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									                           CHILDREN'S SERVICES COUNCIL
                             INVITATION TO NEGOTIATE
                           HEALTHY BEGINNINGS SYSTEM

    1. Clarification has been made to Invitation to Negotiate to question #2, on
       page 9, which was changed from exhibit A & C to exhibit A & B

    2. Clarification has been made to Invitation to Negotiate to question #4, on
       page 10. Should read: “young children and/or their families”, which was
       changed from and to and/or

    3. Proposal Submission Checklist for Stage 1, page 42, states limit narrative to
       25 pages, the correct page narrative should be 12.

    4. Proposal Submission Checklist Stage 1, page 42, we added the following
           Logic Model
           Healthy Families Self Assessment
           Agency Board Minutes


QUESTION: Regarding the Program Manager Position: In the event that the Board did not meet
one or two months during the 2 year period that we need to submit, is there alternative
paperwork or justification I should include in the proposal?

ANSWER: Just the minutes of the meetings which actually take place.

QUESTION: What are the expected educational and experiential requirements of this person? Is
this considered an administrative position? Must this position be 100% FTE, and dedicated
full time to the Healthy Families contract?

ANSWER: Found in the Healthy Families model contract; on page 38 and 39 of the reference
materials. This is a program position. Yes, this is a Healthy Families Program position

Question and Answers for ITN
DM# 75209
QUESTION: Regarding the data entry position: Is this position expected to be 100% FTE and
dedicated full time to the Healthy Families contract?

ANSWER: Yes, this is a Healthy Families Program position

QUESTION: Regarding other staff, the proposal states on page 5, “all staff should meet at least
the minimum requirements of OPFF/HFF” - where can we find those requirements?

ANSWER: Found in the Healthy Families model contract; Reference materials, page 37 through
39 of the reference materials, indicates requirements for Family Assessment Workers, Family
Support Workers and supervisors.

QUESTION: In regard to the proposal criteria, can we propose using only a Level II home visit
model? Or must it be a combination of I & II?

ANSWER: No, not Level II only. The Healthy Families Florida model uses Level I (trained
paraprofessionals), therefore Level I must be part of the proposal. Children's Services Council
is will to commit part of its match funds to give proposers the option to use level II as well, but
not exclusively Level II.

QUESTION: Are we permitted to submit a two page Logic Model?

ANSWER: I understand the frustration of trying to condense information into one page
however, the ITN clearly states that it is a one page Logic Model (p. 13). We will be happy to
pass on concerns you have about being restricted to one page for the Logic Model to those who
will frame ITNs and RFPs in the future.

QUESTIONS: Regarding the submission of Agency Board Minutes, the Checklist does not
specify the timeframe. Do we need to submit copies of minutes for one year, two years?

ANSWER: Board minutes for two years.

QUESTION: Is the Health Families Self-Assessment Form the same one included in the
application package as Provider Self Evaluation? If it is, how can we receive the form in an
electronic version to be completed in Word Document? Are all the forms available

ANSWER: The Provider Self Evaluation form is the Self Assessment form we received from
Healthy Families. The copy attached to the ITN is the only copy we have. All forms are
available on the web. These are the only copies available.

Question and Answers for ITN
DM# 75209
QUESTION: On the checklist, it says 15 copies of application, however on page 9, it states to
submit 15 copies of the “response packet”. Are we submitting 15 full copies (including all
budget forms, board minutes, etc) or one full copy and 15 copies of just the response packet?

ANSWER: The response packet, the application and the full copy are all terms for the same
thing-all of the information you submit (not just responses to the questions). The review team
will be using the budget, board meeting, self assessment, etc. as well as the response to the
questions in the determination.

QUESTION: The last item on the Proposal Submission Checklist for Stage 1 (pg.42) Agency
Board Minutes, would the minutes of the last Board meeting be sufficient?

ANSWER: Two years of Board Minutes and the last two annual audits are required.

