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									                                               Office of the State Chief Information Officer
                                                          CIO MAILING LIST BY
                                             AGENCY, CONSTITUTIONAL, OR DEPARTMENT

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           Agency                   Department                                 Title                CIO

           BT&H                    Business, Transportation and Housing        AIO                  Ann Barsotti
           Transportation and
           Housing Agency
                                   Board of Pilot Commissioners                Assistant Director   Nancy Bennett

                                   California Housing Finance Agency           CIO                  VACANT

                                   Department of Alcohol Beverage Control      CIO                  Lyle Stewart

                                   Department of Corporations                  CIO                  Carolyn Nelson

                                   Department of Financial Institutions        CIO                  George Gaborek

                                   Department of Housing and Community         Chief, IT Branch     Christine McCaleb
                                   Department of Managed Health Care           CIO                  Barbara Garrett

                                   Department of Motor Vehicles                CIO                  Bernard Soriano

                                   Department of Real Estate                   CIO                  Steven Ellis

                                   Department of the California Highway Patrol CIO                  Reginald Chappelle

                                   Department of Transportation                CIO                  Ann Barsotti

                                   Office of Real Estate Appraisers            CIO                  Diane Westphal

                                   Office of Traffic Safety                    CIO                  Jon Kirkham

           CalEMA                  California Emergency Management Agency AIO, Acting               Col. Keith Tresh
           Emergency               (CalEMA)
           Management Agency
                                   California Emergency Management Agency CIO                       Sue Plantz
           CalEPA                  California Environmental Protection Agency AIO                   Sergio Gutierrez
                                   Air Resources Board                         CIO                  Steve Grogan

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                                          Office of the State Chief Information Officer
                                                     CIO MAILING LIST BY
                                        AGENCY, CONSTITUTIONAL, OR DEPARTMENT

           Agency             Department                                  Title           CIO

                              Department of Pesticide Regulation          CIO             Joanne Payan

                              Department of Toxic Substance Control       CIO, Acting     Phillip Minas

                              Office of Environmental Health Hazard       CIO             Jennifer Garland
                              State Water Resources Control Board         CIO, Acting     Shelley Dufault

           CDCR               California Department of Corrections and    AIO             Joe Panora
           Corrections and    Rehabilitation
                              California Department of Corrections and    CIO             Andrea K. Wallin-Rohmann
           HHSA               Office of Systems Integration               AIO             VACANT
           Health and Human
           Services Agency
                              California Department of Public Health      CIO             Nabil Fares

                              California Office of HIPAA Implementation   CIO             Christine Schmoeckel

                              Department of Aging                         CIO             Bill Hogan

                              Department of Alcohol Drug and Programs     CIO             Gigi Smith

                              Department of Child Support Services        CIO             Rebecca Stilling

                              Department of Community Services &          CIO             Ed Lee
                              Department of Developmental Services        CIO             Beverly Humphrey

                              Department of Health Care Services          CIO, Acting     Bruce Lim

                              Department of Mental Health                 CIO             Denise Blair

                              Department of Rehabilitation                CIO             Jan Snead

                              Department of Social Services               CIO             Karen Cagle

                              Emergency Medical Services Authority        CIO             Ed Armitage

                              Managed Risk Medical Insurance Board        CIO             Marie Jungkeit

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                                              Office of the State Chief Information Officer
                                                         CIO MAILING LIST BY
                                            AGENCY, CONSTITUTIONAL, OR DEPARTMENT

           Agency                 Department                                 Title               CIO

                                  Office of Statewide Health Planning and    CIO                 Stephanie Clendenin
                                  Office of Systems Integration              CIO                 Michael Liang

           CDFA                   California Department of Food and          AIO                 Chris Cruz
           Food and Agriculture   Agriculture
           California Natural     California Natural Resources Agency        AIO                 Tim Garza
           Resources Agency
                                  Bay Conservation and Development           SISA                Andrew Chin
                                  California Coastal Commission              CIO                 Alfred Wanger

                                  California Coastal Conservancy             CIO                 Chris Crossley

                                  California Conservation Corps             Chief, Information   Rita Gass
                                  California Energy Resources, Conservation CIO                  VACANT
                                  & Development Commission
                                  Colorado River Board                      CIO                  Christopher Harris

                                  Delta Protection Commission                CIO                 Debbie Eddy

                                  Delta Stewardship Council                  CIO                 John Ryan, Jr.

