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               We are the great company of aluminum extrusion in Brasil. Our plant is between
on the first in the aluminum extrusion market and we have a high technology to produce the
some profile types and different sizes (diameters or weight) to industrial and buildings applica-
               Our output per year are around 20,000 tons of aluminum extrusion shapes. We
have three automatic extrusion lines, with the three modern extruders presses including 1,500
tons, 1,800 tons and 3,500 tons.


               The use of aluminium extrusions is growing rapidly worldwide. They are increa-
singly used in a variety of new applications. As a construction material, aluminium extrusions
free the imagination and expand the parameters of possibilities.
               We offer extruded aluminium profiles, semi-manufactured components, systems
and finished products - meeting our customers’ demands for performance, quality, precision and
economy. Asa Alumínio has already implemented more than 10.000 customer profiles world-
               Customer satisfaction and product excellence are our key goals. Asa Alumínio
also offers a wide selection of standard extrusions with more than 4,500 different profiles. Asa
Alumínio will assist you in finding the standard aluminium extrusion that fits your needs.


               Extrusion is a process that provides virtually unlimited opportunities for adapting
product shapes. Costs are cut by using fewer components, which reduces the finishing process
and simplifies assembly.
               Aluminium extrusions inspire creative designs and technical solutions that im-
prove, simplify and reduce costs. At the initial stage, we work together with our customers on
product development. Optimal design and correct alloy selection can simplify later stages of the
creation process and generate cost savings. Besides this, we use cutting-edge technology for
quality fabrication with high precision.


               Asa Alumínio holds a particularly strong position in the field of applications for
the building and construction industry. Our Building Systems unit is the leading national supplier
of aluminium building systems, operating through three main products brands: ASA FLEX, GIII,
SLIM and others.
               Additionally, we supply the building and construction industry with a wide variety
of extrusions for various purposes. In fact, more than half of our extrusions are created for this
market. We also offer quality services that ensure our customer’s ability to deliver a consistent
product with guaranteed performance. To this end, we have developed a complete set of designs
for customized building systems, including software packages to manage fabrication planning
for windows, doors and curtain walls.


               At commercial services, we help develop and support commercial concepts with
suppliers and customers. We cover areas such as risk management and pricing optionality that
give suppliers and customers flexibility in how and when to do pricing of aluminium.
               In addition to price and currency risk management services, we can provide com-
mercial and financial solutions which effectively transfer credit risk (commercial and political
risk) and financing of our suppliers and customers to the trade finance markets. As a result of
this, we are able to structure and operate commercial concepts which involve counter- party risk
and risk financing.


TEL 55 15 19 3227-1000
CEL 55 15 11 9973-0032

Plant address – Brazil
Rua da Cerâmica, 100
Bairro São João
CEP 13050-291

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