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									                                                                                                        No. 119 (April 1, 2010) Bimonthly
  Population of Nakano City (as of March 1, 2010)
  Total: 311,753 (94 more than last month’s figure)
  Japanese: 299,393 (45 more than last month’s figure)
  Registered foreign residents: 12,360 (49 more than last month’s figure)

                            Contents of This Issue
  P. 1        ●	 “Illegally Parked Bicycles Are a Total Nuisance!” Park Bicycles in a
                 Bicycle Parking Lot
  P. 2 and 3 ●	 Application for the New Child Allowance (Kodomo Teate) Eligible
                Individuals Should Apply before the Deadline!
             ●	 Maru-Ko      Medical Certificates Have Been Mailed to Holders of
                Maru-Nyu       Medical Certificates Who Have Children That Will Be
                Enrolling in Elementary School in April.
             ●	 Medical Expense Subsidy System for Bronchial Asthma Sufferers
             ●	 Dental Consultation Services
             ●	 Check the Leaflet How to Separate Recyclable Materials and
                Dispose of Them
             ●	 24th Nakano-dori Sakura Matsuri
             ●	 From the Foreign Resident Registration Desk—Change of Address
                (Change of Residence)
  P. 4        ●	 For Those Who Have Not Graduated from Junior High School Now                Edited and published by the Public Relations Section, Nakano
                 Accepting Registration Applications for Night School                           City Office, 4-8-1 Nakano, Nakano-ku, Tokyo 164-8501.
              ●	 ANIC International Exchange Salon                                              Tel: (03) 3228-8805 (in Japanese) Fax: (03) 3228-5645
              ●	 ANIC Japanese-Language Classes

 “Illegally Parked Bicycles Are a Total Nuisance!”
       Park Bicycles in a Bicycle Parking Lot
  Bicycles	that	are	parked	illegally	in	roadways	block	traffic	and	                     Use Bicycle Parking Lots
pose	a	hazard	to	both	drivers	and	pedestrians.	The	city	prohibits	                      Monthly use:	Fees	vary	by	parking	lot.	Handicapped	riders	may	
the	parking	of	bicycles	around	local	train	stations.	Bicycle	parking	                   be	exempt	from	paying	the	monthly	fee.
lots	are	the	only	places	in	these	no-parking	zones	where	one	may	                       Single use:	¥100	(¥150	at	Sugiyama	Koen	Chika)
legally	leave	a	bicycle	unattended,	so	be	sure	to	use	those	lots	                       For	details,	visit	the	city’s	Web	site	(in	Japanese)	or	contact	the	
even	if	you	intend	to	park	your	bicycle	for	only	a	short	time.                          Bicycle	Control	Desk.
                                                                                        Inquiries:	Bicycle	Control	Desk,	Nakano	City	Office	8F
Illegally Parked Bicycles Are Being Removed Every Day                                   Tel:	3228-5561	(in	Japanese),	Fax:	3228-5675
   Illegally	parked	bicycles	are	bicycles	that	have	been	left	un-
attended	by	their	owners	and	cannot	be	moved	quickly.	In	no-
                                                                                              No-Parking Zone               Bicycle Storage Center
parking	zones,	patrols	to	immediately	remove	unattended	bicycles	
will	be	conducted	every	day	on	weekdays	and	regularly	on	week-                          •	West	of	Nakano	Station
ends.	Bicycles	left	unattended	outside	designated	zones	may	be	                         •	North	of	Higashi-Nakano	
removed	under	certain	conditions.                                                         Station
                                                                                        •	Ochiai	Station
                                                                                                                   Nakano	Bicycle	Storage	Center
¥5,000 Charged to Reclaim Your Bicycle                                                  •	Nogata	Station
                                                                                                                   4-14	Nakano
   Impounded	bicycles	will	be	kept	at	a	bicycle	storage	center	(see	                    •	Nakano-Shinbashi	Station
                                                                                                                   Tel:	3319-1449
table	at	right)	for	one	month.	To	reclaim	your	bicycle,	you	must	                       •	Nakano-Fujimicho	Station
bring	some	form	of	identification,	your	bicycle	key,	and	a	recla-                       •	Shin-Nakano	Station	(to	
mation	fee	of	¥5,000.                                                                     be	designated	a	no-park-
                                                                                          ing	zone	in	2010)
   If	a	stolen	bicycle	is	likewise	impounded,	the	owner	will	still	be	
responsible	for	paying	the	reclamation	fee.	(This	fee	will	be	waived	                                                  Nakano	5-chome	Bicycle	Storage	
if	the	owner	can	show	proof	that	the	bicycle	was	stolen,	such	as	a	                     •	East	of	Nakano	Station       Center	
police	report	submitted	before	the	bicycle	was	impounded.)                              •	Arai-Yakushi-mae	Station     5-3	Nakano
                                                                                                                       Tel:	3388-4339
                                                                                        •	South	of	Higashi-Nakano	 Miyazono	Bicycle	Storage	Center	
                                                                                          Station                  2-18	Nakano
                                                                                        •	Nakano-Sakaue	Station    Tel:	3382-4354
                                                                                        •	Fujimidai	Station
                                                                                                                       Kamisagi	Bicycle	Storage	Center
                                                                                        •	Toritsu-Kasei	Station
                                                                                                                       5-6	Kamisaginomiya
                                                                                        •	Shin-Egota	Station
                                                                                                                       Tel.	3825-7194
                                                                                        •	Saginomiya	Station
                                                                                                                       Numabukuro	Chika	Bicycle	Stor-
                                                                                                                       age	Center
                                                                                        •	Numabukuro	Station
                                                                                                                       1-34-14	Numabukuro
                                                                                                                       Tel:	3387-2178
                                                                                        Hours:	Monday	to	Saturday	and	the	2nd	and	4th	Sundays	of	the	
                                                                                        month,	12:00	noon	to	7:00	p.m.	(Closed	holidays	and	December	
                                                                                        29	to	January	3)
Illegally parked bicycles being removed                                                 Inquiries	are	handled	in	Japanese	only.

