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					PATRICIA KENDALL                                                          CHEMISTRY                                 GPS UNIT: MATTER
SC1 Students will analyze the nature of matter and its classifications. a. Relate the role of nuclear fusion in producing essentially all elements heavier
than helium. b. Identify substances based on chemical and physical properties.                SC6. Students will understand the effects motion of atoms and
molecules in chemical and physical processes.      a. Compare and contrast atomic/molecular motion in solids, liquids, gases, and plasmas.

Essential Questions:                                                 What is the basic
                                              How is matter classified?                               How do you classify      How can the              How is matter
Vocabulary: chemical property, extensive      What is the difference structure of the periodic        a change as physical     components of ink        classified? What are
property, gas, intensive property, liquid,    between a mixture and table? How is matter              or chemical?             be seperated?            the changes that
physical property, solid, states of matter,   a pure substance?      classified?                                                                        matter undergoes?
vapor, chemical change, law of conservation
of mass,         Week of:     9/13 - 9/17        Monday 13-Sep              Tuesday 14-Sep            Wednesday 15-Sep          Thursday 16-Sep              Friday 17-Sep
change,                                       Ask students to             Have several samples of                              1. Students will
physical                                      classify several            matter and ask students Review lab safety            complete a short       Reivew for test today.
change,                                       changes as physical         to classify them as     rules that are to be         lab to see how
chromatography   Activating Strategy          changes or chemical         an element, compound,   followed when using          chromatography can
crystalization                                changes to review           solution, or            the bunsen burner            be used to separate
distiliation                                  material learned last       heterogeneous mixture. in lab.                       the components of ink.
filtration                                    week.
mixture                                                                                                                        2. Students will also
solution                                      1.Nuts & Bolts of           1. Students will copy       1. Students will take    play a short game to
sublimation                                   matter activity where       notes on the basic          a quiz over the vocab    review for the test
compound         Teaching Strategies/         students will classify      structure of the periodic   words for the matter     tomorrow over matter.    TEST TODAY
element          Distributed Practice         several baggies of nuts     table and different         unit.
percent by                                    & bolts as an element,      regions on the periodic
mass                                          compound, or mixture.       table.                      2. In lab today,
periodic                                      2. Students will take       2. Review for vocab         students will complete   (early relase day)
table                                         notes on how matter         quiz tomorrow.              several changes and
                                              is classified and fill                                  then determine which
                                              in a graphic organizer.                                 were physical changes
                                                                                                      and which were
                                              1. Complete "The nuts                                   chemical changes.
                 Assessment Prompts/    & bolts of matter"                Students will compare       Students will also       Students will have any
                 Summarizing Strategies activity worksheet.               their answers with          provide what evidence    left over time to work
                                              2. Fill in graphic          their classmates and        they used from the       on the take home quiz
                                              organizer about how         see if they agree or not.   lab to classify the      that is due tomorrow.
                                              matter is classified.                                   changes and physical

                 Assignment                   Work on assignment          Work on assignment          Work on assignment       Work on assignment       Define chapter 4
                                              menu.                       menu and study for          menu.                    menu and study for       vocabulary.
                                                                          vocab quiz tomorrow.                                 test tomorrow.

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