke Morris
                                Bob Floss                              Joanne Gross
                                Hugh Rider                             Dan Merrion
                                John Vranas                            Martin Kerpel
                                Cynthia Evans                          Albert Hanna
                                Bob Floss II                           Gary Kass
                                Tracey Taylor                          Drussy Hernandez
                                Mike Peterson                          Barbara Marriott
                                Edward McCambridge                     Maureen Rzasa
                                Anna Klocek

Staff Present:                  Brian A. Bernardoni, Government Affairs Director
                                Abby Fulton, Government Affairs Associate

A joint meeting of the Government Affairs/Property Management Committee was held on
September 22, 2006 at 8:30 a.m. at the Chicago Association of REALTORS® Main Headquarters
Office at 200 S. Michigan Ave. The meeting was called to order at 8:30 a.m. by the Chair, Andrea

The Committee paused for a moment of reflection for Gerald Fisch, Amy Cal, and the health of
Frank Williams.

The Pledge of Allegiance was recited and introductions were made.

MOTION 1: Approval of the Minutes of the July 21, 2006 Meeting


The agenda was confirmed.
Cook County Board Candidate Tony Peraica
Commissioner Peraica attended UIC and graduated from John Marshall law school in
1983. He has been a licensed REALTOR since 1994 and knows small business having to
deal with government regulations. In 1994 the Commissioner lost the Cook County
Board of Commissioners race but won in 2002. Peraica is proud to have organized the 5
republicans on the board into a strong block.

Currently the FBI has seized records from County buildings and several hospitals. There is
fraud and theft throughout the juvenile detention center. Commissioner Peraica stressed
his desire to change the common practices of hiding, covering up, and shifting at the
County level.

Commissioner Peraica is dedicated to condensing the 97 County departments. He claims
that there are about 4 to 5,000 employees too many and that employment should be
around 20-21,000 people total. Commissioner Peraica suggested combining the land use
regulation taxation, the County Clerk and the Treasures office into one. He would also
like to see the use of one transfer tax form instead of three.

The Commissioner stated he would not raise taxes of any kind. Instead he would like to
downsize the government and give everyone a tax rebate. Cook County is loosing
competitive companies to surrounding counties and states because of tax rates. The sales
tax is higher in Chicago than any other City. Cook County is the second richest County in
the world, second only to LA County. We have a 3.1 billion dollar budget with one billion
going towards the CTA and one half billion going to the libraries and park districts. Cook
County needs to rethink the way they do business.

Q and A
Should the County sell park areas for revenue?
       - Not unless there is consensus among the board as in the mall built at 21st Street
       and 1st Ave. It is a case by case situation. There is about 60,000 acres of protected
       land right now and Commissioner Peraica would like to see more preserved.

Should the County sell its assets?
       -The Commissioner does not think we should finance the government by selling
       assets or growing gambling but instead we should preserve our assets.

What is your opinion on consolidating schools?
       - There are 7,000 tax units in Illinois, the next highest is Pennsylvania with 5,000
       while the average is 2,500. We should consolidate the taxing bodies.

How do you break 150 years of culture?
      - Start with the President of the Cook County Board and understand that
      employees work 8 hours a day with good customer service. Go through the system
       and enforce the personnel code.

How would you address the classification system?
     - The Board of tax appeals is a conflict of interest. The Commissioner would model
        tax bills off of Florida. He does not agree with the 7% cap.
Fundraiser, September 29th @ the Hilton from 5:30-8:00PM

HB 4050
Committee member Tracey Taylor thanked CAR staff for website updates on IAR is still looking at the negative impact on this bill. Dearborn
Realtists have also contacted an agency to file a law suit. To be successful and make
changes we need more information and data. CAR staff is getting more information from
title companies than our members.

Pages 36-40 of the agenda give some statistics on closing times. October 1st will really show
a full month on what has been going on in the dedicated zip codes. Committee members
were also informed that sign warnings have been in affect in these areas as Speaker
Madigan is stepping up enforcement. Pages 57-78 of the agenda includes law briefings from
legal analysts. Page 87 of the agenda comes from the office of the comptroller stating that
State and local should not be involved with regulating lending practices.