                                      Nakano INFO is also available on the city’s Web site:
2 NAKANO INFO April 1, 2010

     Application for the New Child Allowance (Kodomo Teate)
      Eligible Individuals Should Apply before the Deadline!
   A	new	Child	Allowance	(Kodomo	Teate)	system	has	             <Application Requirements and Required Documents>
been	established	to	replace	the	current	Child	Allowance	
                                                                                               Need	to	Apply?           Required	Documents
(Jido	Teate)	system	as	of	April	1,	2010.	Nakano	City	is	
preparing	to	accept	applications	for	the	new	system.            Recipients	of	the	cur-      No.	You	will	be	auto-
   Application	materials	and	related	information	will	be	       rent	Child	Allowance	       matically	transitioned	
sent	out	in	mid-April	to	recipients	of	the	current	Child	       (Jido	Teate)	as	of	March	   to	the	new	Child	
Allowance	and	those	whose	foreign	resident	registrations	       31,	2010                    Allowance	(Kodomo	
verify	that	they	have	children	living	with	them	(as	of	April	                               Teate),	so	you	do	not	
1,	2010).	Be	sure	to	read	these	materials	and	complete	                                     need	to	apply.
the	necessary	procedures.	Individuals	who	do	not	receive	       Recipients	of	the	cur-      Yes.	You	will	need	     Application	for	the	new	
application	materials,	such	as	those	who	have	been	trans-       rent	Child	Allowance	       to	apply	for	a	benefit	 Child	Allowance
ferred	and	now	live	apart	from	their	families,	should	con-      who	have	children	in	       adjustment	(increase).
tact	the	office	below.                                          junior	high	school.
<Current Schedule>                                              Individuals	who	are	not	 Yes.	You	must	apply	         Application	for	the	new	
April:	The	city	sends	out	applications	and	related	infor-       recipients	of	the	current	 for	the	new	Child	Al-      Child	Allowance	
mation	and	starts	accepting	applications.                       Child	Allowance	(be-        lowance.                  (If	your	child	lives	at	a	
June:	The	city	starts	issuing	payments	for	the	April–May	       cause	you	do	not	meet	                                separate	residence,	you	
2010	period.                                                    income	restrictions	or	                               may	also	have	to	submit	
<Application Extension Period>                                  your	child	is	not	eligible	                           a	statement	of	facts	of	
   If	you	apply	by	September	30	(Thu.)	(either	for	the	first	   for	the	allowance	be-                                 custody	and	certificate	of	
time	or	for	a	benefit	adjustment),	your	new	application	        cause	he/she	is	in	junior	                            residence.)
will	be	approved	starting	with	the	April	payment.	If	you	       high	school)
give	birth	or	move	into	Nakano	in	or	after	April	or	if	you	
                                                                Individuals	who	gave	  Yes.	You	must	apply	           Application	for	the	new	
apply	after	September	30,	your	application	will	be	ap-          birth	to	a	child	or	   for	the	new	Child	Al-          Child	Allowance
proved	starting	with	the	month	after	your	application.	         moved	to	Nakano	after	 lowance.                       (If	your	child	lives	at	a	
<Overview of the New Child Allowance System>                    April	1,	2010                                         separate	residence,	you	
   Parents	who	live	in	Nakano	(and	are	registered	as	for-                                                             may	also	have	to	submit	
