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									Ergonomics & Human Factors/Industrial Engineering and M
                  Title                      Author/Editor      Pub date        ISBN

Ergonomics & Human Factors

Aviation Human Factors
Principles and Practice of Aviation
                                           Pamela S. Tsang        8/1/2002 9780805833904
Handbook of Aviation Human Factors,
                                           John A. Wise         12/16/2009 9780805859065
Second Edition
Aviation Psychology and Human Factors      Monica Martinussen    9/28/2009 9781439808436

Cognitive Engineering & Decision Making

Applications of Cognitive Work Analysis    Ann M. Bisantz       10/29/2008 9780805861518
Driver Distraction: Theory, Effects, and
                                           Kristie Young        10/15/2008 9780849374265
Human Factors of Visual and Cognitive
                                           Candida Castro       11/21/2008 9781420055306
Performance in Driving
Display and Interface Design: Subtle
                                           Kevin B. Bennett       8/1/2010 9781420064384
Science, Exact Art
Maintaining Safe Mobility in an Aging
                                           David W. Eby         12/22/2008 9781420064537
Ergonomics and Psychology:
                                           Olexiy Ya Chebykin    4/25/2008 9781420067002
Developments in Theory and Practice
Content Preparation Guidelines for the
                                           Yinni Guo            11/11/2009 9781420067774
Web and Information Appliances: Cross-
Cultural Comparisons
Context-Aware Computing and Self-
                                           Waltenegus Dargie     3/25/2009 9781420077711
Managing Systems
Canine Ergonomics: The Science of
                                           William S. Helton     4/28/2009 9781420079913
Working Dogs
Enabling Context-Aware Web Services:
                                           Quan Z. Sheng         2/25/2010 9781439809853
Methods, Architectures, and Technologies
General References
A Guide to Human Factors and
                                           Martin Helander      12/16/2005 9780415282482
Ergonomics, Second Edition
International Encyclopedia of Ergonomics   Waldemar
                                                                 3/15/2006 9780415304306
and Human Factors, Second Edition - 3      Karwowski
Volume Set Ergonomics 2008:
                                           Philip D. Bust        4/15/2008 9780415465755
Proceedings of the International
Contemporary Contemporary Ergonomics
Conference on Ergonomics 2009:
                                           Philip D. Bust        4/15/2009 9780415804332
Proceedings of the International
Conference on Ergonomics 1984-2008:
Contemporary Contemporary Ergonomics
                                           Philip D. Bust        4/15/2009 9780415804349
Selected papers and an overview of the
Ergonomics Society Annual Conference in
Handbook of Standards and Guidelines       Waldemar
                                                                12/16/2005 9780805841299
Ergonomics and Human Factors               Karwowski
Introduction to Human Factors and
                                               Mark R. Lehto         8/30/2007 9780805853087
Ergonomics for Engineers
Fundamentals and Assessment Tools for
                                               William S. Marras      2/2/2006 9780849319372
Occupational Ergonomics
Interventions, Controls, and Applications in
                                               William S. Marras      2/2/2006 9780849319389
Occupational Ergonomics
Occupational Ergonomics Reference
                                               Williams S. Marras     2/2/2006 9780849319396
The Occupational Ergonomics Handbook,
                                               William S. Marras      2/2/2006 9780849319396
Second Edition, Two Volume Set
Introduction to Ergonomics, Third Edition      R.S. Bridger          8/14/2008 9780849373060
International Encyclopedia of Ergonomics       Waldemar
                                                                     3/15/2006 9780849392115
and Human Factors, Second Edition and          Karwowski
CD-ROM-2 Volume Set
Fitting the Human: Introduction to
                                               Karl H.E. Kroemer     10/7/2008 9781420055399
Ergonomics, Sixth Edition
                                               Timothy Joseph
Ergonomics Laboratory Exercises                                     11/19/2008 9781420067361
Ergonomics for Beginners: A Quick
                                               Jan Dul               5/28/2008 9781420077513
Reference Guide, Third Edition
Ergonomics in Developing Regions: Needs
                                               Patricia A. Scott     6/17/2009 9781420079111
and Applications
International Encyclopedia of Ergonomics       Waldemar
                                                                     3/15/2006 9780849392443
and Human Factors, Second Edition - CD-        Karwowski
Human Computer Interaction
The Human-Computer Interaction
                                               Andrew Sears          9/19/2007 9780805858709
Handbook: Fundamentals, Evolving
Technologies and Emerging Applications,        Constantine
The Universal Access Handbook                                        6/11/2009 9780805862805
Human-Computer Etiquette                       Caroline C. Hayes     8/15/2010 9781420069457
Web Wisdom: How To Evaluate and
                                               Marsha Ann Tate      11/17/2009 9781420073201
Create Information Quality on the Web,
Second Edition
Human-Computer Interaction
                                               Andrew Sears           3/2/2009 9781420088816
Human-Computer Interaction: Design
                                               Andrew Sears           3/2/2009 9781420088854
Issues, Solutions, and Applications
Human-Computer Interaction: Designing
                                               Andrew Sears           3/2/2009 9781420088878
for Diverse Users and Domains
Human-Computer Interaction:
                                               Andrew Sears           3/2/2009 9781420088908
Development Process
Social Computing and Virtual Communities Panayiotis Zaphiris        12/23/2009 9781420090420

Ubiquitous Computing Fundamentals              John Krumm            9/21/2009 9781420093605

Human Performance Modeling

Evaluation of Human Work, 3rd Edition          John R. Wilson         4/4/2005 9780415267571
Handbook of Human Factors and              Neville Anthony
                                                                  8/30/2004 9780415287005
Ergonomics Methods                         Stanton
Human Factors in Lighting, Second Edition Peter R. Boyce          4/24/2003 9780748409501
Human Factors in Simple and Complex
                                           Robert W. Proctor      4/22/2008 9780805841190
Systems, Second Edition
Handbook of Warnings                       Michael S. Wogalter    1/20/2006 9780805847246
Ten Questions About Human Error: A New
                                           Sidney Dekker         12/27/2004 9780805847451
View of Human Factors and System Safety
Handbook of Digital Human Modeling:
                                           Vincent G. Duffy      11/20/2008 9780805856460
Research for Applied Ergonomics and
Human Factors EngineeringApplications in
Interventions, Controls, and
                                           William S. Marras       2/2/2006 9780849319389
Occupational Ergonomics
Beyond Human Error: Taxonomies and
                                           Brendan Wallace        3/16/2006 9780849327186
Safety Science
'Extra-Ordinary' Ergonomics: How to
                                           Karl H.E. Kroemer      8/12/2005 9780849336683
Accommodate Small and Big Persons,
The Disabled and Elderly, Expectant
Biomechanics in Ergonomics, Second
                                           Shrawan Kumar          12/7/2007 9780849379086
Ergonomics for Rehabilitation
                                           Shrawan Kumar          4/27/2009 9780849381461
Lighting for Driving: Roads, Vehicles,
                                           Peter R. Boyce         12/4/2008 9780849385292
Signs, and Signals
Human Factors in the Maritime Domain       Michelle Grech         3/27/2008 9781420043419
Human Performance, Workload, and
                                           Valerie J. Gawron      3/24/2008 9781420064490
Situational Awareness Measures
Handbook, Second Edition Sports
Human Factors Methods and
                                           Paul Salmon            12/9/2009 9781420072167
Science: A Practical Guide
Human Factors in Simulation and Training Peter A. Hancock        12/17/2008 9781420072839

Product Design
Designing Pleasurable Products: An
                                           Patrick W. Jordan      8/22/2002 9780415298872
Introduction to the New Human Factors
Design and Emotion                         Deana McDonagh        10/24/2003 9780415303637
Ergonomics for Children: Designing
                                           Rani Lueder            7/25/2007 9780415304740
products and places for toddler to teens
About Designing: Analysing Design
                                           Janet McDonnell        6/24/2009 9780415440585
                                           Franz Konstantin
The Impact of Technology on Sport II                             10/11/2007 9780415456951
Designing for Situation Awareness: An
                                           Mica R. Endsley        7/10/2003 9780748409679
Approach to User-Centered Design
Handbook of Human Factors in Medical       Matthew Bret
                                                                  3/17/2010 9780805856279
Device Design                              Weinger
Design for Reliability                     Dana Crowe             4/30/2001 9780849311116
Design of Biomedical Devices and
                                             Richard C. Fries       8/22/2008 9781420061796
Systems Second edition
Designing for Older Adults: Principles and
                                             Arthur D. Fisk         3/26/2009 9781420080551
Creative Human Factors Approaches,
Second Edition
Innovative Solutions: What Designers
                                             Apala Lahiri Chavan     6/1/2010 9781439810491
Need to Know for Today's Emerging
Product Design                               Mike Baxter            1/31/1995 9780748741977
Handbook of Staircases, Escalators and
                                             M.Y.H. Bangash         1/15/2010 9781420074505
Moving Walkways
Work Design
Bodyspace: Anthropometry, Ergonomics
                                             Stephen Pheasant       7/18/2005 9780415285209
and the Design of Work, Third Edition
The Semantic Turn: A New Foundation for
                                             Klaus Krippendorff    12/21/2005 9780415322201
Promotion of Work Ability towards            Masaharu
                                                                    12/2/2008 9780415485906
Productive Aging: Selected papers of the     Kumashiro
3rd International Symposium on Work
Handbook of Control Room Design and
                                             Toni Ivergard          10/1/2008 9781420064292
Ergonomics: A Perspective for the Future,
Second Edition
Trust Management in Virtual Work             Wieslaw M.
                                                                    4/28/2008 9781420068900
Environments: A Human Factors                Grudzewski
Perspective Emotional Abuse in the
Bullying and
                                             Stale Einarsen         9/15/2010 9781439804896
Workplace: International Perspectives in
Research and Practice, Second Edition
Human Factors in the Design and
                                             Neville A. Stanton    11/18/2009 9781439809914
Evaluation of Central Control Room
Innovations of Kansei Engineering            Mitsuo Nagamachi       6/25/2010 9781439818664

Kansai/Affective Engineering                 Mitsuo Nagamachi       6/25/2010 9781439821336

Kansei Engineering                           Mitsuo Nagamachi       7/15/2010 9781439822623