                                  Department of Boating and Waterways        CIO                 Frank Wong

                                  Department of Conservation                 CIO                 Kevin See

                                  Department of Fish and Game                CIO                 Jeff Funk

                                  CALFIRE                                    CIO                 Ron Ralph

                                  Department of Parks and Recreation         CIO                 Alan Friedman

                                  Department of Resources Recycling and      CIO                 Gary Arstein-Kerslake
                                  Department of Water Resources              CIO                 Tim Garza

                                  Native American Heritage Commission        Executive Secretary Larry Meyers

                                  Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta               CIO                 John Ryan, Jr.

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                                           Office of the State Chief Information Officer
                                                      CIO MAILING LIST BY
                                         AGENCY, CONSTITUTIONAL, OR DEPARTMENT

           Agency               Department                                 Title                 CIO

                                San Joaquin River Conservancy              Executive Officer     Melinda Marks

                                Santa Monica Mountain Conservancy          Chief Deputy          Rorie Skei
                                State Lands Commission                     CIO                   David Brown

                                Tahoe Conservancy                          Project Manager       Eileen Hoyt

                                Wildlife Conservation Board                Asst. Executive       Dave Means
           SCSA                 State and Consumer Services Agency         AIO                   Andrew Armani
           State and Consumer
           Services Agency
                                State and Consumer Services Agency         Deputy AIO            Debra Gonzales

                                Board of Chiropractic Examiners            Licensing Manager     Linda Shaw

                                California African-American Museum         Deputy Director,      Woodburn Schofield
                                California Science Center                  Deputy Director       Cheryl Tateishi

                                Department of Consumer Affairs             CIO, Acting           Debbie Balaam

                                Department of Fair Employment and          Deputy Director       Monica Rea
                                Franchise Tax Board                        CIO                   Cathy Cleek

                                Department of General Services             CIO                   Tom Jones

                                Fair Employment & Housing Commission       Chief Administrator   Denise Choye

                                Public Employees' Retirement System        CIO                   Dale Jablonsky

                                Seismic Safety Commission                  Administrative        Karen Cogan
                                State Personnel Board                      CIO, Acting           Pouneh Tehrani

                                State Teachers' Retirement System          CTO                   Janice Hanson

                                Victims Compensation & Government          CIO                   Kathy Cruz
                                Claims Board

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                                             Office of the State Chief Information Officer
                                                        CIO MAILING LIST BY
                                           AGENCY, CONSTITUTIONAL, OR DEPARTMENT

           Agency                Department                                  Title               CIO

           LWDA                  Labor and Workforce Development Agency AIO                      Carlos Quant
           Labor and Workforce
           Development Agency
                                 Employment Development Department           CIO, Acting         Mike Howland

                                 Agriculture Labor Relations Board           Executive Secretary J Antonio Barbosa

                                 California Unemployment Insurance           CIO                 Rafael Placencia
                                 Appeals Board
                                 California Workforce Investment Board       CIO                 Douglas Sale

                                 Department of Industrial Relations          CIO                 Jim Culbeaux

                                 Employment Training Panel                   CIO                 Keson Khieu

           Veterans Affairs      California Department of Veterans Affairs   AIO                 Christie Borchin

           Office of the State   Office of Technology Services               Director, Acting    Adrian Farley
           Chief Information
           Officer (OCIO)
                                 Office of Technology Services               CIO, Acting         Mike Deraya