eign	residents	in	Nakano)	and	are	caring	for	children	who	                                                            a	statement	of	facts	of	
have	not	yet	completed	junior	high	school	can	apply.	(Par-                                                            custody	and	certificate	of	
ents	are	to	apply	based	on	their	home	address.)	However,	                                                             residence.)	
some	individuals	do	not	need	to	apply	(see	table	below).
  Monthly	allowance:	¥13,000	per	child                          Inquiries:	Child	Allowance	Desk,	Children’s	Comprehensive	Consultation	
  Payment	schedule:	June,	October,	and	February                 Corner	(Nakano	City	Office	3F,	Counter	#11),	Tel: 3228-8952	(in	Japa-
  Income	restrictions:	None                                     nese),	Fax:	3228-5657

  Maru-Ko Medical Certificates Have
  Been Mailed to Holders of Maru-Nyu                                            Medical Expense Subsidy
  Medical Certificates Who Have Children                                         System for Bronchial
   That Will Be Enrolling in Elementary                                            Asthma Sufferers
              School in April.
                                                                             •	Eligibility:	Individuals	who	fulfill	all	of	the	following	condi-
   Children’s	Medical	Subsidy	Certificates	(Maru-Ko	Medical	Certifi-           tions:
cates)	that	can	be	used	as	of	April	were	mailed	to	parents	of	children	        1.	 Have	lived	in	Tokyo	continuously	for	one	year	or	longer
who	previously	had	Infant’s	Medical	Care	Certificates	(Maru-Nyu	               2.	 Are	currently	suffering	from	bronchial	asthma
Medical	Certificates)	and	will	be	enrolling	their	children	in	elemen-          3.	 Are	subscribed	to	health	insurance
tary	school	in	April.                                                          4.	 Will	not	smoke	after	the	date	of	application
                                                                             •	Support available:	The	Tokyo	 metropolitan	 government	
◎ What Are Maru-Nyu and Maru-Ko Medical Certificates?                          subsidizes	the	out-of-pocket	portion	of	the	patient’s	expenses	
   Nakano	City	issues	Maru-Nyu	Medical	Certificates	to	all	children	           related	to	the	treatment	of	bronchial	asthma.	However,	some	
up	to	age	6	(preschoolers)	who	live	in	Nakano	City	and	Maru-Ko	                treatments	may	not	be	eligible	for	this	subsidy.
Medical	Certificates	to	all	elementary	and	junior	high	school	students.	     •	Applications	can	be	picked	up	and	submitted	at	the	Health	
When	either	certificate	is	presented	at	the	time	care	is	received	at	a	        Promotion	Desk	(Nakano	City	Office,	6F)	or	health	and	wel-
medical	facility,	the	city	subsidizes	the	out-of-pocket	portion	of	the	        fare	centers.	Contact	the	Health	Promotion	Desk	for	details.
patient’s	medical	expenses	(excluding	meal	costs	during	hospitaliza-
tion)	for	treatments	covered	by	the	patient’s	insurance.	                    Inquiries:	Health	Promotion	Desk	(6F),	Tel:	3228-8826	(in	
   If	you	do	not	have	a	certificate	but	do	have	an	eligible	child,	you	      Japanese),	Fax:	3228-5626
should	contact	the	office	below.	                                            Note:	Questions	about	this	subsidy	system	can	also	be	di-
Inquiries:	Child	Allowance	and	Medical	Subsidies	Desk,	3F	Chil-              rected	to	the	Environmental	Health	Section,	Bureau	of	Social	
dren’s	Comprehensive	Consultation	Corner                                     Welfare	and	Public	Health,	Tokyo	metropolitan	government	
Tel:	3228-8936	(in	Japanese),	Fax:	3228-5657                                 (Tel:	5320-4491	[in	Japanese]).
                                                                                                NAKANO INFO April 1, 2010 3