Industrial Engineering

Facility Management
Food Plant Sanitation: Design,
                                             Michael M. Cramer      6/19/2006 9780849341977
Maintenance, and Good Manufacturing
Radioactive Air Sampling Methods             Mark L. Maiello        6/15/2010 9780849397172
Reliability Technology, Human Error, and
                                             B.S. Dhillon           2/21/2008 9781420065589
Quality in Health Care
Emergency Evacuation Planning and            Tiravat
                                                                   12/15/2010 9781420066968
Management                                   Assavapokee
Managing Indoor Air Quality, Fourth
                                             Barney Burroughs        4/3/2008 9781420071559
Lean Hospitals: Improving Quality, Patient
                                             Mark Graban            7/24/2008 9781420083804
Safety, and Employee Satisfaction
Transformative Quality: The Emerging
                                             Mark Hagland           10/6/2008 9781420084924
Revolution in Health Care Performance
Healthcare Delivery in the U.S.A.: An
                                             Margaret F. Schulte   10/26/2009 9781420084931
How to Develop and Implement a Security
                                             Timothy Giles         12/17/2008 9781420086256
Master Plan
Patient Safety: The PROACT Root Cause
                                             Robert J. Latino      10/14/2008 9781420087277
Analysis Approach
Manager's Guide to Preventive Building
                                             Ryan Cruzan            6/24/2009 9781439814314
Handbook of Energy Audits, Eighth Edition Albert Thumann            9/25/2009 9781439821459
Managing Energy From the Top Down:           Christopher
                                                                    12/2/2009 9781439829967
Connecting Industrial Energy Efficiency to   Russell
Business Performance
Discharge Planning Handbook for
                                             Ali Birjandi            8/7/2008 9781563273926
Healthcare: Top 10 Secrets to Unlocking a
NewIndependent Airport Planning
The Revenue Pipeline
                                             A. L. W. Bradley       8/15/2010 9781439829882
Reference Manual
General References
MOST Work Measurement Systems, Third
                                             K. B. Zandin          12/19/2002 9780824709532
The Engineering Handbook, Second
                                             Richard C. Dorf        6/29/2004 9780849315862
What Every Engineer Should Know About
                                             J. P. Holman            6/9/2006 9780849373268
What Every Engineer Should Know About
                                             John X. Wang           5/15/2008 9780849383960
Business Communication
Handbook of Military Industrial Engineering Adedeji B. Badiru       2/25/2009 9781420066289
Intelligent Energy Field Manufacturing:
                                        Wenwu Zhang                  7/6/2010 9781420071016
Interdisciplinary Process Innovations
What Every Engineer Should Know About
                                        Mike Ficco                  6/30/2008 9781420076820
Career Management
Entrepreneurship for Engineers               Kenji Uchino           10/9/2009 9781439800638
A Study of the Toyota Production System:
                                         Shigeo Shingo              10/1/1989 9780915299171
From an Industrial Engineering Viewpoint
Operations Research

Dynamic Programming, Second Edition          Moshe Sniedovich       8/26/2010 9780824740993
Operations Research: A Practical
                                             Michael W. Carter      7/28/2000 9780849322563
Operations Research and Management
                                             A. Ravi Ravindran      12/5/2007 9780849397219
Science Handbook
Optimization Modelling: A Practical
                                             Ruhul Amin Sarker     10/15/2007 9781420043105
Production Planning and Industrial
                                             Dileep R. Sule        10/16/2007 9781420044201
Scheduling: Examples, Case Studies and
Applications, Second Edition
Manufacturing Facilities: Location,
                                             Dileep R. Sule        12/22/2008 9781420044225
Planning, and Design, Third Edition
Operations Research Calculations
                                            Dennis Blumenfeld    1/11/2010 9781420052404
Handbook, Second Edition
Probability Models in Operations Research C. Richard Cassady      8/5/2008 9781420054897
Simulation of Industrial Systems: Discrete
                                           David Elizandro      12/19/2007 9781420067446
Event Simulation Using Excel/VBA
Introduction to Scheduling                  Yves Robert         11/18/2009 9781420072730
Value Added Decision Making for
                                            Kenneth Chelst       8/15/2010 9781420075724
Knowledge Discovery from Sensor Data        Auroop R. Ganguly   12/10/2008 9781420082326
Decision Options: The Art and Science of
                                          Gill Eapen              6/1/2009 9781420086829
Making Decisions
Linear and Nonlinear Programming with
                                          Paul E. Fishback       12/9/2009 9781420090642
Maple: An Interactive, Applications-Based
Operations Research Methodologies         A. Ravi Ravindran     11/12/2008 9781420091823

Operations Research Applications            A. Ravi Ravindran   11/12/2008 9781420091861
Conceptual Modeling for Discrete-Event
                                       Stewart Robinson          7/15/2010 9781439810378
Introduction to the Mathematics of
                                       Kevin J. Hastings         5/30/2006 9781574446128
Operations Research with Mathematica®,
Second Edition
Optimal Design of Queueing Systems     Shaler Stidham Jr.        3/27/2009 9781584880769
Uncertainty Modeling and Analysis in
                                            Bilal M. Ayyub       5/25/2006 9781584886440
Engineering and the Sciences
Plant Engineering
Plant Engineers and Managers Guide to
                                            Albert Thumann       3/26/2008 9781420052466
Energy Conservation
                                            Sunderesh S.
Facilities Design, Third Edition                                 6/19/2008 9781420066265
Practical Lubrication for Industrial
                                            Heinz P. Bloch       5/13/2009 9781420071511
Facilities, Second Edition
Boilers for Power and Process               Kumar Rayaprolu      4/23/2009 9781420075366
The OEE Primer: Understanding Overall
                                            D.H. Stamatis         3/3/2010 9781439814062
Equipment Effectiveness, Reliability, and
Maintainability Successful Equipment
Practical TPM:
                                            James Leflar          1/5/2001 9781563272424
Management at Agilent Technologies
Identifying Waste on the Shopfloor                               6/13/2003 9781563272875
Uptime: Strategies for Excellence in    John Dixon
                                                                 3/25/2006 9781563273353
Maintenance Management, Second          Campbell
Assembly Automation and Product Design,
                                        Geoffrey Boothroyd       6/22/2005 9781574446432
Second Edition
Handbook for Designing Cement Plants        S.P. Deolalkar       3/13/2009 9788178001456
A Revolution in Manufacturing: The SMED
                                        Andrew P. Dillon            4/1/1985 9780915299034
                                        Vijay Kumar
Production and Operations Management                               2/15/2011 9781420070484
Advanced Power Plant Materials, Design,
                                        D. Roddy                   7/15/2010 9781420094879
and Technology
Understanding and Mitigating Ageing in
                                        P. G. Tipping             10/15/2010 9781439801253
Nuclear Power Plants: Materials and
Operational Aspects of Plant Life
TPM in Process Industries               Tokutaro Suzuki             5/1/1994 9781563270369

TPM Team Guide                                Shirose Kunio         9/1/1995 9781563270796

TPM for Every Operator                                              4/1/1996 9781563270802

Autonomous Maintenance for Operators                               8/30/1997 9781563270826
Quick Changeover for Operators: The
                                                                    6/1/1996 9781563271250
SMED System
TPM for Supervisors                                               10/15/1996 9781563271618
Autonomous Maintenance in Seven Steps:
                                       Fumio Gotoh                 5/28/1999 9781563272196
Implementing TPM on the Shop Floor
OEE for Operators: Overall Equipment
                                                                   8/27/1999 9781563272219
Autonomous Maintenance DVD Set:
                                       Press Productivity          3/27/2006 9781563273377
Shopfloor TPM Implementation
Production Systems
Handbook of Manufacturing Engineering,
                                              Richard Crowson      1/13/2006 9780824723415
Second Edition - 4 Volume Set
Kaizen Assembly: Designing,
                                              Chris A. Ortiz       6/26/2006 9780849371875
Constructing, and Managing a Lean
Assembly Line Engineering Design,
Real Options in                               Harriet Black
                                                                  10/27/2009 9781420071696
Operations, and Management                    Nembhard
Inventory Management: Non-Classical
                                              Mohamad Y. Jaber     8/11/2009 9781420079975
Social Responsibility: Failure Mode Effects   Holly Alison
                                                                    3/3/2010 9781439803721
and Analysis                                  Duckworth
Conveyors: Application, Selection, and
                                              Patrick M McGuire     8/5/2009 9781439803882
Innovative Production Machines and
                                              D.T. Pham           11/11/2008 9781420073478
Systems: Third I*PROMS Virtual
International Conference, 2-13 July, 2007
Innovative Production Machines and
                                              D.T. Pham            5/27/2009 9781439801178
Systems: Fourth I*PROMS Virtual
International Conference, 1-14 July, 2008
Project Management
The Strategic Project Office: A Guide to
                                              J. Kent Crawford     11/5/2001 9780824707507
Improving Organizational Performance
Effective Opportunity Management for
                                              David Hillson       11/19/2003 9780824748081
Projects: Exploiting Positive Risk
Determining Project Requirements            Hans Jonasson        10/4/2007 9781420045024
The Complete Project Management Office
                                            Gerard M. Hill       8/22/2007 9781420046809
Handbook, Second Edition
Triple C Model of Project Management:
                                            Adedeji B. Badiru    4/18/2008 9781420051131
Communication, Cooperation, and
Effective Communications for Project        Ralph L. Kliem,
                                                                11/28/2007 9781420062465
Management                                  PMP
Building a Project Work Breakdown
                                            Dennis P. Miller      8/1/2008 9781420069693
Structure: Visualizing Objectives,
Deliverables, Activities, and Schedules
Project Management of Complex and
                                            Kim H. Pries        10/22/2008 9781420072051
Embedded Systems: Ensuring Product
Integrity and Program Quality
STEP Project Management: Guide for
                                            Adedeji B. Badiru    4/15/2009 9781420072358
Science, Technology, and Engineering
A Standard for Enterprise Project           Michael S.
                                                                 7/28/2008 9781420072457
Management                                  Zambruski
Global Engineering Project Management       M. Kemal Atesmen     4/15/2008 9781420073935
Configuration Management:
                                          Joseph Sorrentino     10/20/2008 9781420075120
Implementation, Principles, and
Applications for Manufacturing Industries
Project Management Recipes for Success Guy L. De Furia           12/2/2008 9781420078244
The Complete Project Management
                                            Gerard M. Hill      10/15/2009 9781439801543
Methodology and Toolkit
Project Management Theory and Practice Gary L. Richardson        1/12/2010 9781439809938
The Project Manager's Communication
                                            Shankar Jha          2/24/2010 9781439809952
Global Engineering: Design, Decision
                                            Carlos Acosta         9/8/2009 9781439811559
Making, and Communication
Implementing Program Management:
                                            Ginger Levin         10/5/2009 9781439816059
Templates and Forms Aligned with the
Standard for ProgramManagement to
Moving from Project Management -
                                            R. Camper Bull        5/4/2010 9781439826676
Project Leadership: A Practical Guide to
Project Groups
LeadingManagement in the Fast Lane:
                                            Robert C. Newbold    3/25/1998 9781574441956
Applying the Theory of Constraints
Quality Control and Reliability
Reliability, Risk, and Safety: Theory and
                                            Radim Bris           8/20/2009 9780415555098
Quality Engineering Handbook                Thomas Pyzdek         4/9/2003 9780824746148
Asset Management Excellence: Optimizing
                                        John D. Campbell          5/7/2010 9780849303005
Equipment Life-Cycle Decisions, Second
Engineering Design Reliability Handbook Efstratios Nikolaidis   12/22/2004 9780849311802
Guidelines for Process Hazards Analysis
                                            Nigel Hyatt           3/3/2003 9780849319099
(PHA, HAZOP), Hazards Identification,
and Risk Analysis
Maintenance, Replacement, and               Andrew K.S.
                                                                 9/29/2005 9780849339660
Reliability: Theory and Applications        Jardine
Root Cause Analysis: Improving
                                             Robert J. Latino        5/5/2006 9780849353406
Performance for Bottom-Line Results,
Third Edition
Food Industry Quality Control Systems        Mark Clute            10/22/2008 9780849380280
Reliability Engineering and Risk Analysis:   Mohammad
                                                                    9/22/2009 9780849392474
A Practical Guide, Second Edition            Modarres
Product Reliability, Maintainability, and
                                             Michael Pecht          4/16/2009 9780849398797
Supportability Handbook, Second Edition
Microbial Limit and Bioburden Tests:
                                             Lucia Clontz          10/14/2008 9781420053487
Validation Approaches and Global
Requirements,Second Edition
Strategic Error-Proofing: Achieving
                                             John J. Casey          8/14/2008 9781420083675
Success Every Time with Smarter FMEAs
Practical Reliability Engineering and
                                             William Wessels        4/19/2010 9781420094398
Analysis for System Design and Life-Cycle
Reliability Analysis and Prediction with
                                             Bharatendra K. Rai     4/28/2009 9781439803257
Warranty Data: Issues, Strategies, and
Human Reliability, Error, and Human
                                             B.S. Dhillon            4/8/2009 9781439803837
Factors in Engineering Maintenance: with
Reference to Aviation Theory and
Quality Management: and Power
                                             Peter D. Mauch        12/17/2009 9781439813805
Models of Network Reliability: Analysis,
                                             Ilya B. Gertsbakh     12/22/2009 9781439817414
Combinatorics, and Monte Carlo
What Works for GE May Not Work for
                                             Lawrence Solow          5/4/2010 9781439825990
You: Using Human System Dynamics to
Build a Culture of Process Improvement
RSM Simplified: Optimizing Processes
                                             Patrick J. Whitcomb   11/17/2004 9781563272974
Using Response Surface Methods for
Design of Experiments                      Raymond J.
The Basics of FMEA, 2nd Edition                                    12/10/2008 9781563273773
                                           Vincent K.
Principles of Total Quality, Third Edition                          5/27/2004 9781574443264
Risk Analysis in Engineering: Techniques, Mohammad
                                                                    1/13/2006 9781574447941
Tools, and Trends                          Modarres
Acceptance Sampling in Quality Control,
                                           Edward G. Schilling       3/2/2009 9781584889526
Second Edition
The Root Cause Analysis Handbook: A
                                           Max Ammerman             2/10/1998 9780527763268
Simplified Approach to Identifying,
Correcting, and Reporting Workplace
SPC Simplified: Practical Steps to Quality Robert T. Amsden         1/20/1998 9780527763404
The Risk Management of Safety and
                                             W. Wong                6/15/2010 9781439829929
Systems Engineering
The Road for SEEM. A Reference
                                             Ricardo Goncalves       9/2/2008 9780415419956
Framework Towards a Single European
Electronic Market
Handbook of Industrial and Systems
                                             Adedeji B. Badiru     12/15/2005 9780849327193
Systems Thinking: Coping with 21st
                                             John Boardman          1/17/2008 9781420054910
Century Problems
Systems of Systems Engineering:
                                             Mo Jamshidi            11/6/2008 9781420065886
Principles and Applications
Model-oriented Systems Engineering          Duane W.
                                                                    6/9/2009 9781420072518
Science: A Unifying Framework for           Hybertson
Traditional and Complex Systems
Architecture and Principles of Systems
                                            Charles Dickerson     11/19/2009 9781420072532
Enterprise Systems Engineering:             George Rebovich,
                                                                   7/28/2010 9781420073294
Advances in the Theory and Practice         Jr.
Modeling and Control of Engineering         Clarence W. de
                                                                    8/5/2009 9781420076868
Systems                                     Silva
The Art of Systems Architecting, Third
                                            Mark W. Maier           1/6/2009 9781420079135
Irregularities and Prediction of Major
                                            Yi Lin                  3/9/2010 9781420087451
Designing Complex Systems: Foundations
                                            Erik W. Aslaksen      10/27/2008 9781420087536
of Design in the Functional Domain
Systemic Yoyos: Some Impacts of the
                                            Yi Lin                12/22/2008 9781420088205
Second Dimension
Systems Engineering: Tools and Methods
                                            Ali K. Kamrani        10/26/2010 9781439809266
for Engineers
Getting Design Right: A Systems
                                            Peter L. Jackson       9/22/2009 9781439811153
Fundamentals of Linear Systems for
                                            N.N. Puri              10/1/2009 9781439811573
Physical Scientists and Engineers
Design of Enterprise Systems: Theory,
                                            Ronald E. Giachetti    1/22/2010 9781439818237
Architecture, and Methods
System Synthesis: Product and Process
                                            Jeffrey O. Grady       5/21/2010 9781439819616
System Management: Planning, Enterprise
                                            Jeffrey O. Grady       5/24/2010 9781439820131
Identity, and Deployment, Second Edition
Systems Engineering Guidebook: A
                                            JAMES N MARTIN        11/14/1996 9780849378379
Process for Developing Systems and
System Safety Engineering And Risk
                                            Nicholas J Bahr         9/1/1997 9781560324164
Assessment: A Practical Approach

