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Growth Opportunities in Confectionery: Emerging Flavours and New
Added Value Segments

Description:    The confectionery sector has experienced dramatic changes over the last year led by changing
                consumer consumption habits. Confectionery manufacturers are aiming to appeal to health-
                conscious consumers with functional innovations, whilst trying to remain indulgent. At the same
                time, consumers now expect to be able to choose their chocolate by cocoa solid levels and region of
                origin, not just by brand. ‘Growth Opportunities in Confectionery’ is a new management report
                published by Business Insights that identifies key growth opportunities in the confectionery market
                across the key categories of gum, chocolate, cereal bars and sugar confectionery in Europe, Africa
                and Middle East, Americas and Asia-Pacific regions. This report analyzes the key trends affecting
                the market including health, gourmet and luxury, single-origin, ethical and impulse purchasing. It
                also provides the results of our proprietary survey detailing the opinions of industry executives.

                Key issues examined in this report...

                -Functional gum. Functional brands are taking share from regular brands. To compete chewing gum
                companies must invest in innovation by adding value through functional ingredients.

                -EU health and nutrition claims regulation. This came into force in all EU member states on July 1,
                2007. The regulation could act as a barrier to NPD in sectors that are increasingly having to focus
                on healthier alternatives, particularly confectionery.

                -Provenance and authenticity. Single-origin chocolate will experience high growth over the next five
                years. Consumers are choosing chocolate according to region and the level of cocoa solids, an
                approach similar to that in wine and cheese tasting.

                -Nutritional labelling. Nestlé Rowntree introduced nutritional labelling for all of its confectionery
                brands in in the UK and Ireland in February 2006, with calorie content on pack fronts and guideline
                daily amounts (GDA) on the reverse.

                -Sustainability. Cadbury Schweppes has signed up to the Carbon Trust’s carbon footprint scheme to
                investigate the volume of GHG emissions emitted by Dairy Milk bars from production to end-user
                disposal of the packaging.

                This new report will enable you to...

                -Predict future growth areas in confectionery across Europe and the US based on this report's
                market value and volume forecasts by category and sub-category to 2010.

                -Assess and quantify the confectionery competitive landscape using this report’s analysis of the
                market shares of the top five confectionery companies by region and innovation rankings.

                -Understand the key trends in the confectionery market that have impacted marketing and NPD as
                well as confectionery sales potential, including EU health claims regulation and nutritional labelling.

                -Benchmark leading executives’ opinions on the future of confectionery with this report’s analysis of
                the results of our proprietary global survey detailing the key issues affecting the future of NPD and
                innovation in the confectionery market.

                -Improve targeting and the effectiveness of your NPD strategies with this report’s analysis of
                confectionery innovation by trend, category and region using global Productscan data of over
                12,500 confectionery product launches between 2004 and 2007.

                Some key findings from this report...
            -Chocolate claims the largest share of European confectionery market value. By 2010, the total
            European chocolate market will reach a value of $35.4bn out o f a total market value of $61.2bn.

            -The US confectionery market will experience stronger average annual growth compared to Europe
            reaching $33.0bn by 2010.

            -Twelve of the top 15 flavours used in confectionery NPD are natural. Fruit provides an element of
            healthiness that makes products more acceptable to health-conscious consumers. Business Insights
            industry survey confirmed that ‘natural’ will be the most important health trend in confectionery
            over the next five years.

            -Mid-afternoon offers the strongest growth potential for confectionery products over the next five
            years. Over a third of industry executives rated this daypart with ‘most growth potential’.

            -Growth in sugar confectionery is weak. Although it is the second largest category in US
            confectionery behind chocolate, it lags far behind in terms of both value ($8.5bn) and CAGR (1.5%
            to 2010).

            Your questions answered...

            -What were the most innovative new confectionery product launches
            in the last year?

            -Which flavours and ingredients are most popular in confectionery NPD and which emerging
            flavours are predicted to grow in the future?

            -What are the key regional trends in each of the major confectionery categories?

            -Which NPD, marketing and M&A strategies have leading and smaller companies used to drive

            -How will health claims regulations affect the market in Europe?