                                 Office of Information Security              Director, Acting    Keith Parker

           Constitutional        Board of Equalization                       CIO                 Anna Brannen

           Constitutional        California Department of Education          CIO                 Kevin Matsuo

           Constitutional        Department of Insurance                     CIO                 VACANT

           Constitutional        Department of Justice                       AIO                 Diana Young

           Constitutional        Department of Justice                       CIO                 William Stobie

           Constitutional        Governor's Office                           CIO                 Becky Curler

           Constitutional        Judicial Council of California              Director of         Pat Yerian
                                                                             Information Systems

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                                        Office of the State Chief Information Officer
                                                   CIO MAILING LIST BY
                                      AGENCY, CONSTITUTIONAL, OR DEPARTMENT

           Agency           Department                                  Title                CIO

           Constitutional   Legislative Data Center                     Chief Deputy         Tracy Fong
           Constitutional   Legislature - State Assembly                CIO                  Sohrab Mansourian

           Constitutional   Lieutenant Governor's Office                Capitol Director     Dinora Ramirez

           Constitutional   Office of the Secretary of Education        Administrative       Mark Rodriguez
           Constitutional   Secretary of State                          AIO/CIO              Mary Winkley

           Constitutional   State Controllers Office                    CIO, Acting          Jan Ross

           Constitutional   State Treasurer's Office                    CIO                  Alethea Lewis

                             ALL OTHER GENERAL GOVERNMENT ENTITIES
           None             CA Exposition and State Fair                CIO                  Jay Carlson

           None             Bureau of State Audits                      Chief, Information   Karl Okamoto
           None             California Arts Council                     Chief of             Scott Heckes
           None             California Commission on Aging              Executive Director   Sandra Fitzpatrick

           None             California Community College Chancellor's   Director of         Myrna Huffman
                            Office                                      Information Systems
           None             California Gambling Control Commission      CIO                 Jacob Muscan

           None             California Horse Racing Board               CIO                  Stephen Saks

           None             California Law Revision Commission          Asst. Executive      Brian Hebert
           None             California Medical Assistance Commission    Research Director    Mervin Tamai

           None             California Occupational Information        CIO                   Charlsey Cartwright
                            Coordinating Committee
           None             California Postsecondary Education         CIO                   August (Gus) Cubillo
           None             California Prison Health Care Receivership CIO                   Jamie Mangrum

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                                Office of the State Chief Information Officer
                                           CIO MAILING LIST BY
                              AGENCY, CONSTITUTIONAL, OR DEPARTMENT

           Agency   Department                                 Title               CIO

           None     California Public Utilities Commission     CIO                 Ravi Subramanian

           None     California State Library                   CIO                 Jarrid Keller

           None     California State Lottery                   CIO                 Ellen Ishimoto

           None     California State Summer School for the Arts Deputy Director    Joseph Alameida

           None     California Student Aid Commission          CIO                 John Bays

           None     California Volunteers                      CIO                 VACANT

           None     Commission on Peace Officers Standards & CIO                   Mitch Coppin
           None     Commission on Teacher Credentialing      CIO                   Darren Addington

           None     Department of Finance                      Chief, IT Operations Richard Gillihan
                                                               and Consulting
           None     Department of Finance                      CIO                 Wesley Major

           None     Department of Personnel Administration     CIO                 Tim Schoenhardt

           None     Department of the Military                 CIO, Acting         William Eric Roberts, LTC

           None     Fair Political Practices Commission        CIO                 Tony Molina

           None     Little Hoover Commission                   Project Manager     Eric Stern

           None     Office of Administrative Law               Director            Susan Lapsley

           None     Office of the State Public Defender        CIO                 John Pashenee

           None     Public Employment Relations Board          Chief Administrative Eileen Potter
           None     State Compensation Insurance Fund          CIO                  Rebecca Wanta

           None     State Council on Developmental Disabilities Community Program Karim Alipourfard

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