General References
Manufacturing: Design, Production,
                                            Beno Benhabib           7/3/2003 9780824742737
Automation, and Integration
Fundamentals of Manufacturing
                                            D.K. Singh             1/24/2008 9781420070477
Life Cycle Costing for Engineers            B.S. Dhillon          10/26/2009 9781439816882

The 5S Pocket Guide                         James Peterson         2/23/1998 9780527763381
5S System Kit: Workplace Organization       Productivity Press
                                                                  11/30/1997 9781420075830
and Standardization                         Development Team
5 Pillars of the Visual Workplace           Hiroyuki Hirano         1/1/1995 9781563270475
5S for Operators: 5 Pillars of the Visual   Productivity Press
                                                                    3/1/1996 9781563271236
Workplace                                   Development Team
                                           Productivity Press
5S for Operators Learning Package                                        9781563271243
                                           Development Team
Fundamentals of Manufacturing For
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Lean Manufacturing
Lean for the Process Industries: Dealing
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with Complexity
Liquid Lean: Developing Lean Culture in
                                           Raymond C. Floyd      3/9/2010 9781420088625
the Process Industries
JIT Implementation Manual: The Complete
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Guide to Just-in-Time Manufacturing,
Second Edition (6-Volume Set)
JIT Implementation Manual -- The
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Complete Guide to Just-In-Time
Manufacturing: Volume 1 -- The Just-In-
JIT Implementation Manual -- The
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Complete Guide to Just-In-Time
Manufacturing: Volume 2 -- Waste and the
JIT Implementation Manual -- The
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Complete Guide to Just-In-Time
Manufacturing: Volume 3 -- Flow
JIT Implementation Manual -- The
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Complete Guide to Just-In-Time
Manufacturing: Volume 4 -- Leveling --
JIT Implementation Manual -- The
                                           Hiroyuki Hirano      4/27/2009 9781420090307
Complete Guide to Just-In-Time
Manufacturing: Volume 5 -- Standardized
JIT Implementation Manual -- The
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Complete Guide to Just-In-Time
Creating a Lean Culture: -- JIT
Manufacturing: Volume 6Tools to Sustain
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Lean Conversions, Second Edition
Self-Balancing Processes: True Lean
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Continuous Flow
Lean Production for Competitive
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Advantage: A Comprehensive Guide to
Lean Methodologies and Management
Toyota Production System: An Integrated
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Approach to Just-In-Time, 4th Edtion
Lean Assembly: The Nuts and Bolts of
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Making Assembly Operations Flow
Kaizen for the Shop Floor: A Zero-Waste
                                                                 2/1/2002 9781563272721
Environment with Process Automation
Standard Work for the Shopfloor                                 7/10/2002 9781563272738

Pull Production for the Shopfloor                               5/20/2002 9781563272745
The Toyota Product Development System:
                                           James Morgan         3/25/2006 9781563272820
Integrating People, Process, and
Lean Production Simplified, Second
                                           Pascal Dennis         3/2/2007 9781563273568
Edition: A Plain-Language Guide to the
World's Most Powerful Production System
Understanding A3 Thinking: A Critical      Durward K. Sobek
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Component of Toyota's PDCA                 II.
Management System Excelling in a High-
Made-to-Order Lean:
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Mix, Low-Volume Environment
Value Stream Mapping for Lean
                                           Drew A. Locher        5/2/2008 9781563273728
Development: A How-To Guide for
Streamlining Time to Market
Lean Manufacturing: Tools, Techniques,
                                              William M Feld        9/28/2000 9781574442977
and How to Use Them
Toyota Production System: Beyond Large-
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Scale Production
Mistake-Proofing for Operators: The ZQC
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Becoming Lean: Inside Stories of U.S.
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Quick Response Manufacturing: A
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Companywide Approach to Reducing Lead
The Fundamentals of Lean DVD                  Press Productivity    3/27/2006 9781563273391

Machine & Metalworking
                                              David A.
Metal Cutting Theory and Practice                                   12/2/2005 9780824758882
Roll Forming Handbook                         George T. Halmos     11/29/2005 9780824795634
Handbook of Thermal Process Modeling
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Machining Technology: Machine Tools and
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Modeling of Steelmaking Processes             Dipak Mazumdar        8/11/2009 9781420062434
Physical Metallurgy of Direct Chill Casting
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of Aluminum Alloys
Flat-Rolled Steel Processes: Advanced         Vladimir B.
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Technologies                                  Ginzburg
Gear Cutting Tools: Fundamentals of           Stephen P.
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Fundamentals of Metal Machining and
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Machine Tools, Third Edition
Welding Thermal Processes and Weld
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Pool Behaviors
Real-Time Weld Process Monitoring             Y.M. Zhang            4/16/2008 9781420077872

Hybrid Laser Arc Welding                      F. O. Olsen           7/28/2009 9781439802144

Manufacturing & Processing
Product Design for Manufacture and
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Assembly, Second Edition, Revised and
Encyclopedia of Chemical Processing
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(Print Version)
Rapid Prototyping and Engineering
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Applications: A Toolbox for Prototype
Integrated Product and Process Design
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and Development: The Product Realization
Process, Second Edition
Composite Materials Technology: Neural
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Network Applications
Plastic Conversion Processes: A Concise
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and Applied Guide
Food Processing Technology: Principles
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and Practice, Third Edition
Industrial Process Control Systems,
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Second Edition
Advances in Lubricant Additives and
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Mineral Wool: Production and Properties      Brane Sirok         6/25/2008 9781420070453

Advances in Apparel Production               C. Fairhurst         6/5/2008 9781420076028

Hydroforming for Advanced Manufacturing M. Koc                   5/14/2008 9781420077865
Bioalcohol Production: Biochemical
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Conversion of Lignocellulosic Biomass
Geopolymers: Structures, Pricessing,
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Properties and Industrial Applications
Biodiesel Science and Technology: From
                                             J. C. J. Bart       4/15/2010 9781439827307
Soil to Oil
Sintering of Advanced Materials              Z. Z. Fang          8/15/2010 9781439829820

Micro- & Nanomanufacturing
Manufacturing Techniques for
                                             Marc J. Madou       6/16/2010 9781420055191
Microfabrication and Nanotechnology
Microjoining and Nanojoining                 Y. Zhou             4/11/2008 9781420070835


Pharmaceutical Packaging Technology          D A Dean           11/30/2000 9780748404407

Food Packaging Science and Technology Dong Sun Lee                4/1/2008 9780824727796
Food Packaging: Principles and Practice,     Gordon L.
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Second Edition                               Robertson
Modified and Controlled Atmospheres for
                                             Elhadi M. Yahia     3/11/2009 9781420069570
the Storage, Transportation, and
Packaging of Horticultural Commodities
Food Packaging and Shelf Life: A Practical   Gordon L.
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Guide                                        Robertson
Modified Atmosphere and Active               Ioannis
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Packaging Technologies                       Arvanitoyannis
Heat Transfer: Thermal Management of
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Environmentally Compatible Food
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Development of Products and Packaging
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for Use in Microwave Ovens
Handbook of Package Engineering, Third
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Textile Manufacturing
Geosynthetic Clay Liners for Waste         Abdelmalek
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Containment Facilities                     Bouazza
Nanotechnology in fibrous materials: a
                                           Asis Patanaik       1/22/2008 9780415467445
new perspective
Smart Clothing: Technology and
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Friction in Textile Materials              B. Gupta            6/24/2008 9780849334788
Medical Textiles 2007: Proceedings of the
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Fourth International Conference on
Healthcare and Medical Textiles
Physical Properties of Textile Fibres,
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Fourth Edition
Military Textiles                          E. Wilusz           6/20/2008 9781420079609