            -Which confectionery categories are the most innovative and which have attracted the most
            investment in innovation?

            -How are leading confectionery companies reacting to the ethical

            - Which European countries will experience the strongest growth in confectionery market value and
            volume to 2010?

Contents:   Growth Opportunities in Confectionery Executive Summary
            The confectionery market
            New product development in confectionery
            Innovation in confectionery
            Key trends in the confectionery market

            Chapter 1 Introduction
            Research methodology
            What is this report about?
            Report structure

            Chapter 2 The confectionery market
            The growth potential of the confectionery market
            Confectionery market value in Europe and US
            Value sales in the confectionery market by category
            Confectionery market volume in Europe and US
Volume sales in the confectionery market by category
Leading players
Confectionery is dominated by big brands
Africa & Middle East
Tiger Brands Limited (Beacon Sweets & Chocolates)
Lotte Confectionery
Meiji Seika Kaisha
Ezaki Glico Company Ltd
Nestlé S.A.

Chapter 3 New product development in confectionery
Growth opportunities in confectionery
Category analysis
Chewing gum
Functional gums
Innovative flavours and delivery
Healthy chocolate
Confectionery snack products
Sugar confectionery
NPD hotspots in Europe
NPD hotspots in North America
Regional analysis
Middle East and Africa
Product tag analysis
Flavor trends
Top 20 flavours of the new product introductions
Top 10 ‘ones to watch’ over the next two years

Chapter 4 Innovation in confectionery
Searching for the X-Factor
Nutritional labelling
Health claims regulation
Innovation by type
The importance of packaging
Innovation by category
Sugar confectionery
Chewing gum
Companies with influence on confectionery innovation
Innovative confectionery companies

Chapter 5 Key trends in the confectionery market
Consumer insight
Smaller households and single-person households
Hispanics in North America
Consumption occasion opportunities
NPD insight
Gourmet and luxury
Ethical trends
Impulse purchasing
Chapter 6 Conclusions
Innovation opportunities, barriers and solutions
Optimize prime consumption occasions and consumer groups
Major NPD opportunities to 2012
Health means a lot more than ‘low calorie’ for consumers
Buying into the brand attitude
Fairtrade and organic
Zero carbon emission goal
Changing company landscape