Dental Consultation Services                                               Check the Leaflet How to
   To	ensure	that	you	will	be	able	to	continue	eating	all	the	foods	     Separate Recyclable Materials
you	love	throughout	your	life,	it	is	important	to	maintain	good	
oral	health	(teeth	and	gums).
                                                                             and Dispose of Them
   Dental	consultation	services	are	provided	by	dentists	and	dental	      The	 How	 to	 Separate	 Recyclable	 Materials	 and	 Dispose	 of	
hygienists	who	can	answer	questions	regarding	oral	health	and	         Them	leaflet,	which	contains	information	on	collection	schedules	
test	for	tooth	and	gum	disease.	They	do	not	provide	dental	treat-      and	rules	of	sorting	and	disposing	of	garbage	and	recyclable	mate-
ment	but	can	show	people	how	to	prevent	dental	problems	and	can	       rials,	is	available	in	English,	Chinese,	and	Korean	from	the	offices	
teach	techniques	to	improve	oral	health,	such	as	“oral	exercises.”     listed	below.
   Nakano	residents	who	are	18	years	of	age	or	older	can	use	this	        It	also	contains	information	on	how	to	dispose	of	many	items	
service	once	a	year	at	no	cost.                                        that	residents	are	not	sure	how	to	dispose	of,	so	take	advantage	of	
   Consultation	services	are	offered	at	the	four	locations	listed	     it.	Contact	the	offices	below	for	a	copy.
below.	Be	sure	to	check	the	hours	and	make	a	reservation	at	your	      Inquiries:
preferred	location	in	advance.                                         •	Garbage	 Reduction	 Subsection	 (4-9-4	 Nakano,	 in	 the	Waste	
Consultation Service Locations and Reservation Lines                     Management	Office	Garage)
(all in Japanese)                                                      	 Tel:	3228-5563	(in	Japanese),	Fax:	3228-5634
1.	Chubu	Health	and	Welfare	Center	(2-17-6	Nakano),                    •	Waste	Management	Office	(1-6-3	Matsugaoka)
	 Tel:	3382-6665,	Fax:	5341-8818                                       	 Tel:	3387-5353	(in	Japanese),	Fax:	3387-5389
2.	Nambu	Health	and	Welfare	Center	(2-41-2	Yayoicho),
	 Tel:	3380-5551,	Fax:	3380-5532
3.	Hokubu	Health	and	Welfare	Center	(4-31-10	Egota),
	 Tel:	3389-4321,	Fax:	3389-4339
4.	Saginomiya	Health	and	Welfare	Center	(3-18-15	Saginomiya),	
	 Tel:	3336-7111,	Fax:	3336-7134
                                                                                     24th Nakano-dori
   These	hours	are	valid	through	June.	For	the	schedule	for	July	
                                                                                      Sakura Matsuri
and	beyond,	contact	each	facility.
1.	Chubu	Health	and	Welfare	Center                                         This	event	will	feature	dancing,	popular-song	performanc-
	 May	6	(Thu.)	and	June	3	(Thu.),	reservations	are	taken	starting	       es,	a	karaoke	contest,	refreshment	booths,	and	more!	Every-
   at	9:00	a.m.                                                          one	is	welcome!	There	is	no	parking	available.
2.	Nambu	Health	and	Welfare	Center                                       •	April	2	(Fri.),	5:00	to	9:00	p.m.
	 April	15	(Thu.)	and	June	17	(Thu.),	reservations	are	taken	start-      •	April	3	(Sat.),	10:00	a.m.	to	9:00	p.m.
   ing	at	9:00	a.m.                                                      •	April	4	(Sun.),	10:00	a.m.	to	5:00	p.m.
3.	Hokubu	Health	and	Welfare	Center                                        There	will	be	a	parade	on	April	4	that	starts	from	Nakano	
	 April	20	(Tue.),	May	18	(Tue.),	and	June	15	(Tue.),	reservations	      Sunplaza	at	11:00	a.m.	and	ends	at	Arai	Yakushi	Park	(5-4	
   are	taken	starting	at	1:00	p.m.                                       Arai),	which	is	the	main	venue	of	the	festival.
4.	Saginomiya	Health	and	Welfare	Center                                  Inquiries:	 Executive	 Committee	 of	 Nakano-dori	 Sakura	
	 May	11	(Tue.)	and	June	8	(Tue.),	reservations	are	taken	starting	      Matsuri	at	Arai	Community	Center	(3-11-4	Arai)		Tel:	3389-
   at	1:00	p.m.                                                          1411	(in	Japanese)		Fax:	3228-5619

