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									                            N.Y.C. CHINATOWN REUNION NEWSLETTER
                                                                                            December 13, 2010
    NEW YORK                                             Merkin Concert Hall at Kaufman Center
        You are cordially invited to ... OCA             Goodman House
         Westchester & Hudson Valley 25th                129 W. 67th Street, NYC
      Anniversary & Dynamic Achievers Awards             Tickets $20, $10 students/seniors
                                                         Reservations: (212) 941-8733,
                                                         Box Office opens 1 hour before the concert
    Saturday, November 5, 2005 at the Crowne Plaza
    in White Plains, NY.                                 Musicians
                                                         Wang Guowei, erhu; Sun Li, pipa; Chen
    Keynote Speaker: Hon. Elaine Chao, US Secretary      Yihan, pipa; Ann Yao, zheng;
    of Labor                                             Gao Renyang, dizi; Yingying Cao, sanxian,
                                                         Susan Cheng, percussion
    The Dynamic Achievers Award Honorees this
    year are:                                            Guests
                                                         Sandia Ang, soprano; Ludmilla Constaninova,
           David Chong, Deputy Commissioner of          cello
    Public Safety, City of White Plains, NY              Frank Cassara, percussion; John Hadfield,
           David King, Managing Partner, Peak Capital
                                                         Paul Hostetter, conductor
           Juri Tatsuuma, Anchor/Reporter, News         PROGRAM
    12 Westchester
                                                         VIVIAN FUNG, Night Impressions (new
    Closing keynote speaker: James Bradley, Best-        commission)
    selling author, "Flags of our Fathers"               Dizi, erhu, pipa, and percussion
                                                         Four movements titled "Prayer," "Night Music,"
    Mistress of Ceremony: Liz Cho - WABC-TV News         "Arioso," and "Overture"
                                                         ZHOU LONG, Pipa Ballad
    Please see flyer for details & how to get tickets.   Soprano, pipa and cello
                                                         Tang dynasty epic poem set to music with text
                                                         sung in Cantonese
    I look forward to seeing all of you & your
    members at our quarter century milestone             ZHOU QINRU, Moving Clouds
    celebration.                                         Erhu, pipa, zheng, sanxian, dizi and percussion
    Please forward to your members.                      Music stemming from the metaphor "moving clouds
    Thank you.                                           and flowing water"

    Meow                                                 YANG DONGBO, Beckoning the Wind
                                                         Erhu, dizi, pipa and zheng
    Meow Yee President, OCA Westchester and Hudson       2005 MFC International Composition Competition
    Valley                                               Winner
    Music From China                                     CHIN KING, Xuan, Yu, Chen
                                                         Erhu, zheng and percussion
                                                         2005 MFC International Composition Competition
    Premiere Works XV                                    Winner
    Composers from the U.S., China and Hong Kong         ___________________________________
    share this 15th season program of contemporary
    Chinese music                                        Website:
    Saturday, Nov. 5, 2005 at 8 pm
                        N.Y.C. CHINATOWN REUNION NEWSLETTER
                                                                                           December 13, 2010
*****************************************                      P.O. Box 527340
Two students of Asian ethnicity were allegedly                 Flushing, NY 11352-7340 .
urinating on and subjected to obscenities by two        Write down your E-MAIL address & PHONE no. on
fellow U. of Michigan students on 9/15. The case        the BACK of the check. Student membership is
was being disputed with witnesses on both sides.        $15, Basic membership is $35, Family (2 voters for
Police are investigating.                               2 names) is $50, and Life Membership is $1,000.
80-20 is keeping an eye on it.
                                                        Many, having already joined, contributed money
THANKS TO YOUR GENEROSITY, you enabled us to            AGAIN to fuel the momentum: S. B. Woo ($2,050)
not only talk but tackle the big and difficult issues   , May So ($1500), Youjian Liu ($200), Doreen and
of equal justice & equal opportunity that few other     Eric Liaw ($135), Pedro & Pek Chan ($100), Steve
AsAm organizations are willing to handle. You are       Yang ($100), Vo D. Nguyen and Sonia Lim ($150
the ones who "WALK THE TALK." You are the ones          for the year), and Kaimay Lee ($100).
who practice what Gandhi preached: "YOU MUST
BE THE CHANGE YOU WISH TO SEE IN THIS                   Visit 80-20's BLOG: http://80-
WORLD. "                                       to read S. B. Woo's
                                                        recent speech to Asian Pacific Bar Association,
You stepped up to pay dues with "A GOOD                 Silicon Valley and Asian American Student
CONSCIENCE BEING YOUR ONLY REWARD. "                    Conference held on Minnesota State University,
                                                        Mankato. Comments to him are urged.
You took action because you are unwilling to            *****************************************
witness or permit the denial of equal justice &
equal opportunity to yourselves & your children to      INTERNSHIPS AVAILABLE
which America has always been committed.*
                                                        Woo Art International, a New York based creative
You confront this great moral issue, because you        services and production company, is looking for
understand that the denial of equal justice &           interns to help with general office and on-set needs
opportunity to a large portion of Asian Ams.            such as transcription, deliveries, PA help on set.
is the denial of the same to YOU & all Americans.       This is a great opportunity for students looking to
                                                        gain experience in production. Must be eager,
Help break 80-20's record membership of 2104 set        intuitive, responsible. Internship is unpaid, but
in 2004! Our torch MUST be passed from one year         transportation/meal stipend and school credit may
to another with its flame burning higher and            be provided.
do you share:                                           Woo Art is currently producing a new weekly U.S.
                                                        cable television show called "Cinema AZN" that will
JOIN OR HELP RECRUIT. See below. Thank you.             air on AZN television, a Comcast cable network. We
                                                        exclusively cover reviews and interviews with
Respectfully yours,                                     filmmakers and actors of Asian descent. Recent
S.B. Woo                                                interviews include such international celebrities as
                                                        Jet Li, Hayao Miyazaki, Wong Kar-Wai, and
To join, visit                                          Margaret Cho.
(easy to use) or                                        Please send resumes with cover letter to:    
PERSONAL checks are payable to "80-20 PAC",
mailed to:
       Jing-Li Yu, 80-20 Director of Operations
                        N.Y.C. CHINATOWN REUNION NEWSLETTER
                                                                                             December 13, 2010
Asian American Legal Defense and Education              analysis to support organizing and
Fund                                                    advocacy efforts;

