Child International Travel Consent Form by ojl14178


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									                             Consent for International Travel

I, ____________________________(&)______________________MAKE OATH AND SAY
   Signature                       Signature

that I (we) am(are) the lawful Guardian of:

__________________________________born on_________________in__________________

My(our) child has consent to travel with Rich Krinks, Carlos Macedo, Kevin Ricketts, and Tim
Nelson of Alameda World Tournament Baseball, Alameda, CA, USA, to visit Mexico.

In the event that my(our) child requires emergency medical treatment and I(we) cannot be
reached, the above mentioned persons are authorized to make emergency medical decisions in
my(our) behalf.

Any questions regarding this consent can be directed to me(us) at:


______________________________________, California, USA

_______________________________________ Phone Number

SWORN BEFORE ME at the City of                                  )

______________________in the State of California                )

County of______________, this______day of                       )

____________________, 2007                                      )

A NOTARY PUBLIC in and for the City of

______________________, in the State of__________

County of_______________. My commission expires on


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