QUESTION: Which agency Board Minutes do you want? Is it the ones that show our Board has
approved responding to the Invitation to Negotiate?

ANSWER: Children's Services Council asks for two years of board minutes from each agency.
The purpose is to see the communication between board and staff regarding
program/administrative issues as the impact the agency stability and to indicate the strength of
the agency based on Board involvement on a regular basis.

QUESTION: Should a copy of the Laws and Audit reports be included in all 15 copies?

ANSWER: Yes, they will be used by the members of the review team in identifying and
assuring the stability and administrative strength of the agency.

QUESTION: The lead agency usually chooses another agency with whom they will subcontract
and the lead is responsible for the services and outcomes of the subcontracting agency? Will
Children’s Services Council be responsible since they are choosing the subcontractor?

ANSWER: The lead agency will be responsible. The subcontractor will be chosen by
Children’s Services Council, working with the lead agency.

QUESTION: Are you looking for a particular expertise with a level II Healthy Families staff?

ANSWER: We are not looking for a specific skill, but the level II staff would need to possess
additional expertise/skill/qualifications and the reason for that choice needs to be described in
the model.

Question and Answers for ITN
DM# 75209
QUESTION: Do you have a scale for salaries?

ANSWER: Budget based on average salary of current program:
     Data Entry Clerk = $26,000
     Program Supervisor = $41,000
     Family Assessment Worker = $34,000
     Family Services Worker = $25,000 (Para-professional)
     Family Services Worker = $34,000 (Professional)

QUESTION: Invitation To Negotiate Question #2 should refer to exhibit A & B?

ANSWER: That will be changed from Exhibits A & C to A & B.

QUESTION: Invitation To Negotiate Question #4-should it read young children and/or their

ANSWER: That will be changed from and to and/or.

QUESTION: Will there be two contracts in October with separate reimbursements?

ANSWER: Yes, two contracts for the lead agency, one with Healthy Families and one with
Children’s Services Council. Thereafter, the contract with Healthy Families Florida will be
from July 1 through June 30.

QUESTION: How long does it take to get reimbursements after invoice?

ANSWER: Ounce of Prevention, about 45 days; Children’s Services Council about 10 days.

QUESTION: Will F.S.W. (Family Support Workers) and F.AW. (Family Assessment Workers)
be required to enter notes by using computer?

ANSWER: Yes, case notes in FOCiS.

QUESTION: How long does it take to apply for Medicaid?

ANSWER: Do not know the number of staff hours, but it takes about 1 year to 1 year and a half
for approval as a Medicaid provider after application. Technical assistance in this application
is available through Children’s Services Council.

Question and Answers for ITN
DM# 75209
QUESTION: Is Healthy Families in Palm Beach County currently accredited?

ANSWER: Currently completing re-accreditation process; occurs every 4 years. Palm Beach
County is part of Healthy Families Florida which is accredited by Healthy Families America.

QUESTION: Will Growing Great Kids Curriculum will be an extra cost to the agency?

ANSWER: It will not be an extra cost.

QUESTION: If you don’t use level II staff, how will the total scores be compared at the rating
by the review team?

ANSWER: It will be compared by percentages.

QUESTION: How do the PIE outcomes differ from the Healthy Families outcome?

ANSWER: Each agency uses different forms and different wording, but the outcomes are the
same. See exhibit A from Healthy Families Contract.

QUESTION: Who will be on the review team?

ANSWER: Children's Services Council staff and two Healthy Start Coalition Board Members
will be the review team. Invitation To Negotiate will be reviewed in two sections:
                     1 - Program
                     2 - Fiscal/Administrative
Eric Kelly and Cory Neering will represent the Healthy Start Coalition Board as reviewers.

QUESTION: Who will do site visits?

ANSWER: Healthy Families will provide technical assistance visits and monitoring of the
program. Children’s Services Council will do a fiscal and administrative audit for the funds it

QUESTION: Invitation To Negotiate Question #9, what is meant by a broad strategy?