Advances in Fire Retardant Materials       A.R. Horrocks       10/7/2008 9781420079616

Advances in Wool Technology                N A G Johnson        1/7/2009 9781420079685

Polyesters and polyamides                  BL Deopura          7/11/2008 9781420079722

Biologically Inspired Textiles             A. Abbott            3/3/2009 9781420079852
3D Fibrous Assemblies: Properties,
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Applications and Modelling of Three-
Dimensional Textile structures
Fabric Testing                             Jinlian Hu          9/29/2008 9781420079883
Structure and Mechanics of Textile Fibre
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Engineering Textiles: Integrating the
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Design and Manufacture of Textile
Interior Textiles: Design and
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Advances in Knitting Technology            T. Dias            10/15/2010 9781420094862

Advanced Textiles for Wound Care           S. Rajendran         6/5/2009 9781420094893

Advances in Carpet manufacture             K K Goswami         4/29/2009 9781420094916

Modelling and Predicting Textile Behaviour X. Chen             1/15/2010 9781439801079

Smart Clothes and Wearable Technology      J. McCann           3/19/2009 9781439801130
Handbook of Textile Fibre Structure,
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Volume 1: Fundamentals and
Manufactured Polymer Fibres
Textiles for Cold Weather Apparel          J. Williams        10/27/2009 9781439801239

Textiles for Construction                  G. Pohl            11/15/2010 9781439801246
Sustainable Textiles: Life Cycle and
                                            R. S. Blackburn      11/17/2009 9781439801284
Environmental Impact
Smart Textile Coatings and Laminates        W. C. Smith           3/29/2010 9781439801338
Handbook of Tensile Properties of Textile
                                            A. R. Bunsell        11/17/2009 9781439801451
and Technical Fibres
Fatigue Failure of Textile Fibres           M. Miraftab           5/20/2009 9781439802106
Engineering Apparel Fabrics and
                                            J Fan                  7/8/2009 9781439809723
Surface Modification of Textiles            Q Wei                 9/23/2009 9781439811023
High Speed Spinning of Polyester and its
                                            SY      Nanal         8/13/2009 9781439815410
Blends with Viscose
Handbook of Textile Fibre Structure,
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Volume 2: Natural, Regenerated,
Inorganic, and Specialist Fibres in
Textile Fibre Spinning: Advances
                                            C. A. Lawrence        8/15/2010 9781439827901
Humidification and Ventilation
                                            B Purushothama       12/15/2009 9788190800129
Management in Textile Industry
Quality Characterisation of Apparel         Subrata Das          12/15/2009 9788190800136
Fundamentals and Practices in
                                            J N Chakraborty       1/15/2010 9788190800143
Colouration of Textiles
Occupational Health and Safety

Industrial Hygiene
Microorganisms in Home and Indoor Work
                                            Brian Flannigan        1/3/2002 9780415268004
Environments: Diversity, Health Impacts,
Investigation and Control of Airborne
Industrial Hygiene Control
                                            William Popendorf     5/15/2006 9780849395284
Chemical Hazards
Nanotechnology: Health and
                                            Jo Anne Shatkin       4/24/2008 9781420053630
Environmental Risks
Building Vulnerability Assessments:
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Industrial Hygiene and Engineering
Concepts of Hazardous Materials
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Management, Second Edition
Air Pollution: Health and Environmental
                                            Bhola R. Gurjar        4/9/2010 9781439809624
Industrial Hygiene Evaluation Methods       Michael S. Bisesi     8/27/2003 9781566705950

Complete Confined Spaces Handbook           John F. Rekus         7/15/1994 9780873714877
Decommissioning and Radioactive Waste
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Human Error in Medicine, Second Edition     Marilyn Sue Bogner    9/25/2010 9780805845228
                                               Robert Thayer
Occupational Hearing Loss, Third Edition                             4/24/2006 9780824753832
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Second Edition
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and Health, Second Edition
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Second Edition
Occupational Health and Safety
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Management: A Practical Approach,
Second Edition
Handbook of Safety and Health for the
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Service Industry - 4 Volume Set
Industrial Safety and Health for Goods and
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Materials Services
Industrial Safety and Health for
                                               Charles D. Reese     10/24/2008 9781420053807
Infrastructure Services
Industrial Safety and Health for
                                               Charles D. Reese     10/24/2008 9781420053821
Administrative Services
Industrial Safety and Health for People-
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Oriented Services
Medical Error and Patient Safety: Human
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Factors in Medicine
Corporate Safety Compliance: OSHA,
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Ethics, and the Law
Human Reliability Assessment Theory and
                                               Anthony J. Spurgin    10/8/2009 9781420068511
Laser Safety: Tools and Training               Ken Barat             12/4/2008 9781420068542
Writing and Designing Manuals and              Patricia A.
                                                                     6/15/2009 9781420069846
Warnings 4e                                    Robinson
Safe Use of Chemicals: A Practical Guide T.S.S. Dikshith             8/21/2008 9781420080513
Slip, Trip, and Fall Prevention: A Practical
                                               Steven Di Pilla       7/28/2009 9781420082340
Handbook, Second Edition
Radiation Threats and Your Safety: A
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Guide to Preparation and Response for
Practical Atlas for Community
Professionals and Bacterial Identification,
                                               D. Roy Cullimore       4/1/2010 9781420087970
Second Edition
Safer Complex Industrial Environments: A
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Human Factors Approach
Handbook of Occupational Safety and
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Security Manager's Guide to Disasters:
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Managing Through Emergencies,
Developing a Other and Health Program,
Violence, and Safety Workplace Threats         Daniel E. Della-
                                                                    12/17/2009 9781439814383
Second Edition                                 Giustina
Lean Safety: Transforming your Safety
                                             Robert Hafey       12/14/2009 9781439816424
Culture with Lean Management
Managing Workers' Compensation: A
                                             Keith Wertz         12/7/2000 9781566703482
Guide to Injury Reduction and Effective
Claim Management
The Psychology of Safety Handbook            E. Scott Geller    12/21/2000 9781566705400
Working Safe: How to Help People
                                             E. Scott Geller     5/25/2001 9781566705646
Actively Care for Health and Safety,
Second Edition
Definitions, Conversions, and Calculations   Edward W.
                                                                 4/11/2006 9781566706407
for Occupational Safety and Health           Finucane
Professionals, Third Edition
Motor Fleet Safety and Security              Daniel E. Della-
                                                                 6/11/2004 9781566706506
Management                                   Giustina
Fatal Accidents                              J. F. Lancaster     7/27/2009 9781420094831

Effective Safety and Health Training         Barbara Hilyer     10/27/1999 9781566703963
Engineering and Manufacturing
     Pub Price         中文译名                         Short Blurb

                                     <P>Covering field history and discussing
         £56.69 航空心理学理论与实践
                                     actual modern-day pilot actions and tasks,
                                     the editors of this volume have integrated
                                     Completely revised and updated, this
         £95.00 飞行人为因素手册
                                     second edition includes additional
                                     information on important topics in aviation
                                     <P><STRONG>Aviation Psychology and
         £57.99 航空心理学及人性因素
                                     Human Factors</STRONG> explores the
                                     application of psychological principles and

                                     Despite continued interest in Cognitive
         £60.99 认知工作分析应用
                                     Work Analysis (CWA) there is no up-to-
                                     date book in the area and none which
                                     <P>A practical resource for understanding,
         £82.00 驱动器分离:理论、效果和缓解
                                     preventing, and managing driver
                  驾驶中视觉与认知表现上的人为因    distraction, this book outlines the using
                                     <P>Written clearly and concisely,
                  素                  jargon-free language that is easily
                                     understood, this that good interfaces are
                                     <P>The reason book compresses
                显示与界面设计:精细科学与准确      few and far between is really quite simple:
                技艺                   <P>As the baby-boomer generation and
                                     they are extremely difficult to design ages,
         £49.99 维护老龄化社会安全活动性
                                     so too does the amount of senior drivers,
                工效学与应用心理学:理论与实践      leading to complex concerns regarding
                                     <P>Written by leaders in their respective
                发展                   fields, this book discusses recent
                网络和信息家电内容准备指南:跨      advancements in psychology and
                                     <P>Unlike previous publications in
                文化比较                 usability, which have predominantly
                                     concentrated various examples, this book
                                     <P>Through on how to present
         £60.99 情境认知计算与自我管理系统
                                     shows how context-aware computing can
                                     be used in many self-managing systems,
                                     <P>As with many new fields, the literature
         £54.99 犬生物工程学:工作犬的科学
                                     on working dogs is scattered across
                  上下文感知网络服务的实施:方法    several non-overlapping disciplines from
                                     <P>A groundbreaking work, this collection
                  ,构建和技术             provides both practical and pioneering
                                     information on the latest advances in

                                     Written in an accessible style, this latest
         £55.99 人类因素与人类工程学指南 第2版
                                     edition of <b>A Guide to Human Factors
                  国际人类工程学与人性因素百科全    and Ergonomics</b> presents a systems
                                     The International Encyclopedia of
                  书                  Ergonomics and Human Factors is a truly
                                     comprehensive reference guide to the
                                     These Proceedings of the Ergonomics
         £99.00 当代工效学 2008 / 国际会议录
                                     Society's annual conference
                                     2008&nbsp;embrace the broadthe
                                     Presenting the Proceedings of spectrum
         £95.00 当代人体工程学 / 会议录
                                     Ergonomics Society's annual conference,
                现代人类工程学 1984-2008    the series embraces the wide range of
                                     <P>To mark the 25th anniversary of
                /会议录                 Contemporary Ergonomics, the current
                人类工程学与人类因素标准及纲要      and past editors have selected 4 papers
                                     A comprehensive review of international
                手册                   and national standards and guidelines, this
                                     handbook consists of 32 chapters divided
                         Emphasizing customer oriented design
 £66.99 工程师人为因素与工效学导论
                         and operation, this book explores the
        职业人类工程学手册,第1卷:人类 behavioral, physical, and mathematical
                         Fundamental and Assessment Tools for
        工程学基本原理          Occupational Ergonomics merges the
                         Describing ergonomics, workplace
                         frontiers of of the elements of the design,
 £97.00 职业人类工程学手册,第2卷:应用
                         ergonomics processes, this book explores
                         success factors for implementation of
                         Completely revised and updated, the
£141.00 职业人体工程学手册 2卷集
                         second edition of a bestseller has been
                         expanded into two volumes. The first
                         Completely revised and updated, the
£141.00 职业人体工程学手册 2卷集
                         second edition of a bestseller has been
                         expanded into twointroduction to the field,
                         A comprehensive volumes. The first
 £44.99 工效学导论,第三版
                         this book contains more than twenty
        国际人因工程学百科全书,第2版  worked examples of ergonomic problem
                         The <b>International Encyclopedia of
        两卷集附光盘           Ergonomics and Human Factors</b> is a
        适应人类的工作:职业工效学教科 truly latest edition of <STRONG>Fitting the
                         The comprehensive reference guide to
        书,第六版            Human</STRONG> provides quick
                         access an the ergonomic information that
                         Taking to application-oriented approach,
 £32.99 工效学实验室练习题
                         these exercises encourage students to
                         <P>This third analyses to collected
                         apply rigorousedition retains all the data,
 £19.99 工效学初学者指南,第三版
                         features that made each previous edition a
                         bestsellerain its own authors that reflects
                         <P>With panel of right. The authors
 £54.99 发展中区域的工效学:需要和应用
                         the multidisciplinary nature of the field, this
                         book chronicles the nuances of differences
£602.00 人类工程系及人性因素世界百科全书

