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For Chiropractic
SpringCharts TemplateWare for Chiropractors is a powerful complement to SpringCharts that saves time and
facilitates more complete patient documentation with a minimum of e ort. Developed in partnership with
experienced Chiropractors, Pain Medicine Physicians and Physical Therapists, SpringCharts TemplateWare for
Chiropractic is comprehensive, exible and easy to use.

    Chiropractic TemplateWare Components:
    ◆ Templates: Pre-built templates of common office visits, orders
      & letters

    ◆ PopUp Mini-Templates: Key words, phrases & sentences accessible
      via context-specific PopUp windows

    ◆ Template Editor: Create and edit your own templates

    ◆ Office Visit Copy to Template: Create templates as you chart by
      saving an office visit as a template for future re-use

Specific Chiropractic Templates:
Office Visit Templates          R O S, General                   Letter Templates:
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome          R O S, Male                      Continuation Of Care 1
Chiro General                   Range Of Motion - Outline        Continuation Of Care 2
Chiro Progress Note             Standing/sitting/supine/prone    Continuation Of Care Final
Complaints / H P I              Thoracic Pain                    Independent Med Exam - P I
COPD/ Back Pain                 Well Female                      Independent Med Exam - W C
Foot / Ankle Injury             Well Male                        Medical Consult - P I
Headache                                                         Medical Consult - W C
Headache, Blank                 Orders Templates:                Missed Appointment
Headache, Child                 C T - Chest W/o Contrast         Missed Appointment
Headache, Migraine              C T - Chest With Contrast          (waived Fee)
Headache, Tension               C T - Head W/o Contrast          New Pt/ Appointment Letter
Knee Pain                       C T - Head With Contrast         No Show Letter To Patient
Low Back Pain                   C T - Pelvis W/o Contrast        No Show Letter To Physician
Medicare Cervical Segmental     C T - Pelvis With Contrast       Overdue Balance Letter 1
Medicare Head Segmental         Hospital Admission Opt 1         Overdue Balance Letter 2
Medicare Lumbar Segmental       Hospital Admission Opt 2         Psych Eval Scheduled
Medicare Pelvic Segmental       M R I - Cervical Disks           Referring Dr Follow-up
Medicare Sacral Segmental       M R I - Head W/o Contrast
Medicare Thoracic Segmental     M R I - Head With Contrast
Neck / Upper Back Pain          Occupational Therapy                                              Chiropractic PopUp Text
P A R T Exam (detailed)         Physical Therapy
P A R T Info (outline)          Stat Image
P E - Musculoskeletal - E & M   Stat X-ray
P T Neck Pain Eval
P T Thoracic Outlet Syndrome
Pain Blank, Female
Pain Blank, Male
R O S, Female

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