ANSWER: Detailed transition plan will be put in place after agency is selected. Detail is not
expected or encouraged. We will be more interested in your philosophical approach to
transition and the importance you place on making sure that service to existing participants is
not interrupted.

Question and Answers for ITN
DM# 75209
QUESTION: Invitation To Negotiate Question #10, are there points for program manager

ANSWER: This is informational for the review team and will not be rated.

QUESTION: Will Children’s Services Council accept a proposal where the lead agency will not
provide services?


QUESTION: Are laptops and computers available for the agencies?

ANSWER: Current Healthy Families program staff has laptops. These laptops will follow the
program rather than stay in the agency if current providers do not provide this service in the

QUESTION: Checklist says limit narrative to 25 pages? Is this correct?

ANSWER: It should say 12 pages.

QUESTION: Should Response to the Invitation To Negotiate be in a particular order?

ANSWER: Follow the order of the checklist.

QUESTION: Does the agency board member list and board minutes all need to fit in one page?

ANSWER: The board members list should be one page; the minutes should be attached
separately and will be more than one page.

QUESTION: Should the Response to Invitation To Negotiate be put in a binder?

ANSWER: It is not required, as long as it is a distinct packet and in order of the checklist.

QUESTION: How we can access the budget forms?

ANSWER: They are on the website in PDF or Excel, if there are any problems please contact
Carol Scott at

Question and Answers for ITN
DM# 75209
QUESTION: What percentage of administrative expenses can be included in direct cost?

ANSWER: Up to 18% of proposed budget. Reminder, include all cost incurred for
implementation of this program.

QUESTION: Does Children’s Services Council pay for the depreciation of property?

ANSWER: No, but Children’s Services Council will pay an appropriate portion of rent.

QUESTION: What back up documentation does Ounce of Prevention require for invoices? Is it
reimbursement or unit cost?

ANSWER: Copies of canceled and invoices including narrative explaining cost incurred by
credit card are needed by both the Ounce and Children's Services Council. Both are cost
reimbursement contracts.

QUESTION: Where is the website address for Healthy Families?

ANSWER: It is on the bottom of the table of contents, the last item

QUESTION: If an agency applies as a lead agency and is not selected as lead, will that agency
still be considered as a possible service provider/subcontractor for Healthy Families?

ANSWER: All agencies who submit a response to the Invitation To Negotiate will be
considered. If they are not chosen as lead they will be still considered as possible

QUESTION: Should we attach letters of support of documentation to our response to proposal?

ANSWER: No, only those documents which were requested.

QUESTION: Will the lead agency be required to monitor a subcontractor?

ANSWER: The lead agency is required to oversee the outcomes, proper implementation of the
program and invoicing. Monitoring the subcontractor to assure this is not required, though
there is no prohibitive. Healthy Families Florida will be providing technical assistance visits
and quality assurance visits. Children's Services Council will provide fiscal and administrative
oversight of their funds through the Children's Services Council Audit Department. Children's

Question and Answers for ITN
DM# 75209
Services Council has not done programmatic monitoring of the Healthy Families program
since taking responsibility as the Program Manager because Healthy Families Florida has done

QUESTION: Will healthy mother’s healthy babies conduct assessments?

ANSWER: They will continue to screen pregnant women using the Florida prenatal screen.
They will not conduct the Healthy Families (HF) Assessment. There are two FAW’s (Family
Assessment Workers) included in the staffing in the Glades and 2 FAW’s for the coastal area.
They will complete the Healthy Families Assessments and, if the client is eligible and wishes
services, refer them to HF home visiting services.

QUESTION: When talking about components of Health Families are we talking about the goals
and objective of Healthy Families?

ANSWER: Yes. And it also includes everything required by the contract, such as Assessment
using the HFFAT, reporting, data submission, supervision, home visiting, program
management, training etc.

QUESTION: Do we complete the self-evaluation now, or when/if we are awarded the contract?

