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					                           Midwestern Baptist College Seminary
                           Church Ministry Certificate Program
                                Music Ministry Program
                      Courses                                                     Purpose
     BL 301 Bible Doctrines I                       2
            (God the Father and the Bible)                     The Music Ministry Program is designed to equip
     BL 302 Bible Doctrines II                      2           the church musician to serve effectively as the
            (Christ and The Spirit)                            music director of a local church. The courses will
     BL 401 Bible Doctrines III                     2            provide that person with the proper Biblical
            (Salvation and the Christian Life)                 background and musical skills necessary to lead a
     BL 402 Bible Doctrines IV                      2                      church music program.
            (End-Time Studies)
     MU 101 Basic Music Theory II                   2
     MU 105 Voice Training                          1
     MU 220 Evangelistic Song Leading               2
     MU 217 Sight Singing                           2
     MU 320 Hymnology                               2
                                    Total          17

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