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                     CHENNAI – 600 032

THIRU.K.SHAHUL HAMEED.,B.Sc.,B.L.,                                 Phone: 22353572

Ref.No.ACII(2)/09015/2006                                          Dated:24.04.2006


The Dean/Principal/Director of the Affiliated Colleges
     of this University/(i.e.: Medical/Dental/Para-Medical/
      Para-Professional/Indian Medicine & Homoeopathy).
     (U.G./P.G. degree/Diploma Courses)


                      Sub: ACADEMIC- The Tamil Nadu Dr. M.G.R.
                           Medical University, Chennai- Issue of Eligibility
                           Certificate for seeking admission to UG/PG Degree/
                           Diploma courses for the academic year 2006-2007-
                           Certain instruction issued – Regarding.

               I am to inform you that as per the Regulations of various UG/PG Degree
courses, the cut off date for admission to the course for the academic year 2006-2007 is
as follows:-

              i)      All UG Degree courses (Medical ; Dental; Indian Medicine/
                      Homoeopathy/Paramedical and Para Professional Courses )
                      is 30.9.2006.

              ii)     All P.G. Degree courses (Medical/Dental / Paramedical/Para
                      Professional courses) is 31.5.2006.

                         2. As per the regulations of this University candidates (i) who
have passed any Under Graduate degree other than this University for admission to PG
degree courses and (ii) qualifying exams, other than the HSC exam conducted by the
Government of Tamil Nadu for seeking admission to all Medical/Dental/Para-
medical/PPC/Indian Medicine UG degree courses should obtain the Eligibility Certificate
from the University by remitting the prescribed fees along with filled-in application form
and the original Certificates as required before seeking admission to any one of the
affiliated institutions. The Eligibility Certificate application form can be down loaded
from the University Web site


               3. The Eligibility Certificate should be obtained from the University by the
candidate only before getting admission in the respective PG/UG degree courses. Then
the concerned affiliated College / Institution have to verify the Eligibility Certificate
submitted by the candidate before admission.

               4. In this connection the following instructions are issued for strict

               (i) The Eligibility Certificate should be applied by the
                   Candidate only and not by the College.

               (ii) If admitted for any reasons without obtaining Eligibility Certificate,
                    the College should send a fax to the University with the following

                      (a) Date of admission and joining;

                      (b) reasons for admitting the candidate without Eligibility
                         Certificate immediately on the same day to this University.
                         otherwise the request from the Candidate or by the College will
                         not be entertained.

                          In such case, a xerox copy of counterfoil, the challan for
                          having remitted the fee by the said candidate towards the
                          Cost of application should also be enclosed (which would
                          indicate the name of the candidate paid the fees before the
                          cut-off date).

               (iii) If the above procedure is not followed then the candidate will be
                     considered as admitted for the subsequent academic year.

                5. But the above procedure was not followed by many affiliated
institutions / colleges by violating the University regulations. Further, after admitting
the candidate, certain institutions are forwarding the Eligibility Certificate application
belatedly after the cut off date was over i.e. after 31st May and 30th September in respect
of all PG/UG courses respectively, requesting the University to issue Eligibility
Certificates to them. This is not in order.

             Further, it is informed that Eligibility Certificate will be issued only under
the following circumstances:-

               (i)    at the time of applying for entrance exam.


               (ii)    At the time of counseling/Interview through Single Window

               (iii)   When the candidate is provisionally selected for admission to any
                       college, (Supported by Selection Committee’s provisional
                       selection order) and seeking admission in a particular college.

                5. In this connection, I am to re-iterate that those students who have
studied the qualifying exam other than the Tamil Nadu and this University, intend to
join the courses in UG /PG under this University shall be admitted only after obtaining
the Eligibility Certificate from this University. Applying for Eligibility Certificate after
admission lead to lot of displeasure, embracement and malpractices. Therefore No
application for issue of Eligibility Certificate will be entertained after admission or after
the cut off date for admission.

               6. In spite of the above instructions, most of the Colleges/Institutions are
forwarding the Eligibility Certificate applications of the students, after admitting them to
the course in their college. In order to avoid such a situation, you are hereby informed
that no candidate should be admitted to the course without obtaining Eligibility
Certificate from this University. In case of violation, the University will not register
such candidates and the concerned Colleges/Institutions has to face the consequences for
such admissions.

