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									                           CHURCH GRANT APPLICATION COVER SHEET
                                         PATRONS FUND
                               Capital Region Community Foundation

Church Name________________________________________________________________________

Minister’s Name and Title______________________________________________________________

Church Street Address_________________________________________________________________



Date Established_________________________________ Number of Members___________________

Contact Person, if other than Minister_____________________________________________________
                                         (Name and Position at Church)


Amount Requested $_______________Total Cost $_________________Date Needed______________
                       (up to $500)
Purpose Title________________________________________________________________________

The Patrons Fund will award $5,000 (ten grants of $500 each) to financially assist tri-county churches with their
charitable initiatives that benefit the less fortunate or disadvantaged residents of Eaton, Clinton or Ingham County,
excluding church building funds. Grants will be awarded by the end of July.

For funding consideration, complete all blanks on this cover sheet and attach on church letterhead, not to
exceed one page (1) a brief description of the purpose for which you are requesting a grant, (2) what difference
you expect such a grant will make, (3) number of people to be served, and (4) exactly how the money will be spent
or the type of assistance it will fund. All instructions must be followed to be considered for a grant.

Deadline: The original plus 11 copies (12 total) of your applications must be postmarked no later than June 1,
2010, and sent to the Capital Region Community Foundation, 6035 Executive Drive, Suite 104, Lansing, MI
48911 (corner of Executive Drive and Miller Road, between S. Pennsylvania and Aurelius Road). Applications
must be mailed or hand-delivered; facsimiles or email submissions will not be accepted.

Staff Assistance: If you would like to discuss a grant idea, verify qualification of your proposal or organization,
or have any questions at all, please call Pauline Pasch, Program Officer, at 517-272-2870, and she will be happy to
help in any way possible.

_______________________________________                     _______________________________________
Signature of Minister                                       Signature of Contact Person or
                                                            Chair of Church Administrative Board/Council
Date of Application_______________________

                                    Capital Region Community Foundation
                              6035 Executive Drive, Suite 104, Lansing, MI 48911

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