ANSWER: The self-assessment needs to be completed and submitted with the proposal. It will
be used during the review process by Children's Services Council as well as being used by
Healthy Families Florida to assure that they are in agreement with our choice before it goes to
the Children's Services Council for approval.

QUESTION: Please give sample or example of what the Logic Model should look like?

ANSWER: Please visit the following website for the example

QUESTION: Regarding the HF contract, “Budget form also says to do a separate budget for all
funding sources and I clearly remember hearing that we should only do one budget for one
funder, but my CFO is questioning this…. please confirm?

ANSWER: For the Invitation To Negotiate: Do one budget for one funder for one year on the
CSC budget form. You do not have to complete the HF budget forms at this time. The HF
contract, including the HF budget forms, is for reference and information, not to be completed.

Question and Answers for ITN
DM# 75209
QUESTION: Is the 25% match in the Ounce contract, under cash and in-kind contributions, the
Children's Services Council dollars?

ANSWER: Yes, the Children's Services Council dollars are match, and they exceed the required

QUESTION: Do we need to include 2 years of board minutes?

ANSWER: In the Invitation To Negotiate, page 9 under “Minimum requirements for
applicant’s”, bullet 5 indicates “inclusion of two years of board minutes” so, yes.

QUESTION: Do you have a scale for salaries? Is there a reason why the Program Manager
Salary is not included?

ANSWER: The salary scale we provided was what is currently provided in Palm Beach County
(PBC). As the Program Manager for Healthy Families was, most recently, a Children's
Services Council position with other responsibilities, the salary would not necessarily be a
good guide for the agencies. Using information from other sources would not reflect the new
position (or PBC) so we did not include it as we felt it would not be an accurate representation.
The provided salary ranges are from actual current salaries in the PBC system.

QUESTION: How long does it take to get reimbursements after invoice? The Ounce of
Prevention turn around is within 30 days.

ANSWER: Will change this to reflect 30 days.

QUESTION: What percentage of administrative expenses can be included in direct cost - they
should know that the Ounce only allows up to 10% administrative costs. Would Children's
Services Council take care of the 8% as match if they submit a budget to us for 18%

ANSWER: Since this is for purpose of the submitted budget with the Invitation To Negotiate,
what is reflected will be coming from “one agency for one year in one budget”. Once the
agency has been selected we will work on how the OPF/HFF-CSC, lead agency/subcontractor,
multiple contract years will be worked out. Proposers at the conference had this emphasized.
You are correct that we would expect Children's Services Council match to cover what HFF
does not/can not cover. I would prefer not to confuse the situation by giving additional
information at this time, if that is okay with you.

Question and Answers for ITN
DM# 75209
QUESTION: Will the lead agency be required to monitor a subcontractor? As the lead agency
we do expect them to provide oversight and monitor the subcontractor to ensure quality and
performance. We will be adding this to our contract. We do provide TA and QA visits but
these should not substitute for the leads responsibility to ensure the subcontractor is meeting
obligations. How should we handle this?

ANSWER: We responded as we did because there is nothing currently in the contract. We
understand, and we presented in the providers’ conference, that the lead agency is responsible
for seeing that all contract outcomes and contract obligations-according to the updated contract
blank you sent which was what was included with the ITN as reference material- are met (I
believe this is also noted in the ITN-I will look tomorrow morning to see if I can cite it). What
we did not say was how, that is, “must a lead agency do an annual site visit and write a report
as is required in some other programs?” Our response addressed it from this discussion view.
I would be happy to include the response that.” HFF will be outlining the how in the contract”,
if you want to address it in this way. How would you like it addressed?

QUESTION: There is a Self-evaluation included in the ITN, why does it not appear as a
required document on the checklist?

ANSWER: After the discussion at the Providers’ Conference, the checklist was updated and
now includes the Self-Assessment tool. Please see the questions& answers, and the updated
information on the ITN section of the website. The Self-Assessment tool is required and that
was added to the checklist along with the Board minutes (2 years) and the Logic Model.

Question and Answers for ITN
DM# 75209

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