          人机互动手册:原理、进化技术与            Exploring the evolution&nbsp;of how
          新兴应用                       people use and work with technology, this
                                     second by leading international authorities
                                     Written edition captures the most
 £95.00 通用存取手册
                                     from academic, research, and industrial
                                     organizations and non-market institutions,
                                     <P>Written by experts from various fields,
 £49.99 人机礼仪
                                     this edited collection explores a wide range
          网络智慧:如何评估网络创新信息            of issues pertaining to how computers
                                     <P>Keeping up with the advances
          质量 第2版                     required to navigate today’s web for
                                     research, this new publication as a host of
                                     <P>Hailed on first edition offers a
 £54.99 人机交互基础
                                     compendium of foundational principles and
                                     cutting-edge research, <EM>Thea
                                     <P>Hailed on first publication as Human-
 £54.99 人机交互:设计事项、方案与应用
                                     compendium of foundational principles and
                                     <P>Hailed on first publication as Human-
                                     cutting-edge research, <EM>Thea
 £54.99 人机交互:不同用户与域设计
                                     compendium of foundational principles and
                                     cutting-edge research, The Human-
                                     <P>Hailed on first publication as a
 £54.99 人机交互:发展进程
                                     compendium of foundational principles and
                                     cutting-edge research, <EM>The Human-
                                     <P>Due to the advancement of the
 £49.99 社会计算和虚拟社区
                                     Internet, online communities are gaining
                                     increasing importance inthe age of the
                                     <P>Having moved from the research
 £49.99 无所不在的计算
                                     mainframe to that of personal computing,
                                     we are now entering what some refer to as

                                     Completely revised and updated,
 £41.99 人类活动评估
                                     <b>Evaluation of Human Work, Third
                                     Edition </b>is a compendium of
                        This book delivers an authoritative and
£76.99 人的因素与工效学方法手册
                        practical account of methods that
                        incorporate human capabilities and
                        The availability of electric lighting has
£52.99 照明的人的因素
                        changed the lives of people the world over,
       简单与复杂系统中的人为因素,第 and lighting is a major a bestseller, this
                        The second edition of consumer of
       二版               book provides an understanding of the
                        A technical discussion that encountered in
                        human factors issues often includes theory,
£99.00 警告手册
                        research, and application, this book
                        <b>Ten Questions About standards and
       人类失误的十大问题:人性因素及系 describes warning design Human
       统安全的新观点          Error</b> asks the type of questions
       数字人体模型手册:应用工效学与 frequently posed in incidentthat spans the
                        <P>With an editorial panel and accident
       人性因素工程研究         globe, this book provides a wealth of
                        international knowledge and guidelines.
                        Describing of the elements of the
£97.00 职业人类工程学手册,第2卷:应用
                        ergonomics processes, this book explores
       超越人为的失误:分类学与安全科 success factorsaccidents and incidents are
                        The majority of for implementation of
       学                caused, at some level, by human error.
       奇特的人机工程学:如何调节高低 This text provides need for extraordinary
                        Underscoring the an introduction to this
       人群、残疾人与老年人、孕妇与儿 ergonomics, this book illustrates various
       童                approaches to measuring the
                        Two of the most important goals of
£66.99 人类工程学中的生物力学,第二版
                        ergonomics are the comfort, and the
                        health and safetymeet the diverse needs of
                        <P>Designed to of the working
£60.99 康复专业人员用工效学
                        therapists, this book presents a new
       驾驶照明:公路、车辆、记号与信 approach to rehabilitation that integrates
                        <P>An examination of the crucial role
       号                lighting plays in road safety, this book
                        explains together human factors behind
                        Bringing the scientific reasoning
£49.99 海洋领域的人为因素
                        information from many domains, Human
       人员表现、工作量与情况了解测评 Factors in the Maritime Domain Measures
                        <P><EM>Human Performance integrates
       手册 第2版           Handbook</EM> has long been the
       人性因素方法和运动科学:实践指 foundational reference in its field.
                        <P>Filled with supporting case studies,
       南                this book demonstrates contemporary
                        cognitive and social human issues and
                        A complete examination of factors
£66.99 仿真与训练中的人为因素
                        concepts relating to human factors in
                        simulation, this book covers theory and

         设计有趣的产品:新型人的因素导          Written by Patrick W. Jordan, a leader in
         论                        cognitive ergonomics, this landmark
                                  resource not only ergonomic approaches to
                                  <P>Traditionally, explores usability, but
£90.00 设计与情感
                                  design have concentrated on the user's
                                  physical and cognitive abilities. But more
                                  This is a practical manual about child
£66.99 儿童工效学
                                  ergonomics written for people who design
                                  for, play with, teach, supervise, and protect
                                  <P>This compilation presents research
£79.99 关于设计:设计会议分析 / 会议录
                                  themes, methods, and findings, making it
                                  a significant reference for design from
                                  <P>This book brings together work
£181.00 体育技术的影响 2
                                  researchers around the world and, in
                                  particular from the Asia-Pacific region. truly
                                  Exploring the methods for creating the
£44.99 情形意识的设计
                                  user-centered system designs needed in
                                  today's complex world, this design of safe,
                                  Promoting the user-centric book provides
£82.00 医疗装置人性因素手册
                                  effective, and usable medical devices,
                                  <STRONG>Handbook of Medical Devices
                                  Design for Reliability provides a systematic
£117.00 可靠性设计
                                  approach to the design process that is
                                  sharply focused on reliability and firmly
                                   The design and functional complexity of
£79.99 生物医学设备与系统设计,第二版
                                   medical devices have increased over the
       为老年人设计:原理与创造性人类             <P>The first edition of from cardiac
                                   past 50 years, evolvingthis resource broke
       因素研究                        ground as a primer on designing for older
       创新解决方案:设计师需要知道的             adults. In the second edition, the authors
                                   <P>Based on research and practice, this
       今日新兴市场                      book comprehensively examines the
                                   elements of what is needed to be
£44.99 产品设计

 £0.00 楼梯、电梯及自动行人道手册

                         This third edition maintains the same
£44.99 身体空间
                         content and structure as previous editions,
                         but indispensable guide, <b>The Semantic
                         An updates the material and references to
 £59.99 语义改变:新设计基础
                         Turn</b> offers designers a foundation on
        提高面向产品老化的工作能力/会议 which to state their claims and validate
                         <P>This publication is a collection of
        录                selected papers from the 3rd International
        配电室设计与工效学手册:未来视 Symposium on Work Ability—Promotion of
                         <P>First published two decades ago, the
        点,第二版            first edition of this bestselling handbook
                         Already a benchmark for the field.
                         became a significant human factor issue,
 £60.99 虚拟组织信任管理:人性因素剖析
                         trust is an especially hot topic in today’s
        工作场所的欺凌和情感虐待:研究 business world where so much of the
                         <P>Exploring the effectiveness
        和实践的全球透视 第2版     approaches aimed at mitigating and
                         <P>An invaluable at work, this book
        中央控制室操作设计与评估的人性因 managing bullying resource,this book
        素                discusses the human factors that effect
                         control operations and theirof this
                         <P>Written by the founder implications
 £44.99 感性工程中的创新
                         technology, this book elucidates Kansei
                         Engineering, aaunique product
                         <P>Providing guided tour through the
 £44.99 感性/情感工程
                         each stages of process, this book explores
                         how to applyprovides the reader with the
                         <P>This set Kansei/Affective Engineering.
 £76.99 感性工程
                         background and history of Kansei
                         Engineering and demonstrates how to use

         食品工厂环境卫生:设计、维护与           <STRONG>Food Plant Sanitation: Design,
         良好生产实践                    Maintenance, and Good Manufacturing
                                   Practices</STRONG> provides air
                                   Designed for industrial hygienists,
£82.00 放射性空气采样法
                                   quality experts, and heath physicists,
         可靠技术、人类错误与健康护理质           <STRONG>Radioactive Air Sampling
                                   <P>A compilation of data from a wide
         量                         variety of sources, this book eliminates the
                                   need to pick through journal articles, online
                                   <P>Evacuating an entire metropolitan area
£57.99 紧急撤离疏散计划与管理
                                   in anticipation of or in response to a
                                   natural or man-made disaster takes an
                                   <P>This practical guide and information
£66.99 室内空气质量管理,第四版
                                   covers how to treat existing indoor air
                                   problems effectively and how to prevent
                                   <P>Winner of a <STRONG>2009 Shingo
£29.99 简约型医院
                                   Research and Professional Publication
         改革变化的质量:卫生保健的新兴           Prize, this&nbsp; book has received
                                   <P>Looking for ways to improve quality
         革命                        and cut costs, healthcare organizations are
                                   in the midst of overhauling all of their
                          <P>The position of the medical sector as a
£25.99 美国的健康保健操作:导论
                          growth market is opening new avenues for
                          workers outside the traditional realm of
                          <P>Written for corporation security
 £52.99 如何制订实施总体安全计划
                          officers, this work is designed to help them
                          garner executive support and this book
                          Written by a reliability expert, increased
 £60.99 患者安全:PROACT病因分析途径
                          provides a perspective on patient care, risk
                          <P>This book is a quality management
                          management, and comprehensive guide
 £63.99 预防性建筑维修经理指南
                          for developing an effective preventive
                          <P>The latest edition for any facility.
                          maintenance programof this bestselling
 £82.00 能源审计手册 第8版
                          handbook includes revisions covering
        能源管理:工业能源效率与商业运行 ASHRAE Level 1 and 2 energy audits, as
                          <P>Written in accessible, understandable
        的关联               prose, this book explains the connection
        出院计划手册:开拓新收益渠道的 between energy and business profits in
                          Hidden opportunities to improve
        十个秘密              the healthcare industry abound in the area
                          of discharge planning. Based on 25 years
£195.00 独立机场计划参考手册

                                    This book is an essential guide for those in
£62.99 MOST 工作测评系统
                                    training for their MOST® certification and a
                                    great value to anyone looking to enhance
                                    The second edition of The Engineering
£110.00 工程手册
                                    Handbook provides a ready reference for
                                    the practicing engineer in industry,
                                    With the many software packages
£34.99 Excel工程师须知
                                    available today, engineers may overlook
                                    Focusing on the three graphics
                                    the computational and critical
£33.99 工程师必备商业通信知识
                                    communication needs of engineering
                                    professionals: —speaking, writing, and
                                    <P>A compilation of the fundamentals
£78.99 军事工业工程手册
                                    tools, principles, and modeling techniques,
         智能能源领域制造:创新的跨学科            this book discusses the application of
                                    <P>An in-depth introduction to Intelligent
         工艺                         Energy Field Manufacturing (EFM), this
                                    book explores a fresh engineering issues
                                    Many engineers fail to notice critical
£33.99 工程师必备职业管理知识
                                    in the workplace that can directly impact
                                    their career by an electrical engineer with
                                    <P>Written advancement and job
£31.99 工程师的企业家精神
                                    more than 20 years of successful business
                                    experience, this book covers every aspect
£38.99 丰田产品系统研究:工业工程视角

