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					   “The 75k/Week

The 4- Simple Step By Step Secret System Anyone Can Use To Generate At
       Least N 75,000 Every Week Starting In Few Days From Now.


                   Oluwatoyin Omotoso
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                                    Section 1
         Introduction to The 4-Simple-Step Method.
This same system you are about to fully discover is what has been running in the
united states (that is where it originated from) and is actually highly responsible
for their prosperity and high level of development.

       It is about selling information.

I know…. I know….. I know…..

That might sound crazy to you. Yes! It is crazy but it is real.

Information sells and a lot of people (very young guys) are getting rich al over the
world today just selling information.

Now, don’t get scared and say “I don’t have any information to sell”. Well, you do
simply because you don’t have to be a professor to do what we are talking about

       Okay…. Enough of the intro.

       Let’s talk about of the 4-simple-steps that can start generating 75k/week for
you in the next FEW days f you implement them.

                              The 4 - Steps
They are:

   1.   Which information do I sell?
   2.   How do I create or get the information?
   3.   How do I advertise or sell the information?
   4.   How do I deliver the sold information?

Sorry…. Before I go on would like to tell you that I might be using info as
shortened form for information in the course of this report. So, don’t be confused.

Now, I decided to put the 4 steps above in form of questions so that you can
actually ask yourself when the time comes and put answers to them. You can then
convert those answers to the steps you will personally use to set up your own
N75/week cash generating machine.

Before we move on, let me quickly tell you that this system is a proven one. There
are lots of testimonies all around. You would join them very soon regardless of
who you are right now only if you practice what you will read in this report.

As a matter of fact, you can actually get started and move ahead faster if you
happen to be someone who is experienced at doing something, it might be that you
are a stockbroker, Forex trader, Farmer, Doctor, Lawyer, Marketer, Engineer,
Pastor. Etc.

Just name it.


The funny thing about this step which I want to take you through is that you do not
even have to be an expert or know anything.

Does that sound funny?

I will explain the magic to you very soon but I have to talk out some things first.

              Which Information Do I Sell?
One major question people ask me and other experts whenever we talk about the
subject of selling information is this which information do I sell? And the answer
is simple. It is “Any information that has a market that is ready to buy”

A market here means a group of people that are looking for particular information
in some area of their lives that would help them live better, move ahead in their
job etc.

       For instance, if by tomorrow somebody discovers the treatment to AIDs
and he decides to publish it in a book. How many copies do you think will sell
within the next 2 weeks? I can assuredly tell you that millions of copies will be

      But….let’s come down so that you don’t even have to create any product in
some cases (I will talk about that soon).

       The major question is how do I know the information that some people are
willing to buy now? The answer is below:

       Firstly, people will buy information that has to relate to some evergreen
aspect of life known as human being’s hot desires. For instance, any information
that help people to make more money especially in a more simpler way or help
then get out of debt will sell any day. I can bet that with you.

       Other information that will keep selling until the world comes to an end
Are information in areas such as:

       Good health

     Secondly, you can know the information people are willing to buy by looking
at the economy and your environment. What problems do you think people are
facing and need a quick solution to?

    I will give you an example:

    I created a product called Job Getters package a year ago which has sold lot of
copies. This product was targeted to help people who are looking for a job become
more successful in their quest for a job.

    How did I know this book will sell? Simple, I knew Nigeria is faced with the
problems of unemployment and that most of our graduates do not know how to
apply for a job basically because they are not taught in schools.

   Other products that I have seen people create out of the problems in our
economy includes:

    -   How to build inverters ( An inverter is an appliance that helps in
        converting DC into AC
    -   How to build solar power generating systems
    -   How to improve your internet connection speed etc.

   And all these information sell like crazy even through they are sold at
expensive rates.

    You too can do that, you can look at your career environment, family etc write
down the common problems people are facing there. Do not think about the
solutions for now.

   But mind you, as you are sitting down right there, are some information that
you posses which is the solution to a problem some people are facing right now.

    I will give you an example.

    I was told the story of a banker who once works with one of the big 25 banks.

    This guy had some deep sense of programming because he was in that field
before something caught him up top be a banker who has not even working in the
InfoTech department of the bank.

    Now the software been used by this branch where he was, was giving them
some headache and they kept struggling with it until one day when some one
stumbled upon his CV.

    So, this guy is an experienced programmer? The news got to the manager and
they decided to take him to the Infotech department, when he got there, he
corrected the software problem within a week.

    Now, the lesson here is that if that guy had actually written a proposal to the
bank offering that he would repair the whole system for a huge amount of money
he would have been given the job.

    So, look at yourself and think some things out.

    Thirdly, you can get access to the information people are looking for by
reading newspapers and checking the columns where people ask questions. Check
out the kind of question that keep coming up and can instantly get the information
these people are looking for.
    You can also go online to visit forums especially Nigerian forums since you
are not selling to the information markets.

