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									Cornerstone Church
Welcome Project Proposal
Table of Contents

      3     Overview of Project
      4     Menu Tree for Outline
      5-6   Script for Main Video
      7     DVD Case Cover Idea
      8     Price of Project & Options
Overview of Project
  Description: Project was to replace current CD-rom
  welcome disc with a DVD that would include all cur-
  rent aspects of the church. Out of date materials on
  the CD-rom include but not limited to: no r-life, no
  synergy, ministry staff members & positions, products
  (messages {has tape series}, CDs, VHSs, Books), no fu-
  ture is now crusades, PAC animation instead of actual
  place are just a few. Also all the material looks dated
  and sanctuary looks very different. This Project would
  entail refilming two host to narrate the main video on
  the DVD, film new b-roll, edit all portions of the main
  video as well as mini-videos of spectrum, r-life, fine
  arts, & synergy, also well as author the DVD plus a
  number of other misc things. A DVD format was cho-
  sen because the ease of being able to re-edit, marginal
  cost difference, increase in quality, ability to add more
  information, and ability to be played in most DVD
  players and all DVD-roms whether mac or PC is why
  this format was chosen. For the filming of the host and
  any other portions to be done by Joshua Cunning, it
  will have to been done by January 4th, 2007. Otherwise
  the parts will have to be filmed by Cornerstone’s team
  and the tape mailed to Josh for editing. Also proposed
  in the project was to film each pastor and minister for
  a 3 minute or less segment for their bio section to just
  talk about what they do at Cornerstone. This would
  make the section more personable, and give the viewer
  a better connection to the staff. The price is the same
  whether or not this is done. If any questions or con-
  cerns arise please call or e-mail.
Menu Tree for
Welcome DVD
Welcome Project Main
Video Script
    (Host 1) Hello and thank you for taking the time to watch this
    presentation. I am __________ and this is my wife ______________
    I am one of the _______________ here at Cornerstone.

    (Host 2) Every week thousands of people gather across the region to
    worship and learn the word of God. We aspire here at Cornerstone to
    be a place where you can feel your faith and have a good time in the
    process. At Cornerstone we have services on Sundays at 9 and
    11:30 am as well as our mid-week service on Thursdays at 7:30 pm.

    (Host 1) We seek to lift and inspire you with a life changing word as
    presented to us by our senior pastor, Michael Pitts. Pastor Pitts is
    known as one of this generation’s great apostolic leaders. His
    message is clear, precise, and timely for this present generation.
    (Insert shot of Pastor preaching at Cornerstone and Potter’s House)

    (Host 2) At Cornerstone we believe that our children are a gift from
    God and we believe in sowing into them because they are the future.
    Our Children’s ministry at Cornerstone is called Spectrum and serves
    infants through the sixth grade. We have age appropriate themed
    classrooms so that our children will have an environment to worship
    and learn the word of God. Some of the classrooms include Bible
    Safari, 56th Street Café, NRG Zone, and many more. For more
    information on Spectrum, it resources, and facilities; go to the
    ministries section of this DVD and click on the spectrum logo.

    (Host 1) Cornerstone also has a youth ministry called r-life. R-life
    reaches youth in the 7th through 12th grades. R-life meets every other
    Sunday to discuss issues that impact their generation as well as
    fellowship with friends. R-life has great worship, particle teaching, and
    great discussions. R-life also has mentoring programs, small group
    activities, social events, camps, and community service. For more
    information on these areas and other facets of r-life; click on the r-life
    logo in the ministries section.

    (Host 2) Fine arts are an important part of our services, whether it’s
    the choir, drama, praise team, dancers, or any of the other faces of
    fine arts; you will see great excitement, energy, and excellence in
    these expressions of worship. Cornerstone has been blessed with
    many gifted artists and we have had the opportunity to record a
number of albums. One song that is touching the nations is no limits,
here is a look at this incredible song. (Insert a 1min segment of no

(Host 1) There are many ways you can get connected here at
Cornerstone, and we like to call it Synergy. Synergy are the connect
groups here at Cornerstone, and there is something for everyone.
Synergy offers activities for men, women, married couples, teens,
mature adults as well as groups for the family and many more. There
are a variety of connect groups from biblical studies to life skills to
sports and recreation to name a few. Really, there is something for
everyone here at Cornerstone. For more information on synergy click
on the logo in the ministry section of this DVD. For a current listing of
connect groups that are going on right now go online to our website
at cornerstone church .us or stop by the synergy station before or
after one of our services and pick up a catalog and the monthly

(Host 2) Throughout the year Cornerstone holds a number of great
events including our heaven on earth conference, impact ladies
conference, and numerous guests to name a few. We have a number
of outreaches that we do here at Cornerstone including going to
nursing homes, hospitals, penitentiaries, assisted living places to
name just a few. In trying to help build a better world by building
better families, Cornerstone publishes a number of helpful articles like
parent’s toolbox and “La Prenza”.

(Host 1)As you can see, there are a lot of great things happening
here at Cornerstone Church, we do not have time to tell you about
everything we do, but we hope we gave you a glimpse into what we
are all about. There is a lot more information about Cornerstone on
this DVD. For additional information, to watch our services live, or
contact us; log on to our website at cornerstone church .us. We hope
you have enjoyed this presentation and tat we will see you again
soon here at Cornerstone Church.
Price of Project
  The Price for this project is $1,200 and includes all items below:

  -Filming of Host (As long as done by Jan 4th)

  -Film Pastors/Ministers Bios (As long as done by Jan 4th)

  -Filming of B-roll (Start immediately unless told otherwise and will do
  it until Jan 4th)

  -Edit of Main DVD Video

  -Edit of DVD videos for Spectrum, R-life, synergy & Fine arts

  -Creation of all DVD Menus

  -Author of DVD itself

  -Add subtitles to all videos

  -Other misc tasks for the purpose of completing this project

  Drafts will be sent of all areas for approval via e-mail. Once all pieces
  are approved, a DVD draft will be sent for final approval. Any necessary
  changes will be made and a final DVD will be sent for Cornerstone to
  do whatever purposes it wants with the project. Also a master of the
  video segments will be sent on DVCpro tape.

  Any questions or concerns contact Joshua Cunning at 419-376-4637 or

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