                                    Focusing on the modeling and solution of
£108.00 动态规划
                                    deterministic multistage decision
                                    problems, this book looks at dynamic
                                    Forming a bridge from academic
£66.99 作业研究:实用指南
                                    presentations of standard techniques to
                                    computer implementations for resource,
                                    A comprehensive yet concise solving real
£86.00 运筹学与管理科学手册
                                    <b>Operations Research and
                                    Management Science Handbook</b> the
                                    <P>Illustrating the use of modelling in
£86.00 最优化模型
                                    decision making process, this unified
       生产计划与工业安排:实例、实例              A comprehensive reference a working
                                    narrative helps readers gain for the broad
       研究与应用 第2版                    range of problems encountered in the field,
       制造业设备:地点、规划与设计,              this second edition features new
                                    <P>From plant layout and materials
       第三版                          handling to quality function deployment
                                    and design considerations, this book
                            <P>Completely revised and updated, this
£44.99 运筹学计算手册
                            new edition of a bestselling handbook
                            presents analytical results and formulas
                            Balancing applications with mathematical
£40.99 运筹学概率模型
                            rigor, <b>Probability Models in Operations
       工业系统的模拟:利用Excel/VBA进 Research</b> provides an introduction to
                            Serving a dual purpose, this book is written
       行离散事件模拟              for novices who want to learn the basics of
                            discrete of practicaland professionals who
                            <P>Full simulation examples,
£57.99 调度导论
                            <STRONG>Introduction to
                            Scheduling</STRONG> presents the
                            <P>Managers, especially those in a
£63.99 管理人员增值决策
                            technical environment, regularly face
                            complex decision involving challenging the
                            <P>Addressing the issues uncertainty and
£60.99 来自传感器数据的知识发现
                            sensor community, this book presents
                            innovative solutions and case data mining
                            <P>Through theory in offline studies, this
£48.99 决策选择:决策的艺术和科学
                            book details how uncertainty and flexibility
                            <P>Integrating a to assist learning
       线性及非线性规划:基于应用的交互 can be evaluated hands-onin making better
       式的方法                 approach, a strong linear algebra focus,
                            Maple™ software, and real-world
                            <P>A guide to operations research
£57.99 运筹学方法
                            techniques, this book covers emerging
                            methodologiesresearch (OR) applications
                            As operations in a clear, concise, and
£57.99 运筹学应用
                            continue to grow and flourish in a number
                            of decision making fields, a reference that
                            <P>Conceptual modeling, which refers to
£63.99 离散事件仿真用概念建模
                            the process of abstracting a simulation
                            model from the real world, is recognized
                            Revised and updated to reflect recent
£46.99 运筹学的数学概论
                            advances, Introduction to the Mathematics
                            <P>This book explores with
                            of Operations Researchhow to set the
£54.99 排期制度最优化
                            parameters of a queueing system, before
                            Based it the authors' first-hand
                            putting oninto operation. It considers
£64.99 工程与科学的不确定性建模与分析
                            experiences, <STRONG>Uncertainty
                            Modeling and Analysis in Engineering and

         运行工程师与管理人员能源保护指            Completely revised and updated, this ninth
         南,第九版                      edition of a bestseller covers both
                                    management and technical strategies and
                                    Delineating the proper design, layout,
£51.99 设备设计,第三版
                                    location of facilities, this book strikes a
                                    healthy balance betweennew edition
                                    Completely revised, this theory and
£95.00 工业生产设备实用润滑油,第二版
                                    includes the latest material on oil analysis,
                                    Written by conservation aspects
                                    the energy an experienced boiler of lube oil
£89.00 动力与加工用锅炉
                                    professional, this text is an invaluable
         OEE初级读本:设备效能、可靠性           <P>Breaking down the engineers. After
                                    reference for practicing methodology from
         与维护性解析                     a historical perspective, this book
                                    addresses the issues of OEE, discussing
                                    <P>Replete with annotated photographs
£38.99 实用总生产维修制(TPM)
                                    and illustrations documenting Agilent's
                                    Like all Shopfloor Series book offers an
                                    successful program, this books, Identifying
£17.99 生产场所废物识别
                                    Waste on the Shopfloorpresents concepts
                                    and tools in simple and accessible the
                                    In today's competitive marketplace,
£31.99 良好维护管理策略
                                    flow of goods must not be hindered by
                                    The design for assembly as maintenance
                                    avoidable obstacles such(DFA) method
£95.00 装配自动化与产品设计
                                    has become a widely used way for
                                    companies to introduce competitive
                                    <P>Comprehensive and practical, this
£241.00 水泥厂设计手册
                                    handbook explains theoretical aspects of
                                    various processes in making cement at
 £56.69 制造业革命:快速更换系统

 £60.99 生产与操作管理

 £152.00 高级电厂材料设计与技术

 £179.00 核电厂老化减缓:电厂寿命管理

 £62.99 处理工业中的TPM

 £17.99 TPM团队指南

 £17.99 运营商TPM

 £17.99 运营商的自动维修

 £17.99 运营商快速转变:快速换型系统

 £17.99 管理者的TPM

 £35.99 7步骤自动维护:工场中TPM实施
£1,337.00 自动维护:工场中TPM实施

                             Reflecting the latest trends and
 £99.00 制造工艺学手册 4卷集 第2版
                             technologies that have developed over the
        Kaizen               last decade since the assembly, Kaizen
                             Emphasizing manual first, successful
        组装:设计、构造与管理精益装配      Assembly shows readers how to design,
        线                    construct, and manage a world-class
                             <P>Real options methodology has long
 £49.99 工程设计、运转与管理的实际选项
                             been proposed as an approach to making
                             business decisions, and the field of
                             <P>Classical inventory management
 £49.99 库存管理:非经典视角
                             focuses on cost minimization as a
                             <P>There’s been a lot where many
                             performance measure,of&nbsp;buzzcost
 £49.99 社会责任:失效模式影响及分析
                             recently about social responsibility among
                             <P>This is probably the the public and
                             organizational leaders infirst book in 40
 £57.99 传送:应用、选择和集成
                             years to comprehensively discuss
                             conveyors, a topic that seems mundane
  £0.00 创新型生产工具及系统

  £0.00 创新型生产工具及系统

                             Describing the initiation, design, execution,
 £62.99 策略计划处:改进组织业绩指南
                             and control of a strategic project office, this
                             book provides step-by-step instructions for
                             <P>With step-by-step guidelines, this
 £97.00 项目的有效机会管理
                             bestselling reference discusses the
                             management of project opportunities by
                         <b>Determining Project Requirements</b>
 £41.99 项目需求确定
                         provides a generalized set of repeatable
                         processes designedof <b>The Complete
                         The second edition to ensure
 £57.99 项目管理完全办公手册,第二版
                         Project Management Office Handbook
        项目管理3C模式:沟通、合作与协 </b>extends the concepts and
                         A comprehensive guide to the
        调                implementation of the Triple C Model of
                         This book examines elements presents
                         project management, this bookof the
 £49.99 项目管理高效沟通
                         communications process and describes
        项目工作细分结构构建:目标、可 the role that the Project Management
                         Unlike other books in this area, this
        交付性、活动与进度的视觉化    resource not only shows readers what they
        复杂与嵌入式系统项目管理:确保 can do, but shows them how toDepartment
                         Featuring techniques from the do it. An
        产品的完整性与规划质量      of Defense and the automotive industry,
        项目管理进阶:科学、技术与工程 this reference explains how to approach to
                         <P>Presenting a step-by-step deliver a
        项目指南             managing projects in science, technology,
                         and engineering,vision and missionthe time-
                         From enterprise this volume uses to
 £52.99 企业项目管理标准
                         business requirements to project initiation
                         and management to operations,multiple
                         Engineering projects that cover this
 £52.99 全球性工程项目管理
                         countries, politics, cultures, and different
        结构管理:制造业的实施、原理与 standards create additional challenges
                         <P>This authoritative guide emphasizes
        应用               that configuration management is driven
                         by designers,practicality, often
                         Grounded in not by the this book explains
 £33.99 项目管理成功秘诀
                         the procedures for running a successful
                         project and highlights the nation’s most
                         <P>Written by one of        finer points of
 £54.99 完整项目管理方法和工具包
                         highly regarded project management
                         <P>Following and expanding on PMI’s
                         mentors, <STRONG>The Complete
 £57.99 项目管理理论和实践
                         Project Management Body of Knowledge
                         (PMBOK<SUP>®</SUP>), this classroom-
                         <P>Describing the challenges and
 £38.99 项目经理的交流工具
                         opportunities of communication in a project
                         environment, this detailed
                         <P>Written by multidisciplinary team of
 £57.99 全球工程
                         experts in industrial, mechanical, and
                         <P>Written by engineering as well as
                         manufacturing two successful PgMPs, this
 £49.99 项目管理实施
                         work presents a step-by-step methodology
        从项目管理到项目领导:领导班子 for managing a program from initiation to
                         <P>For managers to truly excel into a
        实用指南             position of leadership they must increase
                         efficiency and develop the soft skills
 £45.99 项目管理:限制理论应用