For instance, when you go to a forum like the one at, simply
look for an area that interest you and checking out the questions that people are as
long there.

      In short, the information you want to sell must be Hot and have a readily
market who will buy what you have to offer.

        For instance, as at the time I am writing this report, I just got 2 information
that will sell like crazy. The first one is “how to get a UK visa with N20,000 or
less” the second one ( almost completed/ is “tip and strategies to prevent

By the time I start selling these materials, I know I will make a lot of money….
More than N75, 000 in a week.

I guarantee that!

 Now, did you get this aspect of the business because you might not get the other
areas if these aspects are left out.

       TIP-You can use the search box at forums to search for questions using
openers like “How do I, How to, How can, where can, etc to get questions people
are looking for solutions to.

       Are you in a haste? Cool down man, you won’t get this stuff very well if
you are in a haste. By the way, I have spent 5 years doing this with a lot of
mistakes that that I hope you wont repeat so that is why I am taking it so simple so
that EVEN a 14 year old can use it effectively.

               How Do I Create Or Get the
                Information to Sell ?
      So you have gotten a particular problem that people would like to know
more about or get the solution in using any of the 3 pointers I gave you.

       So, let’s say information ‘on How to attract a beautiful woman and win her
love” but the truth is that you don’t even know the right solution to that need.
What do you do?

      Let me quickly make this clear. Any information you will provide to help
people will definitely come from 2 of the sources below.

   1. It will come from you or
   2. It will come from others

   It will come from you only if you already have good knowledge of the topic at
hand or if you are ready to devote some time to become an expert at the topic
before you start selling it.

   Now, these are 2 things: if it were to be an information on “How to repair a
computer or How to build an inverter that you can learn within 3 days, then you
should go and learn it and become an expert on the subject so that you can sell it to
other people.

   That is if you are not presently knowledgeable about the subject.

    Number 2, there are different ways by which you can get others to get you the
information you need.

   The easiest way is by simply buying resale right or private label right to a
product that has been completed and developed by an expert.

       If you are buying resale rights, that means you can sell the product for any
price you went without editing a single word on it.

      However, if you are buying private label right also known as PLR to a
product, you can actually edit, tear apart, re-package the product and even put your
name on it as the author. Gbosa!

        That makes you an instant author.

In my example above, all you have to do will be go online and look for a book
with resale rights or private label rights no “How to attract a beautiful woman and
win her love” and start selling it immediately (we would take a simple way to sell
very soon).

       The funny thing here is that you can actually get access to lots and lots of
free resale and private label right products on the internet.

        Okay…….Let’s continue.

       Do you remember that the topic of this section is actually on how you can
create or get the information to sell”

       I have started talking on how to get the information to sell but let me
quickly talk on how to create the information to sell.

        Information can be sold in many formats based on the type of the
information. For instance, I won’t be able to effectively teach you how to design a
website with ban ordinary manual, you will definitely need some practical
illustrious to get it right.

       Let me just quickly list the various means by whish information can be
coated below:

   1.   E-books
   2.   Books
   3.   Audio CD
   4.   Video CD,/ DVD
   5.   Video software
   6.   Seminars.

   There are other means than these but the six above are the simplest ones you
can understand for now.

       However, only no 1& 6 will be treated in this report with much emphasis
on only number because it is the easiest and fastest way to make money that I have
ever seen.

Let me tell you why.

       An E-book is a book like the one are reading right now.

Do you realize that I did not spend anytime in printing or doing some stupid
typesetting. All I did was write my stuffs. Give it to somebody to type for me (I
hate typing) and then convert it into a PDF file and that’s all.

In order to get it across to you, I do not have to waste my money sending it by
post. All I do is to upload it to the internet so that as much as many people can
download as much as many copies they want as possible so, what is the cost of
production? Zero.

      So, let’s say that I discovered a market for a topic like “How to prevent
sagging Breasts” which is exclusively for ladies. All I would do is.

   1. Sit down and write the information (If I am knowledgeable about it or ask
      someone who does to write it out for me.)
   2. Get it typed and convert it to PDF file.
   3. Upload it to a free but secured space on the internet
   4. Advertise and sell it to people who need it using a tiny classified advert +
   5. Send the people who buy a copy the download link via email so that they
      can download it from anywhere in Nigeria

       So if I sell 10 copies of my e-book (which has Zero productions costs at N
5,000 each within a week, that is N50,000 a week.

       All I have to do is repeat my adverts and I can be making N 200,000 per
month. This might sound silly but it is really true.

   Do you remember that I also talked about selling information through
seminars? This one is also easy except for the fact that you will have to spend
more money in putting a seminar together then an e-book.