                7. In respect of admission for foreign student/other State students, the
Dean/Principal should ensure the following before forwarding the Eligibility Certificate
applications to this University, for issue of Eligibility Certificate’s to them:-

               i)      The name of the candidate as printed in the academic certificate:
                       Passport : Visa and NOC issued by the concerned Consulate are
                       should be one and the same. If any discrepancy found, it should be
                       rectified immediately before sent to this University;

               ii)     Valid student VISA to undergo the study in the affiliated college/
                       Institution of the University. (or) extension of stay permit issued
                       by the concerned Police authorities.

               iii)    The date of immigration of the candidate should be on or before
                       the cut off date for admission to a particular course/academic year.

               iv)     The No Objection Certificate issued by the concerned consulate
                       permitting the candidate to undergo study in the affiliation colleges
                       of this University should be produced in original.


v)      The qualifying exam Marks Statement should be endorsed by the
        concerned Foreign Embassy of that Country and then it should
        be attested/verified by the Indian Embassy functioning in that

vi)     In the event of marks awarded in Grades its numerical equivalency
        should be obtained from the A.I.U. and produced along with the
        Eligibility Certificate application. The address by AIU is as

        Association of Indian Universities
        AIU House, 16, Comrade Indrajit Gupta Marg (Kotla Marg)
        New Delhi-110 002. Fax:90-011-23232131
        Web site:

vii)    if date of birth (Date, month & year ) of a candidate is not printed
        in the certificate, evidence for date of birth should be produced i.e.
        Birth Certificate.

viii)   In the event of Date of Birth / date of issue of academic certificate /
        month and year of exam are printed in other than Christian Era, a
        translation of the certificate should be obtained from the Institution
        where he /she studied should be produced.

ix)     In case of academic certificates issued other than English/Tamil
        Language, translation of such certificates in English duly attested
        by the competent authority should be produced.

x)      Vocational stream candidates are not eligible for seeking
        admission in any UG degree/Diploma courses of this University.

xi)     The Under-graduates of other Universities, who are seeking
        admission for PG degree course in this University, must submit the
        original Migration Certificate issued by the concerned Universities
        alongwith degree /Provisional Pass Certificate, Transfer
        Certificate, Council Registration, CRRI/CRI certificate.

xii)    The B.Sc.(Nursing) graduates seeking admission for I year M.Sc.
        (Nursing) degree course in this University, should registered their
        name with the State Registration Council of Nursing and
        Midwifery and shall have two years of experience in Teaching
        Hospital or in a College or in a School of Nursing after the date of
        Council Registration.


        7.      Further, the fee for issue of Eligibility Certificate should be remitted
separately for each candidate by means of Demand Draft/ University Challan and the
details of Demand Draft /Challan No, date, amount should be clearly written on the
Eligibility Certificate application where space is provided in the first page of application.

      8.     I am to request you to comply with the above instruction without fail.
The same may be exhibited in the Office/College Notice Board for information of student

        9.     Kindly acknowledge the receipt of this letter by next post.

                                                                     Yours faithfully,

Copy to:

   1. The University –Notice Board
   2. The Public Relations Officer
   3. The Assistant Registrar (Academic)
   4. The Academic Officer
   5. The Controller of Examinations
   6. All Deputy Controller of Examinations
   7. The Assistant Registrar ( Exam)
   8. AC-I (1),(2),(3) and AC II (1), (2) and (3)
   9. The Superintendent AC –I and AC –II
   10. The Registration Section (6 copies)
   11. P.C. to Registrar
   12. P.A. to V.C. (2 Copies)
   13. The Director of Medical Education, Kilpauk, Chennai- 600 010 ( 2 Copies).
   14. The Secretary, Selection Committee, Kilpauk, Chennai- 600 010(3 Copies)
   15. The Commissioner of Indian Medicine & Homoeopathy, Arumbakkam,
       Chennai-600 106. (2 Copies)
   16. The Programmer, University Web-site {} with a request to publish the same in
                                             {} the University Web-site for information
                                             {} to students community and all affiliated
                                             {} institutions.
   17. Stock File.
   18. Spare -10 copies

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