                                   <P><STRONG>Reliability, Risk and Safety
£429.00 可靠、风险与安全:理论及应用
                                   – Theory and Applications </STRONG>will
                                   be of interest for academics and
                                   Written by one of the foremost authorities
£127.00 质量工程手册
                                   on the subject, the second edition is
          财产管理杰出:设备生命周期决策          completely revised to reflect theand
                                   Based on real-world consulting recent
          的最优化,第二版                 research, Maintenance Excellence:
                                   A valuable Equipment Life-Cycle
                                   Optimizing addition to the reliability
 £99.00 工程设计可靠性手册
                                   literature, this book presents the
          制程危害分析、危害辨识与风险分          perspectivesmanual is afrom the industry,
                                   This unique of experts comprehensive,
          析处理指南                    easy-to-read overview of hazards analysis
                                   as it applies to the process and allied
                                   Based on results of research in physical
 £89.00 维修、置换与可靠性:理论与应用
                                   asset management, <b>Maintenance,
                                   Replacement, and Reliability: Theory and
                         . In this third edition of a bestseller,
 £59.99 根本原因分析:改善底线结果性能
                         acclaimed experts Robert and Kenneth
                         Latino offer a broad 100 tables,
                         <P>With more than look at various
 £93.00 食品工业质量控制系统
                         spreadsheets, and program outlines,
                         <STRONG>Food Industry Quality Control
                         <P>Only a handful of books cover both
 £39.99 可行性工程与风险分析
                         Reliability Engineering and Probabilistic
                         Risk Assessment (PRA) together. With a
                         <P>To ensure product reliability, an
 £60.99 产品可靠性、稳定性与支持性手册
                         organization must follow certain practices
                         <P>Often product development process
        微生物限制与生物附著量测试:确认 during the called the 'industry bible,'
        方法与全球需求 第2版      <STRONG>Microbial Limit and Bioburden
                         Tests: FMEA has Approaches and Global
                         While Validation helped many companies
 £23.99 战略防错:用FMEA每次获取成功
                         improve quality by teaching them how to
                         <P>Structured go wrong, it doesn’t show
        系统设计和生命周期维持的实用可 avoid what can in stand-alone sections,
        靠性工程与分析          designed specifically for practicing
        使用可靠数据的信度分析和预测: engineers, this bookguide helps specific
                         <P>This accessible addresses readers
        问题、战略和方法         successfully interpret warranty data to
        人的可靠性、错误、和人性因素: make accurate predictions. It coverage of
                         <P>The first volume to blend discusses
        关于航空和发电          human reliability, error, and human factors
                         in engineeringnot an engineering text
                         <P>Quality is maintenance, this
 £31.99 质量管理:理论与应用
                         discipline, but a business practice. Dr.
                         Peter D. Mauch offers his expertise in this
                         <P>Unique in its approach, this volume
 £49.99 网络可靠性模型:分析与组合
                         provides a brief introduction to Monte
        对通用电气有益的不见得对你有益 Carlo methods and when implementing Six
                         <P>Companies fail a concise exposition of
        :实施六西格玛的是什么,又如何 Sigma processes most often because of
        RSM(响应面法)概述:用响应面 their static approach, treating Six Sigma
                         <P>A complete demystification of
        法对试验设计作过程优化(书和光 response surface methods (RSM), this
        盘)               book updatedsimple-and-fun approachto
                         Fully takes a with enhanced methods that
 £10.99 FMEA基础
                         reflect the latest ISO 9000 and ISO/TS
                         16949 standards, <b>The Basics of of
                         An exceptionally thorough treatment
 £49.99 总量原则
                         quality, this bestselling text provides
                         Developed as a guide students as well as
                         practical instruction forfor practitioners and
 £89.00 工程风险分析:技术、工具与趋势
                         as a textbook for upper-level courses in
                         risk analysis, <b>Risk Analysis in
                         <P>Integrating both theory and practice,
 £72.99 进料抽样试验质量控制
                         this comprehensive book encompasses
        根源分析手册:发现、更正、报道工 the most widely used acceptance sampling
 £20.99 简明SPC :达到质量的实际步骤

£130.00 安全性与可靠性的风险管理

        欧洲单一电子市场:SEEMseed    <P>The objective of SEEM (Single
        计划项目的评估与考察 2002-2006 European Electronic Market) is to integrate
                             electronic value chains, so that a
                             Responding to the demand for
 £99.00 工业工程与系统工程手册
                             comprehensive handbook, the Handbook
                             Addressing and Systems Engineering
                             of Industrial seemingly intractable systems
 £57.99 系统思考:21世纪问题应对
                             problems in our society, this book focuses
                             on the inherent opportunities and science
                             This groundbreaking work on the
 £86.00 系统工程中的系统:原理与应用
                             and engineering of <i>Systems of
                             Systems</i> (SoS) provides engineers
          以模型为导向的系统工程科学:传   <P>The field of systems engineering (SE)
          统与复杂系统用统一框架       is at a juncture in its history where it needs
                            to strengthen and extend its methods to
                            <P>The emergence of Model Based
 £54.99 系统工程的结构与原理
                            Architecture (MDA™) and recent initiatives
                            for model-based systems engineering
                            <P>With coverage ranging from the
 £57.99 企业系统工程:理论与实践
                            complex characteristics and behaviors of
                            <P>This text the challenges they pose for
                            enterprises toprovides a unified treatment
 £49.99 工程系统的建模与控制
                            of the modeling of mechanical, electrical,
                            fluid, and thermal systems and then
                            <P>Extensively rewritten to reflect the
 £60.99 系统结构的艺术 第3版
                            latest developments, the&nbsp;third
                            edition&nbsp;explains how to create a
                            <P>This book presents a series of new
 £82.00 重大灾害无规律性及其预测
                            understandings and a new system of
                            methodology in the top-down approach,
                            <P>Emphasizing a area of prediction. The
 £46.99 复杂系统设计:功能域设计基础
                            this volume considers the purpose and
                            basic features of design and how the
                            <P>Written by the co-creator of the
 £86.00 系统变化:第二域影响
                            systemic yoyo model, this book shows how
                            the yoyo model and its methodology can
                            <P>Waste, inadequate system
 £57.99 系统工程学:工程师用工具和方法
                            performance, cost overruns, and schedule
                            <P>Classroom-tested and failure to
                            problems often result from industry- apply
 £49.99 正确设计:系统方法
                            reviewed, this text takes readers through
                            the steps of customer-focused design. It
                            <P>The advent of inexpensive computing
 £63.99 物理学家和工程师用线性系统基础
                            allows engineers to analyze, compute, and
          企业系统的设计:原理,建设和方   develop results that were unthinkable in
                            <P>Specifically written for graduate and
          法                 undergraduate courses, this book provides
                            the knowledgeis theskills necessary to lead
                            <P>Synthesis and major portion of the
 £76.99 系统集成:产品及工艺设计
                            system development process occurring
          系统管理:规划、企业身份和部署   between book shows systems and
                            <P>This the end of system requirements
          第2版               industrial engineers how to make systems
                            development work for their organizations.
 £83.99 系统工程指南

 £72.99 系统安全工程及风险评估:实用方法

                            From concept development to final
 £69.99 制造:设计、生产、自动化与集成
                            production, this comprehensive text
                            thoroughly useful for those in mechanical,
                            Especially examines the design,
 £66.99 制造工程原理
                            production and industrial engineering
                            disciplines, this book provides a of all
                            <P>The life cycle cost is the sum
 £63.99 工程师的生活周期成本
                            costs incurred during the life time of an
                            item. In today’s global economy, the
  £5.99 5S袖珍指南

£1,167.00 5S体系装备:工厂组织与标准化

 £62.99 可视工厂的5个支柱

 £17.99 运营商5S管理法
£250.00 运营商学习5S管理法

 £40.99 工程师制造业基础

                                <P>Compared to its widespread
 £30.99 加工过程用精益生产:处理复杂性
                                implementation in nearly all areas of
          液体精益生产:加工工业发展精益       <P>Liquid Lean improvement lags behind
                                production,industries, including reactive
          文化                    chemical factories, petroleum and metal
          JIT执行手册:准时生产完全指南,     refining, food and bio-pharma production
                                <P>Known as the <EM>JIT Bible </EM>in
          第二版,六卷集               Japan, this six-volume set presents the
          JIT执行手册:JIT制造业完全指南,   genius of Hiroyuki Hirano who leaves no
                                <P>Providing a comprehensive
          第一卷:JIT生产体系           introduction to the just-in-time production
          JIT执行手册:JIT制造业完全指南,   system, <STRONG>Volume
                                <P><STRONG>Volume 2: Waste and the
          第二卷:水与5S              5S’s</STRONG> provides a
          JIT执行手册:JIT制造业完全指南,   comprehensive overview of the concepts
                                <P>Covering all the techniques essential
          第三卷:流体制造              to setting up a flow production system in
          JIT执行手册:JIT制造业完全指南,   <P><STRONG>Volume 4: Leveling 3:
                                manufacturing, <STRONG>Volume —
          第四卷:水准测量              Changeover and Quality
          JIT执行手册:JIT制造业完全指南,   Assurance</STRONG> provides essential
                                <P>Providing details on how to implement
          第五卷:标准化操作             standardized operations in manufacturing,
          JIT执行手册:JIT制造业完全指南,   including essential information on how to
                                <P><STRONG>Volume 6: JIT
          第六卷:应用窗口与图表           Implementation Forms and Charts
          创造精益文化:持续精益变革的工       </STRONG>provides a comprehensive
                                Winner of a 2006 Shingo Prize for
          具                     Excellence in Manufacturing Research,
          自我平衡的过程:真正的精益连续       <b>Creating a Lean Culture</b> helps
                                <P>Since Henry Ford sent the first chassis
          流                     down an assembly line, line balancing
                                issues have proven hard tomore than 30
                                <P>Based on the author’s eradicate.
 £48.99 精益生产的原理和实践
                                years of teaching experience, this textbook
                                presents lean production methods. The
                                <P>A bestseller for more than two
 £42.99 丰田的生产系统
                                decades, this classic work covers the
                                entire framework of drawn from Production
                                <P>With examples the Toyota aerospace,
 £38.99 精益装配
                                electronics, household appliance, personal
                                products, and automotive industries,
                                The philosophy of kaizen, which simply
 £17.99 工厂的改善方法
                                means continuous improvement, needs to
                                Standard work organization seeking of
                                adopted by anyis an agreed upon set to
 £17.99 工厂标准工作
                                work procedures that effectively combines
                                <P>An materials, and machines to
                                people, introduction to basic pull production
 £17.99 工厂加力出产
                                concepts, this book gives production
        丰田产品开发系统:员工、工序及技        teams and Toyota Product Development
                                In <b>The managers the understanding
        术整合                     System: Integrating<i> People, Process,
        精益生产:世界先进生产系统阐释         and Technology</i></b>, James Morgan
                                A 2006 Shingo Prize Winner for
        手册                      Excellence In Manufacturing Research,
        3A 思想解读:今日PDCA          this bookA3 report as inside to be a key
                                <P>The delivers has proven
        管理体系关键要素                tool In Toyota’s successful move toward
                                Toyota’s methods have rendered
                                organizational efficiency. The power of the
 £35.99 定制倾向
                                remarkable results in high-volume plants,
                                but they have not been fully understoodand
                                Customers and markets identify needs
 £29.99 价值链路径与发展过程通晓
                                companies design products and services
                                to fill those needs. While this relationship
          紧凑的制造:工具、技术和使用方    By applying the strategies in this book,
          法                  readers can build a workforce and an
                             organization with the capacity to satisfy
 £31.99 丰田生产体系:大规模生产之外

 £17.99 运营商防误措施

 £27.99 变得精益:美国制造商的故事
 £331.00 精益基础

                             With updated information on machine
 £90.00 金属切削理论与实践 第2版
                             tools, cutting tool material, and
                             workholding technologies, this book
                             Over 35 percent of all light gauge steel
 £133.00 滚轧成形手册
                             produced in North America is processed
                             through roll forming any developments in
                             <P>Over the years, lines, and nearly all
 £113.00 钢铁热处理建模手册
                             thermal processes relied largely on
                             empiricism and traditional practice, but
                             Offering complete coverage of the
 £99.00 加工技术:机器工具与操作
                             technologies, machine tools, and
                             operations of a wide range of machining
                             <P>Responding to a resurgence in the
 £89.00 炼钢过程建模
                             steel industry and the need for experts
                             Pulling in current steelmaking techniques,
                             trained together information previously
 £104.00 铝合金半连续浇铸物理冶金学
                             scattered throughout numerous research
                             articles into one one of the major this
                             <P>Considered detailed resource,
 £103.00 平滑辊炼钢法:先进技术
                             innovators in the flat-rolling of steel,
                             Vladimir B. Ginzburg holds more than two
                             <P>This book presents the DG/K-based
 £114.00 齿轮切割工具:设计和计算基础
                             method of surface generation, a novel and
                             Reflecting changes in method for
                             practical mathematicalmachining practice,
 £69.99 机械加工与机床导论
                             Fundamentals of Machining and Machine
                             Tools, Third Edition emphasizes the
                             <P>After introducing the concepts and
 £133.00 焊接热过程与熔池过程
                             characteristics of welding thermal
                             processes and weld pool behaviors, this
 £132.00 实时焊接处理监测