MOTION 2: To ratify the IAR HB 4050 policy as CAR policy

               Moved by John Vranas, Seconded by Zeke Morris


Legislative Initiative
Included in the agenda packet are open issues as of 8-01-06.

Change to Chapter 17-1-0803-F Zoning Code
Page 132 of the agenda shows the letter urging Alderman Banks to delay the Title 17
attachment of zoning map to transactions. Alderman Stone suggested changing the
affidavit of title language. The city could end up charging a fee to download ward maps.
Alderman Nataurus asked for CAR staff to come up with a counter proposal. CAR staff
will urge in a letter to the Aldermen to speak with the Chicago Bar Association to see if
they can work the affidavit out.

MOTION 3: To support affidavit of title counter-proposal to the change to Chapter 17-
          1-0809-F Zoning Code.
               Moved by John Vranas, Seconded by Joanne Gross


Committee member Dan Marion put together a list of problems this would create, the
biggest problem being out dated information about the zoning maps and the liability of

Big Box
The legislation failed. There were some surprising change of votes from Aldermen. The
SEIU organizing vote walked out disappointed. Aldermen Moore will move forward with
increase in minimum wage for all businesses with 1,000 or more employees. More
developers and business will be in opposition of this.

MOTION 4: To recommend the CAR Board of Directors recommend to the IAR
          Board of Directors to encourage the increase in the statewide minimum
          wage and oppose the implementation of minimum wage on the
          municipal and county level.

               Moved by John Vranas, Seconded by Zeke Morris


Inclusionary Zoning
Committee member Al Hanna was thanked for his leadership on this issue. He hosted
three major luncheons with key people related to development who are listed on page 155
of the agenda. The MPC has a counter proposal which serves as a back up plan for now.
Other ideas include:
          1. Oregon plan- allows for tenant to write down proportion as part of income tax
          2. Low income of affordable housing level receiving utility funding.
CAR’s focus is on cost of housing in the city and has a strong personal basses with them on
this. It is important to ensure an ordinance of this nature serves who it says it is going to
serve. The current proposal only works on the North side of Chicago and the loop and
does not work at 24 and 34 units. And the neighborhoods have a problem with height.

There have been alleged fair housing violations in Chicago and the Association is calling
for everyone to follow rules and regulations. Problems may occur through condo
developers and non-licensees selling the units. CAR staff needs to look at how this collides
with state policy. We are seeking a group of members who would be interested in this
working group. CAR may be able to do something through Consumer Services and would
be a good opportunity to get our voice out.
MOTION 5: To send to IAR for consideration an aldermanic proposal to require
          FSBO’s and Developer sold units by non-licensed real estate agents to be

               Moved by Joanne Gross, Seconded by Dan Merrion


Fair Housing Violations
Chair Andrea Geller commended Brian Bernardoni, Deborah Russell, and Ginger Downs
for getting the word out about the fair housing violations and coming up with a quick
response. NAR is coming out with a new fair housing CD which CAR will distribute to
every broker office.

Department of Housing Cavalcade of Homes
John Vranas and Brian Bernardoni worked together to have CAR facilitate the money
from developers and help promote the program.

The CHAC is barring units from the program on blocks with three or more vacant lots.

MOTION 6: To oppose CHAC’s policy of not allowing CHAC units to be on blocks
with vacant lots within the City of Chicago.

               Moved by John Vranas, Seconded by Zeke Morris


Informational Items
- Annual building registration forms are currently available through the City
- City budget hearings are coming up
- CAR will be focusing on heat disclosure forms next month
- IAR would like to start using Datalynx
- CAR has consolidated the member service and education department
- LaSalle Bank and CAPS will be hosting an event on REALTOR® safety
- Visit for a full disclosure of local trades
- Page 247 of the agenda includes a letter from Dan Adams with his response to the Roger’s
  Park Fire
- The budget department is currently reviewing the service vehicle parking permit
There was no further business before the committee, meeting adjourned.
The next joint Government Affairs Committee meeting is scheduled for Friday, October 13th,
2006, at 9:30 a.m., location CAR Central 200 S. Michigan.

Respectfully Submitted
Brian Bernardoni
Director of Government Affairs

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