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					       Marketing Plan Outline for Sussex University Marketing 2006.
                               Emmet Hayes

A Marketing Plan is a ‘living document’. It is added to, and updated, as more
information becomes available and as market conditions change.
It is a roadmap to highlight how the product will be created, launched, and
managed. It details who are the key players, their roles, and responsibilities.

Mission Statement:
A few sentences that crisply describe the core and spirit of your product/service.

Where you plan to be, what you hope to achieve in 1 to 3 years. (Remember
SMART). If you cant measure an objective, its not an objective.

Environmental Scanning:
PEST Analysis.
SWOT Analysis.
Market Research. What type, what cost, what objective.

Demographics: Analysis of the demographics of your potential marketplace.

What segments have you identified, which one(s) you chose, and why. Also
identify segments you rejected and why.

How will you target your segment. How will you ‘reach’ your target customers.

Who are your major competitors and how do you position against them. Do you
have any USP’s.

Describe your product and its variations. What benefits does it bring to your
customer chain (include distribution channels).

How will you promote your product. Describe different methods and why you
chose what you did.

What is your pricing strategy. If your product is free, justify why.

Describe your distribution strategies, etc.

People, Physical Evidence, Processes:
Describe what resources (people, buildings, money) you will need, how you will
warehouse your product, or get it hosted.

Describe the cash flow through your business. How will it be funded, where will
revenue come from. When will you make a profit. At the end of the day, if you
cant make a profit (or bring a significant benefit to the sponsor), you are dead in
the water.
Project Plan:
Who will do what, when. Milestones etc.(Bonus Marks).

Your conclusions and recommendations.