         From the
     Foreign Resident
     Registration Desk   Change of Address (Change of Residence)
  If	you	are	moving	to	a	new	address	within	Nakano	City	or	mov-        4. What you will need:
ing	to	Nakano	City	from	another	area,	you	need	to	register	your	          a.	 Foreign	resident	registration	card
change	of	address.	Be	sure	you	know	how	to	accurately	write	your	         b.	 National	Health	Insurance	card	(if	subscribed)
new	address	in	its	entirety,	including	the	unit	number	and	apart-         c.	 Rental	agreement	or	a	certificate	of	residence	issued	by	your	
ment	or	condo	name,	before	visiting	the	City	Office	to	update	                landlord	(bring	it	if	you	have	one)
your	registered	information.                                           Note:	A	family	member	aged	16	and	older	who	can	confirm	that	
                                                                       he/she	lives	with	the	person	who	moved	may	act	as	the	person’s	
I. If You Are Moving to a New Address within Nakano City               proxy	in	filing	the	report.	In	such	cases,	the	proxy	must	bring	
   or Moving to Nakano City from Another Area                          some	form	of	identification	(driver’s	license,	passport,	foreign	
1. Registration update period:                                         resident	registration	card,	etc.).
	  Within	14	days	of	changing	your	address	(moving)
2. Who can report a change of address?                                 II. When Moving out of Nakano
	  The	person	who	moved	(If	this	individual	is	under	the	age	of	         You	do	not	need	to	report	your	move	to	the	Nakano	City	Office.	
   16,	 he/she	 must	 be	 accompanied	 by	 a	 member	 of	 the	 same	   Within	14	days	of	changing	your	address	(moving),	visit	the	for-
   household	who	is	over	the	age	of	16.)                               eign	resident	registration	desk	of	your	new	municipality	to	report	
3. Where do I report a change of address?                              your	change	of	address.
	 Foreign	Resident	Registration	Desk	(Nakano	City	Office	1F,	
   Counter	#9)                                                         For	details,	contact	the	Foreign	Resident	Registration	Desk,	Tel:	
	 Change	of	address	reports	cannot	be	filed	at	community	cen-          03-3228-5505	(in	Japanese)
   ters.                                                               Foreign	 Resident	 Registration	 Desk	 (Nakano	 City	 Office	 1F,	
                                                                       Counter	#9)
4 NAKANO INFO April 1, 2010