   And you see, seminar production business is a very lucrative one only if you
   can push the right butters. To organize highly successful seminars, the
   following things must be in place.

          A very HOT Topic that has A market of people who are ready to pay.
          An effective and powerful means of advertising.
          A follow up technique.
          An easy identified venue.

       Also in organizing a seminar, you don’t have to be the one to speak or train
people there, I planned a Forex seminar sometime ago and all I did was to invite 2
experienced Forex Trades (because I do not know ABC about Forex)

      You too can do the same thing, in a SINGLE seminar you can make as high
as N350, 000 within the few hours that the seminar will last for. If you put other
seminar strategies into effort’

       You can make as high as N700, 000 from a SINGLE seminar.

                How Do I Advertise Or Sell The
I don’t know where you are right now but I am pretty sure that 99% of people
reading this are not on the same state where I am so how do you think I would
advertise my e-book or information?

        I would do that simply by using by using a tiny classified advert. A tiny
classified advert is a boxed advert that you see in dailies with various sizes. the
one I love to use most is either the 2 inches by 2 column advert or the 2inches by 1

        If you saw the advert for this report in a tabloid, Then that means you saw it
in a classified advert.

       Why would I use a classified advert? I use it simply because it is cheep and
large enough to attract the attention of people who need what I am selling.

     All I need is for them to say: “I am interested in what you are selling, send
me more info”

       How would I do this?

Let’s go back to the report that I said I wanted to sell titled “How to prevent
sagging breasts” all I would do is create a powerful advert which looks like this:

                             REVEALED AT
                        “Experts Reveal How You
                        Can Prevent Your Breasts
                             From Sagging!
                           For free details, send email to

       Or check out this second advert:

                   HOW TO GET A HOT, SEXY GIRLFRIEND!
                        Discover How To Seduce and
                        Get A HOT, Sexy Girlfriend In
                         14 Days or Less Even If You
                               Are Very Shy!

                   "For FREE Instant Info, send an email to

      Now that advert will catch the attention of anybody who wants to prevent
   her breast from sagging or the guy who wants to attract girls and the desperate
   ones will send an e-mail to the e-mail address I provided in the advert.

       When that happens, I would have a letter ready which introduces me briefly
   and describes the benefits my products has to offer plus how it will greatly help
   the user inside this letter, I would also give out name and bank account so that
   the proposal can pay into it.

      Immediately requests starts pouring in, I will start sending back the letter I
   have prepared.

      Right here, you must know that not everybody who showed interest would
   buy a copy and this is due to various reasons like;

          1. The person might not trust you majorly because she has not seen you
             before and is afraid that you might be scammer.

          2. The person might not get the mail (it might have gone directly into
             the Bulk/spam folder which most people do not check.)

          3. The person might not be financially buoyant to buy the report right
             then and is waiting for when to get the money.

      So, what do you do to make more people buy, this is simple. Remember,
you have the content emails of all those who should interest?

        Simply separate those who are yet to buy and keep sending emails that take
a topic out of the e-book, discuss it with them so that they can see how powerful
the product is and tell them to order for the product if they want to get the full

Remember to always put your bank account details there.

    How Do I Deliver The Sold Information?
      This is going to be the shortest section of this e-book to deliver the sold
book after customer pays is easy.

       Firstly, if you use a bank like GTB to collect your payments they will
definitely send you a text message to confirm the payments.

       So, all you have to do is to send the e-book to the buyer either by
    1. Attaching it to an email.
    2. uploading it to a web short

       If you want to attach it to an e-mail, simply click on “compose” or “Reply”
    and you will see a button that says, something like “Attach File” depending on
    the kind of e-mail account you are using. When you click on that button, you
    will be taken to a page where you can click on a button which says BROWSE
    to have for where the file you want to attach is on the computer.

       On selecting the file, click on “Attach files” when the file has been
    attached, simply type in your e-mail and click on send.

       Due to the fact that I do not have the time to go through the vigorous action
    of attaching files all the time, I like saving it somewhere on the internet so that
    anybody who has been given access can download it.

       So, I will just send an email like that this when somebody has brought


    Thanks for the purchase

    You can download the “Name of products”

    I will be happy to work with you thanks.

                                                  Your name.

    …… And that is all. Does this sound complex? I bet it doesn’t.

   If your product sells for N4,500, surely 20 sales within a week will give
   N90,000 a week but be careful not to overprice or under price your products.

      Remember, to ensure your success, the following areas are very important.

      ⇒   A Hot Topic (information) with a ready market
      ⇒   A powerful advert: (classified
      ⇒   A powerful e-mail advert.
      ⇒   Effective follow-up
      ⇒   Good delivery system.

      Remember, no matter who you are or what you are doing right now, you
can add an extra source of income for yourself.

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