List of Figures
Figure 2.1: Ice Cubes Instantly Cold Gum from The Hershey Company
Figure 2.2: Jones Activated Energy Boosters Hard Candy and California Delights Chews
Figure 2.3: Wrigley’s coffee gum offers added functionality for consumers
Figure 2.4: Hershey brand extensions in chocolate and Twizzlers
Figure 3.5: Grabower Bio Kuesschen and Dittmeyer’s Valensina Multi Vitamin Bonbons
Figure 3.6: Percentage share of confectionery products launched, by category, 2004 versus 2007
Figure 3.7: Percentage growth in confectionery products launched, by category, 2004-2007
Figure 3.8: Functional gums: Wrigley’s Extra Fresh Gum with Gel, Fuwarinka and Lotte’s IQ
Suppli Gum
Figure 3.9: Innovative flavours: Trident and Wrigley’s Orbit 55
Figure 3.10: Sales growth potential of different chocolate types over the next 5 years
Figure 3.11: Lotte promotes cocoa’s polyphenols to health-conscious chocoholics
Figure 3.12: Dark chocolate with a high percentage of cocoa solids taps into premium and health
Figure 3.13: Trader Joe’s ‘Bites’ combine sweet chocolate and savoury pretzels
Figure 3.14: Bahlsen’s cookies blend into confectionery category
Figure 3.15: Sugar confectionery NPD in Europe
Figure 3.16: Sugar confectionery NPD in the US
Figure 3.17: Regional ranking for confectionery innovation around the world
Figure 3.18: Percentage share of confectionery products launched, by region, 2004-2007
Figure 3.19: Premium private label popular in Europe: Wertsiegel Weisse Schokolade
Figure 3.20: Cool Healthy’s Merlot, Pinot Noir and Shiraz chocolates
Figure 3.21: Asia-Pacific is renowned for its more adventurous flavour combinations: Kanebo
Foods’ functional soft candy
Figure 3.22: Premium products in North America: Vosges Haut Chocolate Exotic Candy Bars
Figure 3.23: Premium products in Latin America: Brunelli and Nestlé’s Almendras Cubiertas con
Chocolate de Leche
Figure 3.24: Unilever Israel’s Click O.K. chocolate bar
Figure 3.25: Chocolate and hazelnut combinations are growing in popularity: Network Foods
Industries Hazelnut with Cereal bar
Figure 3.26: Flavors that will experience a growth in usage in confectionery products over the next
five years
Figure 3.27: Eukalipta
Figure 3.28: Ming’s Green Tea Candy
Figure 4.29: Features of important for the success of a new confectionery product
Figure 4.30: GDA’s on a Nestlé Fitnesse Chocolate and Orange bar
Figure 4.31: Convenient plastic pouch packs grow in popularity: Cadbury Giant Fingers
Figure 4.32: Level of innovation within confectionery products launched, by category, 2004-2007
Figure 4.33: Hotlix Scorpion Sucker
Figure 4.34: Wrigley’s Black Mint Airwaves
Figure 4.35: Lindt Excellence single-origin Dark Chocolate bars
Figure 4.36: The influence of companies on confectionery innovation in 2007 and 2012
Figure 5.37: Sales growth potential by consumer age group for confectionery manufacturers over
            the next five years
            Figure 5.38: Fuego Del Diablo Hot Cinnamon Energy Gum
            Figure 5.39: Consumption occasions that offer the most growth potential for confectionery over the
            next five years
            Figure 5.40: Mid-afternoon confectionery products: Tokiwa Yakuhin’s Tokiwa Ki Mazuijan and
            Old-Fashioned Creme-Filled Barber Pole
            Figure 5.41: Important health trends in confectionery NPD over the next five years
            Figure 5.42: Important indulgence trends in confectionery NPD over the next five years
            Figure 5.43: 22 carat gold chocolates from The Chocolate Trading Company
            Figure 5.44: Important ethical trends in confectionery NPD over the next five years
            List of Tables
            Table 2.1: Value of the confectionery markets, Europe and US, $m, 2006-2010
            Table 2.2: Value of confectionery market, by category, Europe, $m, 2006-2010
            Table 2.3: Value of confectionery market, by category, US, $m, 2006-2010
            Table 2.4: Volume of the confectionery markets, by country, kg m, 2006-2010
            Table 2.5: Volume of confectionery market, by category, Europe, kg m, 2006-2010
            Table 2.6: Volume of the confectionery market, by category, US, kg m, 2006-2010
            Table 2.7: Africa & Middle East confectionery top five company shares, (%), 2005
            Table 2.8: Tiger Brands Limited (Beacon Sweets & Chocolates) financial overview, $m
            Table 2.9: Americas confectionery top five company shares, (%), 2005
            Table 2.10: Asia-Pacific confectionery top five company shares, (%), 2005
            Table 2.11: Lotte Group financial overview, $m
            Table 2.12: Meiji Seika Kaisha financial overview, $m
            Table 2.13: Ezaki Glico Company Limited financial overview, $m
            Table 2.14: Europe confectionery top five company shares, (%), 2005
            Table 2.15: Nestlé, financial overview, $m
            Table 3.16: Top 15 product tags on confectionery products: percentage share of confectionery
            products launched, 2005-2007
            Table 3.17: Top 15 flavours of the new product introductions, % of confectionery product launches,
            Table 4.18: Guideline Daily Amounts guide in the UK
            Table 4.19: Confectionery product innovation, by type, 2004-2006
            Table 4.20: Top 10 innovative confectionery companies
            Table 5.21: Family structures across Europe and the US, (m), 2000-2005
            Table 5.22: Top 10 selling single confectionery countlines, UK, 2007
            Table 6.23: Innovation opportunities and potential barriers in confectionery NPD to 2012 131

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Description: Chocolate Market Value Opportunities document sample