 £135.00 合成物激光电弧焊

                             Containing more than 300 equations and
 £117.00 用于制造与装配的产品设计
                             the extensive data necessary to estimate
                             manufacturing nearly 350 expertly written
                             <P>Supplying and assembly cost during
£2,672.00 化学加工百科全书,5卷集
                             articles on technologies that can maximize
        原型速成与工程应用:原型开发用      and enhance the research and production
                             The key to success of product
        工具箱                  development is cost, quality, and time to
        集成产品和过程设计与开发:产品      market. These three factors bestseller, this
                             <P>The second edition of a should be
        实现过程 第2版             book discusses an integrated product and
                             <P>Bringing together the has of leading
                             process design&nbsp;thatwork been
 £89.00 复合材料技术:神经网络应用
                             researchers in composite material
                             technology from all parts of the world, this
                             <P>Although there are books available
 £42.99 塑料转换过程:简明和实用指南
                             that describe a single plastic conversion
                             process, such third edition,molding, few if
                             <P>Now in its as injection this volume
 £45.00 食品加工技术:原理与实践
                             has been substantially rewritten, updated
                             and extended to includeathe many
                             <P>This book provides basic approach
 £76.99 工业过程控制系统
                             the understanding and effectively applying
                             industrial process control based on the
                             <P>Engine oil formulations will have to
£121.00 润滑油添加剂和摩擦学进展
                             change considerably in the near future.
                             The use of biodegradable lubricants mainly
£121.00 矿棉:生产及特性

£131.00 服装生产进展

£149.00 高级制造业加氢重整

£159.00 生物酒精生产
£180.00 生物柴油科学技术:从土壤到油

£135.00 高级原料烧结

                             <P>Authored by Marc Madou, bestselling
 £63.99 微细加工和纳米技术的制造技术
                             author and leading expert in mems and
                             manufacturing at the nano scale, this
£188.00 微接合技术及纳米结合技术

                             <P>Pharmaceutical packaging requires a
£274.00 药品包装技术
                             greater knowledge of materials and a
                             greater intensity ofof illustrations,
                             <P>With a wealth testing than most other
 £59.99 食品包装科学与技术
                             examples, discussion questions, and case
                             studies, this textbook covers basic
                             Originally published in 1993,
 £66.99 食物的包装、原则与实践
                             <STRONG>Food Packaging: Principles
          园育农产品仓储、运输与包装的大    and Practice</STRONG> went on to and
                             Providing a complete analysis of MA
          气改进与控制             CA research, development, and future
                             <P>Current this packaging must take into
                             possibilities, food book delineates the ideal
 £99.00 食品包装与贮藏寿命:实用指南
                             consideration the biochemical, chemical,
                             physical, and biological changes that occur
                             <P>While other packaging books focus on
£114.00 配气和及活性包装技术
                             individual types of packaging, this volume
                             <P>This applied engineering approach by
                             takes an book begins with coverage of the
 £76.99 热传导:电子学热管理
                             basic knowledge necessary to understand
                             and solve simple electronic cooling
£171.00 环境兼容食品包装

£150.00 适用微波炉的产品及包装发展

£153.00 包装工程手册 第3版
                              <P>This book gives a comprehensive and
 £95.00 废物污染用的土工合成黏土衬垫
                              authoritative review of the current state of
                              practice on geosynthetic clay liners in
                              <P>Written by a panel of experts drawn
 £19.99 纤维原料的纳米技术:新视角
                              from industry and academia, this book
                              reviews theon contributiosn from experts,
                              <P>Based impact of nanotechnology on
 £57.99 智能服装:技术与应用
                              this book covers the state of the art in
                              smart clothing technology and applications
£154.00 纺织品原料的摩擦

£175.00 医学纺织品

£194.00 纺织纤维的物理特性 第四版

£144.00 军用纺织品

£179.00 防火原料的进展

£126.00 毛织品技术的进展

£193.00 聚酯纤维及聚酰胺

£115.00 生物纺织
£142.00 织物测试

£128.00 纺织纤维的结构及力学

£161.00 纺织品:纺织品设计与制造

£125.00 室内纺织品:设计与发展

£126.00 针织技术进展

£135.00 高级伤口护理纺织品

£135.00 地毯制造进展

£150.00 纺织品行为建模及预测

£150.00 智能服装及可穿戴技术

£160.00 纺织纤维结构手册

£135.00 御寒衣物纺织品

£126.00 建筑用纺织品
£145.00 可持续纺织品:生命周期及环境影响

£126.00 智能织物涂料及多层布

£160.00 纺织品的张力特性及技术纤维手册

£115.00 纺织品纤维的疲劳衰坏

£145.00 工程用服装织物及服装

£135.00 纺织品的表面处理

 £70.00 聚酯纤维的高速纺线及纤维胶混合物

£160.00 纺织品纤维结构手册

£146.00 纺织品纤维纺线:技术进步

£121.00 纺织工业的潮湿与通风管理

 £99.00 服装的质量描述

£110.00 纺织品染色基础与实践

        家庭与室内工作环境中的微生物:       Microorganisms in Home and Indoor Work
        多样性,对健康的冲击,调查与控       Environments provides a comprehensive
        空气传播化学有害物质的工业卫生       review of the types of microorganisms in
                              With coverage of principles applicable both
        控制                    to airborne chemical and biological
                              hazards, this volume exploresanalysis as a
                              This resource introduces risk the physical
 £33.99 纳米技术:健康与环境风险
                              tool for responsible environmental decision
          建立脆弱性评估:工业卫生与工程     making in nanotechnology development
                              <P>Chemical, biological, and radioactive
          概念                  (CBR) threats are generally only
                              recognized after a catastrophic event such
                              <P>Since the publication of the first
 £69.99 有害材料管理原则 第2版
                              edition, great strides have been made in
                              <P>Rapid growth in of toxic waste that
                              reducing the amountenergy consumption,
 £82.00 空气污染:健康及环境影响
                              driven by increasing world population and
                              economic prosperity, is resulting in an
                              This book introduces basic methods for
 £82.99 Bisesi与Kohn工业卫生评价方法
                              evaluating work environments in order to
                              detect and measure threatening physical,
£127.00 完全有限空间手册

  £0.00 放射性废物管理

                              <P>While providers are&nbsp;typically
 £31.99 医学中的人为错误 第2版
                              blamed, empirical evidence shows that
                              medical errors are due most often to the
                           Written in clear and accessible language,
£99.00 职业听觉丧失
                           <STRONG>Occupational Hearing
                           Loss</STRONG> providesHandbook of
                           <P>The <STRONG>CRC a
£153.00 CRC实验室安全手册
                           Laboratory Safety, Fifth
                           Reflecting a decade’s worth of changes,
                           Edition</STRONG> provides information
£69.99 人类安全与风险管理
                           this second edition addresses safety
                           <P>A practical guide risk as well as an
                           culture and models offor eliminating safety
£69.99 OSHA施工安全与卫生手册
                           and health hazards from construction
                           worksites, this book addresses subjects
                           Applying and extending principles that can
£52.99 人为错误:原因及控制
                           help prevent consumer error, worker fault,
                           <P>According to the and organizational
                           managerial mistakes,Bureau of Labor
£95.00 现代医院安全手册
                           Statistics, healthcare is one of the
         职业保健与安全管理:实用方法    <P>The second edition of injury rates.
                           industries with the highest a bestseller, this
         第2版               book demonstrates how to initiate a
                           comprehensive occupational safety and
                           <P>Each of the four volumes in the
£121.00 服务行业健康安全手册,四卷集
                           <STRONG>Handbook of Safety and
                           Health for the Service
                           <P><STRONG>Industrial Safety and
£49.99 商品与物资服务的工业安全与卫生
                           Health for Goods and Materials
                           Services</STRONG> focuses onand
                           <P><STRONG>Industrial Safety the
£49.99 基础设施服务的工业安全与卫生
                           Health for Infrastructure
                           Services</STRONG> provides an in-depth
                           <P><STRONG>Industrial Safety and
£49.99 行政服务的工业安全与卫生
                           Health for Administrative Services
                           <P><STRONG>Industrial much-needed
                           </STRONG>constitutes a Safety and
£49.99 以人为本服务的工业安全与卫生
                           Health for People-Oriented
       医疗差错与病人安全:医学中的人     Services</STRONG> focuses on than 500
                           <P>This resource presents more the
       为因素                 ideas, concepts, and techniques that can
       企业安全保障:职业安全与卫生条     be applied and tailored to unique
                           Safety and health professionals face a
       例,道德规范与法规           variety of potential legal and ethical issues.
                           As a result of changing responsibilities and
                           <P>Still a developing discipline, Human
£49.99 人的可靠性评估的理论与实践
                           Reliability Assessment (HRA) has seen
                           many changes in the pasta companion to
                           <P>A stand-alone text or few years. And
£93.00 激光安全:工具与培训
                           <EM>Laser Safety Management</EM>,
                           <P>Combining the a number of laser
                           this book discusseslatest research with the
£54.99 手册和警告的写作和设计 第4版
                           author’s nearly 30 years of experience
                           helping companies improve instructions
                           <P>Concise yet thorough, this book
£66.99 化学制品安全使用:实用指南
                           presents quick,&nbsp;comprehensive
                           instructions to those who work with
                           <P>A comprehensive reference for
£63.99 滑倒、跌倒与掉落预防:实用手册
                           prevention, control, and mitigation of slip,
         辐射威胁和您的安全:专业人员和   trip, and fall by a health this well-illustrated
                           <P>Written accidents, physicist from the
         社区用指南和应对准备        U.S. Centers for Disease Control and
                           <P>In a radical book informs us about
                           Prevention, this departure from the
£89.00 细菌鉴定实用图册 第2版
                           classical reductionist identification of
         更安全复杂工业环境:人类因素方   bacteria dominated by genetic expert Eric
                           <P>Edited by industrial safety and
         法                 Hollnagel and featuring commentary from
                           <P>Using an field, the book approach,
                           leaders in the interdisciplinaryexamines the
£63.99 职业安全及健康手册
                           this book examines how to best protect
       安全管理员灾害指南:通过紧急情     humans in working environments. The a
                           <P>Whether the cause of a disaster is
       况、暴力和其他工作场所威胁的管     terrorist or criminal attack, fire emergency,
       理                   civil or geographic disruption, or major this
                           <P>The second edition of a bestseller,
£57.99 安全健康项目发展 第2版
                           book examines the elements of a safety
                           and health program and delineates how to
                         <P>Lean thinking has been linked to most
£25.99 精益安全:精益管理改变安全文化
                         core business processes including
        工人赔偿管理:减少受伤及有效索取 manufacturing, product development,
                         Laying out management and safety
        管理指南             procedures that reduce injuries and the
                         Based on Dr. Geller's best-selling covers
                         aggravation that follows, this book The
 £90.00 安全心理学手册
                         Psychology of Safety, The Psychology of
        作业安全:如何帮助人们主动关注 Safety Handbook, updated and expanded,
                         Working Safe: How to Help People
        健康与安全            Actively Care for Health and Safety takes a
        职业安全与健康专业人员用定义、 step-by-step, initial publication in 1993,use
                         <P>Since its proactive look at how to this
        转换与计算            book has become a standard reference for
                         safety and groundwork necessary for
                         Laying the health professionals, industrial
 £90.00 运输车队安全管理
                         effective management of transportation
                         systems, this book addresses the steps
£116.00 致命事故

£90.00 高效安全及健康训练

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