SPRING INTERNSHIPS 2006 - Undergraduate,                South Asian Workers Project, direct legal services
Graduate, and Law School                                on employment-related claims to South Asian
                                                        immigrant workers, as well as community
The Asian American Legal Defense and Education          education and advocacy; and Voting Rights, legal
Fund (AALDEF), founded in 1974, protects and            research and fact development under the Voting
promotes the civil rights of Asian Americans            Rights Act challenging anti-Asian voter
through litigation, advocacy, and community             discrimination, expanding bilingual ballots, and
education. For more information about AALDEF,           counting votes cast by Asian Americans;
visit our website at                    advocacy on state and local election reform;
                                                        produce reports and organize forums on the Asian
Spring internships are available for the following:     American vote.
Anti-Trafficking Project, legal research on the
Trafficking and Violence Protection Act (TVPA), as      Description of Spring Internships.
well as outreach, community education, and              Interns are supervised by staff in specific program
advocacy on the rights of women and youth               areas. Legal interns work primarily on legal
trafficking survivors.                                  research and writing, legal and policy advocacy,
                                                        community outreach and education, and client
Community Health Care Initiative, legal research,       intakes. Undergraduate interns work on policy
as well as community education and outreach in          advocacy, community outreach and organizing, and
the areas of immigration, government benefits,          some client intakes. Graduate interns work on
language rights, and health care access; Economic       policy advocacy, research methodology, statistical
Justice for Workers, litigation on behalf of garment,   analysis, and GIS mapping. Each program area
restaurant, and other low wage workers;                 differs in emphasis. These internships are not paid
                                                        positions, but academic credit can be arranged.
Educational Equity and Youth Rights, legal services,    Interns work anywhere between 8 to 25 hours per
policy work, community education, research and          week.
litigation concerning educational equity, juvenile
justice, affirmative action and post 9-11 hate          The internship usually commences with the start of
violence and racial targeting;                          classes or late January/early February through late
                                                        April/early May.
Immigrant Access to Justice, litigation, legal
services, and organizing/outreach with                  For detailed information regarding Spring Legal
communities impacted by 9-11, including                 Internships, go to:
special interest detainees, special registration, Legal-
voluntary interviews by the government, the 9-11        Spring 06.doc
absconder initiative, and local and state
enforcement of immigration laws;                        If you are unable to view this email, please go to:
Korean Workers Project, direct legal services on        Spring 06.doc
employment-related claims to Korean immigrant
workers, and community education /advocacy in           To Apply:
collaboration with YKASEC - Empowering the              Any bilingual ability should be stated in the
Korean American Community;                              resume. Bilingual ability is helpful but not required.
                                                        Applications should also state the number of hours
Participatory Planning and Community Based              the intern is able to work per week. Send a
Research, develop strategic research and data           resume and cover letter to:
                       N.Y.C. CHINATOWN REUNION NEWSLETTER
                                                                                          December 13, 2010
                                                      "I'm angry and I'm disgusted because this is not
Spring Intern Search                                  the way most Philadelphians are," said Ken Wong,
Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund       an Asian American community activist.
99 Hudson Street, 12th floor                          The letters were sent Friday to at least three Asian
                                                      businesses -- one in Center City and two in South
New York , New York 10013-2815
                                                      Philadelphia. Police said that members of the
Fax: 212-966-4303    Email:
                                                      Aryan Nation are claiming responsibility.
For more information, contact Jennifer Weng at
                                                      "The author of this letter indicates that they are
212-966-5932, ext. 212 or
                                                      from the Aryan Nation and that these people are
                                                      basically being targeted because of their ethnicity,"
                                                      said Philadelphia Police Inspector Bill Colarulo.
                                                      Wong said that the disturbing letters were also sent
                                                      with graphic pictures.
Letters To Asian Businesses
Threaten Rape, Bombing                                "There are photographs of Asian bodies, so it's
                                                      pretty shocking," Wong said. Philadelphia police
Police Say Aryan Nation Taking
                                                      said that they have confiscated the letters.
                                                      "Needless to say, we are taking the threats
PHILADELPHIA -- Disturbing hate letters and
                                                      seriously and we are taking the proper precautions
threats have left some Asian market owners
                                                      to protect the citizens of Philadelphia," Colarulo
rattled, prompting an investigation by Philadelphia
police and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.
                                                      Community activists in Philadelphia said that since
   Video: Aryan Nation Suspected In Hate Mail
                                                      the police have taken possession of the three
                                                      letters, three or four other business owners said
                                                      they had received similar letters. Within a week, a
                                                      town meeting will be held to discuss the issue.


The letters threatened the rape of Asian women
and the bombing of Asian businesses.

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