   For Those Who Have Not Graduated from Junior High School
     Now Accepting Registration Applications for Night School
  Night	school	classes	are	available	for	individuals	who	have	not	       Some	schools	have	begun	offering	Japanese-language	classes	
yet	graduated	from	elementary	or	junior	high	school.	Applicants	       for	those	who	are	struggling	with	Japanese.	Tuition	is	free.	Inquire	
must	be	15	years	of	age	or	older,	but	otherwise	there	are	no	age	or	   for	details.
nationality	restrictions.	Anyone	who	wants	to	study	can	enroll	at	     Inquiries:
any	time.	Upon	graduation,	enrollees	will	receive	their	junior	high	   Setagaya	City	Mishuku	Junior	High	Night	Classes
school	graduation	certificates	(the	same	as	for	those	who	attend	      1-3-43	Taishido,	Setagaya-ku,	Tokyo
day	classes).                                                          Tel:	3424-5255

                                  International Exchange Salon
  This	is	a	place	where	Japanese	and	non-Japanese	residents	can	       Date and time:	April	23	(Fri.),	7:00	to	9:00	p.m.
interact	with	one	another	while	talking	in	Japanese.	The	upcom-        Location:	ANIC	Conference	Room	2,	Nakano	Zero	West	Annex	
ing	theme	is	“Let’s	Learn	about	Korea.”	Those	who	would	like	to	       4F	(2-9-7	Nakano)
participate	should	call	to	register	in	advance.                        Fee:	¥200
                                                                       Registration and Inquiries:	Association	for	Nakano	International	
                                                                       Communications	(ANIC),	Tel:	5342-9169

                                     Japanese-Language Classes
   The	Association	 for	 Nakano	 International	 Communications	        Registration fee:
(ANIC)	offers	Japanese	classes	for	non-Japanese	residents	and	         ¥2,000	for	those	who	live	or	work	in	Nakano
returnees.	Small-group	lessons	are	taught	by	volunteers.	Applica-      ¥3,000	for	those	who	live	outside	of	Nakano
tions	are	always	being	accepted.                                       Textbook fee:
Note:	Students	of	Japanese-language	schools	are	not	eligible.          ¥500	for	beginners
Schedule:                                                              ¥1,400	for	students	who	can	write	hiragana	and	katakana
1.	Tuesday	morning	class,	10:00	a.m.	to	12:00	noon                     Activity fee:	¥200	will	be	collected	every	two	months.
2.	Tuesday	afternoon	class,	2:00	to	4:00	p.m.                          Registration:	Come	to	the	ANIC	before	the	first	meeting	of	the	
3.	Thursday	evening	class,	6:30	to	8:30	p.m.                           class	you	want	to	take.
		*	Choose	one	of	the	above	options	and	join	the	same	class	every	
    week.                                                              Inquiries:	Association	for	Nakano	International	Communications	
4.	Children’s	 Japanese	 class	 (for	 elementary	 and	 junior	 high	   (ANIC),	Nakano	Zero	West	Annex	1F,	2-9-7	Nakano,	Nakano-ku
    school	students),	Tuesday	and	Thursday,	4:15	to	5:50	p.m.          Tel:	5342-9169,	Fax:	3383-0728
Location:	ANIC	Conference	Room	1,	Nakano	Zero	West	Annex	
3F	(2-9-7	Nakano)

                                                                                                            Chamber of Commerce
                                                                                                            and Industries Hall

                                                                                                                  Waseda-dori St.
                                                                           Nakano City Office   Sun Plaza                Family Mart    COCO’S
                                                                                                                   convenience store    family restaurant
                                                                                                    North Exit
                                                                                                   Nakano Sta.                         To Shinjuku

                                                                           To Koenji                                                   Shimachu
                                                                                                     South Exit

                                                                                                                      Police Box
                                                                                                                                       Nakano Zero Main
                                                                                                                   West Annex

In the middle of a Japanese-language class

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